Monday, July 16, 2007

Mas vs AirAsia

Which one sucks for you? Now, perhaps Astro might want to consider asking people to send in sms and vote for the worse.
While they consider that, 3 things you can do on line after lunch:
1. Read how hundreds were stranded at KLIA due to Mas flight delays and over-bookings [Fury after being kicked off flights, NST].
2. Read how unhappy this frequent flier is [How AirAsia sucks, Unspun]
3. Read about someone saying that Idris Jala was the best CEO money can buy? [Mas flight delays: Idris Jala lied, A Voice]


  1. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Thats why My family and I stop using MAS for overseas flights (of course when come to domestic route, tak ada choice, apa nak buat!)

    Typical lah! Malaysian company!

  2. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Timing is everything. Just last night I wrote up a post titled Idris Jala's WOW vs Azman Mokhtar's WAU

    Did you know resulting from the WAU, PMB is saddled with RM4.04 billlion of Debt?

     read it here

    Anyway I will write another post to night in MindSpring to give some views on the delays etc. All I can say is that in such a deep turnaround like the one Idris is doing, there will be breakdowns as he pushes for break throughs. Its how well they manage the breakdowns.

    As a paying customer, I myself know the feeling of being in a delay. I sat through a MAS flight delay Sin - KL 2 weeks ago.


  3. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Reading this latest post, Rocky, I cant help getting the feeling of sour-grape prevailed among the writings & links.

    Pathetic & sad too - that its all tinted with racial tones.

    For a start, you should have had risen above the likes of bigdog & the voice......... I guest I'm VERY wrong on that account!

    Hitting Jala now is a low blow. Let the man does the job & completes it. If at the end of the tenure he failed to revive MAS then & only then a post-mortem is justifiable!

    Simply shot now IS just not on!!!!

    So far he has done a GOOD JOB despite all the political & racial obstacles that one in his current position has to entailed. HIS job is even more difficult for NOT been an unmo man OR Malay.

    Cant you see that in your yrs of journalistic hoppings?

    MAS was a very sick man DUE to all the wrong reasons in the management. M Nor was smart to know that the restructures MAS under WAU couldnt last. Its only a dying reflex action!

    To save MAS & the tax-payers' money MAS needs a major cut. The key is the over-bloated staff counts. Many of these staff is excess & inefficient 'free-loaders'

    Many previous management knew that & yet couldnt do much as these over-staffing problem had many fall-outs. The KEYS been many of these 'free-loaders' had connections. Its the know-who that kept them in MAS for contributing nothing except 'free-loading' their life-styles!

    I've a BIG doubts that who D Trump will ask to get lost - just to paraphrase the voice.

    See you at the eixt - amigo the voice!

    You say too quick. FYI to a true business freak like DT, especially in USA, bottomline is the KING. & to keep the bottomline for the past 6 quarters, speak volumes. OK?

    Nobody can 'doctored' the acount of MAS at the moment when all eyes are on it. Unlike Tansmile or Megan. Mas is ON the radar screen of market watchers.

    As for the present problems with the MAS. Sad to say this is the typical kampong mentality of the 'free-loaders'. Things are no longer easy - have to work, hard-& -efficient, too.

    Given the good lives they used to have had, no wonder their motivations are hitting bottom now!

    This has boiled down to - 'MAS has a history of sabotage from disgruntled staff.' Putting self above the whole well-being of the organisation!!

    In fact all the problems, technical & sevices, problems could be resolved if some of those 'biggies' free-loaders are been asked to leave. The unfortunate thing is that being the 'biggies' mean the connections are deeper &'stronger'.

    This is the true story of the low motivation in MAS!

    This has nothing to do with RACE or being MALAY. Unless you want to see MAS ended up like PROTON, which is another story of mis-management due to RACE-inclined-company policies!!!

  4. Anon 3:08,

    Just read out aloud what you have written, will you? You immediately assume that I was taking the racial line (pro-Melayu) just because I am critical of Idris Jala. Why, Anon, am I to criticise only the Malays in order to be viewed as being objective and non-racist? You sound worse sour-grape.

    If you know the short and sad history of Mas well, you'd find me back in the days of Tan Sri Aziz criticising his management for the deteriorating service levels in the 1980s.
    And again in the 1990s when the Business Times did a series of exposes on the excesses during TR's time. BT was called "anti-government paper" by Daim Zainuddin for our coverage of Mas, the failures of Mas.

    My being critical of Idris Jala has nothing to do with his not being a Malay. I have seen better days and better CEOs at Mas.

    And I don't think his race is an impediment, bro. Under this apologist regime of Pak Lah, I am certain that being a Malay is NOT an advantage; on the contrary, it has become a disadvantage.

    And you said Proton is down because of Malay-inclined policies? There you go again, Anon. Anonymity does not hide the racist nature of a person, does it?

    But Proton is another story, I agree with you.

  5. Rocky, my son was one of those bumped off the morning Melbourne flight yesterday to the evening flight.That's because all the people bumped off the previous night's flight got put on his flight, so then another lot got bumped off to the next flight and so on and so on. My husband and he, plus lots of other parents and kids, queued up for 1 and a half hours before being told there were no seats even though they all had confirmed tickets.

    They then gave them breakfast and hotel vouchers plus cash compensation but they had to wait hours for that too. It was total chaos.

    I don't know what's happening with MAS. Idris Jala may be doing good things at the top but it isn't translating all the way down to the bottom. Counterservice is hopeless. Just ask anyone who has anything to do with the MAS office in Jakarta or who's tried to check in at Jakarta airport early for a flight. Nobody knows what they are doing, you can't believe anything they say on the phone and you always ALWAYS wind up paying more for your ticket than you thought.

    I travel frequently and I can tell you, MAS does not treat its loyal passengers well at all.

  6. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I choose to remain anon as I have had my reasons. Lest of all for being reputed on line!

    If you read my post carefully you would have known that I've had you in high regard until I read the voice & bigdog's writings together with yours.

    Suffice to say that I might to wrong to group you together with 'them'. But then ....

    You're definitely very wrong to say that being Malay now is a handicap. Like always - you're just the Malay with the wrong connection now. Just ask your good friend of the dots - OK?

    I dont agree with you that PROTON is not a Malay issue. Everybody in the known know. OK?

    I'm not racist - just raise the fact that nobody wants to admit. OK?

  7. MAS is worse because all the problems that arise from Air Asia can be summed up with "U get what u pay for."

    For long distance flights, Singapore Airlines is the way to go and you will be amazed that three quarters of the cabin crew on the flight .are all Malaysians

  8. Anonymous4:19 pm


    Yes, MAS fouled up wiht the delay. It would appear to me that AirAsia is always on time and never had any problem at all - if we were to read NST! In actual fact, AirAsia flights were always delayed to such an extend that it is now a norm and if it is on time then it is abnormal.

    Now that Kalimullah was involved with AirAsia, so it is undesrtandable that no adverse report in the NST and its group of propaganda machines.

    It would appear to me that because there was a mass protest by handicap persons against Airasia, which was published by the Star yesterday so NST had do it agasint MAS in order to divert public attention.

    Remember two years ago, Airasia had an accident in East Malaysia airport, it was a total blackout.

    If NST wants to highlight delay of Airasia flights at LCCT, NST will get page-lit daily.

    Tony Fernadez should now tell us about his annoucement that by middle of March 2007 Airasia will launch its flight to UK. Four months have elapsed and no sign of Airasia going to the UK. The announcement was most misleading and we hope that NST will highlight Tony Fernandez misleading statement.

  9. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Why don't you ask Tony Ferndadez how much subsidies FAX has received from the government for the rural air services which FAK has now successfully returned to MAS.

    Perhaps the government should also tell us why it is not asking FAK to refund the subsidies received?

  10. Anon 3:08 PM

    You are sounding like the apologetic PM with your "give him a chance" shindick arguments! Do we have to wait again until everythign disappered before you complain. You write well but you know nuts abt airline operation! You refuse to acknowledge the crap this Air Asia bullshit is doing. If you know nuts abt airline and have no access to information, at least argue with more intelligence than get into cheap character assisination of me.

    Since Tan Sri Mohd Nor did the WAU, it is supposed to have an operation person to tie thing up and not a marketing man like the high living Dato Fuad to crash land drive the company.

    That dickhead being a marketing man overseas went back to an ole concept of capacity (like hotel occupancy rate) than the more complete key-success-factor of revenue per seat. It looks the same but to an airliner it is different.

    MAS was flying with full capacity and me couldn't get our once a year entitled free overseas trip. But all along we were losing at all the fully and it took him a year for government to realised.

    Taking Idris Jala is a major mistake, for it clearly shows the government had not run through a thorough backgroudn check. All he made his name is a union buster with no real operational turnaroudn experiance.

    As it is what he has done in MAS is just financial turnaoudn. He sold assets and translate it into profit. The last being 4 season in langkawi. Budget for trainign and customer service progrm (whcih MAS is knwon for) is slashed. NOw the disgruntled staff from the bias ESOS. The operational turnaround must be in place. But Idris is not an operational made needed for this phase of MAS turnaround.

    I am fully aware that only few of the route are really makign money becasue of another case of wrng people wrong place. Bernard Francis of AirAsia with no experiance in revenue mgt is placed in charge? Air asia is just cut cost cut cost cut cost.... no mgmt.

    It is not making money coz primarily all the money making routes local and international are taken away to be given to airasia and fax. THis is simlar to the case of another proton. Ready for firefly to be another crash and burn. A novice airliner as ceo and RAs was an operation air asia did not want.

    MAS is really heading to be another trnsmile. I sure hope you are women, coz when it is finally revealed do come forward voluntarily to suck my toe.

    I ve made an update also.

  11. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Good response tuan Rocky

    I am sick of listening to arguments by the likes of Anon 3:08

    It is typical like that described in an umno-reform article posted here

    Tuduhan rasis adalah senjata segelintir kepimpinan kaum bukan bumiputera

  12. Anonymous7:23 pm

    All this talk about Idris being a 'genius' for 'turning around' MAS is baloney.
    All he had to do was stop the leakages ,( e.g. a paper cup costs RM20) and the airline would make a'profit'. The real test(s) come now,lets see how he manages as the world becomes flater.

  13. Anonymous7:30 pm

    And as for Air Asia and the claims of Tony The Tiger being some branding/marketing/business guru, we'll, his heavily invested positioning has just been exposed as nothing but hype. A little bit like the fella himself.

  14. Anonymous7:56 pm

    I guess my fellow blogger A Voice said so much. I just want to add just a little more.

    AirAsia have been shortchanging travelers and consumers with their gimmicky "Now everyone can fly" too cheap campaign for what is actually fares almost premium level but really almost third rate charter services. So many stories about how travelers suffer for perpetual delays and 3 flights combined to one, within the span of 6 hours. In some cases I personally know, its more of "Now everyone can be sucked!".

    AirAsia have also experienced tire blow out during landing and take off and even runaway overran. Its almost unknown because there's media blackout in these news. You don't see this in MAS even though MAS operate the same type for 35 years. In most instances, MAS engineers need to provide comprehensive assistance in these 'accidents' because the runaways are blocked and MAS operations are also interrupted.

    AirAsia also owed MAS RM 25 million in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) bill which they REFUSED to pay and the Federal Government settled it instead. The fact that AirAsia shareholders refused to invest in their MRO facility and now building up the co so that they can cash out in the mid term.

    The phase MAS is going through now is gravely low morale because lousy decisions "best-money-can-buy" management team lead by Idris Jala made which affected and emotionally hurt the bigger majority of the MAS workforce, include those who worked tirelessly to keep 450 flights flown everyday with world class service across 6 continents flying the Jalur Gemilang daily.

    MAS is a national carrier. Minister of Transport is giving too much preference and advantage for AirAsia, for the interests of collective individual to flourish commercially so fast at the expense of slowly 'killing' MAS.

    Its just like allowing Proton to die. Both companies performed well, in terms of products and services and economically in previous managements. Invincible hands have parts in the deterioration of both companies.

    Making sweeping statements not backed by salient points and arguments will just reflect on your inability to discourse intellectually at this level. Maybe you are better of at some subservient level.

  15. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Anon 3:08PM,

    If you think you are the "best CEO money can buy", you don't come up with excuses for the debacle in your organisation. You should be able to anticipate and just prevent them (the problems) from happening.

    I know nuts about airlines industry, I must admit, but real corporate leaders, don't give damn excuses, they would just resign if they can deliver what they promised. As in this case, the real assets in MAS are the employees and Idris failed to manage that to its fullest.

    Its the experience and honest empolyees that drive the organisation and determine its success. Nothing flies by itself.

  16. Greed is colour-blind, MAS is like a drying well for each passing warband to feed its armies or at least its captains. Once it's all dried up, the rakyat have to fill the coffers up again for the next 'Warband' or Turn-around CEO and his band of thieves to plunder.

    Criticising while the person in charge is still 'warming-up' should not be construe as obstructing his efforts. The Jala team should be outline their strategies and plans ahead instead of blaming 'lotsa hidden factors' which caused so much hardship on its passengers. If you have proper laid-out plan for all to see, who would blame you? Unless of course he had things to hide.

    Take for example, Bedol Napoleon, even after almost 4 years in power do you still think we shouldn't be criticising him and allow him to keep 'warming-up' or be happy with his 0 achievements?

    Our law dictates Bedol is given a 5 year term to accomplish certain goals. Please list out his achievements besides the Gemilang slogan.(That too, we suspects came from SIL).

    Please try not to think these were 'legacies' from the previous administration, 4 years is a long time to 'change' and don't symphatise with Bedol's present admin of being saddled with 'deadwoods'. They are there because he wants them there.

    "Flame On!" - Johnny Storm

  17. Flight delays bound to happen
    Many delays in a day
    Express concern in the administration
    Employees sabotage grievances not addressed
    The top brass forgets the ground

    This is happening
    Big or small organizations
    Words spoken action must flow
    One can be called a lie
    Retracting something said
    Finally went ahead

    The good measure of a leader
    Is not cost cutting measures
    Is improving the moral and work stability
    Of the concerning employees

    When distributing the corporate cake
    The leader must be seen to be fair and accommodating
    Otherwise the leakages swell
    Millions lost hard to recoup in time

    What we have read
    About MAS and AirAsia forget
    The basic rule customer’s first
    Employees second in the grid

    The customers and employees
    Never treat properly in services and packages by the management
    Thinking they have found their pot of gold
    Buying aircrafts worth billions

    Sitting high and mighty in the office
    Feeling the good responses from BOD and government
    What they hear they don’t attend
    They are busy planning what’s next?

    When the ground breaks
    There will be no hope in the end
    Everything will be laid out in the open
    Good leaders they aren’t
    Now who’s going to pay?
    Your guess is good as mine

  18. Anonymous12:19 am

    Air Asia owners only thinking about money. Today CEO Tony Fernandes admitted that they cannot look into the needs of handicapped passengers and give excuse that they are not "premium airline".

    Its sad that some consumers are discriminated because the business owners only care about money and not giving service.

    Govt giving Air Asia so much 'face' that consumers had to be forced down the throat to live with Air Asia's substandard services because most domestic route now MAS no longer fly.

    This is a scheming ripoff!Bring back MAS services to most domestic routes. Sabah and Sarawak people are very unhappy with the Govt's decision on Malaysia's air travel policies.

    Now Govt is allowing FAX to ferry weed smoking rift rafts and smelly back packers (who don't actually bring value added the tourism industry) in ten of thousands just for the monetary gain of a few.

    Really stupid!

  19. Anonymous12:32 am

    sorry to digress. there's a petition to free NAT. please visit and sign on if you agreed to the petition. please disseminate this to your friends too. bloggers and those who cherish freedom and human rights and decency shall stand together against this oppressive regime.

  20. Anonymous12:42 am

    Hi Bro Just had to mention something lah. You know 9 out of ten times, the flight to KB from KLIA, the gate given to passengers would be the farthest from the entrance...sometimes the last gate. Its like they really want to torture people (kelantanese and non kelantanese) for taking the flight to and fro from KB. Other flights are different...they get the nearest gate and the passengers dont have to walk that far. Its like done on purpose because everytime I take a flight to KB, eventhough other gates are empty, they still make you walk all the way to the farthest gate for the KB flight or when you land, they will make sure the plane is parked at the fartheset gate so that you will have to walk far. I've asked other passengers and they laugh it off but confirmed that only rarely do they get a gate that is near the exit and saves them time. According to them, its an unofficial order so that kelantanese visitors and residents suffer for their support of the current PAS government. Maybe you should confirm this with kickdefella. Anyway, in my frequent travels, I do try to avoid Airasia. Apart from the slutty way their stewardess dress, there's not much going for them. Oh save helluva lot, but luckily i don't really have to bother on that score..i don't mind taking other airlines unless i really have to take airasia I avoid them like the plague. To jakarta I rather take KLM. To bangkok, well, Bangkok airlines is much much better. Forget Airasia. Being passengers on that airline only enrich KJ's cronies.


  21. There is always room for both airliners to buck up. They can start by educating their cabin crew to treat all passengers alike and not give special treatment to Mat Sallehs only.

    As for our less fortunate friends, why point the finger at Air Asia alone. Look at the Star LRT line (sentul-ampang/sri petaling) and the Monorail- no facilities to aid them at all.

    We will never understand, till the day we loose our capabilities.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  22. Anonymous6:15 am

    Sikenet, if Mr Fernandes has admitted Air Asia cannot cater for the handicap then he should either drop or change his tagline (e.g. Now Everyone EXCEPT the Handicap, the....Can Fly).
    After all,his brand promise should be everything.Then again since when did any CEO or company here live up to their promises or even gone beyond expectations.

  23. This debate is an extension our pent-up frustrations with the goings-on in the country.
    These ill-feelings begin with our headless and directionless Executive and which goes all the way down.
    The populace is now stricken with a low self-esteem -malaise.
    Why? because the Government, the police, civil service, BN politicians and private entities (Astro, TMB, Pos Malaysia, Proton, Telcos, Inland Revenue) can freely mock our intelligence, exploit us, cheat us, abuse us and get away with it.
    Nat's arrest is the latest example.
    NST suits against bloggers is another.
    They are mocking at our human dignity.
    They can act with impunity and we, as a people are helpless.
    Which individual can confidently bring up a grouse against any of these entities and emerge a winner?
    Which of these entities would defend a helpless squatter who is mercilessly evicted from his dwelling?
    Our only outlet,so it seems, is to rant and rave in blogs.
    The Zoo keepers are laughing at the caged animals.

  24. Anonymous10:31 am

    The voice,

    It shows your mentality - typical kampong style!!!

    Why kampong? Just hit back impulsively without counting your bullets!!! Perhaps RPK is right to call you guy 'kampong pumpkin!! Educated & yet not learned!

    I KNOW airline industries probably more than you know how to count the fingers in ONE of your hand. OK?

    I'm a humble background ant with air travels fill my blood & an accumulated air mileage, probably longer than the road mileage you have made since you know how to walk!

    Why dont you go & read to get to some of the stories in MAS?

    As for your 'story' about M Nor - well he was/is a smart opportunist who knew that WAU was a paper profit that cannot be justified. Faud was a dispensable lamb - who thought he could wear the hat, which was many sizes bigger than his head. Like always, he was the kind of 'old-timer', too keen to proved himself with his limited capabilities.

    History has proved all these!

    BTW hows the business deals been doing lately. Perhaps plan 2 with the SIL could work - think about it.

    After all there is NO SHAME with you clown. Bottom line counts - OK?

  25. Anonymous10:54 am


    Both MAS and AIRASIA are as Malaysian as you and i.We have our daily and yearly problems. TO Your question of which really SUCKS? I would have to tell you that it is STILL the "bloody animal killing" that took place in "our most honoured Parliment building of MALAYSIA".That continues to SUCK and will forever SUCK!

    tmn perdana.

  26. Anonymous11:06 am


    "Making sweeping statements not backed by salient points and arguments will just reflect on your
    inability to discourse intellectually at this level. Maybe you are better of at some subservient level."

    Do reflect on this, preferably standing in front of a mirror!

    Anon 8:56 PM,

    "Its the EXPERIENCED and HONEST empolyees that drive the organisation and determine its success. Nothing flies by itself."

    (The emphasis are mine.) You're on the bull(-eye) now. NOT those free loaders! OK?

  27. You all talk big.

    When election time comes, you'll still vote for BN, or do not vote at all.

    Talk is cheap.

  28. You all talk big.

    When election time comes, you'll still vote for BN, or do not vote at all.

    Talk is cheap.

  29. Anonymous11:59 am

    AA haa been practicing total discrimination towards the disabled community. so they win hands down as being the suckiest. fuck them.

  30. Yes,Bro. Aiyah, these two fellas are still fighting to compete or cooperate. And transferring business from one to another.I'll say you keep yours and I keep mine!

  31. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Sdr Rocky

    I note that you seem to have carefully avoided mentioning that MAS was run well, and profitably, under a certain Saw Huat Lye (a Tan Sri, if I remember right).

    Unfortunately, he was replaced. I am not sure why.

    If you talk to ex-MAS staff, most of them will tell you that MAS's decline started when Saw Huat Lye stepped down as Managing Director.

    And let's put paid to the canard that Malaysians can't run airlines well. Just look at ex-Malaysian Dr Cheong C K (a humble lecturer from UM) and what he achieved at SIA.

    MAS can get back to its glory days if the govt stops interfering in its management, and if the airline stops being another proxy for the NEP. Just look at how SIA is run and managed. And consider how many Malaysians are working for SIA as pilots, flight engineers, cabin crew and ground staff.

    With regard to AirAsia's slogan "Now everyone can fly", I see nothing dishonest in it. How you get to the aircraft is up to you. If the LCCT does not provide aerobridges or wheelchair access, should AirAsia be blamed? It is the same situation at Changi's Budget Terminal, where there are no aerobridges and passengers have to climb stairs to board their aircraft.

    Yet no one whinges about how Changi is not sensitive to the needs of physically-handicapped passengers!

  32. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Let's talk about making money (sorry to digress Bro, but the discourse's getting weary anyway).

    This country is rich so it is easy to make money - all you need is a little creativity and know people in the right places: example - the govt will spend RM9 million to 'promote' agriculture. The money will be used for print, media (like the one showing pak lah and muhydin using watering can to water padi!) and billboard(like the Tak Nak campaign that made millions for a certain cartoonist)advertising.

    RM9 million is a lot of money - newspaper owners, advertising companies and billboard advertisers with connection will certainly laugh all the way to the bank...not our poor farmers certainly

    What will remain uncertain though is whether we are going to export rice and other foodstuff instead of importing them. And whether the adverts will make an iota of difference to our jobless graduates - but never mind that, as long as we get to spend the 9 million cukup lah

  33. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Idrus, Digression allowed, and spot-on. For want of a better idea, they always fall back on the tried and tested (but dubious) advertising route. Why not make a bit more noise in what is a very loud marketplace. Even 9 million is a drop in the ocean if you combine the total level of advertising (noise), with our shrinking attention span. Just like FAM, the same tired people coming up with the same stale ideas.

  34. Anonymous10:00 pm

    its all about 'making' money using creative accounting much like the shell games on the street of NYC. Move here, move there and we all pay. So to answer your question - they both suck in different ways.

    Yo, KB man, you are right, they do make you walk all the way down to BFE to catch that flight to Kelantan. As much as i would like to think they hate the Kelantanse, the logic would be more for the baggage handlers, ie. they dont put the bags on the wrong flights....HAHAHAHA. What ever the reasons, i wish lighting will strike on their back side.

    Again i would like to say money is moving from one hand into the next, into the next. At the end of the day we dont know where it goes...Erection anyone?


  35. Anonymous12:44 pm

    just to updte all of u that MAS flts will keep on delay fr the next couple of either days, weeks or months....all depends on how early Idris cud solved his internal prob. The upset, demoralised of his staff all over the world - 90% all together.
    Issues of BONUS and ESOS r the main prob nowadays!

    Latest infrmed to me by frens in MAS,
    Idris has planned to localise almost of all the international stations sytemwide. Reason given.....cost saving and having international flavour!

    What do u understand abt this latest exercise? he is calling back most of his managers in o'sea stations and replace them wiz the locals! Fr example, call back mgr in DPS n replace by the indon to run the station, call back mgr in India n put the local Indian to take over!!!!!It will happen to the rest of the world as well.

    To all, as a Malaysian i apprcte yr views on tis. Do u think tt it will work. Can MAS really save cost (10 mil a year) by doing this?

    In my next comment maybe after recvg few comments, i will share wiz u the pros n cons of the issue. As a malaysian,I m more concern abt the image of MAS as a whole as an international airline and also as a national carrier!!!


  36. Observation from the normal 'user' :

    One is desperate to save its own butt while 'maintaining quality', one is trying to squeeze every single penny out of us by compromising safety & comfort.

    I have a few friends working as aeroplane maintanence/technicians and they have swore to never fly air asia themselves. Go figure.

    My experience? The BUS to the LCCT is more comfortable than the 'new' A320. :D

    Somehow now i also find both MAS n Air Asia stewards/stewardesses to be very unfreindly or just 'subjectively friendly'. Cant blame them though if theyre having to take pay cuts as well :D

  37. Anonymous12:19 am

    hi ok first as a malaysian and a freqent flier on air asia i think you should god damn well give air asia a break they are a young airline buliding and growing as well as being a low cost one it has given many malaysians a chance to fly. none of you know the stress it can cause you to start an airline from scratch which was originaaly in debt and tony fernandes which to all of you who have misspelled his name ends in an S anyways air asia X will e flying to london as a low cost airline if you worked in the industry and as i know myself none of this can e promised half the time the bloody malaysian gov go ahead and change their minds leaving all the stress on the CEO
    they are a young airline compared to MAS who have had the experiance and should be able to know how to handle their own problems but they seem to be taking their time. yes airline do have delays would you rather not have to wait and possibly die because saftey precautions havnt been taken into consideration i think not so many you you fucking think about the next time theiir is a delay it is only for your safty

    everyone in airasia works so hard and they have all acheived soo much dont just go ahead and critise them you should celerate the fact that any company not just air asia are putting malaysia on the map and letting the world know how much of a great country we are

    malaysia boleh !!
    and give air asia a chance they are a baby and like one you have to give it time to grow and acheive more than its first steps