Sunday, July 15, 2007

What you need to know about OSA

And why it should go. The OSA is unconstitutional.It violates international human rights. In its current form, it allows for a government to administer this country covertly and in defiance of the accountability and transparency that is crucial to democratic process. It runs counter to the promises of transparency and accountability of the current administration under Abdullah Badawi.

These are not just Malik Imtiaz's views. Read why the top human rights' lawyer is concerned with the arrest and detention of Nathaniel Tan and learn a bit more about OSA [Concern for Nathaniel Tan, Disquiet].

The first time I heard of OSA was when the government arrested Sabry Sharif in the Eighties for an article he wrote in the NST. The journalist was alleged to have in his possession sensitive documents related to a government contract to buy submarines. The NST fought tooth and nail against the OSA then. In Nat's case, it has not written a word.


  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I started blogging the day Rocky and Jeff were arrested. That was my tipping point. As a part of my initial start I had to do some research on OSA and I found some interesting stuff about it, like Malaysia has fully ratified the universal declaration of human rights which guarantees freedom of expression under specific terms.

    Please click here OSA to read the whole article

    Rocky, thanks for allowing me to post this.

    From MindSpring. (Sorry I have to use anonymous as Blogger keeps rejecting my log in)

  2. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Kes Nathaniel ini mungkin sebahagian kerja Jawatankuasa Pemantau Blog

  3. OSA
    The closet of our dreams
    You are fried before you could taste

    Lock you putting oil to bubble
    Shake you till you cry
    In the dark realm of reality
    You never know the light of day

    The people who run the show
    Throwing out trauma
    Don’t they have conscious?
    Our PM he hasn’t known the truth
    He changes his mind when someone told him so

    The secrets shall not be known
    Whoever has it should be condemned
    Before even a charge can be read
    This is OSA
    Some shadows over our heads

    Federal Constitution is Supreme Law in the country
    Reality is we aren’t getting it our way
    We have been dragged, cajoled, submitted, and humiliated
    In every aspect of our living days

    Yet this is Malaysia
    A country truly Asia
    Yet we can’t progress globally
    Of secrets hide behind OSA

    Progressive government must cancelled laws
    Hindering and limiting citizen right to say
    When freedom is truly free
    We will win a Nobel Prize one day

  4. Konsert sambut bini Paklah sedang berlangsung di Sri Perdana sekarang. Kabarnya RM4juta wang rakyat dibelanjakan untuk konsert yang kononnys sempena sambut merdeka dan digelar "Simfoni Putrajaya".

  5. Anonymous11:29 pm

    This administration has lost its credibility to govern. all this talk about anti-corruption, freer society and transparency remains a talk only. afterall, how can they be transparent when transparency is the ultimate enemy of corruption.

  6. Anonymous1:09 am


    How convenient OSA

    A stamp of "purity" for crooks ...


  7. Anonymous9:20 am

    We have incompetent idiots who are useless to the nation, its people and religion. what do you expect? time to stand up be counted.

  8. Anonymous10:12 am

    'Konsert sambut bini Paklah sedang berlangsung di Sri Perdana sekarang. Kabarnya RM4juta wang rakyat dibelanjakan untuk konsert yang kononnys sempena sambut merdeka dan digelar "Simfoni Putrajaya". '

  9. Anonymous11:34 am


    Problem is I hate wearing a towel on my head and I want to drive a car, not ride a camel.

  10. What is absurd about the OSA in current form is that anything can be deemed to be an Official Secret.

    The OSA can stay IF whatever is supposed to be rahsia is marked as an Official Secret at the time of its creation. Whatever is not should then be outside the purview of the OSA.