Monday, July 16, 2007

How to insult some great dead Malaysians

50 dead great leaders, poets, artistes, and wife. The idea of 50 Anak Gemilang Malaysia is ok (not great). But the decision to turn into into an AFundi-like event is NOT ok; in fact, it's the greatest posthumous insult on the 50 Malaysians, some of whom are really great, by the way.
It's 50 sen a vote, just sms who among the late Malaysians should be declared d'Anak Gemilang Malaysia in conjunction with 50 years of Merdeka.
At the last count, Arwah Endon, the PM's late beloved wife, is leading the pack.

Please, stop making a fortune from our greats who have departed.
Stop the mengampu culture.
And stop insulting the memories of P. Ramlee, Usman Awang, Razak, Narayanan and Chee Khoon.
[Read 50 Anak Gemilang Malaysia].


  1. Anonymous8:45 am

    With all due respect to Badawi's late wife, first and foremost the organizer should not have categorized her in this at all.Is the organizer putting her on equal ground with Malaysians who for example, spend almost half their half time fighting for a cause to be free from the clutches of the colonialists and those who risk their life trying to achieve something to make Malaysia proud ? Or are they highlighting her few short years trying to relive the batik and songket ? I mean theres nothing wrong in this ---if the organizer is just talking about heritege or culture--something on the lighter side.
    But inthis case, they are only embarassing her memory if she 'loses' and belittling the other great Malaysians if she wins.
    Its like asking a child whom do you love more, your Mom or your Dad , in front of the parents.

    And more so like you said bro--using sms to determine this. Is this all just a money making project ? Is our greats just another part of a reality thingy ?

    What an insult to the memory of Malaysia's great !

  2. Anonymous9:18 am

    Encik Ahiruddin

    I totally agree with you. Who ever mooted the idea is a dumb commercial demon.

  3. Rocky dude, we can't stop the degeneration of Malaysian morals, sensitivity and plain common sense. That ball started rolling down the hill a loooong time ago. If a mother can kill her 3 year old, a good samaritan gets killed trying to stop car thieves and all the scary stuff being exposed by youself, RPT and Jeff who are we to fault opportunists who just want to split a fool and his money?

  4. Anonymous9:47 am






  5. Yes. It is painful to see history being treated this way. Men like Tun Dr. Ismail, Mokhtar Dahari, P. Ramlee, have contributed more to Malaysia than Endon.

    How about other UMNO women freedom fighters? Surely there are better off than Endon?

    I have boycotted NTV7 just because of this.

  6. Vote 50 icons
    Dead or alive
    What has it gone into?
    The hollowness of the commercial world

    Incite the patriotic fervor
    Pay your money vote your favorites
    Let it come out tops
    In 50 years of our achievement

    Dead icon too
    Let the dead lies in peace
    Let them earned their rest

    This is just a money making machine
    Cajoling the kind hearted souls to vote
    It is better to think of values to change
    The people manning the country

    What will it gain?
    Nothing much to improve Vision 2020
    We learn from history it is true
    Yet we must look forward
    Of people who can make differences
    In the country in the world

  7. Anonymous10:04 am


    Whoever came out with this idea of voting “Anak Gemilang Malaysia” through afundi-style of voting is a REAL Idiot.

    What are they thinking? Tak fikir ke? Itulah... terlalu lama sangat duduk on their brain - yeah I mean literally cuz that's where their brain is!

    Ini bukan caranya untuk mengenang jasa anak-anak gemilang Malaysia. Dan mengapa mesti membuat hanya satu pilihan? Adakah ini bermakna kita hanya mempunyai satu anak gemilang?

    This is a great insult to all the 49 individuals who had contributed immensely in their respective fields to lose out to Datin Endon who, as someone somewhere said, got the highest ranking (as of now) just for being the wife of Pak Lah during the first three years of his premiership.

    Why was she listed in the first place? For what? Promoting the batik industry? Pluisse gimme a break.

    This is taking the “mengampu bodek culture ” to its highest level!

    But what can you expect in this Boleh land.

    Monyet pun boleh jadi hero. Pembelot negara & penyangak boleh berkuasa dan menduduki tempat yang berpengaruh. Yang “korup” boleh lepas dari diadili dan dihukum serta bermaharajalela. Yang bodoh boleh jadi pemimpin.

    PLEASE “STOP THE SMS EXPLOITATION OF THE PUBLIC BY ASTRO!” to quote a commentator, OFF, at 3540 Jalan Sudin.


  8. Anonymous10:07 am

    'that SMS voting is the activity of the young, most of whom have no idea-what happen before unless the story was told of course by veteran,teachers etc..../
    WE DO NOT NEED to rank these outstanding Malaysians whose contributions in their various fields are unique and special AS WHAT I CAN SAY,THE STORY IS TOLD!

  9. Anonymous10:10 am

    Dear rocky,

    no doubt about ur writings up there... I'm not surprised that I didn't see names such as Sharifah Rodziah, Neno (wife of Tun Dr. Ismail), Kasma Booty just to name a few...

    Our nations independence had reached a new level of "mengampu"! what stupid blokes of astro!


  10. We shdn't be insulting Endon to list her disqualifying reasons. Nor shd we add to the insult to vote her.

    Even if they are trying to bodek Pak Lah, come on .... even a without brain like pak lah sd knows she doesn't deserve it.

    Shouldn't the organiser shd have used some brains not include her in the list, in teh first place.

    ANyway, my choice is Tun Razak. Go Tun Razak!!!!

    My choice

  11. Anonymous10:34 am

    This afundi thingy about selecting the 50 Anak Gemilang Malaysia is so Pathethic it should not be allowed to be given the light of day. We should tell the idiots who actually dreamed up this dumb ass idea that it is just not right to use sms voting to select Malaysia's Anak Gemilang. This job belong to historians and academics, people like Professor Ungku Aziz, Professor Khoo Kay Kim and other eminent Malaysian Historians not teenagers with a handphones who have not yet apreciated Malaysia's history of race and religious diversity.

    But anyway I do believe this afundi thingy cannot be stopped, we will just have to stomach it to the end and have fun going through the "final 50 winners" list and later definitely the BIG mengampu finale celebration live on TV.

  12. Oh man! This is so funny. Endon is ranked number 1. She was a great lady but when compared with the other nominees, sorry to say....not even close. Even Sudirman's nephew, Atai quite possibly contributed more to Malaysia.

    Atai, bunyikan loceng.

  13. Anonymous10:53 am

    Salam Bro.
    Don't worry. Kalau ditakdirkan she's the declared winner, I'm sure her name will be withdrawn from the list by you know who. So, all the pengampu will say then what a great man he is. Sanggup berkorban. Tak pentingkan keluarga sendiri blah..blah..blah..

  14. Anonymous10:58 am

    Some individual may be pathetic but for a big corporation like Astro to support this, is really unforgivable...

  15. They left out few more people:

    1) Ibrahim Pendek (starred with Rock Hudson)
    2) Mak Enon (golden actress)
    3) Dr. Fadzil Noor (former PAS President)
    4) All the people who died in Bukit Kepong (the only movie or event I can think of where we actually fought enemies)
    5) All the police officers, soldiers, serviceman who served and died for the country.

  16. Anonymous11:29 am

    The whole concept is wrong. If a name is not on the list, does that mean he or she is less "Gemilang" than those on the list?

    Astro has been milking the SMS poll like no tomorrow. After the AF, they are pitting Ikon and now this. Ridiculas

  17. Anonymous11:34 am

    Totally agree with you Seri, but then again your list don't jive with the ampu bodek culture very much rampant under this current administration. You won't get political mileage if you put this people on the list would you now?

    By the way friends no need to comment to much on the late Kak Endon, she has no say in this matter. I say we should have a go at the dumb ass idiots who came up with this brain fart afundi idea in the first place.

  18. Anonymous11:43 am

    Making money has no boundries, what ethic are we talking about? If people can make money by voting OUT someone in Kubang Pasu, why couldnt these people make some money by voting IN someone?

  19. Loga of alleycats?

    Hey, how come no datukship for him?
    Wifey of Badawi already got datukship. Even the swimmer guy who took like 12 years to swim the english ocean got it.

    My name is Sri....if only I got Datukship, automatically I would be a Datuk Sri :) Same level as Kalimullah....WOW!! Now thats a benchmark I should strive for,

  20. Anonymous12:50 pm



    So now Malaysia is so world famous with batik . The world is clamouring for our batik. We wouldn't have survived without it. Yes Thank God for it. Thank you Endon. Malaysia will forever be in your debt for bringing back the batik.

  21. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Endon @ # 1 ? Well, not surprising with all the votes cumming from the SIL & the umno'racist'putra.

    And guess who's going to pay for all these sms...

  22. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Minah buka aurat dapat No.1.. I personnaly will vote for Mr.Lee Kuan Yew, but not sure whether he was born in Malaya or England.

  23. Little things delight little minds!

  24. Anonymous3:16 pm


    Pak Yop having coffee with Ah Chai and Muthu.

    PAK YOP: Hang nak afundi yang mana satu ah?
    AH CHAI: Lu celita yang mana satu woh?
    MUTHU: Itu Yop tanya sama lu, itu undi 50 prang Malaysia yang paling bagus...saya tentu vote itu Samy lahh...
    PAK YOP: Itu Samy sumbangannya lagi banyak kah dari itu Seerinivasagam?
    MUTHU: Sapa itu? Inii Samy ahhh suma orang sayang woh...kalau Samy takda ya..itu jalanraya pun takda..
    AH CHAI: Ya..kalau itu Samy takda..itu tol pun takda...saya sendiri mau pilih itu Lee Kuan Yew...
    PAK YOP: Hoiii..dia tu orang Singapura!!
    AH CHAI: Itu sakarang..tapi masih itu Malaya dapat Merdeka..itu Lee Kuan Yew, itu David Marshall, itu Tyusof Ishak ah..itu semua orang Malaya...tapi sekarang mereka suma ikut itu Singapura ..tapi dalam sejarah dulu mereka suma tolong kita dapat itu merdeka.
    PAK YOP: Kalau macam itu saya undi itu Burhanuddin Helmi lah...dia pun banyak itu terlibat dalam kita dapat merdeka..
    MUTHU: Ya..memang butul..tapi dia tarak masuk itu AMNOO..dia masuk itu pati PAS..talak boleh masuk list wohh..
    PAK YOP: Tapi ah..kenapa itu Endon masuk lis ahh? Kenapa itu isteri Mahatir tak masuk?
    MUTHU: Sebab dia kan..itu batik Malaysia satu dooniya kenal woh...
    AH CHAI: Betul betulll..lagipun itu UMNO HQ pun sudah bagi satu dewan nama dia...
    PAK YOP: Haha..tapi aku tak pastilah..Endon tu contributionnya pada negara apa ya? Banyak lagi wanita dalam itu UMNO ya yang lebih penting dan lebih wibawa.
    MUTHU: Ala apa lu cakap Yop..itu KJ nanti suruh suma kakitangan awam ahh..talipon itu afundi line...suruh make sure itu Endon last last pun jadi top three...guarantee..awak tengok cakap aku...

    CUT TO


  25. on the spot. stop the 'contest'! it's insulting.

  26. Anonymous4:37 pm

    what were the criteria? How did Endon end up in the list?

    Astro wants to make money?? Find some other means...please

  27. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Ketawa besaq aku. Ini cakap bukan iri hati atau pun benci pada arwah Datin Endon.

    Apa sumbangan beliau boleh dapat ranking #1 setakat ini.

    Apa sangat "gemilang" beliau?

    Aneh sungguh. Aku malu kalau aku Pak Lah.

    Pak Lah sepatutnya memaklumkan sejak awal-awal lagi kepada yang mencetuskan ide ini supaya jangan mencalonkan nama arwah isteri beliau sekiranya ada pencalonan.

    He should have done that dengan rasa rendah hati.

    But is so typical of "I am the PM-I am in control-that's my-idea" Pak Lah to accept that (the late wife's nomination) without any feeling of shame or "malu".

  28. Anonymous8:06 pm

    I did vote for Endon, I am sure I needed to for this is a reward to my dear UMNO for the smooth awarded contracts and more to come. Also thanks for giving my kids a place in the medical faculty in local Uni when they actually didn’t make the cut. I love UMNO and I love Pak Lah.

  29. Aku nominate KJ, tapi ia masih bernafas so terjimat wang 50sen aku!

  30. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Wonder what they (the nominees) are saying inside their graves?

    May be: "Who's the shit that own this Asstro?, can't he just let us rest in peace?"

  31. Anonymous9:27 pm


    i agree.. ampu bodek of the highest degree by putting Endon in the list.

    what? are we stupid to be fooled?
    perhaps some... but not all. yep. you can fool some people some of the time...

    how stupid of, people are being very frank and in the process, saying that, in all honesty, should should not be included.

    it does sound that people are take pots hots at her.
    they're not... they believe that Astro shouldnt insult her.

    If I were her kids, I'd ask Astro to take her name out of the list.

  32. Anonymous6:59 am

    It' my idea.

    Next time you must built tugu cinta for her as big as Saddam Hussein type infront of ASTRO.

  33. Rocky!

    Negara ini memang dah sakit tenat, Melayu pun sebagai bangsa pun sudah sakit tenat sudah tidak ada nilai oleh kerana mereka ini senang di lewa lewa kan dan senang disuap dengan rasuah! Kalau ada saorang perempuan yang harus di iktiraf sebagai anak negara yang bermakna undi lah makchik saya Shamsiah Fakeh, sa orang penentang kuasa British, Jepun kemudian di tuduh dan dichap sebagai "communist"! Juga orang saperti Mustapha Hussein vice president of KMM, both Mustapha and Shamsiah were victims of British propaganda perpetuated by the Malay elite bends on safe guargding colonal interest!

  34. Endon is a sentimental favorite because she is the late wife of our Prime Minister. Intellectually she had zilt to offer. Yes, she promoted batik and baju kebaya and was supposed to have written a book on the latter subject. But all that pale in comparison with the achievements of the other Malaysians.

    Bodek culture again. Another example of this is the Malacca State Award to Jeanne Danker. On what basis, if both the Governor and the Chief Minister are not bodekking!! We are increasingly decadent.

  35. Anonymous12:27 pm

    lol @ mob1900 "Aku nominate KJ, tapi ia masih bernafas so terjimat wang 50sen aku!

  36. DEAR ALL,

    How can we stop this idiotic, moronic competition. Is there a way to petition this?

  37. Anonymous10:21 am

    astro is 'bad-press' phobia. just organise a petition, send it to their ceo mr ralph marshall, cc it to the press and post it in the web, send it to all your kawan. that should do it.

  38. Anonymous3:19 pm

    astro has taken note of the criticism that's the reason why it has dropped D. Endon from the list.

    Earlier, in its Anak Gemilang Malaysia site, Datin's Endons pix was dispalyed with the % of the votes she got - that is, 18%.

    Now, her pix has disappeared.

    Astro Oredy made money from those who afundied her, but the candidate they voted for has been dropped from the list.

    Astro now in damage-control mode.

  39. I don't see any ranking. Eh. down to 10 already? No sms already eh, just vote. I guess they heard us.

  40. I never liked the concept of commercial SMS voting/competitions, its so lame to see every almost every single entertainment/reality show on TV utilizes this concept. It wont be too long when the whole concept gets blown out of porportion and misused as evident here.

    About the poll, why choose only one out of 50? IMHO everyone mentioned and more not mentioned are all equally deserving to share the Honours. Malaysia wasnt made by one persons efforts.