Monday, May 21, 2007

Syed Ahmad Idid on Corruption

Syed Ahmad Idid, the former High Court Judge who resigned about a decade ago after alleging corruption and abuse of power in the judiciary, will speak on Addressing Corruption in Malaysia tomorrow. Admission is free.
Date: Tuesday, 22 May
Time: 4 pm
Place: Universiti Malaya (Tun Mohamed Sufian auditorium)
I did a posting on the man in June last year [Good Judge, Poor Judge] to protest the way Brenden a/l Pereira treated the good judge after the man had granted NST with an interview.


  1. Anonymous12:09 am

    I once respected Brendan, but then he began to show his true colours. I dont have to say anything more than what people have said. If I were to describe him I need more than this space. I don't need to say anything more but suffice to say I have no iota of respect for him. He can rot for all I care.

  2. Hey Rocky!

    There are so many traitors like BP in our country but so long as our government is incapable of flushing them out I dont really care to read about "poor incorruptible judges or other good men like you" trying to improve our level of dignity as a nation vis-a-vis the Red-dotter! Rocky there are even those employed by the Red-dotter working in high places influencing policy and our government is not taking action!
    So let us prepare ourselves to be subjugated by others may be that is the only way!

  3. Anonymous1:40 am


    Let's see if you have the BALLS to say what you commented about this JUDGE to his face this afternoon and shout your BLOGGY "Pujangga" name for the PUBLIC to hear, then you truly have balls......hmmmm perhaps you are woman who does not know anything about what goes on in our judiciary and "main tembak".

    See you tomorrow!


  4. Anonymous9:49 am

    The legal definition/explication of corruption as contained in the Anti-Corruption Act is rather rigid and boring. An ex judge wasn't able to convince me of its finer interpretations. For example if you take a friend government officer out for dinner or game of golf after he has helped to forefront your appeal, are you and he guilty of a corrupt act? The ex judge says the Act is clear on this - that it is a case of retrospective inducement. Can Syed Aidid confirm?

    Also, what mechanisms are there to detect the numerous types of modern inducements that have sprouted - many of which leave no trace or trail of ever being given/received?

    The most difficult part of efforts to eradicate this scourge of society is educating people, and of course the lack of evidence.

    Pak Ungku (Aziz) once said that you have to make the Malays (I add people of other faiths) believe corruption is a sin (dosa) before they stop practising/perpetuating it.

    Of course parents have a role to play as well as the moral teachers/utaz/ustazah and other role models who are in contact with our children - that is, if they themselves believe that corruption is a vice punishable in the afterlife.

    To those business and corporate people out there, and those tens of thousands of traffic offenders who think giving inducements to expedite their case is a way of life, I SAY YOU ARE MORE TO BLAME THAN THE RECEIVERS for the rot in society because more often than not YOU INITIATE IT WITH YOUR CORPORATE SAVVY AND YOUR LOOSE RINGGIT!

    From the bunga mas and opium money and duit kopi offered by the migrant traders of old, corruption was the scourge of the Malay feudal system and now it is the bane of our parliamentary democracy!


    Corruption has to be redefined and not by legal experts. But I'm still interested in what the good judge has to say!

  5. Anonymous11:17 am

    Rocky,I can understand your feelings towards Brendan,but why the "A/L PEREIRA" only now?
    Somewhat offensive to Malaysian Indians I would think.

  6. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Hope you attended the judge's talk. Are you blogging it anytime soon? Anxious to know what the judge said about dr m, pak lah etc.