Monday, June 25, 2007

The Rommel-bashing begins

Defending Malaysia. After Najib's rebuke, we've now got Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar speaking in Rome that Wisma Putra will summon Thierry Rommel over the EU envoy's NEP slur. Our ambassador to Brussels Kamal Yan Yahya will meet EU officials to convey Malaysia's stance and after that, Syed Hamid said, Malaysia will then study the possibility of sending a protest note [here].
In KL, Hishamuddin Hussein, the Education Minister, called Rommel arrogant and excessive. He said Rommel overstepped his authority and a protest note should be sent to the EU [here].
The newspapers will now write their columns and editorials lambasting Rommel. Or will they wait for the PM to say something first? Will the MCA and Gerakan leaders also wait?

Pasquale does not defend the NEP in his hard-hitting against foreigners who have no respect for Malaysians and Malaysia's sovereignty. He is equally unsympathetic towards Malaysians who do not stand up to recent insults. He has a picture of Rommel not in Gestapo uniform. Read his posting Malaysia is a coward of the county.


  1. Anonymous5:58 am

    all i want to say is...the blogs were there first...

  2. Anonymous7:07 am

    you must understand how it works now. Our Cabinet, our political leaders must wait, wait, wait and then say something, or not.
    they are very careful who not to insult or offend.
    when you have your balls squeezed, you can't breathe. and only if your balls are un-squeezed, momentarily, you start heaving and puffing for air.

  3. Anonymous8:16 am

    ABANG, bagus jugak bila dasar DEB ini di bicangkan,,BARU peminpin melayu sedar.DEB perlu di teruskan kerana PEMINPIN MELAYU LEMAH DAN BANGSA MALAYU IKUT LEMAH>>


  4. Anonymous8:43 am


    How could any non-malay/bumiputera/muslim in this country castigate the EU envoy for expressing those sentiments? Did he overstep his authority/mark/commission? He probably did. But as has been the case with anything NEP-related, the powers that be and the ruling class/majority get on their soap-boxes and fan pseudo-nationalistic fervour under the guise of a challenge to the nation's sovereignty. Nevermind introspection regarding the truth/content of what Rommel said, lets just respond with righteous indignation.

    After years of promulgating this "system of crutches", Mahatir himself was worn-down trying to warn the Malays that they would not be able to compete in the real world lest they began to compete on an equal footing domestically. The truth is constant - whether from a former-premier or a "foreigner". Expecting non-malay/bumiputera/muslim Malaysians to feel "slighted" by the envoy's remark is a bit rich when we've got UMNO leaders threatening to bathe their latter-day keris(es?) in our blood to defend all that preferential treatment under the NEP has "gifted" them.

  5. Rommel said the rationale of his speech is that it has bearing on the negotiations with the FTA between EU and Asean.
    Now, is this called interfering in our internal affairs?
    On the other hand had he said that the NEP is an ingenious policy that should be emulated by all countries, would this be considered as interfering?
    Malaysia has the habit of going to town with praises and compliments but sulks when something unpleasant is said.
    Now, what matters is how the EU views the NEP.
    Send all the protests you want. That would not change their stance against the NEP.
    It would be wiser to rebut with facts instead of shouting down the diplomat.

  6. Anonymous10:02 am


    Four legs good, two legs bad !!

    Four legs good, two legs better !!

    s.i.g.hhh .... here we go again....

  7. Anonymous11:31 am

    Now that Rommel has spoken! what used to be a hot issue in the country is now surely gonna become a worldwide known issue !! Let's hope it's something we are all proud of.


  8. Anonymous11:46 am

    Hisham, my good friend, you need a sharper keris this time because you are facing a more formidable opponent. An opponent which has Panzer divisions and a reputation for blitzkrieg.

  9. Anonymous11:48 am

    Heil Hisham, our saviour in the fight against lies. Hisham, i am ready to supply you sharper keris in defence of national integrity. Seig Heil!

  10. well, if this issue was addressed in the light of FTA, then najib can't really say, "it's none of your business, SOB", right?

  11. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Mr Smith and all,

    Let's look back at 30 years of the NEP, 1971-1990. What did we get?

    1/ Chinese per capita income grew faster than the Malays'

    2/ More Chinese millionaires were created. Per capita there were more Indian millionaires than Malays

    3/ No racial clashes, which means we co-existed in peace and harmony

    4/ Malaysia's GDP grew faster than any of its neighbours except Singaapore

    5/ Malaysia was considered one of the Tigers and part of the East Asian "miracle"

    6/ We built the longest, the tallest, the fastest, the biggest, the prettiest.

    7/ The government established several businesses, esp in the heavy industries, to train the Malays. Hicom was built with this in mind and so were Proton, Eon, UEM, Renong, etc. Govt also created infrastructure projects to benefit the Malays (and of course their non-Malay partners). Today we have one of the best infra in the world among developing countries

    8/ Bumiputera equity in trust agencies increased to about 18 per cent from less than 1 per cent.

    9/ We nearly eradicated poverty

    10/ We built so many universities, produced Malay intellects, and gave the Malays education deprived by the British.
    This is particularly important and should not be underestimated: imagine if we have uneducated Malays, the hosts of this land, and they are unhappy with the economic colonisation by the Chinese after the British went home. It won't be a pretty Malaysia.

    The list goes on. I don't believe in the keris and I don't believe in the current crop of Malay leaders who are greedy and selfish.

    But I won't be too quick to put down the NEP as a policy that was to benefit the Malays. If the Malays did not benefit in their own country, you think the other races will be happy?

    Certainly no.

  12. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Only lies need to be defended. The truth speaks for itself!

  13. Anonymous1:02 pm


    WE should get our facts right. Mr Rommel is from Belgium, not from Germany.

  14. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Heard the Umno Youth propaganda machine is planning mass rallies to protest against Herr Rommel. Heil Hisham! Seig Heil. May Umno Youth last a thousand years.

  15. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Rommel got a PhD from U. of Chicago. I don't even think the keris wielding boys would want to debate face to face with him. The keris may be used against them if they ever face each other.

  16. Anonymous4:50 pm

    NEP should now help by class and not by race. Zoom in on the lower-income group IRRESPECTIVE OF RACE! Direct help to the poorer Malays AND all other races, especially the true Bumiputras, i.e. the natives/indigenous people.

  17. I am very interested to see what the columnist would have to say on this..

  18. When you are in the house
    You don’t know what’s happening
    You think you are safe
    Living in peace and harmony

    The faults surrounding
    You don’t see it even you walk around
    You are blinded by the feel good factor
    You don’t see water leaks underground

    The bless sun
    The cool night
    The twinkling stars
    You think you are in paradise

    You don’t know what’s happening
    When big cracks appear on the driveway
    You still think it is a line drawing by irresponsible person
    You ignore and watch TV

    When the sink hole strikes
    You get a shock of your life
    You rush out with your sarong
    Unbelieving what you see outside

  19. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Rommel is so right. Start working, and wake up from your illusion, you Malay fools!

  20. Anonymous11:27 pm

    NEP is actually good, the intention was sincere but two main things fail alone the way, firstly BN used it for their own benefit so that they can get elected to further control and corrupt and secondly the failure on the part of the people who are suppose to help are simply lazy and uncompetitive. In a soccer match if you have a lousy couch and captain beside the players are lazy to run round the field than you have to play against the women team or the primary school team if you hope to win. To enable NEP success we must have uncorrupt & clean government and hard working people but God did not endow this two ingredient into Bolehland. If you can't improve on this two main factor than NEP became a tool and excuse where the end result really is 3rd world. No need to bit your chest when someone speak the truth, this UMNO guys are just acting like baboon.

  21. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Oh dear, the keris will be out for more blood. The truth really hurts, but you can rely on UNMO youths to rally the unenlightened to fight for their elusive NEP dream.

  22. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Datuk Deva Ridzam wrote a column on this issue in the NST today.

    Unfortunately he waffled all over the place, penning a treatise on the structure and responsibilities of the EU and the European Commission, instead of facing up squarely to the issue whether the NEP has adversely affected Malaysia's competitiveness and its ability to attract FDI.

    A lot of elegant verbiage which achieved basically nothing!

  23. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Keep defending the NEP.

    It's the only way out for Malaysia.

    Out if this world...

  24. Anonymous2:21 am

    Well 80
    5 of the wealth is never enough for the greedy immigrant. The Malays have had enough of the self serving UMNO leadership wiht the small mind. 30% for 70% of the poopulation. The malays are leaving Malaysia! 75% of the emigrants are Malays. Combined with the nincompoop religious right who curb personal freedom of the Malays I think these figures speak for themselves.