Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogging: Indonesia 3 Malaysia 0

Third Indon minister blogs. Unspun, the Malaysian blogger in Jakarta, has the story here and wonders if Indonesia can offer to teach Malaysian Ministers to stay cool and consider blogs an opportunity rather than a threat.
The first Malaysian Cabinet Minister to blog? I can't imagine the prospects. Perhaps KJ, the son-in-law, after the next general elections?


  1. Anonymous3:04 pm

    To blog or not to blog, our cabinet minister knows this is tricky. Their view may differ from the cabinet and to play safe, they do what Paris Hilton does all the time, act dumb and just say 'setuju' or 'sokong'.

  2. Well bro, tak akan ada menteri Malaysia yang akan jadi blogger kerana mereka semuanya buta IT - tak tahu apa dia blogger dan tak tahu apa dia komputer.

  3. Assuming that this is really him writing, and not him dictating to some poor intern.

  4. Anonymous6:14 pm

    macam keputusan piala sudirman sahaja...

  5. a RM10 question:

    What will a malaysian cabinet minister would write in his blog?


  6. Shahrir Samad blogs, but I don't think he's ever going to get into the Cabinet.
    Anyway, Cabinet minister's blogs would likely be ultra-boring. Dinner here, opening ceremony there...

  7. Anonymous10:29 pm

    salam Bro,

    so they say...
    'thinking make one sharp,
    reading makes one wise and
    writing makes one articulate'

    Correct me when I am wrong..


  8. Blog yang baik ditulis sendiri oleh bloggers. Blog merupakan catatan pemerhatian dan pengalaman seseorang. Ia adalah online diary. Sekiranya blog ditulis oleh seorang intern atau pegawai, maka ia bukan lagi blog seperti yang sama-sama kita fahami. Ia adalah website. Selamat melawat blog saya

  9. Anonymous12:20 am

    Wrong Kittykat46!

    Sharir Samad gets someone to blog on be half of him. I know the guy who does it for Shahrir.

  10. Anonymous1:34 am

    Blogging, writing and engaging truthfully with the rakyat is too much and too difficult for Ministers like it is difficult to hike to Mt.Everest base camp. But going to base camp via helicopter and then getting your machais to trump it as the 1st Minister to go to Mt.Everest base camp..priceless.Not to mention stupid, arrogant and a waste of taxpayers money!!!

    Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang...viagra is low on stocks since PM got married...he he...jokelah.

  11. Anonymous7:44 am

    Our Minsters ? HAH ! They don't have a mind of their own. If the editors can be told what to write and what not to write, can you imagine the Ministers position. Moreover they probably know the situation better than we do. Because of survival, they probably do not want to jeopadise their position.

    Of course there are those who are just IT-blind. The old folks in Sabak Bernam are probably more IT-literate,

  12. Anonymous9:07 am

    I wonder if it is acceptable for a minister to set up a team to blog to reflect his office's views?

  13. Bro

    Menteri kita ini banyak kerja [untuk perut sendiri], dan tak ada masa nak tulis atau catatan dlm blog.

  14. Anonymous10:45 am

    To blog means to bypass the mainsteam media, somehow. The govt has invested too much in the mainstream media to anak tirikan RTM, Media Prima etc.

    I somehow think that blogging actually compliments these traditional media. But I suppose, the govt still have opposing views.

  15. nooo...

    if they hire someone else to blog for them, then it's not genuine. worse if they are using the blog to promote themselves.

  16. Malaysian cabinet ministers to start blogging?

    Gobloq-gobloq mana engak tahu atau bisa mengemblog pak.

  17. Anonymous6:55 pm

    I too like rocky bru would like to see our elected representatives blog not just government minister but Member of Parliament, Member of State legislative, Mayor, councillor.
    They hopeful would allowed people to comment on their blog even if those comment are of a negative nature and hopeful they would reply to the comment raised in they blog. It could be a way for them to people to communicated with the government.

  18. Good, then let them defend their own shit.

    Let em enjoy with the "Monsterball" that is expected to attract.

  19. Saya tidak fikir menteri kita tidak tahu menulis atau tidak mempunyai kekuatan minda untuk berhujah. Saya kira mereka juga hebat dan mempunyai gagasan baru. Punca kenapa mereka tidak memblog lebih disebabkan tidak ada keperluan yang mendesak untuk mereka berbuat demikian. Menteri kita mempunyai saluran lain yang membolehkan mereka mencapai rakyat seperti tv, radio, akhbar, majalah dan perjumpaan face to face (pelbagai acara bertemu orang ramai diatur setiap hari). Saya tahu ada menteri / ketua menteri yang aktif menggunakan SMS untuk berinteraksi dengan rakyat. Pun begitu, saya kira tentulah baik sekiranya mereka menambah saluran itu dengan blog. TQ

  20. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Norizan: Yes, you are right if the world is still about one-way, top-down communications. But it looks like blogs and other social media is outmoding the command-and-control model of communicatons. "Conversations" is what it is about now as unprecedented access to the internet, broadband and ever-more powerful search engines give power to the consumer rather than the provider.

  21. Unspun : The way i see it, blog is just a medium. There are many ways of how our leaders could interact and "converse" with the people.

  22. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Being a blogger does not mean you have to shoot everyone down. good bloggers are responsible people and weigh all words carefully before putting them up. Ministers want to blog? Personally I feel they deserve the chance to prove their capabilities or their undoings. After all they our Malaysian ministers and it will give us a chance to fire broadside at their views.