Thursday, May 10, 2007

All-Blogs meets Anwar Ibrahim

(Original Posting)
But not for Friday sermon
. Former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim and the protem exco members of the National Alliance of Bloggers are due to meet after the Friday prayers tomorrow. The agenda? We haven't fixed anything specific yet. Which means we can talk about anything under the sky.

Update, May 11, 6pm
The meeting with Anwar lasted over an hour at his office in PJ. It was cordial, the kuih-kuih Melayu were excellent. We touched on wide-ranging issues, from blogging and politics to Independent candidates and the economy. He talked about Dr Mahathir, Pak Lah, Abdul Najib Razak, Malik Imtiaz, Tok Guru, and Zahid Hamidi, whom he said he has not met for a decade. Anwar says he is supportive of bloggers. "Bloggers are making an impact," he said. Anwar is a blogger himself; check out his blog at

Big Dog, who attended the meeting and asked the most questions, has more here. Among bloggers present were Jeff Ooi, Nuraina A. Samad (Anwar asked her about Pak Samad, his fellow former ISA detainee, several times during the meeting), Tony Yew, Bernard Khoo, Li Tsin, Jed Yoong, R. Rajahram, Stephen Francis, A Voice, and Ancient Mariner.


  1. let's talk about love.

  2. All-Blogs,should remain politically independant and must report news from both sides of the block.

  3. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Hi Rocky
    I have the impression that DSAI is chummy with Gordon Brown, the British PM-in waiting. Can you get him to talk about their intimate relationship, if that is possible.

  4. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Rocky, I would like to stray from the subject at hand. But i cant help but wonder Jeff Ooi has been stealing the march on you in various issues. You have been scooped in quite a number of subjects like the Edge becoming a daily paper and changes in the Straits Times editorial in Kuala Lumpur. Brudder, what's happening to you? As a newsman, jeff ooi is value for money.

  5. ask him what should we do with traitors who make hell of money they ripped off from other fellow malaysian only to siphone them off abroad.

  6. nstman,

    please pick up a copy of the latest issue of the Tell magazine and read about the "collateral damage" i have experienced since the lawsuit by NSTP & 4 others against me.

    one of these "damages" is a consultancy job that was offered to me by the syed hussein outfit (that is going to publish the Malaysian Reserve). the guys from syed hussein and i "shook hands" and agreed that i would act as a consultant for them and help them come out with the malaysian reserve.

    but they did not follow this through, presumably in view of the lawsuit by the nstp.

    not too long after that, i was told about the edge's plan to come out with its own financial daily as an answer to the malaysian reserve. i was told that the edge's editors were pissed off with the malaysian reserve for offering almost everyone at the edge a job with the malaysian reserve.

    but these info were p & c lah, bro. even though syed hussain chickened out, i can't do them in and tell the whole world about Malaysian Reserve.

    but having said these, kudos to jeff ooi. he always has enough resources to get those stories.

    thank you bro.

  7. Anonymous1:45 am

    Cant verify if this is really written by Sheena Moorthy but it is a good read nevertheless. Cheers!

    Sheena Moorthy
    3400 Poly Vista,
    CALPOLY, Pomona,
    91768, CA

    2nd May 2007

    Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
    Prime Minister Of Malaysia
    Prime Minister Department,
    Ref.: Racial Insult - Formal Complaint

    Datuk Sri,

    I, Sheena Moorthy, a 3rd year Biotech
    Malaysian student in CALPOLY would like
    to submit a formal complaint against
    Minister of Science & Technology, YAB
    Jamaluddin Narjis. I would like to
    to your attention the following
    which was totally uncalled for from the

    Date: 30th April 2007
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: Belacan Grill Malaysian
    Restaurant, Redondo Beach, Ca

    Minister of Science, Dato Jamaluddin
    Jarjis was here on an official visit.
    wanted to meet some of the Malaysian
    students studying in California
    especially the ones from TPM Academy
    twinning programme. During the 3 ½ hour
    session, he passed a few racial remarks
    on me, being one of the two Indians
    present there.

    Incident 1 - Each student had to
    introduce themselves. When it came to
    turn, while speaking he interrupted me
    and asked if I knew Samy Velu, because
    he knows him. I don't see any relevance
    in that and he mentioned it a few times
    for no apparent reason.

    Incident 2 - He gave a speech regarding
    how agriculture started in Malaysia. He
    mentioned how the British invested in
    Malaysia and made farmers work. Due to
    the lack of work force, "buruh India"
    was brought in. While mentioning this,
    he looked at me saying that's how we
    Indians in Malaysia.

    Incident 3 - After saying he is going
    get MARA to help the Bumiputra
    he looked at me and asked "How many
    Indians are here?, I don't have and
    don't keep track of number of Indian
    students here so I mentioned that "In
    this room, there are two (pointing to
    another Malaysian Indian friend, who is
    fair skinned) and J.Jarjis looked at
    and asked "Oh. You are an Indian",
    means you are an upper class Indian and
    she is the lower class one (pointing at
    me). He went on to say that, "Oh, I am
    not going to help upper class Indians,
    only help to lower class ones. They are
    the ones that need it'. I left the room
    feeling very insulted.

    Basically he judged me based on my skin

    Being a Minister and respectable
    these statements that he mentioned was
    unethical and biased. This happened in
    front of a crowd about 100 people.
    a true Malaysian at heart, and being
    taught not to discriminate among races
    especially in Malaysia, I feel
    humiliated as well as insulted by these
    racial remarks.

    I demand a public apology from him
    because he does not have a right to
    judge me nor pass any remarks to me.

    Also, I would greatly appreciate if you
    could kindly review his performance and
    take appropriate action to mitigate
    another unwanted racial remark, insults
    and shame to our country from this

    Thanking you in advance.

    Sheena Moorthy

  8. That is what I like about you Rocky, ever magnanimous. Sorry to hear about your 'collateral damage'.

    If you have a chance to ask DSAI these:

    1) What does he think of the press freedom in the MSM during AAB's and TDM's times?

    2) How will press freedom be like if he gets to be PM of this country?

    3) What does he think of AAB as PM of this country?

    4) How come he rarely criticizes AAB and his SIL but do so with NTR?

    5) How could he get Malay votes when he proposes to abolish NEP?

  9. Anonymous8:54 am

    Great mistake for ALLBLOG to court personalities who are politically charged and have a private agenda.

    Why the need for controversy and celebrity status before you have not even tidied up your mission and objectives! Why open your movement to alignments and biases before you can even start!

    An error of judgement by Rocky the Protem if you ask me!

  10. Anonymous9:02 am

    Who captured Harry in Iraq?

  11. All the best for today event bro.

  12. Rocky!
    Malaysian Reserve did not headhunted the Edge's boys they quit and applied, so Ho Kay Tat seriously cannot get angry, which I doubt he was, and as far as I know the job as cbnsultant at Malaysian Reserve is still there so what is the problem, do we have to seriously kow tow to you my friemd, I am your loyal friend but you must be true on what you said about my friend, give them a break for "chickening" out1 You are controversial! Si live with it!


  13. Anonymous10:27 am


    A little birdie leaks that in the next week or so, there will be a strike-back" or conspiracy within the Malay political hegemony to publicly defend the Ketuanan Melayu syndrome on NEP, Maybank issue, etc etc issues with support from a certain mainstream paper for publicity. So PKR, DAP etc, better be prepared to respond.

    Also interesting, see Utusan (11 May 2007, article by Khairuddin Mohd Zain, Wangsa Maju KL), his views on the Maybank issue.

  14. Pasquale,

    Thank you for responding on their behalf.
    Maybe they didn't chicken out. But they surely did not have the courtesy to inform me that they could not go ahead with the deal to bring me in as a consultant for the paper because of the lawsuit. Neither did you have the courtesy to convey it on behalf of your friends. And your assertion that the consultancy job is still mine if I want it, that doesn't make sense. I don't decide here, remember.

    But that's besides the point. The point is I could not write the story about Malaysian Reserve because that would be a breach of trust. You could have written the story, too, because you are in the know, but you did not because maybe that's a breach of contract (the difference being there is money in a contract and no money in trust].

  15. Old Female Fart aka OFF,
    Anwar is former deputy prime minister. I covered him numerous times when I was with BT. He is politically-charged, yes. He has a private agenda, yes. But Anwar is not the most controversial figure around anymore. His former boss, the former Prime Minsiter, is. If All-Blogs have a meeting with Dr M, some people will accuse us of many things as well.

  16. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Good work with TELL and I'll be at Nikko for the next function.
    I understand why DSAI rather than TDM but can't agree with meeting him & giving him political milage.

    We need SuperTun back!! To hell with the current admin!

    Pak Din

  17. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Exactly Rocky!

    Why meet these people now, especially when you are in the early stages of defining your movement, mission and objectives. Why court political input if objectivity and press freedom (relative not absolute) is among your nobler aims.

    A parallel development is the politicising of the integrity movement. It's unbelievable that politicians are making pronouncements about an abstraction like the concept of integrity.

    The average person doesn't understand the implications of composite concepts like "press freedom" or "integrity". What they understand is what they see in the form of MPs/ex MPs (supposed role models and champions of the people)who shoot their mouths and expect people to believe they have integrity!

    Integrity is a moral concept. It has to do with right and wrong in the eyes of religion, in the eyes of God. Among its variables are honesty, duty, responsibility, loyalty, sincerity, not telling lies, not accepting bribes, in other words not flouting any of God's commandments. To flout any of these moral precepts is to commit a sin.

    Can any politician/ex politician or any of us for that matter say we are pure from blame?

    What I'm trying to say is that the line-up of people making pronoucements about the grand integrity plan must be believable. Otherwise, it becomes laughable!

    The same goes for blogging!

  18. Anonymous3:51 pm

    WRONG MOVE by All Bloggers.

    The recent by-election exposed the true colors of Anwar- A childish act of a desperado loser. He deserve no attention at all after 'exposing' his real stupidity.

  19. Ask him why on world he placed TAn Sri K for Ijok? was it because of his capability , however hidden it might be.., or was it racial in nature?

    Ask DSAI on what he thinks of his persaingan in KeAdilan itself..since Rahman was nominated for presidency as well?


  20. Anonymous5:59 pm

    i see nothing wrong in All-Blogs meeting Anwar. All-Blogs is not partisan. Meeting Anwar does not make it partisan. If Anwar wants to meet All-Blogs and All-Blogs decline, then I woulkd suspect All-Blogs to be a prejudiced bunch of bloggers.
    If Hadi Awang wants to meet All-Blogs, I think they should meet Hadi Awang. Same goes with Kit Siang.Pak Lah even. Heck, even KJ.

    What is the problem? You cannot please everyone. And All-bLogs exist to not please everyone.
    Live with it!

  21. Mustang,
    I am with you. Who are we to say that certain people desrved to be given attention and certain people don't? Who are we to say that it is a platform in the first place.
    We bloggers (I believed) are here to uphold fairness (at least thats what I think). I hate TDM, despised him but would not object to him given a 'platform'. Let him or them say their piece and its up to the individual to decide. Well at least thats what I think.

  22. Just a suggestion: in order to maintain the independence of All Blogs, a series of interviews with leader of political parties be it in BN or opposition should be featured. After each interview, a transcript will be nice.

    Not easy and lots and lots of effort required but a suggestion none the less.

  23. i believe all-blog should meet the govt. first to address issue like blog freedom etc. meeting dsai or even tun for that matter wont help much in all-blog effort to fight for it's right.

    weather we like or not, bloggers didn't have much choice now, imagine blogging is declared illegal, what do we do.... none of us has space in media arus perdana. no matter how sharp is our mata pena or how critical are we, if no medium how do we write. to legally apply for publications license, forget it,...not even cartoon book can get kdn akta cetak clearance license now days.

    i believe it is prematured for all-blog to show association with any parties as yet. we need to affirm a strong footing first before making our next step.

    just a humble thot.

  24. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Cm'on guys, you cannot turn down opportunities for a meeting like that just because you fear what people might think. Mustang is right, meet up with anybody who has something to offer - then see whether 'cakap serupa bikin' or not.

    Anyway Rocky did state that All- Blogs has to be impartial. But that does not mean its members cannot exercise support for those championing the people's cause, and conversely condemn any wrongdoings. Otherwise why exist at all?

  25. And All-bLogs exist to not please everyone. Live with it!

    "Bloody" Rite Matey! And we will do it "Monthly" till the Ministers get it that we are here to stay... especially the two "Motherless" cracked from stones MP. lets interview them next!

  26. I think All-Blogs achieved alot in the spate of 2 months, they went into the by-elections covering some aspects of the event(hint#blogs),participating in media events, go on air(S.Pagi Malaysia and Al-Jazeera), they have people from all walks of life meeting up and throw ideas around(hint#blog) and the latest 'adventure' was lepaking with DSAI(last hint#blog).

    With All-Blogs, we have an avenue to share thoughts and if the situation arises and permits, we could meet with statesmen/politicians/napoleons to clarify statements and policies which in the past are next to impossible to seek.

    In other words, we have a 'face-value' which bloggers could use.

    Hey, maybe even setup a meet between all our 'unemployed' women bloggers with ZAM. heheheh.

    All in the name of promoting blogging, which btw is the first objective of All-Blogs.

    Carry on.

  27. Hei Rocky!

    Vancouver is very nice and will be flying to Ontario in a couple of days.
    So my friend if you and friends are to see DSAI just one advise, "cover your backside" it means be careful! My regards to everyone, including Shanghai rotten Fish!


  28. Anonymous4:17 pm

    guys n gals,

    All Blogs is not partisan. It highlights everything that's going on in Malaysia and affecting Malaysia.

    Why shouldn't they meet Anwar? or Tun Dr M? Or Pak Lah or his SIL? All these people are part of this country's political landscape too.

    Media folks meet everyone from dissidents to political outcasts to the reigning poseurs of the day.
    Why shouldn't All Blogs do it?

    Democracy means everyone gets to speak. Remember that people.

  29. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Dear rocky,
    From my critical thinkin, you should not associate bloggers with a human named anwar ibrahim. This man is a disgrace not only to the Malays but also this nations.

    after ijok, this man realized that he is no longer relevan in the political sphere of our nations. Thus he is tryin everythin to steal the limelight and put himself back in centre stage.

    Its a fools errand if bloggers united associating themselves with this man..


  30. Anonymous6:19 pm

    kudos All-Blogs for not making any distinction between one human being and another.

    if you have to meet a convicted serial rapist, i suppose you will not say no. I wouldnt, becos I would be very curious about such a creature. Punish him? The law and God will do that.

    Why are we being so self-righteous? I don;t see All-Blogs being partial or partisan in their meeting with Anwar.

    Has All-Blogs come out in support of Anwar of Keadilan?

    All-Blogs.... go, guys, go.....
    meet whomever you want! open your eyes. broaden your horizons!


  31. At the dailogue, Rocky categorically said to AI, "All Blogs are a-political" AI said, "How can you be a-political" I volunteered: Datuk Seri, as a group we do not take sides with any political party, but as individuals some of us are hard-core and rabid supporter of this or that party." He smiled in acceptance of this answer....I think.So guys don't interpret any ulterior motives behind this visit. AI extended this invitation to US and it would not be the nature of All Blogs as a body to turn down an invitation to tea. And stop pontificating and sermonising by telling us what we can and cannot do. AI said that we bloggers, thats you and me, are creating an impact...if we were not, the Govt. wont bother ABOUT us. ZAM is still in the Mexican Chamber, if you want to know.

  32. OFF, we did not court personalities. We were invited. This from this horse's mouth.

  33. To all

    What with all the fuzz? Be mature la. All have their own political preferences. All blog is not inclining to one political party. So be it, I don't agree with DSAI either but let see what he have to say.

    So, I think it's Tun M's turns now to be interviewed?

  34. Rockybru,

    Am in support of all those who hailed the meeting with DSAI. He deserves to be heard. We must not tar-brush by association.

  35. Anonymous12:02 am

    Anwar Ibrahim? I thought bloggers were concerned about credibility. Why the 180 degrees turn?

    AI does not need to be heard. He's best buddies with every international press apa. Surely they would help him attain his lifelong ambition of becoming Prime Minister.

  36. Anonymous6:33 am

    Anon 12:02, going by what you say, no one in the current government deserves to be heard by All Blogs as they have the mainstream media to play with.

  37. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Sdr Rocky Bru,

    Why do I have a feeling that ZAM might be right after all when we have commentators like Pasquale, Sheri, Buyong etc...So humayyis n unprofessional!!!


  38. Watch Malaysiakini's video here:

  39. Anonymous1:21 am

    bgsla jumpa DSAI.. nak harap mahathir? nak mati dah org tua tu.. and harapnya mati dgan senang nanti bkn mcm mokhtar dugong , khalid dalil n org2 yang ditimpa musibah sebab fitnah DSAI..

    or maybe mahathir diberi bukti yang salah oleh org2 yang takut kat DSAI.. aku bkan apa, org2 fitnah DSAI dah kene balasan. takut je PM 22 tahun kene gak..

    ramai org terpecaya dgn ckp mahathir.. risau gak.. tapi aku doakan dia di beri petunjuk...

  40. Anonymous9:29 am

    I see nothing wrong for All Blogs to meet Anwar, or anyone else for that matter. For All Blogs to be relevant, it has to have consistent engagement with anyone who has an opinion, or may influence the opinion of others. In this regard, Anwar is certainly someone that All Blogs have to engage and network. It's the same with Tun M. All Blogs or members of All Blogs have often engaged Tun M formally or otherwise. Therefore, there's really nothing wrong with meeting Anwar, Nik Aziz, Kit Siang, Pak Lah, Zam Mydin and whoever else that has some say in the country's welfare. Let's not pre-judge All Blogs. I'd be worried if All Blogs shy away from controversy or controversial personalities.

  41. If 'All Blogs' is to remain as 'All Blogs'
    Then it must never become blockheaded
    And ensure that it doesn't become 'All Blocked'
    With any sincere, innocent blogger being 'beheaded'

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Fri. 21st Sept 2007

  42. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Mr d'rock, tolong tanya adakah
    DSAI setuju dengan petisyen hindraf yang ada unsur-unsur perkauman?


  43. Saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada rakan-rakan pejuang dalam PKR, yang telah berjaya mendapatkan publisiti percuma di media2 arus perdana beberapa hari ini. Sebagai seorang yang pernah melalui kegetiran peristiwa kekejaman regim BN, saya bersyukur kerana Black 14 yang disambut pada tahun ini dapat kita raikan dalam keadaan yang terang-benderang. Terima kasih juga kepada YAB TSKI selaku Pengerusi Kelab Sultan Sulaiman KL yang telah membenarkan veneu ini digunakan.

    Saya kesal dengan kenyataan Ketua Polis KL, yang mempersoalkan perhimpunan ini sebagai haram dan tidak berpermit. Sepatutnya di zaman rusuhan dan tunjuk perasaan kembali menjadi budaya Umno selepas PRU12, pihak polis mereformasikan diri mereka dan menhentikan perbuatan mengkastakan rakyat.

    Sepatutnya pihak Polis bertindak secara independen dan mengelakkan diri dari diperalatkan. Saya rasa perhimpunan pada malam ini akan disabotaj untuk memburuk2kan imej PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat. Tetapi harus diingat tindakan ini mungkin akan memberi tamparan hebat kepada BN dalam PRU13 nanti.

    Orang2 Umno tidak perlu risau dengan perjumpaan ini, malah saya fikir lebih baik mereka turut sama menyertainya sebagai latihan untuk mereka menjadi pembangkang di peringkat Federal tidak lama lagi. Umno Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor dan WP boleh datang beramai-ramai untuk memahami dan berkongsi petua dengan para pejuang2 PKR.

    Jika ini dapat dilakukan maka saya menjangkakan Umno dapat mengurangkan kos yang terpaksa ditanggung untuk mengadakan sesuatu tunjuk perasaan. Jika kini mat2 rempit boleh disuap dengan RM50 untuk merusuh, saya bimbang 5 tahun lagi harganya naik 10 kali ganda. Keadaan ini tentunya akan menyukarkan KJ untuk mengumpul dana untuk tujuan ini nanti.

    Berbalik kepada Black 14, saya meminta maaf kepada rakan2 pejuang kerana tidak dapat bersama atas urusan2 yang perlu diselesaikan di Jerman (bukan pasal ladang babi!). Saya akan bertolak malam ini melalui S'pore. Selamat meraikan Black 14. Lawan tetap lawan!

  44. Anonymous12:26 am

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