Monday, June 25, 2007

Rommel: I didn't mean to meddle

Thierry Rommel, the EU envoy under fire for anti-NEP remarks he reportedly uttered last Thursday, said he has no intention to meddle in Malaysia's internal affairs. He claimed that his remarks had been blown out of proportions and that as an ambassador he's always been looking into ways to better enhance relations between Malaysian and the EU.
Rommel was called in today by Wisma Putra to explain his statement, according to Bernama. [links later]


  1. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Rommel, i am deeply disappointed with you. Stand by your statement, dont cave in. Dont give in to thugs.

  2. Anonymous4:57 am


    AHHH …

    It is a confirmation that -


    They have forgotten people have “nose to smell” too ….



  3. Anonymous8:09 am

    I must say for someone whos " always been looking into ways to better enhance relations between Malaysian and the EU" , he's doin one f..k of a job. Ok, Mr rommel, if you mean what you mean --just apolgise for that foot in your mouth (if thats what it is ). Or if you want to be like one of the datuks who simply were not taught to apolgise when hes scewed up, i suggest you speak to your boss and go somewhere else.
    Obviously YOU are not wanted here.

    The topic you blurted about is not the issue here. The act of Meddling in the host-country business is.
    You are just like the bloody former whats-his-name US vice-president, who thinks that he has the almighty right to shoot his mouth about a country --ignoring your own faults and guilt in yours.

    My final word to you--and forget about diplomacy , to you especially----GO BACK TO YOUR HELL !!

  4. Anonymous10:46 am

    He's a diplomat after all.. sigh!

  5. Rocky!

    He apologised, I was told, because he wants to stay longer in this country and BTW we know where he hangs out so we can go quietly and throw whip cream to his face! We will! This country is not safe for Sauerkraut like him anymore!

  6. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Dear Pasquale - for the record, Rommel has not apologised, not has the EU. It is not their way of doing things. Yes, so Rommel spewed some diplomatic guff, and yes he has crossed the boundaries of diplomatic practice but in so far as Rommel (and the EU for that matter), apologising is something that they do not do. The closest thing resembling an apology, in the EU's books is to 'express regret' for the remarks were blown out of proportion.

    What a pack of bull if you ask me. Sure, the NEP may have flaws in implementation - something that many would agree on but, as much as anyone is free to present their views, in Malaysia, Rommel's feat is a shameful way of trying to make a point. Rommel - why don't you just go back to Brussels and save yourself some face, or what's left of it.

  7. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Same old same old ancient stuff.