Monday, June 18, 2007

Altantuya murder trial, June 18

update Bernama reports Karpal's application for Judge to withdraw from case rejected here.

Judge and lawyer are "distant relatives", says Karpal Singh.
The Shaariibuu family lawyer said Judge Mohammad Zaki Mohammad Yasin and the late wife of defence lawyer Hazman Ahmad were third-cousins. Therefore both the Yang Ariff and the lawyer should withdraw from themselves from the trial, Karpal said. [click here]
The trial was postponed on June 4 because the Attorney-General had decided to change the prosecution team at the 11th hour. [read here]


  1. Anonymous12:46 pm

    No man is an island. A man, must be related to someone, especially they reside in the same Klang Valley.

    Is Karpal that stupid? He is just "menonton seluar dalam" (watching in brief), why is making so much nuisance in the case?

    Dah la he is filing the suit against the three "ACCUSED" for RM 50 mil. Its like wearing the shoes first then the socks!

    Why not get a judge from Cardiff, prosecution from Ghana and defense lawyers from Pakistan for this case?

  2. Anonymous8:24 pm

    if bigdogdotcom were to be less serious... he might just be able to see the humour behind Karpal's action to have the Judge be withdrawn from the case.

    btw, it's not watching in brief as you've put it!

  3. Well said Big Dog!

    Good luck with your procedure!


    BTW! I am writing a short story and the story line is on how a Sikh boy was buggered by a Malay ketua kampung, or a village headman. The Sikh boy made a promise to be a powerful man in his own right and became a lawyer and so he set to destroy everything Malays, i.e. the government, the Malay sultan ship, the NEP, but the sad part is he loves P. Ramlee movies, he loves P. Ramlee period, so he is in a mental dilemma!

    Big Dog I am tired of everyone taking pot shots at Malays I will not allow it!

  4. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Bigdotdogcom is right to a certain extend because not too long ago their wasn't any language used in Bolehland, people were living like serviles. Until today people still have the habit to marry who ever they like be it sister-in-law or aunty. Sarong were introduce by the Indians, Touhu by the Chinese. Only the Mat Rampet culture were original.

  5. Why postpone and postpone again?
    They, the players, have something else to do
    Kick the ball play the game!

    One wants to change referee
    Because the linesman is related by marriage
    So the game has to stop, hasn’t it?

    Why bring up trivial issues?
    Karpal Singh with his experience
    If he wants a fair trial
    Play the game
    Then he can protest
    When there is an infringement
    Not before the game!

    Now the gallery is full
    Waving angrily on the delaying game
    Bring the players to the field
    Let see how they play ball

    The juicy drama
    Romance, shared lovers, C4 and bullets
    Lay it out on the field
    The players look at each other
    Will the referee blow his whistle?

    Palace of Justice sits in the VIP room
    Watching the players
    Crossing their fingers
    Which one you bet to win?
    The PM smile
    “I have my Jeanne to kick about
    This one I let you guys play your game”

    AG sits on his bench
    Closes his eyes listening to the cries
    Finger pointing rules argue
    The game is delayed again

  6. saya syorkan trial ini di masukkan dalam kalender Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007/08 . Coverage-nya bigger than Monsoon Cup !