Monday, July 02, 2007

Putrajaya 2 in Penang

Patrick Lim's Batu Kawan. A new administrative capital?

That's the talk in the market. In Penang, at least. Patrick's Equine Capital has a huge landbank in Batu Kawan in the Prime Minister's home state, and is believed to have finally received the green light to turn it into a mega property development like nothing Penang has witnessed.

Lim, who is also known as Patrick Badawi for his perceived closeness to the PM, rose to prominence for being the Chosen One to develop Pulau Duyong in Terengganu and organize the Monsoon Cup, a pet event of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Equine and friends will benefit immensely from another mega project on Penang island, including the multi-billion ringgit 2nd Penang bridge. Equine also owns a quarter of the 239-acre Penang Turf Club, which has been earmarked to be Penang's new city centre. A Penang Towers Complex will be built. The redevelopment of the Penang Turf Club is estimated to generate a value of RM25 billion over 10 years, double that of the KLCC's!

The Batu Kawan project will be as grand as the Iskandar Development Region in Johor and is expected to offer foreigners the same NEP-free incentives. There'll also be a bullet train service that zips through it, I believe.

Question is, do we need another Administrative capital?

I am sure the financial journalists who are going to Penang for a briefing tomorrow on the country's latest mega-mega project will ask the tough questions but one thing's for sure, mega projects are well and alive.


  1. Anonymous7:22 pm

    i dunt care who get the project rocky, just damn thirsty to see new infraturucture project vision by AAB and not rebrand it from Tun M.

  2. "..mega projects are well and alive."

    I would hasten to add that corruption and nepotism are well and alive under AAB, the clean man.

  3. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Cek tak tau lah apa nak cakap. Mungking lepeh ni, cek kena nyanyi lagu lain. Er...bro, mu nak join karaoke ambo?

  4. Anonymous9:22 pm

    penang never need a second entry like the one bridge they are building.

    second entry means, approxly doubled the number of cars to be congested in that small island. and penang is sinking at the rate of 8cm per year! that is with one bridge.

    this is very easy. even we think of this solution while having dinner.

    all penang need is the LRT style transportation. a survey of places of attraction need to be conducted so that the LRT thing will cover those areas. give incentives for people to travel by the public transport. tip top that public transport.

    this is very easy. i know some will say not that easy or easy la to talk, but hey, i can do that for anyone. but one condition, give me that Finance Minister and Prime Minister portfolios.

    and, that second administrative spot. naaaahhh...penang oso dont need that.

    we are lacking of that accountability or sikap bertanggungjawab. we are not that sincere or that care if anything happen.

    and ahh, if any minister reading this and feel like giving me your portfolios, then please contact me at

    see ya!

  5. Anonymous9:34 pm

    don't worry all his projects comes with bocor bonus ... hehehe

  6. I remembered he said
    No more mega projects
    Billions saved to enrich humans’ capital
    Words finally got stuck
    When dollars floating in the air

    Now mega projects on the rise
    Billions are going away
    In between there are the greasy hands
    Walking through the banks

    What happen to humans’ capital?
    They are forgotten lot
    Become lazy talking in the shops
    Let the Indonesians walk in
    Swim or sail nobody knows
    You find them everywhere
    Shops, restaurants, factories, homes
    We become lazy we have no bones

    We never learn to work hard
    We want things put on our hands
    A little bit sunshine we cry
    Then we let the illegals come to dine

    So mega projects
    IDR to Friendship Stone
    Billions going to spend
    Humans’ weaknesses government forget to arrest
    Here we breathe
    The haze of neighbor
    Choke ourselves talking in shops

    Don’t we have enough mega projects?
    Killing the environment
    Flooding on our homes
    Billions losses trying to salvage
    When things get wrong

  7. "Question is, do we need another Administrative capital?"

    Call me a defeatist or call me cynical, but i got the feeling that the government doesn't give a hoot of what I need or think anymore.
    Just waiting for the election so that I can tell the government what I really think of them.

  8. Anonymous11:12 pm

    This Tricky Lim must be making the biggest mistake of his life, is really stupid to invest in a sinking ship. The best decision is to move the dollar out of Bolehland, why would you want to spend your fortune buying "Tongkat" for the unappreciative when you are not appreciated?

  9. Anonymous12:16 am

    Saya rasa beliau, our beloved PM, kena lah siapkan dulu mana-mana part Putrajaya yang tak siap lagi(lampu jalan, jalan mati, dan macam-macam lagi), sebelum beliau start pikir pasal benda-benda lain.

    I mean, Putraja IS our administrative capital. Jangan nanti yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran...

  10. Wonders if the 'Haze' up north came from Patrick Bedol too. Even when one sees clearly, there will be no stoping him thanks to his Elitists backers.

  11. Anonymous6:02 am

    they criticised Dr M's mega projects. They blasted Putrajaya as wasteful.
    They cancelled the double-tracking and then found that there's a lot of money there, reinstated it.
    Bor, these people dont have ideas. It's true, they're just rebranding projects, repackaging them into inflated mega projects.
    Penang will be their mega haven. Kalimulah wants to be known as a Penang Tycoon.
    Make hay while the sun shines, man.

  12. Anonymous8:11 am

    'one for you...four for me.
    four for you ....eight for me.
    eight for you...sixteen for me........'

    And the game goes on...and on.........

  13. another IDR i don't mind, but another administrative spot? 2nd purtajaya? what for? niamah?! (curi from patrick teoh. my mom loves the term, too :p)

  14. Bro' Rocky..

    Reminded me of the 80's Jefferson Starship hit "We built this city".

    It seems that post 80's....

    "We built this country on mega-projects".

    This is what the upper-echelons believe to be the engine for economic growth.

    Rightly or wrongly, I don't know. But mega projects, for those "in the loop" is good. It's a way to disburse largesse in exchange for power, a reward for loyalty and thus perpetuate the good' ol pseudo-feudal system that has become synonymous with Bolehland...

  15. Hi Rocky,
    Patrick Lim is a childhood friend of mine. His family roots are back in Penang, so its quite natural for him to look to Penang to expand his business interests.

    Having said that, I think he's far too much of a "political entrepreneur" now for his own good.
    We don't move in the same circles anymore, so can't really give him any advice...

  16. Another IDR like project would be good for Penang. I think if there is such a project in Penang it would proceed on without hitch and would see success faster. Good for Penang and good for the country. More jobs, greater prosperity. Greater prosperity bring peace and harmony to all Malaysian. Have a nice day.

  17. Anonymous2:57 pm

    yeah!! yahoo!! akhirnye 50tahun merdeka dan "sedara/sepupu/atok/moyang aku mati meperjuangkan kemerdekaan dan dibawah pemerintahan terseksa dengan bintang tiga dan jepun dan british" tentunye bangga bila mendengar pulau pinang menjadi pusat pemerintahan yang kedua. Tambah pulak, tidak ader melayu yang involved!! Wow bangganye mereka!!
    Darah yang tumpah dibumi melayu akhirnye PAK LAH cuci dengan clorox!!
    Tahniah islam hadari. Inilah sebenarnye kehendak Allah maha esa dan kehendak orang melayu dibumi pulau pinang dan bumi malaysia.

  18. Anonymous3:59 pm

    only in Malaysia.... pity the rakyats.

    this Batu Kawan stuff will not go far... coming General Election, the leadership and deputy will go kaput of majority.... all will go under CTOS.

    many (of these current 'bocor' parliment members) will then disagree selling Proton to VW because parts will be expensive....

    all goes down to greed - money & pussy; even pussy too has its own 28 days cycle!

    crooks and greed just never learnt.

  19. What wrong with all that?
    It's the same game, just different players!
    Only those who does not able to jumped into the MAIN Mother ship will moan, certainly not for those who is already inside the MAIN Mother ship.
    Anyway, for you guys that miss the Big & Main Mother ship, we in Malaysia have now very much different from year 2003, we have many many smaller ships that are equally powerful for you and me and all of us (Dulu, we only have 'one' MOTHER ship called the "M")!


  20. Anonymous1:13 am

    Pak Idrus,

    Sorilah, please think again. Satu belum siap dan dah kena hantam kiri kanan, nak buat lafi satu. Mimpi kah?

  21. Anonymous11:18 am


  22. Anonymous1:18 am

    ask the 4th floor boys. nothing goes without their greenlight.
    good luck m'sia where ever you are. i am leaving, only a matter of time. thanks for all the good years. bye

  23. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Saw Zaki few days ago... talk lot about new region developments- north, south, east. interestily he said 'I' thinks to launch this region this date, that region that date. See, he arrange and manuver all, not the PM. He handle all himself. such a power young turks.

  24. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Malaysia's (Ad Hoc) Economy