Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bloggers, stand your ground!

Nab Nat, rattle the Net. Johari Baharum's statement on the same day Nathaniel Tan was arrested should scare the shit out of you, even if you are NOT a so-called socio-political blogger [Police asked to investigate websites spreading lies, Bernama 14 July]. He has ordered the CID to trace writers on the Internet who have spread lies and "bring the culprits to book".
We are ALL for bloggers writing the truth. But what if they insist that the truth is a lie?
The manner in which Nat was taken away was clearly meant to warn you, the so-called socio-political blogger, that you could be next.

Like this Cikgu says, they like the ikan bilis better.


  1. I love this country. This has gotta be the greatest country in the whole wide world.

  2. Rocky, we ikan bilis last LONGER and for years....the biggie fishes have a short shelf-life and they rot faster from head first....and what a stink!I am thinking of designing my own lock-up T-shirt.As a former scout, that is.

  3. rocky,
    very worrying that johari bahrum made such remarks.
    he was the one who ordered Nat to be nabbed?

    OSA today? tomorrow, Sedition Act will be thrown at bloggers, or anyone regarded as a pain in the butt.

    human rights lawyers should start looking at this.

  4. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Johari doesnt know his history. History is littered with dictators and sycophants who fall by the wayside, many violently. Johari, pse dont frighten us because we know the likes of you and your fellow mutts and sods. By the way, the ACA is the biggest joke of them all.

  5. Anonymous4:24 pm

    I knew that there is power in words, now I know that this power is strong enough to put fear into Governments and local police authorities.
    There is power in Blogging, these "Blog Sites" reach more people than tabloid newspapers ever could.
    Lets not let this breach of human rights stop us, instead let it make us stronger and braver.
    On our own we are nothing more than people sat in front of our Computers, together we can be a force to be reckoned with.

  6. What we say what we write
    We haven’t known the truth and lies
    We know we need to share
    Like the stalls get friendly chat

    In the internet
    Like the 5 five feet way stalls
    We plant ourselves sharing common aims
    Of things we see or events we know
    So over the boundary lines
    We share our cups

    Only demons don’t like
    Watching to catch
    When one is alone
    At any time of the day

    OSA and its cousin ISA
    The laws mend to silence the critics
    Of the wrong-doings or trying to hide away
    What the government do with our country

    The dark shadow reigns
    Only sunshine sometimes
    Listen to what the leaders say
    Hear what those who had been
    Now the truth will be known
    But they don’t let you sing it freely

    They make sure you know your place
    In the open drawing vertical lines
    Yes you are free but no where to go
    They make you see the demons
    Then you keep quiet for a while

    When the time comes
    The roar of freedom
    Hearing it out loud
    Amongst the net slumbers
    Saluting it to the world

  7. Maybe soon SaPo bloggers would go by codes to substitute sensitive matter

  8. "Make A Stand. Rattle The Net!"
    Great coin-up, Rocky and suggestion, as of 48hrs we have 80+ blogs and growing blogs ob Nat. Utilise the net to show solidarity! Let's make lotsa noise, ppl!

  9. in a country that crooks gets scot free cause incompetence part of the legal system we get punished when crooks cry wolf against the people.... lets all be patriotic crooks cause that's what the GOV wants us to be! Join your nearest BN party!

  10. Anonymous11:37 pm


    By all counts, it sounds like the vindictive minister is trying to make the PDRM his personal GESTAPO.

  11. The second generation ministers under Badawi do not know anything about the merdeka spirit; they only think they hold the monopoly on how to define naitonalism and from that wielding executive powers to selectively serve specific agendas, again defined by them. Not just Johari but also Noh and others.

    This is extremely dangerous for the future of Malaysia's governance.

    Mr Badawi, pay the fcuk attention and stop this crap!

  12. Abang Jo should have gone after the writer of the blog which started the action to investigate him. Why go for Nat?

  13. Anonymous9:48 am

    You can always vote him out at the next elections.

    That's the best way for him, and others of his persuasion, to get the message that politicians and ministers are there to serve the rakyat, not the other way around.

    Of course, if the rakyat keep on electing him, and others, then they have to live with the consequences.

    Nobody said that being a democracy was going to be easy!

  14. Anonymous1:38 pm

    let's all write a lie...that way, they'll have to arrest 23 million ppl...

  15. Seeing what Joe said in Bernama on that Saturday after Nat's arrest reminds of the times of the Gestapo - secret police out in the neighborhood to subvert everyone into following their policies.

    It seems that our people in the government is starting to forget its main objective to foster harmony and unity but instead use their executive powers to subvert everyone into following their ideals.

    These "little Napoleons" or veterans should go off and make way for those who aspires to serve the people above all else.

    We don't have to fear of this mess and ruckus if we are holding to the real truth.

    "Yesterday we bow to kings, kneel down to emperors. But today, we only bow down to the truth."

    Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)

  16. Anonymous10:42 am

    He said that he had instructed the Police's Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) to undertake the investigations and bring the culprits to book.

    "Yesterday we bow to kings, kneel down to emperors. But today, we only bow down to the truth."