Friday, April 27, 2007

Khalid to sue Najib (and others)

"Dirtiest by-election in living memory". Ijok goes to the polls tomorrow and this is how Khalid Ibrahim, who is contesting on PKR ticket, has described the by-election.
"I have instructed my lawyers to file a lawsuit against Najib Razak and all others who have been making false and unfounded statements. It is my intention to be transparent and straightforward in all my dealings."

Elizabeth Wong has the full story here. Blogger A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) has more questions for Khalid Ibrahim. This blogger, in his latest posting Khalid forgotten how much he bought Guthrie?, has told Khalid to check his facts if he plans to sue Najib.


  1. well NSTP can sue you and Jeff so I guess it cuts both ways so Khalid can sue DPM as well. And someone else should actually sue KJ for leading mat rempits in a motoride without helmets and intimidating voters! here's the proof...

  2. Great! More show after the by-election.

  3. Anonymous10:20 am

    Dearest Rocky the Owl,

    See, they are only making the lawyers rich (good ones though).

    Must see the statement of claim. Can't wait. Good day my friend

    p/s: I decided to call you Rocky the Owl because you hardly sleep.

  4. Anonymous10:47 am

    Yes, the dirtiest to date. Or like dropping a nuclear bomb to wipe off an ant nest!!

  5. Anonymous11:14 am

    How dirty can this Ijok race be?

    Even PKR candidate ask the the voters to vote for BN (I saw it on TV last night!). Is that slip shot or one political gimmick no one still can figure out yet?

    And now the PKR candidate wants to sue the DPM. That's a really exciting circus. Full of stunt shows.

    The world of wakil rakyat is not about drama and/or to dramatize situation or issues. When all of these circuses and freak shows all gone back to KL after this weekend, its about the real things in life. Not rhetorics. Its about simpleton folks' needs and wants to be looked after, with the limited resources.

    Now, that's the real show! Serving the constituents.

  6. Anonymous11:15 am

    for how much will he sue, i wonder? khalid does not the money ..

    PNB Chief Moves to Guthrie With Lucrative Share Deal
    By Raphael Pura
    Staff Reporter
    775 words
    17 June 1994
    The Asian Wall Street Journal
    PAGE 1
    (Copyright (c) 1994, Dow Jones & Co., Inc.)

    KUALA LUMPUR -- The chief executive of Malaysia's huge national investment corporation will leave his post with a hefty golden handshake and the promise of more gains to come.

    Permodalan Nasional Bhd. said Thursday that Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will acquire up to 20% of its publicly listed subsidiary, Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd., when he leaves his post as PNB chief executive on July 1 to become Guthrie's deputy chairman and chief executive officer. Datuk Khalid will initially buy a 5% stake in Guthrie, or 50 million shares, for 125 million ringgit ($48.1 million), or 2.50 ringgit a share. He will also have a three-year option to buy an additional 15% of Guthrie at a price to be determined.

    Guthrie stock closed Thursday at 3.96 ringgit per share, up 24 sen. That means Datuk Khalid will enjoy an immediate windfall, on paper, of about 73 million ringgit. But Datuk Khalid said at a press conference that he intends to hold his Guthrie stake as a long-term investment, and plans to expand the company. "PNB wants Guthrie to be a corporation that could challenge . . . other multinationals in Malaysia and elsewhere," he said.

    Guthrie, one of Malaysia's biggest plantation concerns, last year made a pretax profit of 101.4 million ringgit on revenue of 1.05 billion ringgit. The company currently is 90% owned by PNB, a government-created investment holding company that manages a portfolio valued at about 20 billion ringgit, the bulk of it in the form of unit trusts owned by more than three million Malaysians.

    Datuk Khalid will be replaced at PNB by Mohamed Hilmey Mohamed Taib, a 41-year-old former banker and accountant who is currently PNB's deputy chief executive.

    Datuk Khalid, a 47-year-old former university lecturer and merchant banker, joined PNB in 1978 and helped direct the then-fledgling investment company's growth into a mammoth stock-holding concern for Malaysia's "bumiputra," or indigenous, citizens. He also helped create a unittrust scheme whereby bumiputras, mainly ethnic Malays, can purchase shares in PNB's underlying stock portfolio and reap hefty dividends. PNB's after-tax profit rose 17.5% in 1993 to 736.9 million ringgit.

    PNB made an international splash in 1981, when it wrested control of Guthrie from the company's British shareholders through a one-billion-ringgit "dawn raid" on the London Stock Exchange. PNB's other long-term investments include stakes in Malaysian Mining Corp. Bhd. and UMW Holdings Bhd.

    Although Datuk Khalid's shift to Guthrie was expected, some Malaysian securities analysts were surprised at the heavily discounted 2.50 ringgit price for Guthrie shares that PNB offered its departing chief. When PNB floated 10% of Guthrie on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 1989, the company pledged to offer an additional 20% of Guthrie's equity to the public. The prospective sale to Datuk Khalid fulfills that promise, but it means PNB is passing up the chance to seek a higher price for Guthrie stock from other bidders or the public.

    "It really looks like PNB is paying (Datuk Khalid) off," says one securities research manager, who believes Guthrie stock would sell readily. "They're forgoing a higher price on the market by offering such a discount."

    Datuk Khalid says he regards the arrangement "not as a monetary reward, but as an opportunity because the risk is being taken by me." He adds that he is financing the acquisition largely through bank borrowings secured by the Guthrie shares. "I've not taken this much liability in my career," he says. "None of my family assets could cover this liability."

    The PNB chief adds that the arrangement has the support of PNB chairman Ismail Mohamed Ali, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Dr. Mahathir and Datuk Anwar head Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputra, a government-backed foundation that is PNB's ultimate holding company.

    Datuk Khalid says he decided to leave his PNB post for the challenge of owning and running a large company. "A portfolio manager is very different from an operational manager," he says, though he declines to outline his plans for Guthrie. The company's earnings have grown only slowly in recent years and Guthrie has begun seeking ways to expand into fields such as property development.

    Mr. Hilmey, who replaces Datuk Khalid at PNB, has spent 13 years with the investment company, serving as assistant general manager of one of PNB's unit trusts and general manager for finance before becoming deputy chief executive in 1990.

  7. The bottom line for BN is...loose Ijok..They will loose control of Selangor State in general election.
    By the way...ROCKY.."WATTAHACK" commenter is a Singaporean...thought you like to know.

  8. Anonymous1:50 pm

    in malaysiakini webtv, KJ is response to questions at the Ijok area, said Khalid borrowed more than RM100 million from Bank Islam, which was classified as NPL (Non Performing Loan).

    Khalid only join PKR not long ago.

    Question time: Is KJ telling us there is indeed policy for any retired GLC corporate figure to simply borrow from Bank Islam?

    Can KJ disclose all other retired corporate figures/cronies still has loan with Bank Islam (say any loan more than RM5 million)?

  9. so, what's the answer to barnum & bailey? self-rule? citizens taking the initiative to govern their own constituencies without relying too much on reps to blame and bitch about?

  10. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Nampaknya saudara dalam keadaan kebingungan. Anda mahu BN kalah di Ijok tapi tidak mahu PKR menang. Anda tulis perkara yang elok mengenai calon BN dan perkara buruk mengenai calon PKR. Saya tahu anda dulu pun balaci Mahathir. Sayangnya waktu Mahathir dah habis. dia tak akan kembali sabagai PM...

  11. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Sebagai orang korporat, Tan Sri Khalid hidup senang. Dia tidak menduga inilah dunia politik yang diceburinya. Khalid bukan orang politik. Dalam satu wawancara dengan the Star, dia mengakui bahawa penyertaannya dalam PKR adalah kerana Anwar. Itu hakikat. Sekiranya Khalid masih bercakap soal saman-menyaman, lebih baik dia tumpukan saki baki hidupnya kepada dunia korporat. Hari ini khabarnya Khalid telah berucap di perkarangan masjid simpang tiga ijok -- dalam kawasan masjid. Dia juga edar VCD dan risalah PKR dalam masjid sampaikan tok imam geleng kepala. Tuanku Sultan Selangor sebelum ini dah bagi amaran jangan berkempen di masjid. Nampaknya Khalid cukup degil. Atau, mungkinkah ini aksi orang yang tersepit?

  12. Anonymous4:37 pm


    saya rasa sdr rocky tak bingung. saya baca posting tentang partiban. memang gitu cikgu partiban. saya tak kenal dia tapi ramai orang kata gitu.
    pasal calon pkr, mungkin sdr rocky kenal tan sri dari zaman dia di business times. gitu pun saya tak nampak sdr rocky kutuk khalid ibrahim.
    pasal sdr rocky balaci atau bukan balaci mahathir, tu saya tak tahu. tapi kalau dia balaci dan la ni sdr rocky masih mempertahankan tun, maka saya tabik spring dengan sdr rocky.

    pasalnya? yang lain - hampir semua kat kabinet tu balaci siapa kalu bukan balaci dr mahathir dulu. tapi lepas tun dah tak pm, semua bodek orang lain.

    at least saya tahu sdr rocky tak macam tu. syabas bru!!

  13. Rocky sir, will that mean Khalid might just sue any bloggers as well since they carry out the news items, and in fact were pioneers in the first place of the 'allegations' ??

  14. Anonymous4:55 pm

    "Anonymous said...

    saya rasa sdr rocky tak bingung. saya baca posting tentang partiban. memang gitu cikgu partiban. saya tak kenal dia tapi ramai orang kata gitu."

    Suadara, pernah dengar tak kata2 "read between the lines"?

  15. Thanks Golum, Anon 4.37,

    What's balaci? Does it mean a servant or a crony?

    Neither is accurate to describe me in my relations to Dr M. I admired him his premiership (but in a recent Harakah interview, I listed 4 other politicians whom I admire/d) and I admire him for what he's doing now.

    I couldn't have been his servant because I didn't work for him.

    As for crony, not even near.

    As for kebingungan di Ijuk, I am bingung. If I was from Ijok, I'd probably go for Parthiban. He's young and he's a local boy. And "whiter". Am not saying that Khalid Ibrahim won't be good for Ijok; just that Parthiban seems a better choice.

    Between BN and PKR, I'll go for the candidates who represent them. We know the parties. All political parties in Malaysia promise the skies to the rakyat; it's the individuals/leaders who make the difference.

    Thank you.

  16. Big Dog. "Even PKR candidate ask the the voters to vote for BN (I saw it on TV last night!)."

    What you saw, was it a miracle of God exposing a fraud? Is the wealthy fool on the hill now suing the DPM to cover up his "blunder" of exposing whose side he really is? Has BN infiltrated the opposition?

    Did BN's Parthiban give bloggers an oscar-winning performance?
    Was it Shakespeare who said the world's a stage?

    Are people just waking up to political reality?

  17. Saya kurang arif dengan perkataan balaci yang diguna oleh Golum; maklumlah saya ni pak tua pekak maka itu tak reti maksud slang word kegunaan orang muda. Pun tak reti 'baca di celah baris' pasal saya ni sikit bendul. (Nak baca celah lain, lain kali kita cerita!)

    But of this I know. It is quite well known among his then colleagues that Ahirudin Atan was once hauled up by Mahathir over a page one lead story in The Malay Mail. Apparently the then Prime Minister didn't quite like the slant of the story. (We all know how cocky and mighty the politicians of all shades and colours from this town are.) I can't remember the exact date of the incident but it was in either 02 or 03. Could you please confirm the date, Rocky.

    When I asked him about the outcome of his 'mengadap', Rocky answered to the effect that he 'kena henjut sampai tak boleh angkat muka'. If you asked Samad Mahadi, he would term that as brow beating.

    Ah yes, the late Pak Mahadi was an elder brother of the big M. That makes Samad his nephew and this Samad chap received more or less the same treatment as Rocky. The reason? In the absence of Zam, who was then the Utusan group's editor-in-chief, Samad,then the deputy e-i-c, went to town with a page 1 story about big M giving an interview in English to a Jakarta TV channel. Samad lost his job after being, in his phrase, brow beaten by his uncle.

    But I digress. The point is, if he were a balaci, would Rocky have been treated that way? I don't think so.

  18. Anonymous8:53 pm


    I am not sure whether the PKR candidate is sincere (his heart talking so his mouth slipshot!) about the BN should be voted in by Ijok voters or Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (being a "Saviour of the Malays" - as he claimed to be, once) is playing a very chronic strategic mind game?

    But what I saw on TV, Khalid Ibrahim the PKR candidate told the audience to give strong support for the BN candidate. Again, TV 3 played the footage on tonight's news, twice!

    Like Rocky, I met Cikgu Pathiban. He is a humble man and personally, as a school teacher who served Ijok once, I think he is suitable for the job as the ADUN.

  19. yah saw that but I find it weird not so right. maybe someone else that was there with a handycam can upload their version on utube for us to view.

    and Monster? what you mean by this????? "WATTAHACK" commenter is a Singaporean

  20. Anonymous10:07 pm

    I watched Khalid with his blunder of a statement asking the constituents to vote for BN on TV today. He must be so exhausted to the point of delirium that he did not know and realise what he was saying.He probably meant to say don't vote for BN but his brain is so screwed up that he said the opposite. Do we need a rep. like this?

  21. Anonymous12:08 am

    its already past 12 now. so anyway..errm..UNDILAH PARTHIBAN..!!


  22. Anonymous12:18 am

    Golum said: Suadara, pernah dengar tak kata2 "read between the lines"?

    There WAS something to read between Golum's lines?

    I only saw bile. :D

  23. Seems like the M.I. Counter Blogger's 'Mis'information is already at work or if not running at full steam already.

    Spot the 'Agent'. ;)

    Again I need to remind everyone I'm cheap and easily bought. Buy me please, please.

  24. Roxanne - Lets not make the mistake of stereotyping and theaterising as some trio called SMS seems to have a habit of doing.

    Read the blog MalaysiaKita (getthe link thru my SOPO SEntral), can you tell me where bloggers are skewed to. But it still doesn't warrant to call ALL BLOGGERS as that position. Bloggers are bloggers. They and their blog answer to no one.

    Even during the trip, we had our buddy Zorro, Bernard Khoo who had different take. If only we had DAP's Jed @ Freelunch with us, than we definately have more pro Khalid view.

    IF Parthiban put an act, he woudl have been more polish. He is not a sharp in our brief interview reflecting him as a young politician. So is Khalid as a politician.

    Rzanne, just say your piece and save the piss. I'm praying for a Party-ban tonite!!!

  25. Dear Bro,
    This election is not only a straight fight between Parthiban and Khalid, but also a test of strength for Anwar and PKR. Just fancy that! It could be the most hotly contested seat in Malaysian history. Let the people of Ijok decide - knowing the issues or not! But will the better man or party win? It is often the most popular man or party that wins.

  26. Anonymous11:37 am

    never seen BN shit in the pants like this before. using a bunch of nazis goons ( gempur shit) to threaten and beat up others. using police to stop opposition ceramah ( think this is pure abuses of processes). using Bernama and other mainstream media to spin and lie ( any credibility left). on top of that, spend and spend.
    With all of the above, BN should win big rite? No, they are still shitting as of today which is election day!

  27. Anonymous11:47 am

    KJ has literally broken the laws on BAFIA by disclosing info on Khalid's borrowings. Or the law does not apply to him. Over to you, Bank Negara Malaysia on this or you will just keep mum with your selective action.
    As for Rocky's take, I am in disagreement with you. Gotta look at the larger picture. Voting for him, is a vote to legitimise BN"s abuses, corruption and opulent lifestyle with new plane, big bungalows overseas, and beautiful boats as the rakyat suffers. for the last umpteen terms, the IJOK people have voted BN and what do they get? You think Partiban is going to make a difference? For how long the Chinese, Indians and Malays in IJOK ask for help but was there any response until this by-election? Can we legitimse the decades of neglect by voting for BN?

  28. Anon 11.47am,

    Thank you. We'll try to follow the Bafia threat next week.

    As for the larger (political) picture, I have not heard the Opposition made any credible move to take the government to task over the many issues facing us, including the excesses you've line up. Some of us have stuck our necks doing all kinds of exposes, and all we get are blank looks in their eyes.

    Look at Ijok. All Anwar is interested in is to discredit Najib. After Ijok, all will be back to normal. Let the bloggers do their exposes and let some half-past-six ministers deal with these issues. Politicians like Anwar and Khalid won't complain as long as the exposes are not about them.

    The politicians will continue to have their big homes, yachts and planes. Abdullah Badawi is not the only one who "owns" a palace abroad. Khalid is a mighty rich fella, someone who benefited from a system created by Umno and BN (he was Umno, remember?).
    Anwar was once DPM, once BN and Umno, once "up there", remember? It's just that nobody has blogged about what might be out there that can be linked to him. Not yet, at least.

  29. Anonymous1:01 pm

    so why u choose UMNO..? if all politicians are alike..

  30. Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravanno's life was on the line. He was staring at a possible death sentence, if not possibly a very long, long jail term.

    The multiple term of jail sentences staring at him were almost uncountable for the murders, attempted murders, conspiracy to commit murders, culpability etc that he will be charged with for his involvement as the confidante, the most trusted under-boss and the right hand man of John "Johnny Boy" Gotti, the head of the Gambino Family in New York.

    What did he do? His locked-up time was spent thinking of the noose hovering over head and it was absolutely impossible for Sammy to make a dash out of the state jail that was holding him as the most-valued-man-in-custody.

    Then what did he do? Sammy called in the FBI guys to offer a deal and the feds were impressed with the beans spilled. They cut him a deal and he was only to finger Gotti in court.

    It was either him or Gotti and Sammy was not called The Bull for nothing. He was the most ruthless hatchet man ever during Gotti's reign of New York's Cosa Nostra. He has said to have no heart when it comes to taking lives, simply like having sex or his mouth over an Italian funguso zupe.

    The moral of the story: Even the most heartless criminal had a heart when it came to his own life hanged in the balanced, pretty much going over to a little chamber where he will be administered with a lethal injection. Perhaps then the State of New York still practices capital punishment. However the prospect spooked him to the core and he became a rat. He had all the money in the world but this prospect really had his world caved in and into a total darkness unless he walks the way the Feds wanted him to.
    Then what? Sammy broke the cardinal principle of Cosa Nostra or the strict code of silence and fingered Gotti's crime of being man who ordered all the killings and rap everything about the Gambinos including the execution of “Big Paul” Castellano.

    Gotti, a former Time magazine Man Of The Year and the most powerful Boss of the Bosses simply had no defense against Sammy's words under oath and was convicted and sent to the slammer.

    Sammy now lived under an assumed name with his family in the US and the last time the world heard about him that he was into organic gardening! That means Sammy was very much alive and kicking, or shall we say gardening!

    Now, I wonder whether Razak Baginda has the guts to;

    (1) Spill the beans
    (2) Unspill the beans...


    Does he have what it takes?

    Will he walk Sammy's way?

    Sammy was The Bull and Razak was not, will he break the code of silence now that his life was on the line?

    All them Gambino guys had fun together during the good old days but once Sammy was in custody he was all alone, done and was pondering his future that he was unable to chart anymore. Unless he rat.

    Sammy was a rat but yet he survived.

    The feds' witness protection programme was known to be not too iron-clad (which meant that some rats were fried and whacked by the Cosa Nostra guys years later somewhere and somehow) but Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravanno was still breathing the last time they checked on him. Unless there was an unannounced demise.

    Now, what about Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda?

    Zaki Tok Tam
    Anakbukit, Alor Setar

  31. Anon 1.01pm.
    No, I am not choosing Umno. I am looking at the candidates as individuals. If BN had put KJ, I'd probably back his opponent. Although younger than Parthiban, I won't describe KJ as a "white cloth" in politics. If PKR had fielded a better candidate against Parthiban, it would have been another story.
    Go to The People's Parliament may sound like a dream to people but this guy's is walking the talk and trying to do something, i.e. promote independent candidates in a big way at the next general election.

  32. a voice. How the hell would anyone know that Parthiban is not acting? Only God knows and only time will tell. I'm asking the question because I read something on Parthiban in Susan's blog, I'm not making any judgement. I read ALL blogs that are worthy of reading and commenting. If I piss, I'll piss only on nonsense.

  33. i tried several times to go to but failed.

  34. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Me136,It should be
    Or goodle "People's Parliament".