Saturday, April 28, 2007

Parthiban beats Khalid

Unofficial: Word from the ground in Ijok was that the BN candidate, Cikgu K. Parthiban, has won the by-election, beating the more illustrious Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the PKR candidate, by quite a margin. Bigdog sniffed the victory early. For latest updates, go to KMU and Malaysiakini.

Parthiban 5884 votes Khalid 4034 votes
1850-vote majority is 201 more than in 2004
83.08 per cent turnout for polling, the highest in Malaysia's by-election history

source: Malaysiakini's BN win with bigger majority


  1. Congratulation barisan national for winning the Ijok by-election.

    bodohwi, najis, all your menteries, the EC and the disgraceful sil, you all are a very happy lot and I understand you all are also very religious and also GOD fearing.

    Let me ask you just one question ( if any of the bn control media journalist got the balls to ask, please ask them when they make the press conference on their victory):

    Is Ijok by-election conducted in a Fully Democratic, Clean, According To Election Rules and Equal Playing Field?

    If your answer is yes from the bottom of your heart and it is really the truth :- May GOD bless you all with more wins to come.

    If your answer is yes from the bottom of your heart and in actual fact not true:- May GOD help you.

    No one knows the real answer except between you and GOD.

  2. OK, even if take away the so called phantom votes of one thousand plus, the BN candidate still wins.

    Let the Ijok people enjoy the development they deserve and promised under BN.

    PKR and the other opposition parties will have to do a post mortem and take their fight to the next by-election or GE which ever is faster.

    Take this loss in a magnaminous and sporting manner.

  3. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Even if double the effort done to ensure the playing field in twice leveled, enforce the elections rules (twice, every where, eevery single moment) and it is so democratic that every single voter in Ijok is contesting as a candidate, there will be sour grapes and sour pussies who will have something adverse to say and grumble and whine, when everything is over and the fat lady finished singing.


    Just suck it in. Cikgu Parthiban - BN won, Khalid - Anwar Ibrahim (the two Ibrahim "brothers") lost!

    1850 majority against their 4034 votes polled. (That's almost halved!).

    Most important, will Anwar and Khalid care for the people of Ijok from now on?

  4. Anonymous11:06 pm

    thuggery, vote buying with taxpayers money, spins by all and sundry media and misuse of police force; its a hollow victory and I wonder they have any shame; afterall the head of the BN is supposed to be so religious and clean.
    my words for PKR is not to give up. there are many of us who will be prepared to cast our vote for you in the forthcoming election. those thugs, at that time, cant be focussed in one area to commit violence right under the nose of the police and you will stand a better chance of winning.
    soldier on, PKR for the fight is all worth it; for the country and the people.

  5. Dear People of Ijok

    Thank you for electing the BN candidate and contributing to deny Anwar Wolfowitz of any political revival, Khalid Gagap reflating his ego, and quick demise of CIA backed PKR.

    We shall now resume what we do best that is to shake the monkeys till they fall like rotten jackfruit.

    We have laid out many varieties of jackfruit like Scomi varients, ECM Libra variants, Oil-for-food varients, Pantai variants, MAS-Airasia variants, WPI variants, Foxmedia varients, NastyPee variants, and many other variants.

    Why do monkeys of PKR, DAP and Independent batu Talam did not pick on these?

    Are the Opposition working in cohort with Sleepyhead, his soil-in-law and band of HP6 monkeys?

  6. hail!!!! phantom voters...

  7. don't worry things in Ijok will return to normal before the circus came in pretty soon. that includes the 50yrs of being left behind and potholes.... congrates BN for you have another area to recover the money spent.

  8. Anonymous11:45 pm

    I am skeptical if there was ever a truly clean election in Malaysia in recent times.

    However, had I been an Ijok voter, I would have voted Parthiban over Khalid.

    You forget something Richard. Big, lofty ideals of corruption-free election or country maybe an abstract concept to an electorate that is more concerned about day to day survival, bread and butter issues like "harga bawang dah naik ke?"

    I have in my time seen some really questionable practices by BN machinery during election time. But heck, I've seen them on the other side as well.
    Tepuk dada, tanya selera la. We deserve the government we elect even if its full of charlatans and opportunists.

    I'm reminded of PJ O'Rourke who said,

  9. Nice quote there, Galadriel.

    So how much exactly are we getting?

    Seriously, where were the brilliant campaign strategists for PKR?

    Anywayz, it's back to the grinding stone for some of us coz there's lots of other stuff to chew on as A Voice has pointed out.

    Meanwhile, KJ was shown on TV3 shooing in an 'UMNO uniform' clad old lady into a voting centre thus breaking the EC guidelines for inappropriate attire. But KJ's bigger than the EC, right.

  10. Sdr Rocky, kemenangan BN bukanlah sesuatu yang memeranjatkan. Dalam tulisan saya di ANALISIS MALAYSIA pada 25 April 2007, saya menyebut:

    "Pada 28 April nanti, penduduk Ijok akan membuat penentuan. Berdasarkan maklumat risik yang diperolehi, keputusannya adalah pasti. Barisan Nasional akan mencatat kemenangan besar di Ijok. Majoriti yang diperolehi oleh Barisan Nasional juga akan melebihi pencapaian pilihanraya umum 2004. Walaupun angka ini tidak mencecah 2,000, namun undi majoriti yang diperolehi oleh Barisan Nasional dijangka akan melebihi 1,649 undi; iaitu undi majoriti yang diperolehi pada tahun 2004."

    Apa yang saya sebutkan itu menjadi kenyataan. Saya tidak menjadi Nujum Pak Belalang. Ia merupakan analisis berasaskan fakta.

    Sila baca blog ANALISIS MALAYSIA untuk mengetahui mengapa saya berani membuat ramalan sedemikian walaupun ada pihak2 tertentu yang mengatakan BN akan menang sekitar 500 undi majoriti saja.

    Sila baca di sini:

    Terima kasih!

  11. Now it shows you need a bigger Corruptor to thump a lesser one. Days of gloat and bragging rights will come, for me it would only mean there will be more pitfalls they will trip over.

    Kudos all the bloggers who 'embrace and engage' the Batu Talam, Machap and Ijok by-elections, you have brought us experiences and step up the ante to put your thought into it. Political awareness has never been this BIG!

    To me, that is 'Victory'.

  12. Anonymous8:05 am

    The Opposition ran a laughable campaign of personal attacks, there was just anger and frustration coming out from their mouths.
    Sure the BN Government is not perfect and may be full of rotten fish-heads but but the Opposition is nothing but rotten fish heads in Ijok.
    Check out the very short list by voice (of another brick in the wall) of easy fruits offered by BN and how the Opposition failed to grab them.
    BN may not deserve to win but the Opposition deserved it even less.

    Lets move on, if they come up with a credible plan for the General Election then we can give them a second look, if not the people of Malaysia will simply have to rely on Govt backbenchers as opposition.. Anwar, you are the biggest rotten fish head this time around

  13. Dear Galadriel,

    "We deserve the government we elect". Sounds familiar". I think TDM mentioned it in his interview with Malaysiakini: mms://

    Someone sent this link to me.

    Dear shar101,

    In the case of people of Ijok, they get promises of development, racial equality..blah, blah. For us, we get the BN government (!) - the good and the bad. Good? For example, I am happy with my ADUN who lives among us and my MP who is dedicated and upright (at least that is what I perceive). Would not want to change them for the opposition. Bad? Melambak lambak. I think we seen the circus show in recent times in Machap and Ijok.

    Dear Analysis Malaysia,

    Yes, your prediction is spot on. Keep analysing and present your views. I can't help but deduce from recent by-elections that:

    1) The Internet and whatever we say or feel on online has no effect on rural or semi-rural constituencies;

    2) We may loose an opposition leader in DSAI. We need a person like him to galvanize the opposition to give the incumbent government a run for their money. Otherwise, any government for that matter will be complacent. Such is human nature. An opposition leader such as DSAI only promotes healthy balanced democracy. It all depends on DSAI now to pick up the pieces and decide what to do next. If he throws in the towel, which I hope not, we will have a divided, splintered and ineffective opposition. If he continues to fight, the road and long and windy ahead for him. It is a fight he and his followers must choose;

    3) We will have BN government for a long, long time. The rakyat is just not ready for any change. We speak of level playing field, phantom voters, development as votes buying but if the rakyat is angry, mature and wants to overthrow the incumbent, none of these can stop them. In the case of Ijok, the voters is not angry enough, not mature and wants development and heck, they may even be one thousand plus phantom voters as alleged by the oppostiion. They are concern with "harga bawang dah naik ke?" - local issues, to quote someone I read online.

    And talking about uneven level field, look no further than our neighbours in the south and north. How 'level' is their playing field? Ouch!

    Tis my thoughts.

  14. Its like a football game with Team A having 12 players being pitted against team B with 6.
    The referee and linesman come from Team A.
    Now, is there any pride in winning this game?
    Deep in their heart of hearts, do the BN leaders really believe that the Ijok win is a reflection of the peoples confidence in the coalition?
    By and large Malaysian voters do not have that moral conscience and courage to stand up for TRUTH.
    This is a society that is willing to embrace EVIL in all its manifestations in exhange for temporal goods.
    What can we expect from a society without a soul?

  15. I need to stand corrected on what was said at 12.36am.

    According to BigDog, party uniform or attire is allowed by the EC but not with party logos, symbols, etc which are too large. Nonetheless, bad behaviour will remain uncouth in any guideline.

    Daily Nibbler, Mob1900,

    Perhaps, the key to better governance is not just raising political awareness among the electorate but also political maturity as well. It's the chicken and egg analogy i.e. if politicians are incompetent, the voters can seek remedy through election(s) but do not expect the incumbent politicians to educate the public for this to happen. Unfortunately, the opposition are equally clueless.

    As I see it, public apathy to anything political in this nation is alarming. For example, we have about 4.9 million newly eligible voters still to register which is about 20% of the population. Better still, get the EC to adopt modern technology so that we can finally put our Mykad to better use. Registering with the EC for the right to vote is like registering yourself TWICE to be a Malaysian.

    With the MSM effectively neutered, will it be left to bloggers to enlighten the citizens?

    Time will tell, I suppose.

  16. interesting blog. what will happen to anwar now?

  17. Hi shar101,

    May I know what is Mob 1900?

    We are talking about rural and semi-rural voters here. Limited Internet access, low IT literacy and coupled with interest in only bread and butter issues make educating the voters tough. The fact that we have incompetent and rouge politicians do not help either. We can shout online all we want but they won't or can't listen.

    Sad to say nothing is going to change for a long time. We bloggers can only do so much unless we go to the ground and do more. But will we?

    Public apathy for anything political? Yes when it comes to getting young elligible voters to register. There in no lack in political exertions though albeit for bread and butter and local issues - the voters are 'bought' by promises of development, a better life, racial equality, etc.

    In spite of 50 year of independence, sad to say there is no progress when it comes to the maturity of the voters. In fact, at times, I think we regressed.

    We need a leader like DSAI. Otherwise, the opposition parties would be ineffective to mount any challenge for DAP and PAS don't see eye to eye in major issues. But will he stay on and fight despite this major set back? How would DAP and PAS view his effectiveness? Is this the death of his political future and PKR?

    I don't have the answers but I just don't feel good about the development. The truth is I was hoping for Ijok to be won by BN by a slim majority and not by thumping PKR.

  18. Anonymous12:43 am


    Nothing new for me. I have involved with by-elections since Teluk Kemang, June 2000 (working on the ground), Lunas, Indera Kayangan, Ketari, Anak almost all functions, including analysing field intelligence daily reports. Been there, done that.

    Been thru the ones that BN won and also the ones that BN lost, Lunas and Anak Bukit. We never cried EC flawed or favoured the Oppositions when we lost.

    The Oppositions are the ones who need to learn to grow up.

    Daily Nibbler,
    On issues on the ground, its unfair to make arm chair analysis from the comfort of our PC at home on what the people need at their end. Maybe Maslow's hierarchy of needs explains it better than I do. Unless you have gone thru JKKK applications for development projects forwarded via the District Officer's development list to the State UPEN, then maybe you can say who should grow up when.

  19. Hi bigdogdotcom,

    Yes, you are right. Maslow hierarchy of needs will explain it well.

    It is great that you have been to the 'grounds'. Not for me. What do you think is a better scenario for our opposition parties? For our country?

    As for the people of Ijok, I wish them well. They voted and that is their decision.

    Dear Shar101,

    Ok, Mob1900 refers to another blogger. My oversight.