Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pak Lah collapses in Lumut

Original post.
I've just been told that the PM collapsed while officiating a handing-over of keys to residents in Lumut. Pak Lah is scheduled to meet his Singapore counterpart during the Lumut retreat.
I'll update whenever I can as I'm on the move. Look out for the news in Bernama too.

Update 8.30pm

13 Mei, 2007 20:32 PM
PM Nafi laporan Disebar di Internet Kononnya Beliau Pengsan
LUMUT, 13 Mei (Bernama) -- Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menafikan laporan yang disebarkan di internet kononnya beliau pengsan semasa menghadiri majlis jamuan rakyat dan perasmian Dataran Hadhari di Teluk Batik, Lumut, tengah hari.
And the national news agency's English version [PM denied rumours spread in Internet that he collapsed].

Final Update, Midnight
PM "almost collapsed", blames heat and lack of sleep. The PM's personal physician conducted several tests (ECG, blood and blood pressure tests) on him after this afternoon's incident and "these were found to be normal". Bernama reported that during the incident, Pak Lah "appeared to be losing his balance and almost collapsed".

The PM himself said his condition could be due to the heat as the weather was very hot and his lack of sleep last night. The PM also admitted that he was worried at first: "I'm relieved now (after the doctor's examination). At first I was worried too. I thank the Almighty that I'm alright."

Read the full report here: Abdullah says not to worry, he's alright.
If you ask me, it's a far more honest take than the earlier flash: PM denied rumours spread in Internet that he collapsed.


  1. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Bro, mentor tak sempat tumbang raja ahmad n mb sempat peluk.Dia black out jap je,pasal pg join gotong royong kat teluk batik.Paper cina dah flash story ni tp diarah tarik balik.

  2. Anonymous3:46 pm

    WoW! UMNOputras get ready and everyone is getting one notch higher.

  3. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Brudder, dont frighten me, lah. Very bad for stock market, brudder. I am more worried about effects on the stock market.

  4. Bad leader he may be but let's hope and pray he will be alright.

  5. Anonymous5:19 pm

    How to lead the countrylah, like that?

    Falling asleep at meetings, collapsing at events?

    If not physical fit, just walk out from the job lah. Who is he trying to kid? Himself or everyone else?

  6. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Give him a break, member pitam sekejap jer.

    Living in luxury all this while when kena buat some hard work he felt the pinch ler.

    No biggie, in fact I don't understand why the Chinese papers were asked to not publish it.

    This is a classic scenario of making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    At least Rocky got you people all excited and made some drama in your otherwise mundane Sunday afternoon.

    If that bored go eat some banana leaf la...

  7. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Ya Allah, selamatkan lah PM kami, panjangkanlah umur beliau negara masih memerlukannya.

    Kepada yang membenci dan menghina teruskanlah...sheikh, Bigdotcom I know why I hate the bloggers... orang sudah jatuhpun nak sepak...malulah pada diri sendiri.

  8. wah..
    hope he is fine.. :)

  9. Anonymous6:35 pm

    May we wish our PM well. We need him to live out his promises to the rakyat. Lots of work to be done and time is running out.

    God bless and keep you PM.

  10. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Hopefully he will be in good health brother, and it’s time for him to rest.

  11. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Bukan nak doa yg tak elok, tetapi sendiri mau ingat la brader. Dah memang you are not fit to run the country ape nak hold on to the post. For the good of the nation .. give it up lar. I am sure UMNO and Malaysia will be alright if not better off without AAB! Tuhan always bagi warning .. like guruh sebelum hujan, so please take the hint ;)

    Pak Din

  12. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Oh! Hope the guy's alright though. I was told that he isn't so disciplined about taking care of his health.

  13. Anonymous7:48 pm


    Kita bukan benci Pak Lah. Ini soal realiti. Pak Lah memang kerap terbukti selalu terlelap dalam mesyuarat dan majlis.

    Pak Lah pun mungkin tak berapa sihat dan fitness level mungkin tak bagus. Macamana nak teruskan tugas kalau tubuh badan tak sihat? Kalau tubuh tak sihat, mungkin ada orang lain 'laksana tugas' dan keputusan guna nama atau 'bagi pihak' Pak Lah!

    Apa mungkin kerana Pak Lah jenis selalu mudah sangat terlelap, walaupun dalam majlis depan khalayak ramai, menunjukan fitness kurang. Kalau benar kurang, macamana nak baca dan perhalusi berpuluh puluh laporan dan cadangan yang dimajukan?

    Mungkin ada benar ramai orang UMNO dan Kerajaan sendiri berkata Pak Lah tak baca laporan dan cadangan yang dimajukan kepadanya.

    Fokus pun kurang. Semasa diVenezuela Disember lepas, Pak Lah menyebut negara tuan rumah sebagai "New Zealand", "Bolivia" dan "Vietnam". Tanya mana mana wartawan mainstream media.

    Macamana nak jadi Ketua Eksekutif Malaysia macam tu? Sama lebih kurang Gus Dur sajalah.........

  14. Wish him speedy recovery.

    With this event, he should think far and deep about what will happen to the country if he does not. He should also think the same if he does.

    Susah lah nak jadi PM.

    Man propose, God dispose.

  15. Anonymous8:08 pm

    dia xcukup tidur agaknya..

  16. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Total news blackout on all national TV stations. Can't see any report on Bernama/Star/Malaysiakini either.

  17. Despite his weak leadership and inability to tell some people off, he's still the lesser evil of the whole lot. I live in hope that he'll eventually wake up to what bloggers are trying to tell him, so I wish him well.

  18. Anonymous8:40 pm

    yaa betolll. dalam buletin tv3 tadi pak lah ngaku dia tak cukup tido selain faktor cuaca panas.

    memaqng betol la pak lah kata dia tak pengsan... dia cuma hampir2 pitam je.

  19. Anonymous8:49 pm

    daily nibbler

    You guys are class acts. Very diplomatic. You don't kick someone when he's standing up and tells him to go tend to his bruises when he's down.


    You kick someone when he's standing up and when he's down. You are honest but you are crude. A real Mike Tyson.


    You kick people who are fighting for your freedom and for your rights. There are bigdogs and there are roxannes, daily nibblers and noras among bloggers. When you go down, I would kick you myself.

    thank you,

  20. Anonymous8:52 pm


    I beg your pardon. My mistake in the very first line. It should be:

    "..You kick someone when he's standing up and tells him to go tend to his bruises when he's down."

    thank you,

  21. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Najib's people were very excited for a few hours, I am told, but a false alarm in the end.

    A dog day afternoon.

  22. Anonymous10:02 pm

    since badawi is all better now, can he explain his Pahang Menteri Besar's actions as per this clip..

  23. Rocky!

    Something will always happens when I am out of the country! I hope everythng is in control! Weather is very nice and cool here in Vancouver!


  24. Anonymous10:39 pm

    thank god. I am expecting the KLSE to move up tomorrow. I hope no untoward incident happens because I will stand to lose a lot if it happens. Anyway I wish Pak Lah the best of health.

  25. Pasquale, its veery hot here Lah. Sampai PM pun pitam. Lucky you!

  26. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Rocky's note: Anon sent this at 10.33pm. I have taken the liberty to make some changes, in brackets. Tq.

    (The PM) needs more sleep that's why he slept during meeting, press conference and ever where. so we cannot blame (the PM) for sleeping. i feel sorry for him for collapsing during function.

    perhaps (the PM) should take stock of his inability to run the country and just resign for the sake of the nation!

    Perhaps this might be a good reason for resign and to save face.

  27. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Wahai Mr Bru orang blogger
    Minta izin Mat nak bercerita
    Pasai Pak Lah Pasai Negara
    Pasai pengsan dan sakit kepala.

    Ih, dah lama sungguh tak bercerita
    Orang kata Mat Tunjang dah tutup mata
    Dah mati sebab sakit jiwa
    Meniaga rugi tak dapat apa-apa.

    Mat tak mati lagi
    Dok kerja petang dan pagi
    Bela anak bela bini
    Bayar cukai sara menteri.

    Mai balik ni pasai dengar cerita
    Kata Pak Lah pening kepala
    Sampai jadi tak tentu hala
    Orang yang tengok terkejut semua.

    Internet kata Pak Lah pengsan
    Depa kata dia sakit sakan
    Orang yang tengok semua perasan
    Terus telefon panggil ambulans.

    Ni la jahat budak-budak blogger
    Depa suka dok pelaga-pelaga
    Pak Lah dok hangat depa tak kira
    Depa asyik dok caci dok kata.

    Pak Lah kata dia tak pengsan
    Badan tak sihat pasai kepanasan
    Nak jatuh sikit cepat-cepat orang tahan
    Tapi macam-macam orang buat telahan.

    Kalau boleh Mat nak tumpang tanya
    Pak Lah pening apa puncanya
    Adakah pasai hal ehwal negara
    Atau pasai kejadian di Australia?

    Kedai nasi kandar punya cerita
    Di Perth, Australia ia dibuka
    Pak Lah jadi tetamu utama
    Heboh satu pelosok dunia.

    Melayu-Cina meniaga tak kena
    Satu adik Pak Lah satu kawan dia
    Kita tak tahu apa muslihatnya
    Meniaga nasi kandar di Australia.

    Harap janganlah ada udang di sebalik batu
    Buka kedai kerana mahukan sesuatu
    Bila dah dapat cepat-cepat tutup pintu
    Buat duit diam-diam orang tak tahu.

    Bila meniaga rugi cepat
    Doa Pak Lah macam tak berkat
    Kita di Malaysia yang jadi rakyat
    Rasa takut rasa tergugat.

  28. Anonymous12:32 am

    Dear Pak Lah, I feel relieved that your are alright now. My advice to you is to take a good rest and let you Deputy to run the country. Perth is the ideal place . Take care!

  29. Once in a while its good to hear Zam mamak's people coming to reply Pok Lah .... zzz.

    But please..., save those cliches like "negara masih memerlukannya." Its not only corny but so unreal. No one speaks like that except some geek just learned public speaking.

    A sincere wishes like that of ewoon's is sufficient.

    To share with you'll, people were talking in Taiping (in TDM's function) that this is not the first time. Thats what I heard, anyone could verify please?

    The timing maybe unfit, but it does not take this pengsan incident to tell us he is unfit to be a Prime Minister - mentally, leadership-wise, intellectually, organisationally, morally, and "family".


    Please amin or amen my prayer for him to be emotionally strong to "syahid" (die for a cause) and relief us Malaysians of the suffering and a future almost near assured destiny for disaster!!!!

    I hope he will go to heaven for his "syahid"

  30. Anonymous1:58 am

    Rocky - the responses to this posting show how cruel and unfeeling people can be when they think they are too smart.

    When one should empathise with a person who is unwell and hope he will recover soon, your smart alecky commenters choose to relate this to his other perceived weaknesses. Your blogger friends think the incident is opportune to nail him.

    What kind of MONSTERS have Malaysians become? Or JESTERS for that matter? For the doctor to say in jest that there'll be a bye-election if he doesn't take care of his health is black black bedside manners. His humour is no different from that of the two loose-tongued MPs.

    Yes - it boils down to the lack of manners and finesse in etiquette and behaviour among some Malaysians; to their crudeness/vagueness in expressing themselves verbally, emotionally and indeed politically.

    We have a long way to go before we can call ourselves developed, civil or civilised!

    I hope Pak Lah will recover well from his ailment.

  31. kesian kat PM kita...tentu penat dia bergotong-royong time pagi tu...penat benor agaknya...tido pon kurang(err...bkn ke dia kuat tido ape)...semoga dia sihat la...takde la rakyat jelata susah hati nnt...mungkin dia perlu bercuti lagi(Perth maybe,pi tgk kedai nasik kandaq yg depa tutup tu),mana tau kot2 bukak balik)...taking care my PM...

  32. Pak Lah, good to hear you're OK. You are the PM and every Malaysian should show some respect for your office even if they disagree with you politically. A few bloggers here are mean idiots but most are people with hearts for the country's well being. I hope you know that.

    *OFF. It's Pak Lah who made the joke.

  33. Anonymous6:23 am

    huh...what a day.. otherwise its gonna be another historic date in National Archive.

  34. Anonymous6:30 am

    old female fart,

    Pak Lah himself had said "At the same time, you must take care of your health. Otherwise, there'll be a by-election," he said in jest.

    So.. now you know who was actually sending a very wrong message about his health condition. Please spare the doctor.

  35. Rocky!

    This remind me of a real life story of the instant millionaires from LBJ Felda schemes! Did you know that the "first generations" who got the millions have all died! Well, yes they died from the "good life" some had KFC and A@W junk almost everyday until their arteries got blocked so bad they die, others had many new wives and when the money ran out they were not accepted back into the "olds"! Some spent time in karaoke lounges and the habits had led to many having stroke, diabetes, and many many more other strange maladies borne from being an instant success!
    Thats what happens when we are suddenly gjven the power and money we just go beserk thinking that we can live forever! So always remember the Felda LBJ Syndrome it is not good for your health! But then Malays are prone to running amok!

  36. Old F Fart,

    Yes, it does seem so cruel. But you know, they are being honest, because I don't think you can say those things if you don't feel "honestly" about someone or something.
    I know, i know, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
    i suppose, they felt free to say honestly what they think of the PM. Let them.

    For me, i can honestly say that I hope the PM will take better better care of his health because running this country needs more than just good health, so-so stamina etc etc...
    I am sure the PM knows that.

  37. Anonymous7:49 am

    alasan bagi dia nak pi luak negeru berehat lah tuuu...

  38. Anonymous7:51 am

    What goes around come around. Fact is, everybody's destiny is controlled by "up-stairs", so nobody needs to hate anybody as some suggested. The stock will go up and down regardless what happens to him. No one is indispensable. There is no absolutes. Who knows, the market might even go up.

  39. Anonymous7:51 am

    To those who criticised that bloggers here are not wishing the PM well after his near fainting 'stint'----don't worry. All the leaders in Singapre are having a special prayer session in their Parliament for HIS health and their own prosperity so that all their work these past years will not go to waste---and we can continue this new found good relationship.

    Yes--maybe a very very long Australian holiday will do him (and us) a lot of good !!

  40. Anonymous8:10 am

    Sorry - newspaper reports state that it was the PM who made the remark about bye elections. Whoever - it should not have been said!It is not only callous but shows bad taste!

  41. Anonymous8:17 am

    Sorry - newspaper reports state it was the PM who "quipped" about bye-elections. Whoever, the remark should not have been made. It is callous and shows bad taste.

  42. Anonymous8:17 am

    laaa .. siapa kata pak lah pengsan .. ini niat tak baik .. actually pak lah tertidur sahaja.. sekejab aje ..
    wish you well Pak Lah!!


  43. Anonymous8:44 am

    Old Female Fart, you must find out why people are uncaring towards today's leaders.

    That is because the people think that the leaders are not caring about them.

    You think people forget about Pak Lah jengok-jengok Johor flood victims and then flew off to Perth to open his brother's and his buddy's nasi kandar stall?

    I am a Muslim. I believe in pembalasan dunia and akhirat. If Pak Lah did not show caring to the flood victims and other kinds of vinctims, why should they show caring for him?

    I think the curses of the Johor flood victims that caused the Perth nasi kandar to go bankrupt.

    As a Johor Malay, I am ashamed that our elected PM is made to open nasi kandar stall overseas. Itu pun kedai nasi kandar adik dan kroni sendiri. Itulah sebab orang tak simpati.

  44. saya budak bodoh .. saya click collapse comments (di atas ) .. saya ingat ada cerita macamana pak lah collapsed ..
    Saya bloggers bodoh !!!

  45. sandiwara utk menagih simpati atau alasan utk pergi bercuti rehat overseas....

  46. Anonymous10:35 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Kesian Pak Lah.... may he recover soon. Amin

  47. I have no love for Pak Lah but that doesn't mean that I wished him dead. Take care of your health.

  48. Anonymous11:20 am

    Man who sold the world:
    Its an old clip ... long time ago lah.

  49. dear mr ahiruddin aka rocky,

    I have read your article in TELL's latest issue, titled “the most dangerous occupation”, and I would like to ask you, does it, so far, affect students under the government universities too?

    Thank you

  50. old ff,

    the doc didn't say that (what you said the doc said). It was Pak lah jesting..

    from Utusan..
    “Doktor kata `you have to rest’ pasal kerja kuat sangat,” kata Perdana Menteri.

    Sehubungan itu, Abdullah meminta wakil rakyat

    BN bekerja secara bijak dengan memberi masa yang berkualiti kepada rakyat dan dalam masa yang sama mereka juga perlu menjaga kesihatan.

    “Wakil rakyat kena sihat kalau tidak nanti ada by-election (pilihan raya kecil),” kata Abdullah secara berseloroh.


  51. dear mr rocky,

    firstly, you DID NOT confirm the news.

    Luckily Pak Lah is safe. If something happened to him, i wonder how the country would be.

    lastly, your news isn't wrong rocky! Like Mdm nuraina samad said in last month's TELL, "why should you be afraid?". Your blog is credible. You're NOT in the wrong..


  52. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Just mastering his "sleep-walking", why are you all so bothered and concerned? There was no collapse physically, only mentally. No big deal.

  53. Anonymous12:53 pm

    mane plak pitam.. the guy tertido masa berjalan.. ala cam sleep walking laa..

    **cruel?.. no larr.. his done worst to us..

    ** Not enuff sleep? hahah some ppl do 2 jobs pun can still stay awake..

  54. PM was quoted in the NST to have criticised bloggers for inaccurate reporting.
    "What did they see?" he asked.

    I think he has been told that bloggers are spreading rumours that he collapsed.
    I don't see any lies being spread. Nobody said he had died. Nobody confirmed that he had collapsed. But, he "almost collapsed" had it not been for the Perak MB.
    Thre were so many people there. so everyone there is a liar?
    you know, if it hadnt been for the Perak MB, he would have fallen to the ground. Technically, he did not collapse as in -- on to the ground. But, he might as well have been because he was feeling very the unwell. (bad english there intended)
    The news report is so clear that he was unwell, tired, exhausted etc..
    nobody said he had a medical condition.

  55. Anonymous2:46 pm

    I am very happy Pak lah has recovered. Stock market is up. I think Pak Lah eats too much nasi kandar, which is bad for health. Nasi kandar clogs the heart, and brains, too.

  56. old female fart and others who criticised commenters for their truthfulness in thinking are no better themselves then the useless umno lead bn.
    It is these type of people who just know how to talk but never start the walking.
    Yes, I agree we have to be sympthatic towards this type of incident, but does he deserve it. He lies, he does not walk his talk and the country is going down the drain, does he cares and he is the worst leader of this country.

    I just wonder why he does not just continue sleeping away so that a by-election can be called to help the poor people who will never see any progress unless their mp or assembly man dies.

  57. So does AAB have a severe medical condition which will be detrimental to his overall health AND the nation as well if he remains in office?

    Or is his medical condition an OSA protected piece of information?

    Let's be clear on the main issue here. I don't think anyone wants him 'unhealthy'.

    On the other hand, if AAB is not healthy enough to carry out his full duties at the highest public office, then it is necessary for the chain of command to be reviewed. For his own good AND the nation.

    Btw 'laziness' and 'tardiness' is not a sickness or disease, but it could well be a symptom.

  58. Anonymous5:02 pm


    This sounds no good and definetely will do no good at all. Latest from The Star>>>

    Don't base belief solely on blogs, says Umno info chief


    KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said people shouldn't base their beliefs solely on articles written in weblogs or blogs.

    He claimed there were some bloggers who wrote with a slant that tended to side with Opposition views.

    Muhammad said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi appeared fine despite what had been reported in the Internet on Sunday.

    "He joked and met the press. However, what was reported in blogs was different.

    "The Internet reports are mischievious with the intention to cause panic in Umno and Barisan Nasional, and it can create a negative situation in the country.

    "The people should check their facts first and not believe everything they read on the Internet," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby on Monday.

    He was commenting on Internet reports which claimed that the Prime Minister had fainted while attending a function in Lumut on Sunday.

    Muhammad said action should be taken against bloggers who knowingly spread false rumours.

    Energy,Water & Communications Ministry Deputy Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said the ministry would cooperate with the Internal Security Ministry if it received a request to investigate the source of the online rumour.

    He added that Section 211 and 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act stated that action could be taken on offensive Internet content or improper use of network facilities, which provided a fine of RM50,000, a year's jail or both.

    The Act's Bill of Guarantee ensured that Internet content should not be censored, he said when asked whether the Government would regulate Internet content.

    "I've not read the blog itself, but action can be taken under the Penal Code by the Internal Security Ministry," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

  59. Rocky!
    We, Malaysians, have the rights to criticise our leaders if they are bad and praise them when they are doing good! Its 3pm in Vancouver, 1pm in Kuala Lumpur, and I am still jet-lagged and cannot sleep! This is what I believe! A leader of about 25 millions people must be strong, astute, sharp, awake, with normal blood presure, and above all with no personality by-pass and must be loved by the rakyat! Knowing this man I do not want him to continue I am afraid for Malaysians, and for the Malays especially! Imagine negotiating with BG Lee and he would be led to say yes on many serious issues! So Malaysians be afraid, be very afraid!
    Happy Mothers Day!

  60. Anonymous5:45 pm


    Our nation never falls short of "punctuated excitement". We have one who denied fainting, collapsing but in my mind, all likelihood practicising his "sleep-walking". You really need a lot of talent trying to walk and sleep at the same time. That episode over and Malaysiakini carried breaking news, the "other" one (Dr M)admitted to the Langkawi hospital under ICU observation. We wish both well. Both need much sleep and rest.

  61. Rocky!

    I agree with shar101, it appears as though it may be a symptom for diseases as Parkinson, Alzheimeer, and Multiple Sceliorisis (MS)! So we, the rakyat, must know about all these! Unfortunately for him, he is holding a fort for somebody, and unfortunately for the pressure I think it is already taking its toll for him! Like battered housewives and husbands, I also pity battered father-in-law who happens to be a PM of this great country!

  62. Anonymous6:23 pm


    I agree wholeheartedly what Melayu johor said.

    And what Nuraina posted.

  63. Anonymous8:21 pm

    And now the Tun is reported to be in ICU in Langkawi. Will Pak Lah and Lee Hsien Loong pop in?

    Must be the current hot political weather.

  64. Anonymous12:59 am

    Hi rocky

    that shaziman guy is trying to "hang" you for slander coz of your blog on Badawi's health! well, i am going to select him as one of the idiot of the month candidate. heard what jeff has to say about this zonic response from this Shaziman guy.

  65. Rocky,

    ARE Mat talib and Shaziman THREATENING you? Do they think it is easy to try and JAIL and FINE you for yr little one liner about Pak Lah COLLAPSING?
    you did not spread anything.
    you wrote it in yr blog. PEOPLE at the function in LUMUT spread the news.
    Mat Talib and Shaziman may end up trying to file frivolous allegations!
    And who are the clowns who are feeding the PM with all this crap?

  66. Anonymous7:58 am

    to the whats-his-name minster

    Please read before you comment. Its even worse when he admitted that he hasnt read the blog yet. What the f.!


  67. Anonymous11:22 am

    First comment came out of this incident was Dolah tak tidur malam.

    Cehhh ... konon sembahyang tahjud. Tak payah lah cerita satu dunia!

    If doctor say he is ok, what does that tell you?

    Tengah kasi hadiah tu dia tertidor. He fell asleep standing.

    Hidup Dolah! or more precisely, Tidor Dolah!

  68. Anonymous11:58 am


    Some political zealots, bigwigs cum bigots, (and probably sounded like idiots) were reported to have threatened or warned bloggers for mischievously blogged the PM has "fainted" and could be fined under the laws. Sounded like probably falling short that some bloggers could pose a national threat (instability, etc etc whatever it means).

    Ever tried using an axe to kill a mosquito. These types of mentality is beyond "human" comprehension!!

  69. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Just wondering how long can intelligent and moderate Malaysians stand these types of nonsense spilling out of "ABCs" political gaffers who screamed national security being threatened, or claiming public uneasiness caused or some damned stupid excuse to roast bloggers at the fireplace. Honestly, this country might be a better place without these goofs and goons around.