Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MCMC violates policy

update: Not at all. Keng Yaik said he did not instruct the issuing of the letter, according to the Bernama report here.
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Letter should not have been sent.
On 7 June 2007, Dr Halim Shafie, chairman of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, shot a letter to private TV and radio stations telling them to stop broadcasting speeches by leaders of Opposition parties. Now Dr Lim Keng Yaik, the Minister in charge of the MCMC, tells us that "Whatever the reason, MCMC should not have issued the letter as it is not in line with our policy."

According to The Star here, Keng Yaik said he did not know of the MCMC letter initially as he was overseas, hence the late response. He said he only found about it after reading it in the newspapers and learning of the motion to debate on it in Parliament.

Whatever the Minister's reason, I am concern with the MCMC's screw-up. This is, after all, the body that is supposed to be the Regulator that oversees and advises the government on matters pertaining to on-line activities, including blogs.


  1. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Keng yeik dah nak pencen jadi yg buat kerja dia punya deputy le! Kaum kerabat orang nogori. Be wise rocky! Let the fingers decide in this coming general election. You kata apa pun menjerit atau melalak ke dia buat pekak aje.

  2. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Hmmm...easy to blame the dude but surely someone asked him to take those drastic actions? He is as JO say, a tired and retired ex civil servant. People that sign themselves as "saya yang menurut perintah". I believe there is more to him taking it upon himself to send that direction.

  3. Anonymous9:02 pm

    MCMC screw-up? Come on, lets be real. I mean, I personally know some of the dudes there, they're not the kind of people who would act on their own. In other words - with due respects and apologies to many in MCMC - they just don't have any initiative especially in the political arena.

    I believe someone in the cabinet must have issued a verbal order for MCMC to issue it in writing. My view for this is simple:

    1. Should any of us receive instructions which we know may bring some sort of 'noise', would we not counter-check with people from where the instructions came from, in this case KTAK.

    2. Having checked, would not the people in KTAK brought it further up the line for clarification.

    3. Would it not have reached the minister's ears?

    4. Thus, why is it only after Lim Kit Siang (I believe he was the first person to voice out) and later other persons in the opposition pointed out such matter, was the order finally revoked and then rebutted by Lim Keng Yeik?

    No matter what, though the order has been withdrawn publicly, I believe the verbal instruction still stands.

    - Amir.

  4. Anonymous9:13 pm

    This guy is sick. He has insulted every malaysian with his sycophancy and idiocy. What has happened to this country. Pse tell me.

  5. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Is it some directives from the 4th floor boys???

  6. Dr Halim Shafie
    A blunder he made
    Retired rehired reload
    Time he discharges himself
    This is democratic country

    There are laws to be met
    One can’t just shoot letter
    Telling companies you can’t do this and that
    Unless the companies break the laws

    The country wants to progress
    In the IT World encourages
    People like Dr Halim retro it
    It is time he submit his resignation
    And take his retirement with him

    BN leaders didn’t want to say
    Let the Minister makes his way
    Now the Cabinet says it shouldn’t be sent
    The damage had been done
    People in IT and bloggers read it now
    Shame the government leaders
    For not helping the people

    Dr Halim should act
    On Telekom, Celcom, Maxis, Digi
    For unwarranted charges to the users
    Reaping huge profits
    Yet he doesn’t take action
    He lets the companies milk the consumers

    Time Dr Halim goes home
    Let his family see him often
    Perhaps read novels
    Admire the world he has time to witness

  7. rocky... what do u think about the all-blogs-malaysia project? the one by TheStar.

    Would like to know your 2 cents.

  8. Anonymous2:04 am

    abang attan..

    kita kena slow sikit
    jangan sampai kita ikut kesilapan mereka,
    orang penang kata

  9. This has all the trademarks of ZAM, like really ill-advised moves and directives. LKY is on the moving-out phase so this 'kangaroo'(no offense to Aussies) commission is just another 'Proxy' to crack down on media.

    It can't be a Commission if it is acting on a Political Party's vested interest!
    Should it not be renamed as BN-MCMC?

  10. Sdr Rocky,

    Kembali kepada kebijaksanaan nenek moyang kita.

    Mereka mengatakan kerja macam dibuat oleh Halim Shafie itu sebagai "sokong membawa rebah."

    Dia mungkin orang kuat parti pemerintah atau taasub kepada seiapa yang melantiknya. Tetapi cara dia menyokong boleh menyebabkan pihak yang disokongnya jatuh.

    Atau ibarat "tikus memperbaiki labu" dan "kera diberikan bunga". Labu rosak, bunga dironyeh-ronyeh.

    Or could it be that he wanted to be open, transparent and accountable? Aren't these today's mantra? So he wrote a letter.

    Mungkin juga kerana arahan seperti yang dikeluarkan oleh Halim Shafie itu maka media massa arus perdana, seperti kata TPM, masih berupa "saluran terbaik" bagi kerajaan menyampaikan maklumat.

    Sdr dijemput ke Malam Media Kementerian Pertahanan? Khabarnya Menteri dan isteri "berdendang" menghiburkan para wartawan. Itu khabar yang sampai kepada saya. Boleh jadi tak betul.

    Terima kasih.

  11. Anonymous9:15 am


    This is a secret ;-)

    A Voice will actually be 47 by Subuh tomorrow morning, even though officially he is 47 today.

  12. Bro,

    This guy is one of the so-called "Little Napoleans". He should be sacked!

  13. Anonymous1:01 pm

    I personally know Dr Halim Shafie and I can confidently say that the "Dr Halim Shafie" that i know wouldn't be stupid enough to sign such letter on his own free will, which he himself knew would be destructive to his own image and the integrity of the organization he currently leads.

    I can only think of these circumstances :

    - he had received orders from a force larger than the Minister, in which this force is not happy with the exposures the opposition are getting from media and tv stations. I'm dead sure this force is somewhat related to the no. 1 man.

    - He, being a faithful public servant upholding the "SYMP" tagline, faithfully complied to whatever instructions he received, but little did he aware that he is being scapegoated and being 'sacrificed'.

    - Whispers of wind has it that somebody big doesn't like Dr. Halim and this somebody is eyeing to place itself in KTAK which has direct control over MCMC. The guy's itchy finger could no longer resist the usp fund, as the rumour has it. This maybe the guy's gameplan jived together with force mentioned earlier on

    I don't know la. All this doesn't fit the action and thinking of Halim Shafie that I used to know. And due to that, for this issue I'm seeing Dr Halim as a 'victim' rather than a culprit.

    Other readers may not agree to this but you can have your own judgement, and this one is my own.....

  14. Anonymous1:29 pm

    anonymous 1:01 PM: Your take and mine does not differ much. But having read yours, I am more inclined to believe you.

    There are incredible things going on behind the scene that one would not be faulted for not believeing; but one who has who be an idiot to disbelieve. MCMC, Felda, and a host of government agencies and GLC's are rich in cash; and just riped to be plundered by ...(?) I weep for Malaysians.

    - Amir

  15. Anonymous1:20 am

    whatever you said about this saliva spewing minister. i have my respect for him. at least for now he calls a spade when he sees one. tks keng yaik, and happy retirement.

  16. Anonymous11:35 am

    Dr Halim deserves a datukship now. Perhaps Keng Yaik can get him one from Penang if Dr Halim says 'sorry lah, gua tak tahu...silap saya' to get the little Gerakan shit off.