Monday, May 14, 2007

Fast Forward

update, midnight
Got word late that the programme has been postponed. Will get confirmation from the producer in the morning.

Original post

Press Freedom.
Tomorrow night, 10.30pm, TV2. I have been invited to speak on press freedom in Malaysia. Not sure who the other panelists are but The Star top editor Wong Chun Wai won't be able to make an appearance. Sun's Zainon Ahmad and Bernama's Azman Ujang, possibly. I know both journalists.


  1. Anonymous4:46 pm


    Just informing you that there is a good publication, "Freedom of Expression and the Media in Malaysia." A product of cooperation between Article 19 ans Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram). Heard that Sonia Randhawa, Pauline Puah and Susan Loone have a hand in the report, also funding by the European Commission (European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights). Best wishes to your contribution at Zam's cobweb station.

  2. Way to go, Rocky!

    All the best. Make us proud.

  3. ZM will be ready with the 'beep' gadget in hand, in case, Rocky goes 'ballistic' with his presentation.

  4. Rocky!
    Do not hold any punches just say it as it is, and do not try to be Mr Nice Guy, eh! You might just get your datukship from Perak! I am serious!

  5. Datuk Rocky?

    Yikes and double yikes!

    *Does this mean us 'minions' have to stand up when you walk into the room, Rocky?*

  6. Rocky, Makes hays while the sun shines. Have a nice day.

  7. It's a great progress, the MSM is putting serious attention on the so-called mysterious phenomenon called Blogging.

  8. dear rocky,
    guess what, it won't happen. instead you'll have to present your case before shaziman. like the old folks saying " ibarat mentimun dan durian, digelek hancur, menggelekpun hancur...
    anyway, life must go on brother..

  9. ahm,
    durian sekarang dah siap belah, dibungkus cantik2. bau nyer sama tengik.

  10. Its tough to fight with bloggers who want to do good for the country. They are professional in their reporting, their scoops can be dessiminated at ligthning speed, their blogs can be filled with multi-media to please the reader's senses, readers can post their comments and interact with them and other bloggers. The cost for the readers to do so is very cheap unlike paying RM1.20 per newspaper on weekdays. With only self censureship to boot, bloggers like Rocky, Screenshots, Sheih, BigDog, Scribe, Zorro, Shar101, Sang Kelembai, Mob1900 and many, many others talented individuals are giving the MSM a run for their money.

    There are also the ugly bloggers who hog other blogs. Blogs that are filled with foul words, that slander, that seek to destroy instead of build.

    But that is the essense of the Internet and Blogs - a two edge sword, a tool to dessimate info, good and bad. One can use for good of mankind but the 'sword' can also be used to destroy and corrupt mankind. Porn and slander are good examples.

    The MSM are not too happy with bloggers. Their scoops are stale by the time they hit the news stand in the morning. On top of that they are 'sanitized' many times over. To make things worse, the cost of printing goes up every now and then yet cost of computing and access to the Internet is going anywhere but southwards.

    The government is at a loss how to control bloggers. Short of shutting down the Internet in this country, there is little they can do. And if they try harder (to no avail), press freedom in this country will take a back seat.

    Unless the government confines Internet access to the urban areas. But that is not the vision of government who sees Internet penetration as the tool to increase producitivity and the great leveler between the haves and haves not, the urban and the rural folks, the educated and the not so educated. And it is.

    Its a catch 22 situation for them. I am not surprised any postponement. In fact, I am surprised at the rate they give recognition to bloggers. We must press on with the good of the Internet and blogging and negate the bad in whatever way we could.

    The epic battle between the good and evil in the movie "Star Wars" come to mind. May the force be with you, Rocky.

  11. Anonymous9:50 am

    I knew the progamme AND topic was too good to be true.....sighhhhhh.

    Read 'postponed' as 'cancelled'. Will be glad to be proven wrong if this programme becomes a reality.

    Guess we just have to deam on........................maybe walk in our sleep also.

  12. Anonymous5:25 pm

    hi anon 9.50am

    You just took the word out of my mouth.

    Yup, I thought it was too good to be true.

    Guess RTM must have a change of heart after the PM denied the news in the internet (and you represent the internet) that he collapsed in Lumut.

    Someone is trying to discredit you (we know who he/they is/are) when what you have done was just to pass us the information from someone present at the event.

    Didnt that what's-his-name read what you wrote - that you would update us & to look out for the news in Bernama?

    Oh I forgot he didnt read your blog but threaten to take u to court instead.

    Silly a#%ehole of a minister that sha whatever his name is.

  13. Anonymous10:53 pm

    it wasn't postponed bro. you were just not invited.

  14. Anonymous9:45 am

    The minute Zam was alerted that Rocky Bru was to appear, he went berserk. U can guess what happened after that..

  15. Yes, it was not postponed. I came home and to my surprise I saw the lady host with two gentlemen. I was expecting you to be on air. Anyway there were some good view that came out from the two guests, Pak Non especially.

    Now you really need to get the producer to clarify!!

  16. Anonymous10:49 am

    i think you should tell your readers that the programme was NOT postponned and went on as scheduled. Only differance was that you weren't part of it.

    Half truths are worst than lying, you should know better.

  17. Anonymous10:51 am

    Anonymous (10.53PM) said...
    it wasn't postponed bro. you were just not invited.


    I knew it! Just knew!

  18. Anonymous12:22 pm

    First of all, I don't actually fancy that show at all. Even if you are in the show; I am not even sure I would be spending my time watching it. I don't even follow it ... cheers ... :)

  19. Anonymous12:36 pm

    If the programme went on without you bro, it only confirms a few things.

    1.they are afraid that they may run out of answers to your questions

    2. the little 'yes-man' Zam must have been called by his boss and probably asked "What WERE you thinking of when your staff invited that Rockybru ?

    Whatever---I still say the programme and topic are just too good to be true.