Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jeff Ooi vs NSTP & 3 Others

KL, June 19: Screenshots blogger Jeff Ooi will have to wait another month at least for his application to strike out a defamation suit by NSTP and 3 Others to be heard. NSTP and the 3 filed the suit in January this year and were granted an intra-parte injunction that has been in effect ever since.
September 11 has been set for hearing Jeff's application to merge his case with mine. However, this will depend also on the outcome of my application to strike out the defamation suit filed against me by NSTP and 4 Others. They filed the suit against me in January but failed to obtain an intra-parte injunction against me.


  1. Anonymous11:51 am

    This libel suit is turning out to be one big farce. this suit is getting nowhere, this suit makes everyone puke. This suit is bleeding the NST, and the tax payers. The only silver lining is that the suit will be decided in 30 years time, by which time everyone will have forgotten what it was all about in the first place.

  2. It is increasingly evident from this feet-dragging that the purpose of the court proceedings themselves is to effectively muzzle you and Jeff. It may be worthwhile, should you and Jeff feel confident in the moral righteousness of your case for you to ignore any injunctions against you pertaining to the case even at risk of contempt.

    Clearly you, and the nation as a whole are not beneficiaries of this feet dragging. Indeed, one may even plead to the court for a more expedititious approach to the case as such delays in court proceedings is in itself in contempt of your material rights as part of the Fifth Estate in safeguarding the rights of the citizens in Malaysia.

  3. Hang in there, Jeff.
    Many are walking with you both.

    Take care

  4. A waste of time if you asked me.

    Guess those sitting upstairs are bored with the puppet play which happened in The Malay Mail and NST.

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  5. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Should there be a change in power, then, possibly the case will be withdrawn or something .
    Bring on the election---and maybe we can at least give a serious wake-up call .

  6. Anonymous6:55 pm

    This case will end in 2020.
    Malaysian justice is terrible, a case that would take anywhere 3-4 weeks to be solved takes easily 5 years in Malaysia.
    Than they still call it justice......

  7. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Can anyone explain what an intra-parte injunction is? I googled but found nothing. Does it have something to do with Jeff pulling all the previous articles from the front page?

  8. Good Luck, Rocky and Uncle Jeff...

    Erm, will it be too much to ask that you put a little bracket explaining all those law-yish terms next time?

    Like you know, 'habeas corpus' (right to petition for the 'writ' (formal written order))...

    But whatever it is, good luck! I wish you all the best...

  9. Justice makes the day
    It all seems fine, isn’t it?
    Only the loaded ones I am afraid
    The underdogs where is the chance

    Hang it there, bro
    A good fight never ends
    It is a light for tomorrow
    The powerful won’t win all the time

    These lords are putting barriers
    Trying to muscle unconnected people
    The 3rd wave of consciousness
    For the people to understand

    The lords will use the court
    Muscling the poor underdogs
    But the truth will make it free

    So hang it there, bro
    We will be watching listening
    Giving you our support
    In whatever we think it should be

    Even the powerful Romans Empire fell
    They think they won’t?
    When consciousness bring the light to the world

  10. Anonymous11:31 am

    ... yes, there are some serious "lawish-jargon" here, I will never ever be able to write such stuff. Understanding them is already complicating enough for me ... :)

  11. Anonymous1:50 pm

    NSTP is wasting shareholder money to sue Jeff Ooi and rocky bru. What they intend to achieved by suing or do they intend to make their case a test case on defamation in the cyberspace. At the moment, they have manage to increased the readership of rocky bru blog and Jeff Ooi more popular.
    We all behind u both, rocky and Jeff Ooi.