Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nasi Kandar (banjir) dah bungkus!

"Atrociously bad service ..". Last December, the PM deserted the country when Johor was facing its worst floods in a hundred years to open a nasi kandar restaurant in Perth. Looks like he abandoned the Johoreans for nothing. In just a few months, that restaurant has closed down. Screenshots has the story here, plus pics.
A reader in Perth sent me a mail last night to alert me of the news, too. The Anon said:
"With the price hike last month and the atrociously bad service, the restaurant never stood a chance."
Atrociously bad service equals a bad name for Malaysia. Perhaps the PM's office might want to do a little bit background search before officiating anything for Malaysian business concerns overseas.


  1. Anonymous12:35 am

    in my opinion the reason are:

    1.its bad to start a business with haram money

    2. Lee the finacier are willing to thrown away a few millions just to get the door open for him (thru PM brother) for bigger returns.

  2. Atrocious delivery system....sounds familiar doesn't it ?

  3. Jatuh tangga ditimpa tangga
    Kerana nasi kandar punya angkara
    Emas dibadan tiada sesaga
    Boria Kepala Batas tutup cerita.

  4. Bro,
    No more perhaps, sebab PM' office dah buat background search.


  5. Anonymous3:33 am

    G'day matey. How about asking Prime Minister Badwi to come and perform a closing ceremony!!?

  6. No need background search. He needed a reason to be in Perth, away from the Johore people who were in dire straits.

    I am sure the MSM won't publish this, among many other things.

  7. Close shop oredi ah!

    There's nothing like ori Penang Nasi Kandar. In Penang, of course.

    The one in Perth was..uhhm...... high-water tainted. Nobody wants to feel 'bloated' from gulping too much hyperbole anyway.

  8. semasa rakyat ditimpa bencana, pm ke perth rasmi nasi kandar brothernya. orang johor sumpah agaknya...

  9. Sumpah Anak Johor,
    Bedol performing Tutup-kedai ceremony,
    Oxfart kid performing R&D,
    Atrocious delivery system,

    ZAM still in the Mexican Chamber...

    again I'm still '...'

  10. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Rocky's note: Anon sent this comment about 10.33pm. I have taken the liberty to make some changes (in brackets) for publication. Thank u.

    Padan muka (PM) dan keluarganya!

    As a PM he had no time for the people of Johore, who have suffered the worst disaster in hteir life time and yet the PM had time to open his brother's restaurant in Perth.

    Recently, during May Day/Loubour Day, (the PM) had time to attend the fashion show in Australia with his daughter. May Day celebration in Malaysia had to be postpone to May 4th.

    It is high time that he steps down before the country gone to the dog with him.

    Of ocurse, if resign on July 17, then Khairy, Kalimullah and Kamaludin will have to disappear from Malaysia forthwith otherwise they will be prosecuted for what they have done to our nation.

    (AAB) please resign quickly for the sake of hte nation and you can continue to sleep everyday!