Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dr M: I apologised to the people

Kelab Darul Ehsan, Sat: The former Prime Minister today denied news reports in the mainstream media that he had apologised to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over the RM60 million scandal.
"My ap0logy was to the people for getting my facts wrong. It was not the PM's house and it was not his son's house. But don't ask me who Patrick Lim is. I don't know who the guy is. Please ask that someone else who knows who Patrick Lim is."**
On April 18, Bernama mis-reported that Dr M apolosies to PM over allegation of mansion ownership in Australia. The Star today carried Sufi's letter clarifying that Dr M only apologised for factual errors in speech.

** Dr Mahathir was asked, after delivering his speech at a session organised by an Umno branch in Ampang, if he had apologised to Abdullah over the scandal. Btw, Patrick Lim is a businessman linked closely to Abdullah. Dr M has mentioned his name many times before, sometimes referring to him as Patrick Badawi.


  1. For playing dirty politics ...twisting and turning with his answer TDM is smarter than anyone.
    Thank God...I hate to be a politician.
    But for living a good full natural life and never forget anything...or make any mistake over and over again..4 times over...I am smarter than him. I make one mistake and never repeat same mistake.

  2. Anonymous12:42 am


    Thats the Grand Old Masta...

    Interesting time this is in Kuala Lumpur. With juz one stroke of a genius..thats My Grand Old Masta...

    Zukri Valenteno
    Anakbukit, Alor Setar, Kedah

  3. Sdra Din...

    M ereka
    A kan
    H aru-biru
    A pabila
    T ok
    H arimau
    I ni
    R espon....

    My Grand Old Masta...Pak Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

  4. Anonymous2:06 am

    as one of the "people", i never asked Tun for an apology but since he apologised, i accepted his sincere deeds.

  5. Anonymous2:15 am


    why waste time here, you should be in Ijok doing voluntary work carrying the SIL balls just like in one of the infamous shot.

  6. Good show, jolly good show!

  7. Monsterball,

    You, of all people, will never understand TDM.

    But let's look closer to home, shall we.

    Most of us do not comprehend you. And that does not mean that you're smart.

    Quite the opposite actually.

  8. *standing applause for Zaki's acronym for GOM.

    I missed the Malaysian Harimau sorely, hope he will keep 'prowling' to keep us on the edge.

    Bro Rocky,
    Been busy lately, will be working on the All-Blogs comp over the weekend. Thanks to all for your patience. All-Blogs is for All.
    Contribute your thoughts on it.

  9. Anonymous4:22 am

    Touche, TDM! :D

  10. Anonymous5:06 am

    To Dr Mahathir. During your glorious reign, the moronic press were at your beck and call, now they attack you. They sure got some guts. But you should shoulder a major part of the blame because they were trained by you.

  11. Sdr Rocky,

    I think I would be useful for those reporting Tun to differentiate between what is serious and what is sarcasm and cynicism.

    Thank you.

  12. Anonymous5:24 am


    Think Tun M should stop fooling around with Dato' Kalimullah's name.

    I read somewhere that in Arabic it could mean "One who speaks to Allah", "One who speaks the words of Allah" or simply the words of Allah.

    It the combination of kalimat (sentence) and Allah.

  13. Anonymous5:39 am

    A pointless apology. As useless as this morning's newspapers.

    Apologize for what?

    For the house, the boat, the plane?

    How are we to be sure that they don't really belong to THE MAN?

    Many things these days can be bought under proxy or by proxy for the use of ThE MAN.

    Why should you not invest in a yatch, a plane, a house, a good time for THE MAN if you get billion dollar projects in return?

    Except from the plane which was bought by GLC Penerbangan Nasional Berhad, there has been no official denial or explanation about the yatch, the Perth mansion and many more issues?

    Silence may be golden but it can also mean yes or no.

    So stop apalogizing Tun. Don't discredit yourself. This is after all an open, transparent and clean government.

  14. Anonymous7:29 am

    I was there at the conference in Putrajaya. I really don't know how the media got it the way they did. I thought Dr M was being so cheeky and so cynical. The way he referred to Kalimulah as "my very good friend", was already a joke. His tone was clearly so dripping with cynicism, "kenakalan".
    Yes, he did apologise, but not in the context the media had played up. Indeed, i could feel sardonism
    spewing forth.

    Indeed, the grand old Masta.
    How can the amateurishness of Pak Lah's boys including SIL and the venomous snake take on the old man ? you can see why budak2 ni semua have no other choice but to abuse and abuse the office of the PM.

  15. Anonymous8:39 am

    Morning Bro,

    Another winning edge for Tun,
    'apa-apa yang tersurat itu muslihat'

    It also shows good PR by Tun.

    Wallah Wa'Lam

  16. Anonymous8:59 am

    Vintage Mahathir, as usual...

  17. I wonder what he is up to...

  18. Anonymous12:08 pm

    yea, this great old man is at his best as always. the greatest leader we'll ever get in our lifetime.

    oh, i was refering to TDM btw, the LIVING LEGEND. and not some cranky, senile old turd.

  19. I am no lover of the PM but I hate TDM more. Picture this. Abdullah attacks Mahathir who is the PM. The attacks are so venomous that his government could fall. What do you think may happen. Let me give a few hints.
    Blue patch in the eye
    Charged for sodomy
    Press reporting filth and ridicule
    Family put to shame
    Have mattresses paraded
    Ammend charges to suit ones fancy
    Expunge damaging court evidence
    Sent to prison.

    Catch my drift? TDM actually has a lot more apologising to do.
    He should also be thankful that Pak Lah the sleepy-head is not half like him or else he would have been in jail right now. Yes an octogenarian in jail.

  20. Faizulmd,

    Reeling in a young upstart called KJ who claimed the mansion belong to KA.

    The Star saw it fit to publish SY's clarification (21/04) on TDM's apology for being factually wrong on the matter.

    KJ's statement, on the other hand, clearly defined KA as the owner.

    Now we know for a fact that it belongs to PL's wife.

    KJ is part of the 'first family' and it boggles the mind that he too was factually wrong.

    Do you smell a rat here?

  21. shar101 has a lean and hungry look. Like Julius Ceasar said such men are dangerous.
    So much nagatives have been spoken about him in the past.
    I guess he cannot keep his idol TDM have been jump started by my nagative remarks on TDM at this blog.

  22. Still sharp. As usual.

    Hmm, Some people just don't know how to read between the line.

  23. This is glorious Malaysia,

    We have all sort of masters...

    Sleeping Master

    Wife-Cleaning Shit VIP Master

    Wife-Crying "Abang Anwar Tidak Bersalah" Master

    Three wives but still VIP hubby keeps girlfriend Master

    Wife-in-Wheelchair and VIP hubby on some bukit overlooking a highway forced to puasa and looking out to break fast Master

    Wife OK but VIP hubby turned from educator to Gangsta in Ijok

    Wife OK but VIP hubby keeps boyfriend Master

    Wife OK but VIP hubby was like " patik nak persembahkan jawatan perdana menteri kepada Ku di atas dulang emas" Master

    But the BEST is still my master -- Pak Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad The Grand Old Masta for he is already above any masters, been there done that and with just a stroke of a genius all these masters became diploma holders...

    Orang Kedah, or at least my kampung folks in Anakbukit will say "Itu baru batuk, depa dah cempera lari...dia belum bagi salam lagi, takut nanti dia bagi salam depa lari ceninin tak cukup tanah.."

    Always amazed by GOM...also acronym for Grand Old Man like they used to call him but to me, he is my Grand Old Masta.

    Long Live My Masta!!

    Zaki Tok Tam
    Anakbukit, Alor Setar, Kedah

  24. Rocky..I know you have responded at Susan's site..but new issues are brought ouT by big dog and a voice against Susan.
    Please response as the President again. I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

  25. SS Goh aka Monsterball,

    I can finally agree with you on one thing.

    I AM dangerous! To you, that is. So much so, one prominent blogger have given me a nickname - Monty's Nemesis.

    Susan Loone and A Voice have agreed to stand down as of 22nd April at
    10.51am and 7.28pm (read comments published at Susan's blog).

    Why are you still asking Rocky and Sheih to deliberate further on the matter.

    The younger people like Jun-E and her friend, Jason, have put up better responses than your multiple postings of gibberish.

    Even YLChong got sick of your remarks about FL2020 and I bet you do not know who he is.

    Nuff said.

  26. Anonymous8:00 am

    Thank you shar101. Thats what i noticed about this character. he sends millions of gibberish rantings to just about everybody's blog. Why don't he starts his own blog. ? Probably afraid that nobody would visit it.

    Oh, by the way mr. monsterball, I ,no, i am sure many many others are also glad that you are not a politician-- HEAVEN FORBIDS !! The scene is bad enough . The country dun need another bungling politician. You may have the same traits as the other polticians but i don't think you'd have any of Dr Mahathir's.

    You would be too too small to fit in his shoes.

  27. Anonymous10:57 am


    as in the movie "300", where the spartan king fighting a handicap match, killing lots of persian, for the sake of protecting his country, and his country honour, TDM is that modern spartan King, fighting against pak lah and his defected sub-ordinate KJ. Wish i could be one of the 300 soldier fighting with Tun.

  28. Anonymous2:04 am

    We all knew that Tun will never apologise to people like Kaliular and the Mr I Do Not Know PM.

    As usual people like KaliUlar cannot wait to publish Tun had apologised to him and his boss. How desperate? Poor fellow, please carry on spinning stories and telling lies to protect your boss.

    Tun please have more ceramah and keep apologising like the way you did and see whether KaliUlar and his boys will publish again. I am sure that he had learned his lesson from the pro.

  29. Anonymous2:11 am


    Stop being a ball carrier. We know you carry Lim Kit Siang's ball. That's why you are attacking Tun. Just the same like your boss, Lim Kit Siang. When Tun attacked the "Sleeping Beauty", he attacked Tun. What a brilliant Oppositon Leader.

    One would have thought that as an Oppostion Leader, your boss, should use all informations and allegations made by Tun and attacked the "Sleeping Beauty'.

    Perhaps, mosnterball would like to tell us why his boss (Lim Kit Siang) was indirectly protecting the "Sleeping Beauty", Khairy and Kalimullah.

    We all know that Lim Kit Siang when Lim Kit Siang attacked Tun, he was doing "his jobs". I do not know for who! Perhaps Monsterball would liek to tell us. After all Lim is his boss!