Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Drama on Malaysian blogosphere

Drama Queen, Drama King? Blogger Shar101 wants the National Alliance of Bloggers to consider going to the Parliament. But who's the drama queen/king, man?
"Perhaps, it’s time that All-Blogs goes to Parliament. Whaddaya say, folks? And let’s do this without the ‘urgings’ from a certain ‘drama queen or king’, shall we. There’s enough c.interruptus from that corridors of power housed within the dilapidated building up the hill." [Read his latest posting Integrity Interrupted].
Much Ado about a do. Blogger YL Chong aka Desiderata, who chaired the successful Bloggers United Malaysia gathering last Saturday, is not too happy with what he sees happening in some parts of blogosphere in recent times. He's ticked off a blogger but is particularly unhappy with a commenter who accused that 85 per cent of bloggers who turned up for BUM 2007 were "(Rocky's) sidekicks and machai .. including RPK ..".
At the end of my speech that night, I cautioned all of us against threats from certain quarters out there and from within (the blogosphere). [Read Desi's piece of mind here].

The do on video. Blogger Zan Azlee of Fat Bidin captures Bum2007 on his faithful cam. Go here to watch.


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    This is not about someone ticking off Desi. This is more than that.

    This is about a very unstable old man who behaves like a difficult six year old.

    He constantly antagonize others with his shallow analysis and his propensity to furnish his arguments with wrong or fabricated facts. He is also known to bring irrelevant points and points taken out of context, when he argues (he calls it "debate"! How on earth could anyone want to debate with an unstable character like him).

    So many blogs have evicted him, including Malaysia Today. And yet he still bulldozed himself, still!

  2. Anonymous12:45 pm


    These happenings or developments are expected. If certain quarters think they can't fight you, they join you and maybe, just maybe, there are quarters from some establishments ready to cause dissension and instability from within. Just don't be distracted from your Alliance's objectives vis-a-vis constitution whatever orginally aims to do. Keep "politiking" out of the group. Keep to values and clear sight, perhaps be wise. My 2 sen worth views madmonk

  3. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    So you have finally decided to break silence. I think it is good. Please do not take offence that I may perceive to be part of the partisan that might want the presidency out of the way. To the contrary, being a morbid profiler and strategist, I think we are not ready yet for any official affiliation with titles, officers and policies. To continue fighting for your freedom in speeches, in your faiths, hopes and for your loves against any all powerful adversaries, you need to be a ghost. The www.net gave us the freedom to operate without the boundaries and affiliations that will only turn us into clay pigeons. Many may not agree with me…that I can understand. Perhaps some want to be heroes, I understand. I, on the other hand, will like to have my heroes around for breakfasts and not behind bars. Then again it could be ‘much ado nothing’.v9.

  4. Any sane person would see this coming.

    It is typical in any form of organisation for one to get all hyped up only to later see the true side of the situation.

    Can you blame the commenter for saying "85% of bloggers who turned up for the BUM 2007 were Rocky's sidekicks and machai"?

    Who gets to be part of your group? It seems to be 'restricted' to those who only write about politics in their blogs, as it gives such a presumption. Sadly, maybe people like you (despite at times being rather personal) and a few others can have a say about the local political scene, but there are many out there whom are only writing what they think they know.

    Such 'wayang kulit' is typical in any establishment. You were once the 'rebel' within NSTP and now you've got to handle 'rebels' within your group.

    I'm sure there are people out there who appreciate you and there are those out there who think you're just a waste of time.

    Whatever the case may be, you do whatever that turns you on :)

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  5. Anonymous2:14 pm

    it's funny how criticisms on the event came from people who didn't even attend it!

    mahaguru58 at least had the courtesy to join us at BUM and meet All Blogs to voice his concerns - a move i salute wholeheartedly. he is truly the epitome of what the committee's efforts were - to embrace and engage bloggers and blogging.

  6. Well, you work with idiots, you get idiocy.

    Has this really been worth it, Rocky? Opening up a can of worms with a heavy dose of lonely old self-important racists who like to hear the sound of their own voices and to read what they have written.

    To fight with losers instead of saving the world?

  7. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Plse don't make a mountain out of a molehill, desi. We got enuff drama queens and kings oredi. This spat might feel good for your ego, it ain't so for your dignity, it's even less so for the M'sian blogosphere.
    Just get OVER it, like a one nite stand, you know?

  8. Anonymous3:02 pm


    Cakap salah tak cakap pun salah. "Orang Bola" tu dah mula main ping pong pula apabila posting ini keluar. Dah tersalah tangapan lagi. Mungkin perlu satu lagi article The monkey and the flower untuk meleraikan. Difahamkan selepas artikel tu "Orang Bola" pun tenggelam.


  9. Anonymous4:26 pm

    This is what i wrote in desi's blog site.Reproduced here in case that pain drops in here.

    I have one question for mr monsterball-- you are all over everybody's blog-site. But thats ok ! Like me, you don't even have a blog-site of your own. Still that is ok !


    IN OTHER WORDS ---STOPPIT !!--until you start your own blogsite.
    And I challenged you to start one---or else forever keep your silence.

    Let only those who are fully 'qualified' say their piece on sensitive issues.

  10. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Dear Desi,

    Rocky's have acknowledged.. BUM 2007 a success .. Syabas Desi, Howsy, Lucia, etc.etc .. well he even mentions your name first.
    If the Man say it a success .. it’s a success .. period ! (ini bukan "bocor" ok!)

  11. Bro,
    Are we talking about that idiot SS Goh who has't even got the balls but wants to be a monster ?? Just leave SS Goh alone lah... he's a loser and a very lonely frustrated old man..! imagine he had a birthday party and only ONE turned up... "Two's company man.. Not a Party ".See nobody gives a rat shit to be near him !
    He's a parasite who'd cling to you if you give him half a chance so tell that moron SS Goh to spend his last days listening to all and not shooting off shit from his mouth... he's a classic case of "shit-stirer" but then he's first gotta to have the balls to write under his own given family name and not under some ballsless monster nick !I've said this in somebody's post once...! Anyone who disagrees with that moron he attacks with a barrage of insults and even be a bigot and a racist !
    Just ignore that old idiot... he will eventually fade away with age...no offense to all other elder persons with balls and brains !
    Only fools will entertain his kind !So just leave him out of your blog,bro...

  12. hi rocky,

    i actually wasn't aware that there was some "problem", "split" or whatever in All-Blogs. I checked and discovered that two or three bloggers wanting some answers (about All-Blogs).
    Hmmm... that all?
    So, what was that hoo-ha all about?
    Nothing. But I can only detect one
    Otherwise, we're ok. as okay as any nascent body would be.

    So, here's to All-Blogs...

  13. Anonymous1:39 am

    The real hijacker is none other than the instigator ... suddenly promoting a new grouping under the support of a pro-gov political party.

  14. Rocky!

    I am sure there is someone within the BA trying to disrupt BA, a typical police state's tactics. And I am dismayed by the fact that there is dissatifaction even in a very small group that people cannot get on well together!


  15. Anonymous3:38 am

    dear v9,
    pls continue to be a ghost. www.net needs ghosts, too. but if other people want to be heroes, let them be. ghosts and heroes, they are the same , they want to promote freedom of expression and they want to safeguard freedom of www.net. if tothers are willing to stick out their necks by using their own names and by trying to unite bloggers and by getting sued and by letting others threaten them for sedition and slander, let us ghosts not be the ones to be in the way of their brave ways! for they are doing what others won't and can't do. merci.

  16. Anonymous5:08 am


    Why didn’t you just simply state your intent clearly for the All Blogs - to quash rumors once and for all – for all its good intents once understood or seems to be?

    You are to be blamed for your indecisiveness that caused all these ruckuses when you have the chance to put it down but instead chosen to be arrogant enough to keep mum as if everything is capable of dispelling doubts by magic.

    Do you still think you are capable to lead the charge or should you be stepping down?



  17. http://maddruid.com/?p=1236


    Check the pimping of AMBP(AllMalaysian Blogger Project)

    Find out who's behind AMBP.

    Follow the Money. Connect all the dots and players. So you'll see the big picture.

    Hey, isn't that a familiar slogan?

    Does ALL-BLOGS has to die because of AMBP?

    There are genuine bloggers who are being misled into the recent spate of attacks against ALL-BLOGS, some have valid concerns and questions but like Susan said, 'May the Truth Saves Us All'.

    you decide.

  18. Anonymous7:01 am

    Aisay! If monty is unstable, why pay attention? For Ah Chong to throw this hissy fit means we now have 2 unstable old men, who need to grow up lah!
    Rocky, you're not helping things a bit by blogging 'bout the ridiculous! Instead, why not meet the challenge to provide INFORMATION rather than stir things up?

  19. Anonymous8:21 am

    My opposite side? Ghosts have names and identities too. You know which haunted houses they stay. Most people keep away from ghosts because they are unsure of what will happen if they kacau them. NS-P disturbed the Ghosts of the Net and probably regretting it. An office,too, has name but also responsibilities, friends, enemies and even elections. An office can be promoted, partied and also corrupted...perhaps compromised. In short, an office has too many baggages. It is because I care...I refuse to allow friends to hold office. Got it? Have you been in a court case that took 15 years? I have. 'Don't kill the messenger' or friends...quote by Jeff ( I think). Please leave me alone, I am tired oredi. Have a nice day too.

  20. Bru,
    Seems now that I am your 'Ma CHai'?
    He he he....wonder what gives him that idea?
    I wonder if Soh Chee Wen is Desi's ma chai too? Seeing that he was there. ..

  21. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I hope this doesn't sound overly dramatic, but from what I've been observing, the lack of clarification - or at least the lack of dissemination of such clarification - about what All-Blogs is and what it stands for has given people in some quarters a unique opportunity:

    by instituting another "more inclusive" organization of bloggers who might be essentially apolitical, whoever's proposing this idea is working toward isolating so-called "so-po" bloggers, whatever that means.

    well the strategy seems to be:
    1. isolate
    2. discredit
    3. neutralize

    and the ones they can't neutralize? well, they can always sue, can't they?

    i've said on susan loone's blog how it's crucial to really get down to deciding what All-Blogs is supposed to stand for, sir. i think that time is NOW, if at all.