Sunday, April 29, 2007

No more Freelunch

Goodbye girl. Jed Yoong said she was going to stop blogging, at least as Jed Yoong, after the Ijok by-election in order to avoid any conflict of interests between her blog and her new job as Editor of the Rocket, the DAP party's newsletter.
Just before midnight, she put an end to her amazing Freelunch2020 blog:
As promised. After Ijok. THE END.
Jumpa lagi, di mana-mana.
It's been an amazing journey.
Good luck , Jed.
Afternoon udpate: A Voice has a posted a tribute to FL.
And a CORRECTION: Jed is no longer editor of Rocket.


  1. Admittedly, she had not being what she was before her appointment as Tony's P.A.

    As a blogger, most of the readers wanted to read personal opinions and critical views of the writer about the subject matter that was published. It doesn't matter his political alignment or association but he or she must write as an individual based on an opinion that is "own" and "single-owner".

    But FL may have found that it's not possible anymore as there is a paradox to resolve.

    BTW, thanks Rocky for your visit and comments.

  2. Sure we'll meet again.

    There's BUM2007 on 19th May'07 and there's the NPC fridays plus the MRTs.

    Chin up, Jed. May your tenure as editor be exciting, fruitful and gainfully fulfilling.

    P.S. Will you be back as "Paidlunch" later? Hahahahahahaha!

    *MRT - Mee Rebus Tuesdays lah!*

  3. I've posted my dedication to her.

  4. Anonymous4:47 pm

    thanks rocky for the support.
    it's been great knowing everyone and the journey has been rocking.

  5. OOOOIiiii...Its been great knowing everyone...sounds like a farewell, bon voyage line...

    sob sob...will miss ya post.
    c ya....

  6. Anonymous2:08 pm

    No more free lunch after this?

    How sad! :(

  7. Anonymous2:31 pm

    aiyah Jed, why laa? was looking forward to getting to know u better. *Sigh*

    Well, g'luck to u what ever u do. Hope u still will turn up sometime at MRT.

    BTW, i reiterate that i am not SB, like u used to say :)