Tuesday, June 26, 2007

IGP: I'm not angry, I'm not corrupt

Lies, says IGP. Musa Hassan said he is not bothered by allegations made by Malaysia Today that he was on the take. "..(the allegations) are false and I am not at all bothered by them," he said last night. The IGP does not want to discuss if he'll take a legal action against Raja Petra Kamaruddin for the postings. So far this year two bloggers in Malaysia have been sued for what they wrote.
Bernama's full story on the IGP:
KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 (Bernama) -- "I am not angry with all the accusations (hurled at me) because they are slander," was the response from Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan when asked about the allegations posted on a blogsite linking him to corruption.
Musa said it would be pointless for him to entertain the allegations because they were false and it was up to the people whether they wanted to believe them or otherwise.
"There are so many websites nowadays. Everybody can write what they want... globalisation... so let them (the people) evaluate," he told reporters when asked to comment on a report posted on the "Malaysia Today" blogsite which alleged that Musa was involved in corruption and had been influenced by heads of crime syndicates in deciding on the positions of senior police officers.
Musa declined to elaborate on the matter, saying that such wild allegations would not jeopardise his responsibilities as the chief of police.
"I don't want to talk... because they (allegations) are false and I'm not at all bothered by them because my genuine intention is only to improve the (police) force and ensure that all police officers and men discharge their duties well," he said.
Asked whether he was contemplating legal action against the blogsite and the author of the report, Musa declined comment.
He said his objective and mission when he was appointed to the top post in the force had never changed, particularly in the eradication of corruption.
"I never changed my strategy... and I'm still carrying out my responsibilities to improve the force, and the cooperation of the people is most necessary, particularly in helping me to improve the force," he said.


  1. Anonymous4:47 am


    You are not angry because the allegation was true???


    You are not angry because it is the truth you are corrupted???


    < Just another "after effect" of NEP. Congratulation for a job well done – Malaysia >



  2. Anonymous6:56 am

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  3. Anonymous7:04 am

    IGP: I'm not angry, I'm not corrupt.

    Yes you may not be the above(give you some benefit of doubt) but I am very sure that you are sleeping and not doing your job. Look at JB for example??????

  4. Well, I am sure that the cops, as an integral part of any civil society needs to change and evolve. But without a single exception, that can be said for all other institutions. I am not convinced that the people trusts the politicians more than the police.

  5. To sue or not to sue
    This is a catch 22
    If he does he will be damned
    If he doesn’t he will be cloned

    The corruption thing
    It has gone for so long
    Even one can hear echo
    The subtle whispering
    In the silent corridors

    It is said all crimes led to Putra Jaya
    The sleeping giant hasn’t awakened yet
    The “Ma Cai” pulls the puppet strings
    Into the wrong directions

    Words of many meanings
    Flowing out to the air
    Trying to capture its meaning
    Ah….it is just waste of time

    We know the rules played
    “I am quoted out of context”
    About report on a deputy minister
    Sitting somewhere gathering dust

    The ploy the powers play
    The ordinary people tears

  6. The issue of crime, specifically the need for prevention of it, became more personal to me relatively recently. In the end, rising crime is due to a sick or strongly unequal distribution of the economy.

    Police corruption, at any level, is also symptomatic of this. Have a read (sorry for the plug Rocky):


  7. Anonymous11:18 am

    Another"Elegant Silence" played by top ppl, to avoid the truth.

  8. Well, Johari said he is not corrupt, Zolkifli said he is not corrupt, Isa Samad said he is not corrupt, Rafidah said she is not corrupt, Khairy said he is not corrupt, Taib said he is not corrupt, Musa Aman said he is not corrupt, Najib said he is not corrupt.
    So you see, no body is corrupt in Malaysia.
    We should be NO 1 in the Corruption Perception Index.
    Those who say otherwise are interfering in our internal affairs.

  9. Anonymous11:49 am

    Don't easily forget what you have done in the Anwar Ibrahim episode. The affidavit was read in the court at 10.00 am but the entire content of the affidavit appeared in The Malay Mail newspaper on the same day. The affidavit must have been "passed" on to the newspaper group well ahead of time. Otherwise, how could it go to the print almost at the same time as it was being read in court. You were personally responsible in the preparation of the affidavit. If this "blunder" in such a high profile case could have taken place, the currently circulating "rumours" that you were involved in, cannot just be "heresay". It must have been said here and there.

  10. Okay! Here's my two bits!

    The police must be seen as clean and this can be shown by real police action, a positive ones. The other at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, I saw enforcement officers picking and choosing vehicles to be ticketed, and when I asked why one officer why he did not ticket a posh Mercedes-Benz and the new VW he just growled and gave me this very scary uniformed looks, and I looked back at him and growled "tolong jawab sekarang" he "whined" and put his tail between his legs and just walked away!
    This country is beginning to smell really, really bad!

    BTW you should get rid of poster Rodrigo who wrote in Spanish I did not even open, I was told it could be a virus, so just delete it!

  11. Anonymous2:46 pm

    If I'm Musa Hassan and I'm maligned by a blogger who has not one iota of proof that I'm a rogue cop, I will sue the pants off that bugger, raja or no raja before his name. How can an honourable man, nay, any man, allow his name to be tarnished so flagrantly and yet says he is not angered by such slander. Musa is no ordinary citizen. He is the top cop in the land and on his reputation rests the security and sanctity of this nation. If he is innocent, where is his righteous anger? Is he afraid to haul up Raja Petra because he knows that the latter will hang him out to dry? Raja Petra is not the first to point an accusing finger at Musa. Remember the Michael Soosai blog? The seeds of doubt have been sown, and until the IGP acts decisively to clear his name, I for one have little faith in him.

  12. Anonymous5:36 pm

    The IGP must be clean and seen to be clean! And only then he can do his job.Just pushing it aside is not good enough.More so in previous cases of internet reporting, the IGP was so stern with his words.

    IGP you will loose credibility if you just say slander bla bla bla.

    Take action to clear this up.We want to know the truth.Your word is not good enough cos like one person said, everyone claims they are clean.

  13. Aku lebih percaya Musa Hasan berbanding cetita Malaysia-today. :)

  14. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Hard to believe it but i think MT should show strong proof to it. But if its true, how sad to think how will he enjoy all the wealth. For now can only use the sorento and kelisa only la. oh yeah a mere 2-3k for the porch extension. hhhmmmm somehow hard to believe the proof by MT.

    But i do know about a high ranking govt officials who own severals cars including one saab covertible driven by the son who shops at ground floor suria klcc. That one i can believe to be corrupt.

  15. Anonymous9:27 am

    Johari B lands in hot soup based on website that only the police heard of, and IGP Musa brushes aside detailed very detailed accusations against him on a blog that half the country reads. Ironic!

  16. Anonymous12:21 pm

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  17. Anonymous1:12 pm

    IGP: I'm not angry, I'm not corrupt.

    Yes you may not be the above(give you some benefit of doubt) but I am very sure that you are sleeping and not doing your job. Look at JB for example??????

    7:04 AM

    yeh i am in jb.
    especially at pg highway. to kill or be kill.

  18. Anonymous4:57 pm

    NO TO IPCMC... Let the IGP doing his job till 99%.. no rushing..

  19. Anonymous10:31 am

    Don't pretend, Musa. Why don't you go see your father, Tuan Guru Ustaz Haji Hassan Azzahari and seek some advice. I'm a Banjarese by descent, just like your father. And so are you. Banjarese are very strict Muslims. They'll protect Islam at all costs, but with Banjarese descendants the like of you, I'm afraid, future generations will lose respect for the Banjarese, who fought the communists single handedly in Sungai Manik and Batu Pahat in the early 40's, thus contributed immensely to the nationalist movement that led to the formation of Malay political parties. You are a shame to the Banjarese.

  20. Anonymous1:03 pm

    IGP: I'm not angry, I'm not corrupt.
    than,the story,
    is true???