Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New dress code for Malaysian women?

"The women's dressing nowadays can entice men to harass and do things to them."
These are the words of Shabudin Yahya (BN-Permatang Berangan). Debating the motion of thanks in the Penang state assembly yesterday, he said the way women dressed up was among factors that led to sexual harassment and violent sexual acts being committed.
Jasmin Mohamed (BN-Sungai Dua) said women's pursuit of position prompted many of them to put aside their responsibility to the family and was one of the reasons for the violent sexual acts.

For women's own good, these two men have proposed a dress code for women. The Bernama story here does not provide details on the proposed dress code, though.


  1. Rocky!
    I rest my case we are indeed heading for a complete failed society: read my blogsite!

  2. Anonymous5:14 am

    Congratulations, Barisan Nasional. Your conveyor belt of morons is gaining momentum. Producing morons seems to be your forte. Well done, Barisan, the party of morons.

  3. Sendiri gatal kata perempuan pakai pakaian tak senonoh.

  4. Anonymous7:05 am

    We have two nuts who insulted women and now we another two bozos. Is this the quality of MPs we have?????????

  5. rocky,
    what a bloody tired dangerously irresponsible, misleading line that smacks of unadulterated sexism. we are never short of nimcompoops in our august houses among our elected reps. how we have been tirelessly educating society about why women -- old, very old, young and very young) -- are sexually assaulted and raped.
    hasn't at least some of it got into their brain?
    Looks to me that we're getting all these stupid and insulting remarks from brainless twits on a regular basis.

  6. Anonymous7:38 am

    How come they are always putting faults on women?

  7. I almost don't want to bother commenting because it is so boring.2007 and we are still bringing up the same things. It just proves to me that people who become politicians are those whose brains have stagnated.I'll wait and see how Dato Shahrizat responds to the stupidities of her fellow BN politicians this time.

  8. This is kampong politics played by kampong boy just like his two colleages,the bocor goons.

    Must be the products of a maternally abused childhood.

  9. here we go again, just like the recent brouhaha about the Pan Asian models not representing the country, some clown surfaces every couple of years and digs out some old 'mission' to save our poor defenceless, uncaring, society from immoral women and men who rape and pillage everything in sight.

  10. My only advice to women is to stay clear of Shabudin and Jasmin as they might have an inclination or a propensity to be " led to sexual harassment and violent sexual acts".
    And there are many like them in the Parliament and the State Assemblies.

  11. Anonymous9:04 am

    Sick, man - just sick!

    It looks as if these guys have a one-track mind.

    Aren't there more important things to discuss in a state assembly?

  12. Anonymous9:36 am

    Madmonk says,

    Rocky, I watched the Astro Channel 19 last night (in Mandarin) and it was reported. The news presenters were equally amazed (negative) of these comments. Well, elected leaders speaking from schoolbags!!

  13. Anonymous9:48 am

    they are only half true on this matter.

    while the women should not dress too scantily in public, the opposite 'should not' also must be address to the men - they should not touch any part of any woman that do not belong to them.

    bertepok sebelah tangan tak akan berbunyi.


  14. Anonymous10:11 am

    The problems with these MPs who said that women dress is the contributing factor for them being sexually harrassed is they themselves are perverts.

  15. Opppsss here we go again...with such ridiculous statement from an MP....sounds too familiar..isn't it?

  16. All four of them should be locked up in a cell full of serial rapists and sodomists to conduct an official and scientific investigation and scrutiny on the effect of women's attire on the sexual inclinations of men like them.

    Throw away the key.

  17. Anonymous11:12 am

    Many here felt the remarks of the two Penang assemblyman more than inappropriate and offensive.

    The values men and women who read the blogs are different from men in the kampungs. People who read the blogs subscribe to an open society, more liberal thinking and practices and different norms.

    These two YBs represent men who still think in their kampung mindset and their kampungness ways and value system.

    Some people say "You can take a man out of a kampung but you cannot take a kampung out of a man".

    I dunno. It seems here in KL so many city dwellers are still thinking along those "kampungness" mindset. Like you, they also say, they are right.

    You cannot argue with them because they subscribe to different values. Like you, they are voters too. They have as much right to be heard, hence you see it in these two YBs.

    So how? Can people talk cock (Rooster) and duck, somehow agree on the same values?

  18. Anonymous11:13 am

    court jesters should only be employed to entertain. But if you expect anything else, one is gonna be sorely disappointed. thus the reason for these clownish antics from the so called elected reps! i wonder how many more has BN employed to entertain the general public, with their utterances and behaviour!

  19. Anonymous11:46 am

    Dont these MPs have better things to say?? What they said proved nothing but their stupidity and narrowmindedness. Hey, come on,...we need better people to represent us.


  20. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Why blame idiots for asking stupid questions?

    We're the bigger morons of electing them in the first place.

  21. Anonymous12:28 pm

    I would like to tell them something > they have little dickies>>>

  22. Anonymous12:37 pm

    I just called up Shahrizat to tell her about the stupid statements from her beloved comrades-in-arms. She told me they were just joking. Malaysia Truly Bodoh.

  23. election is coming!
    election is coming!
    election is coming!

  24. i've not been reading the local news because of reports like such - they bleed my head + my heart.

  25. Anonymous2:08 pm

    joking? really? anyways, i think the PEOPLE have already got the 'joke'. question is, can these two morons laugh together?

  26. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Really, nobody is addressing the 10,000 lbs gorilla in the room.

    The first step to solving a problem is to RECOGNIZE the problem.

  27. Anonymous4:07 pm

    There must be a competition among the leaders as who can produce the biggest shit from their mouth. And I can think of a few of them who are winning pants down.

  28. Anonymous7:34 pm

    sharizat---the truth is , you are part of the joke in that leakng circus big-top.

  29. People who are too conscious to project themselves as religious tend to paly as if they are puritans. Underneath their skin, hide the devil crawling in their flesh.

    The people, who truly practise their religions are very cautious to be self-righteous cos they know they cannot fool their God.

  30. Anonymous7:11 pm

    I finally got it! I finally figured it out, why all these MP's are making idiotic sexist remarks about women periods, leakage, sexist remarks on dress codes, who rapes who, screaming in Parlimen using kampung language, cant called it BM oso(something you never here even in school).

    For a lay man like me, the only logical thing going on here is its elections, elections need publicity and all these is free publicity for this freaks is to get their faces in the papers.

    Shame on you. PIGS!

    read my blogsite:

  31. Anonymous12:21 am

    What is wrong with our gomen? why so many idiots?

    no wonder they calls it bodohland!

  32. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Dress code for these two idiots should be a gag! It might even be useful in making them look intelligent. BN politicians should consider the saying that it is better to shut up and let people think you are stupid rather opening one's mouth and removing all doubts about it.

    Finally, pleeese I beg you..don't compare them to that very useful animal, the pig.

  33. Anonymous5:40 pm

    looks like the club membership is enlarging. the bungs and one eye jack welcomes you two to the club of eh...moronic monkeys?

  34. Anonymous11:33 pm

    The ASEAN statement is a testament that we should stand up for the rights of all women as these are symbols that threaten the position of women. Gender inequality issues is like a cancer spreading through Malaysia which could spread throughout ASEAN if unchecked. That is why these leaders are adopting a proactive role and DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

    Many bloggers said that we should not jaga tepi kain orang lain and mind your own business when it comes to other race and religion. Nope, WE NEED TO STAND FOR THE RIGHTS OF ALL WOMEN EVEN IF IT IS ANOTHER RELIGION OR RACE. Same goes for ANOTHER COUNTRY as exemplified by these ASEAN MPs.

    Today I feel comforted and strengthened by the statement of Solidarity by the women of ASEAN. We are not alone. It is time we STAND UP FOR MUSLIM WOMEN IN KELANTAN WHO HAVE TO RUN AWAY FROM MUSLIM MEN when they do groceries. ALL MUSLIM WOMEN NEED TO BE LIBERATED.

    Our childrens generation need to see a change. We can not let women be looked down as a lower class citizen who needs to be hidden and told off what to do. Women have a brain and a life and a right to stand up to INJUSTICE.

    Angin perubahan sudah tiba. Wanita di Malaysia akan berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan lelaki.

    Change is inevitable as I always say. There is hope for women. Already many Muslim women like Zaniah Anwar and many others are championing the cause of Muslim women and correcting the screwed mind of the religious authorities. As I always said too, that the only way to change is to replace what is old with what is new and in this case, the religious authorities in Malaysia and once we have that, Malaysia will change for the better.

    What we need to do as women

    1. Increase our women solidarity by always saying comforting words to all women regardless of race.

    2. Stand up for Muslim women. The threat of gender inequality, sexual harassments among Muslims is a cancer eating the gender relations status in Malaysia. What affects the Muslim women affects all women in general. It is time women wake up and not be ignorant about gender relations of the Muslim women.

    3. Bagi betis, mahu paha. That is the mentality of the Muslim men. That is why we see the gender relations among the Muslim women now encroaching to Parliment and to every sphere of society. You give them the bloated self esteem that they are higher than women, and the Muslim men will want to claim that all over Malaysia. Time to draw the line and reclaim back all of gender relations including the Muslim women.

    4. Continue to fight against symbols that depreciate the value of women and position of women. This was how the blacks in America fought for their rights. Rosa Parks denied her seat to a foreigner men. Similarly, women should deny men the opportunity to be harassed at work place, at Parliment, at TV and newspapers. Increasingly, Muslim women should claim the right to be active in the mosque and fight for any discrimination and separation in places where women are not allowed to stand on the same ground as men.

    5. Lobby for more women leaders. It is time women take up leadership position and other women endorse them. It is time we lobby for women leaders as MPs. We need women to defend women rights.

    6. Lobby for laws that are discriminating women or who are bias towards protecting the welfare of women and family. Any laws that are not favoring the women should be lobbied for awareness for change. We should continue to read about gender relations outside Malaysia and laws that have been taken out in other countries that were deemed to be bias and discriminating against women.

    Change is inevitable. But, we need to be persistent about it. Be educated and spread the news to ensure we unite women.

    What can we do if some Muslim WOMEN DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE? What do you do when you see a wife gets beaten everyday and have a new bruise on her face and legs? Do you keep silent about it? Or do you persistently lend her courage and walk with her to the police station? And do you gather other women to lend her support and gain her trust?

    All women need that. All women of all races need to lend strength to their Muslim female friends and ask them about their family relations. When we listen, they will speak. When they speak, we lend them courage.

    Change is inevitable, but we must be willing to be agents of change. Else, it passes by and we lose the blessing of being part of the change process within our lives.

  35. Anonymous1:43 pm

    What can I say? These morons are from t he era of where lamps haven't invented. May be we should just invent a time machine and sent them back.

    What a bunch of ignorant fools!