Thursday, May 10, 2007

If Pak Lah was French ..

Leader thrashed for luxury yacht holiday with billionaire buddy.
Read this article France's Sarkozy sails into storm over luxury yacht holiday.

Sounds familiar? Yes, the similarities with our Prime Minister's Turkish getaway on a yacht belonging to billionaire Ananda Krishnan in Turkey last year are quite uncanny. Even the French president's buddy is a "media mogul". But President Nicolas Sarkozy's aides said the new President, deserves the rest. Moreover, he will report for formal duties only on May 16. The French papers, nevertheless, criticized Sarkozy.

When Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went on his fishing trip with AK on his luxury yacht, it was reported in the Hurriyet, a Turkish paper, and in the blogs. Our papers played dumb. For a refresher on Abdullah's own yachty experience, read here and for the pics here. Utusan Malaysia has the Malay version of Sarkozy's Malta holiday di sini.


  1. Anonymous3:08 pm


    This is from The Star today.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Singaporean counterpart Lee Hsien Loong will be on a cruise off Langkawi next Tuesday for an informal get-together amid the strong bilateral relations and growing confidence with each other.

    Bilateral relations are cruising a a fine leisurely speed eh? I think the sea air has a rejuvenating effect on our somnambullistic PM.

    Hidup Singapura! Heheh...

  2. Anonymous4:07 pm


    There's a subtle difference in the circumstances. It's considered bad taste in France but the local "taste-buds" are somewhat different. That's our uniqueness in democracy so said the top powerful man himself. Well, bad taste or good taste may not be the root problem. Probably our mother democracy has lost its tastebuds long ago!

  3. I thought the Cobra Sultan is still a W.I.P. (work in progress) thingy.

    Oh, I forgot...they'll probably be talking about W.P.I., another W.I.P. project in the making.

    Hmmm...I wonder what's the trade-off this time. More sand, stones and island-building materials.

  4. Anonymous4:42 pm

    the rakyat can not do much now!

    a hope less leader already elected by the rakyat back 2004, now the rakyat must accept the reality that 'bad decision made'.

    so long 'pirate of the caribean' do not pass thru straits of malacca on coming tuesday, both countries will remain under shitty people leadership...

    so let us wait for July showing of the movie lah!

  5. Anonymous4:58 pm

    what is it with this guy and his cruises.............?????????

  6. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Check the above links.

    The number one man with the highest INTEGRITY?.

  7. Anonymous6:01 pm


    Its Majulah Singapura! So not Johoreanlah, you ni...... (One known political journalist has defined that a true blue Johorean are those able to recite the verses from "Majulah Singapura"!) - They watch too much SBC growing up!

    Mari kita rakyat Singapura
    Sama sama menuju bahagia
    Cita cita yang mulia
    Berjaya, Singapura......

  8. Anonymous6:24 pm

    For wining an dining successive Malay PMs, for sailing and flying them, People like Ananda can do no wrong.

    But a lesser person will be called traitor and punished.

    But people like Ananda can buy and sell government projects and licences , and taking their assets out of the country freely.

  9. Pak Lah: Alamak awat depa pi dengan kapai? Ni nanti bloggers2 perli aku lagi la ni. Zam! Zam! when are you going to register those damn bloggers?

  10. Anonymous11:10 pm

    tired of writing critical comments about him. well, just let my vote count. thats all.

  11. Anonymous12:06 am

    during their rendezvous, what was discussed? Taking maxis private? So aab wud hv first hand info to snap up some cheap shares and in a way make a "clean" profit and earning.

  12. Anonymous7:21 am

    ->Bodrum->yacht->Ananda->DOLLARh->fishing->discussing->knowing->Maxis->36Billion->Astro->price increase->Gov.agree(jgn tengoklaa)->keng yacht->capital&huge profit->comission->insider->the cycle goes on..

  13. Anonymous10:02 am

    Yes, and a media moghul who laps up his political masters with gifts and promises of delivery but terrorises his subordinates with the most uncouth attitude and use of language - i.e. the corporate culture he espouses!

    And these are the people who are purported to be contributing significantly to nation building! It is known that AK's outfits are racist in their choice of business enterprise, staff composition, behaviour and attitudes. The top Bumis there are reputed to be nothing more than puppets swaying to the stringy tunes of AK's crony puppeteers.The young, clever Bumis are made to feel uncomfortable by crude heavy-handed bosses! Inevitably they leave and are seen by top management as not being resilient - and probably brandied around as such!

    What an absolutely subtle and insidious way of discriminating! I'd rather have MAYBANK'S openly discriminatory policy anytime; or the racially-spelt affirmative action policies of the government! At least they don't pretend to be so so patriotic but in actual fact are condescending and patronising!

    This Rocky is more worthy of investigation and has wider national implications than the silly yacht!

  14. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I honestly don't see why Nicolas Sarkozy, after having fought and won the election, could not just enjoy a luxury cruise with a friend before beginning his term as the country's new president. It's not as if the public did not know that Sarkozy has wealthy friends or that he himself is well-off. It's over-reaction by the uptight French media, if you ask me.

  15. Anonymous11:31 pm

    yes, Rocky... if Pak Lah were French!

    however, I don't think he was ever French.

  16. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Dear BigDog,

    ya loh, me so un-johorean. Wot to do laa, me oghang nogori!

    Nice to know u are fluent in the Majulah Singapura tenets..

  17. Anon 4:08 PM. Uptight French media? For your info, the French media is the most permissive in the world. They can't be bothered with the lovers/mistresses most of their ministers keep, as long as they're not sleeping with spies that will harm the country. What they won't tolerate is corruption in high places. And it seems that Sarkozy is boldly accepting "fringe benefits" from moneyed people even before he's president - and what does that tell you in future?