Friday, April 20, 2007

Ah, Freelunch2020!

Is DAP forcing Jed Yoong the blogger to stop blogging?
Why can't Freelunch2020 be editor of DAP's Rocket and still be a blogger?
Why do politicians fear bloggers?

Read blogger Susan Loone's latest posting here.
What do you mean you cannot write any independent post now that you are a paid machai of the DAP? Does this mean, you have no right to raise your own opinion, especially one that is critical of the DAP or opposition or issues that DAP champions? Your blog is your personal opinion, your deepest thoughts, and if you can’t do with this as you please (you are responsible all the time), then is DAP any different from Barisan Nasional, who owns newspapers and propagates its lies through their paid journalists?
Blogger Bigdog, who does not believe in DAP but counts Jed as a pal, was also perturbed [here].


  1. Anonymous2:09 am

    This is nothing new. To be told by DAP Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng to stop doing or writing things were nothing new to the DAP. This is democracy, Freedom of Speech and Expression A La DAP. The DAP slogan under the Lim Dynasty is "CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN". Lim Dynasty practises what they condemned against BN.

    Don't worry Tony Pua will one day be like Jed Yoong. Teng Chang Kim was Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng pet when they needed him. When they have used him he came an outcast waiting to be sent to the gallow. So Tony Pua please take note. It would be better for you to stay in your corporate world then to be in the DAP. Let it not be said that you have not been told about this.

  2. I wish anon 2,09am do not use this opportunity to belittle DAP. Jed is a matured lady. She has given her answer at Susan Loone site...never blame DAP for her decision.
    Go read that and stop being anti DAP for nothing.

  3. Anonymous6:30 am

    why can't you just respect her statement that she wasn't pressured? that it was her own choice?
    Why this opportunistic tactic to cast aspersion on a party, I assume (yes, assume) you are not member of? You who have never voted (fulfilled your obligation and commitment as citizen)? That's right. Commitmment comes with obligations. The good comes with the bad. Can you possibly understand this, never having yourself committed to any party?
    BTW, I'm not DAP supporter.

  4. Anonymous7:04 am

    well people of Malaysia,

    welcome to the real world of politics.

    There is nothing odd about Jed's decision to not blog anymore if she remained a machai of the DAP. I dont think the DAP twisted her arms. But she must have been under pressure although the sweet girl isnt telling.
    She is a vivacious young lady, with such strong ideals.
    She is bound to see some not right things in and of the DAP and she will blog about it.

    She is not going to agree with everything DAP. she will find that democracy does not equal DAP. She will see that DAP bikin bukan serupa cakap.

    But, I believe, Jed is welcomed to blog about gardening, rearing cats, her family, her love life even.
    But, politics : NO, NON, NIEN!

  5. Anonymous8:27 am

    Many good DAP leaders have fizzled out and faded away, even before they could complete their service to the rakyat. Why DAP stalwarts like Lee Lam Thye, Dr Kua Kia Soong, Kerk Kim Hock, Hu Sepang, Wee Choo Keong, Lee Ban Chien, Ronnie Liu, S K Soong, Teoh Teik Huat, Thing Chiek Ming, Lim Fui Ming, Fan Teng Yew, Sim Kwang Yang and Fung Ket Wing no longer in the mainstream menu of the party?

    Why is it back to the Father, the Son and the dolly darling Daughter in law, over and over again? It only shows that DAP have been an avenue for this family to remain in power, indefinitely. Some might even say, it’s a revenue model for the family. Lim Kit Siang, who have been in direct control and power of the DAP since 1969 as the Secretary General, has been the Opposition Leader for almost 30 years (with the exception of 1999-2004, where Hj. Hadi Awang, PAS president assumed the position). During that same 38 years period, UMNO and MCA have had four different President. So did PAS.

    That is DAP for u!

  6. Anonymous8:59 am

    Are we naive or what! Did we for a moment believe that we could opt to work/be a mouthpiece for a political group/party and still maintain our personal integrity as a writer. Are we stupid or what!

    Polititics is all about being partial and biased, about having a biased perspective, perception, interpretation of issues and arguing you are right till the cows come home, or at least until the "forces" or more macho mafias come to get you!

    Don't pretend to be so naive Susan Loone and Bigdotcom!

  7. Anonymous9:34 am

    being pressured is one thing, stopping voluntarily out of respect and responsibility is another. jed has explained herself in her blog, why speculate any further as to what transpired?

    of course susan argues who defines responsibility ... responsibility is according to the person dispensing it. who are we to judge? guess we often err in judging people on their level of responsibility (myself included).

    if jed thinks it's responsible to be doing what she's doing, let's just give her our full support, not as bloggers but as friends. jed i believe will continue blogging because i have faith blogging is far too big in her life than anything else :)

  8. Anonymous9:55 am

    ah is it only being editor of DAP cannot blog? others like MP can? there are lots of DAP MP blogging!

  9. Anonymous11:31 am

    I have seen with few exceptions but generally most political reptiles undergo the "metamorphosis" just like caterpillars transforming into butterflies. Which is the beauty of nature but unfortunately "only" in the butterfly case. It's the reverse for these reptiles. Of course, in the beginning, most like Tony Pua looks normal with eyes, mouth and ears (without tails, of course) just like you and me. But gradually as their "power" increases, so does their mouth and teeth (grows longer), and you can see a bit of the tail hanging out. They get more vicious and protruding teeth. To cut the description short, alas! the transformation ends with a full fledged powerful tail. You see this characteristic creature all the time at the National Geographical program! I have seen rising and fallen stars throughout my whole career obeserving and getting to know them from day one. The honest to the liars at the end of their transformation. Yes, politics is not for those wishing to end in Heaven. Many at the end of their day would have lost their conscience, their souls sold to the devil for the little wealth and power they so vigorously fought for. Well, some do "transform" back into some human decency, recalling back some human characteristic, only after their retirement, or waylaid by more powerful crocodiles. Nevertheless, even then, I still have to learn more about "good crocodiles", really rare nowadays like searching for a live dinosaur!! So the word, "poly-ticks" defined as "many blood-sucking" ticks is quite true afterall.

  10. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Freelunch2020 is an excellent blog. It's a pity if the owner has to close it down because it will conflict with her responsibilities as Editor of a political newspaper, Rocket.

    The DAP top brass should encourage Freelunch2020 to continue blogging, and to continue blogging without fear and favour.

    The rakyat are hoping that the DAP will lead the way on this issue. Umno is already so anti-blogs (read, anti-freedom of expression and anti-press freedom). The DAP must not let itself be seen as playing the Umno game, too.

    I hope Freelunch2020 will continue to live and live long in cyberspace in its current form. Its closure will set an unhealthy precedent.

    Thank you.


  11. Aren't all these comments based on some wild assumptions?
    As though it is Gospel truth, the DAP is being blamed for FL2020 decision to stop blogging.
    But the fact of the matter is FL2020 has said that she is acting on her volition.
    I don't think DAP wuld be as childish as the NST which terminated Malik Imtiaz column.
    Rocky, do you think any senior man in NST or the Star would be allowed to be an active member of, or office holder in an opposition party?
    Conflict of interest, isn't it?

  12. bigdogdotcom:

    One error in your list:"...Lee Ban Chien, Ronnie Liu, S K Soong, Teoh Teik Huat..."; Ronnie Liu is still there-lah, he's safe because he's NO THREAT to big bosses (IMHO-lah, for 3sen's worth).

    Another Omission I help thee fill in, can? WRT "...Why is it back to the Father, the Son and the dolly darling Daughter in law...", ADD it's enhanced by Karpal Sing dan Anak-Anak Sdn Bhd.

    Hey, you seem to know a lot about DAP, can we exchange notes or do a JV so-ON? Kambing to May 19 Do at LVC? Say Hi-Lo to Desi, I'll buy thee tehtarik, no hard drinks as I have to take gOod care of my blogger frens' heart!:)

  13. Lucia, I don't think the DAP MP's will blog their own thoughts...more like toe the partyline.
    I am sure that in DAP too there will be Party code of conduct.

    As for FL2020, its her call. If tomorrow comes, and Jeff or Rocky says, F It, I have had enough, who are we to stop them?

    I think, all this is a storm in a tea cup, as far as FL's closing of her blog is concerned.
    As for the Voice, or whoever else who thinks All-Blogs is here to 'steer' you to a certain direction? I don't think so. I attended the meeting, and one of the primary concern is to keep Blogs free of any influence. Its your blog, its your voice, you decide. But if you are being sued, that we shall be there to help you in which ever way we are allowed to.

  14. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Blog smart and remember to unite folks. There are people out there trying to disunite you guys.

    "Bersatu kita teguh, Bercerai kita roboh"

    Bloggers United!


  15. Anonymous10:11 pm

    she stopped! so what's the big deal, there's other good blog such as rockys', kickdefella, monsterballs, nursamad, rantingsbymm so and so...
    to me it's not a big loss (Ooops..thats remind me of somebody)

  16. Anonymous11:50 pm

    this one all temporary craze long can all this last? talk talk but still fall onto deaf ears...

  17. I think it's not a mter of suppress or pressure, it's a matter of principle upheld by Jed. One should respect her decision and not to argue about it. Why should we in the first place? This is a free country and she can choose whatever she likes and deems fit to do. We can't, by any mean, influence her towards something she wouldn't want to do.

    You ask me to drink blood I won't, but beer.

  18. alliedmartster

    Regarding your comment below:

    "As for the Voice, or whoever else who thinks All-Blogs is here to 'steer' you to a certain direction? I don't think so.

    I am comforted by your assurance for I know that All Blog is not suppose to "steer" to any direction.

    I am merely defending that.

    We do what we wanna do on our own blog.

    I have wrote on Walk With Us and Sheih's earlier posting. I am consistent.

  19. At the end of the day, it's not all about love but money. It's just human. Unless you're a person of independent means or unusual strong character who would rather starve your family than give up your principles, or Jesus-untemptable, you'll eventually sell out your ideals to the devil when you receive an offer you can't refuse. Not that you've a gun pointed at your head, think, it's an offer of a lifetime!
    Think if Pak Lah offered you a job as his communication chief, would you refuse it? I bet you'll take the job and justify yourself by saying I'll carry out my job by staying neutral through keeping my employer's politics and my own political convictions separate.
    Which, of course, is self-deceiving bull. Hello, you're THEIR communication chief!!! Your job is ALWAYS to put them in a good light and carry out damage control when it's bad! Can that ever be neutral? Can you say NO I won't do it when part of your contract with the devil is something call loyalty? Unless you suffer from a split-personality disorder, there will BE (no matter how you want to juggle the balls) a conflict of interests.
    Jed knows that and she's sane enough to see it. To stay true to herself (respect for that), she has to close down her blog, which I'm sure those guys at DAP want her to continue. Anyway, DAP is hiring her because she (do you people actually read her?) has been defending them lately and showing an inclination of sympathy towards their party politics in her blog. So what does that say?
    The honest Sheih is, however, still dazzled by the flattering attention given him by the undoubtedly "man-of-good-intentions" Husam, but he'll, sooner or later, find out that it's the clever PAS politician in Husam who's at work and calling the shot by using him as PR man through his popular blog (those photos in his blog speak a thousand words and worth more than he's paying Sheih!) not only as a short cut to instant bloggers' approval but also to snub and irritate the heavyweights in UMNO with "See, how easy it is I got one of yours ... AND (to rub it in) a blogger too!"
    I must add here (before someone jumps to his/her stupid conclusion) that there's nothing wrong with what Husam is doing; it's a political game and all is fair in love and war. In fact, I rather admire him. I would even work for him but at least I'd be aware of what I'm getting myself into - that he hired me for his political ends and not because I'm such a fantastic media person that the state of Kelantan cannot do without.
    So it looks like the oppositions are recruiting prominent bloggers as their mouthpiece to further their cause. If they're doing it not for this coming election but for future elections, I think they're (AT LAST!) doing something right.
    Husam may even end up some day as PM, if he continues to play it reasonably clean, turn Kelantan into a modern model state, use his head and not be trapped by something idiotic like a sex scandal (and here I'm thinking of Anwar, who must be kicking himself for losing his once-in-a-life-time chance to be PM).
    And if I were Pak Lah's political strategist, I'd advise him to do what the oppositions are doing, but for a very different reason - hire prominent bloggers as advisers to give feed-backs and "constructive" criticisms of a government he should clean up although I greatly doubt he'd listen as the BN coalition government can afford to stay arrogant (or in the mainstream media's rhetoric, elegantly silent) and let the dogs bark at the moon as long as there's no real opposition to threaten them in the coming election; but seen in the long run, it's not a very wise move.
    I'd advise him to try for a reconciliation - put out a hand to bloggers by telling his ministers to stop their name-calling nonsense and engage bloggers in a dialogue instead - and if he's very wise, as I hope he is for the good of the country, he'll know where to start as a token of good will.
    Only those without foresight cannot see that today's media bloggers are pioneers to a future world when elections will be held primarily on the internet. They're already beginning to do this (partial voting through the internet) in some European countries and American states, places where most citizens have a computer, or access to one. Almost all the politicians in the West, or at least in the countries where I've been living in, have blogs themselves.
    One day, perhaps 10 to 15 years from now, Malaysian bloggers will play a VERY significant role in the country's elections but at present, as the majority of Malaysians do not have access to a computer yet (I don't think most even know what a blogger is), I don't see how their influence can have the tsunami effect they so wish in the coming one.
    Today's Malaysian media bloggers should take great comfort in that everything starts with a ripple, and future generations will be grateful to Rocky, Jeff, Raja Petra, Susan and Sheih (and many others) for starting it, and continuing their fight for freedom of speech for their sake.
    And to reiterate once and for all (to those with attention deficit disorder), I've never seen such naive ideas about neutrality before. Wake up to political reality! Unless you're very sick in the head, you can NEVER stay neutral despite your idealism ONCE you are paid by one side or the other. Any bright first year student of political science can tell you that.
    And at the end of the day, it's all about money, or your relationship to it, meaning how much is your integrity worth? And that's why I'm working so hard at my goal to become a person of independent means (enough to do as I please without expensive habits), so that I can stay neutral (and earn the right to say whatever I want without fear or favour) because I know I can never let others suffer for my principles and I can never be Jesus-untemptable ... Know thyself and perhaps the truth may save us all. It's more than 2 sens I'm giving here.

  20. rocky,

    Congratulations! You have won a Thinking Blogger Award. Please collect your blog-sticker and list of rules at my blog!'

  21. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Aiyo, so much saliva from everyone over a sensationalistic assumption.

    FreeLunch2020 already clarified yesterday noon that DAP never forced him to stop. He stopped at his own accord and will because he feels he himself feels he can no longer be objective whilst under DAP's employ. That my friend is the true journalistic integrity everyone hankers about.

    Rocky and all those that raised a ruckus: you should at least do the responsible thing and update your post so that freeshooting hotheads (and there are plenty) do not jump to the wrong conclusions.

  22. Anonymous1:15 pm

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  23. Dear Rocky,

    What;s wrong with Jed stopping blogging at her desire? I m convinced that it's all by her own accord, no force or pressure from anyone.

    We have to respect one's decision as much as we don't want to be influenced by others either.

  24. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Dear roxanne,
    You sounded just like me giving out advices. I was instantly taken to your wisdom when you were able to present Crommwell biography in such concise manner. It shows that you think a great deal. But deep down inside, I do not want to accept or think like what you have written. The obsession with your worth in money will eventually leads to nothing good. If we can have a government that is less corrupted and more caring, we might have less economical burdens and lesser 'love' for money. Can any party in Malaysia delivers this promise? How about independant candidates? Can we have a show of hands, individuals with strong character and independant means? Please help us. Oh yes, Jesus can contest too. v9

  25. takkan dap pun sama macam um-no. boss dap LKS, anaknya dan menantunya sudah macam father, the son, daughter and the son inlaw ke? macam tak caya tapi kadang-kadang macam caya juga. minta dap kasi jelas sikit mana betul supaya orang ramai kasi caya sama dap lagi ma...

  26. Big Dog do ponder who is the jantan - Lee Lam Tye or Lim Kit Siang. Lee Lam Tye is a Tan Sri now while Lim Kit Siang is still Mr Lim.

  27. Dear Roxanne, There is a significant difference between you and FL2020. She "sold her soul to the devil" because she feels she can make a difference and the money is a bonus but will do it just for the money if you cant achieve you aim of being a "person of independent means".

  28. Dear V9 and Tan,
    I'm sure you've heard of the term the devil's advocate. Most people believe that it's literal but it's not. On the contrary. When a Catholic priest is put to defend the devil (the term comes from the Catholic Church), he's actually revealing truths underneath the devil's temptations he present. To put it less complex, he's NOT "defending" the devil, so the term is grossly abused by people who don't know what they're talking about.

    What I've done is just play the devil's advocate in its true sense. I present the temptations and argue for them and you ask yourself how much you are worth.

    "The obsession with your worth in money will eventually leads to nothing good."
    That statement made by you (V9) baffles me, can you explain it further? How am I obsessed by money? I truly am disappointed with myself if I had in anyway come through as one in my comment because I certainly don't see myself as obsessed by money.

    On the contrary, I never was and never will be obsessed by money. It makes me happier to give than take. (And that's the reason why Pak Idrus will always be one of my favourite bloggers.) If I'm obsessed, I would sell my soul to the devil (the easy way to wealth) instead of toiling away to be economically independent.

    We all have choices and I'm trying to present mine by showing which I would choose among the three:
    a) Be a person of independent means. (Not so rich that I would develop expensive habits but enough so that I would not be ruled by fear (of being fired), and favour (having to kiss ass so that I won't get fired.);
    b) Be a person who sticks to my principles and starve my family. (Be fired and see my family starve, i.e., if I had a family to support.);
    c) Be Jesus-untemptable. (Would I be able to say NO to an offer given to me by the devil?).

    Knowing that I'm human and in order not to face the consequence of "b" (starve my "imaginary" family and be heartless) and totally avoid "c" (i.e., not to put myself in a situation where I'd be tempted and be damned), I would choose "a" because in my present position I know I'm able to achieve it.

    Of course, I'm not asking everyone to do what I'm doing because you probably don't have the opportunity like I have. You may, of course, choose differently, it's your choice. And who am I to judge you if you choose either "b" or "c" or, even sell your soul to the devil (I didn't judge Jed, remember I respect her decision?)?

    My worth is not in money, but in the ability to be truthful to myself - that I can be human (like Jed) and that - although the likelihood seems impossible to me right now - I MIGHT one day be tempted like her if I don't become a person of independent means.

    And what on earth are you talking about Tan when you say "you will do it just for the money if you cant achieve you aim of being a "person of independent means"? I'm working hard (toiling with blood, sweat and tears NOT stealing, robbing or cheating!) to be a person of independent means so that I can AVOID being tempted by the devil offering me money for my soul!!! Is that very clear now? When has honest hard work become a bad thing in Malaysia?

  29. Anonymous12:29 pm


    Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye is involved with so many committees which promote integration, safety and crime preventing issues. He is a great community service and humanitarian man. For that, he was awarded the PSM which carried the title "Tan Sri". Same was awarded to the late Dr. Tan Chee Koon.

    What have Lim Kit Siang achieved in the last 38 years? In 1969, he became the Secretary General of DAP and since that, his son assumed the post where else UMNO, MCA and PAS have had four different Presidents in their parties. Aren't there other capable people in DAP beside the Lim & Son, Esq?

    No wonder DAP as the Oppositions have not progressed anywhere, since the 60s!

  30. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Dear roxanne,
    This is my third attempt to reply your question. Hope I did not triplicate the system. Please do not misunderstand my comment on the obsession with was mearnt for the G-man that is constantly monitoring socio-political blogs. Sorry for infringing this message into your view. I would never accuse you of being obsessed with money, esp. when I do not know you as a person. But as a writer, I see you as a person will give more than received. I have walked your way, just that when I am of 'independent means' I also lose friends and family. Nonetheless, if there is any strong character with independent means, please be a politician and reduce our economical burden and corruption. Sorry Rocky for using your space to reply a comment. v9

  31. Anonymous2:23 am


    Please do not underestimate Lim Kit Siang. He may not get the title Tan Sri but he has been feared in the DAP as a dictator.

    Well, Lim Kit Siang has been calling upon so many political leaders (like Tun Mahathir, Suahrto, Ling Liong Sik, Lim Kheng Yaik and the like) to resign under the pretext that they have been holding on to their post for too long.

    When Chen Man Hin was the chairman and he was the secretary-general, he tricked Chen Man Hin to resign as Chairman and he resigned as secretary-genral. When Chen Man Hin resigned, Lim Kit Sinag also resigned but he got himself appointed to the post of chairman and chen Man Hin was left in the cold despite having sacrified so much for the DAP.

    Thereafter, you got the young upstart, Lim Kit Siang son (Guan ENg) appointed as the secretary-general. If Lim Kit Siang has his way, he would definitely change the name of DAP to Lim Party and appoint all his feamily members to the important post.

    Plese fo not be fooled by Lim Kit Siang and his son. We are smarter than Monsterball and Tony Pua. Lets stand by the side and see Tony Pua being screwed like the other DAP leaders like Lee Lam Thye and Fan Yew Teng.

  32. Anonymous2:56 am


    You are good in carrying Lim Kit Siang's balls. Thats' about it. Please check what Lim Kit Siang has spoken in Parliament against Bodowi over the RM30 million yatch, RM60 million executive jet and the RM60 million mansion in Perth. Absolutely nothing. Lim Kit Siang only speak aainst BN in general, which will not hurt Mr I Do Not Know PM.

    YOu know Lim Kit Siang became a Mr I Do Not Know when there are issues affecting Mr I Do Not Knwo PM personally, the son-in-law and KaliUlar.

    Lim Kit Siang and son are no angel. They are playing balls with Mr I Do Not Know PM that's why he never take on Mr I Do NOt Knwo PM directly!!

    Well, good for Monsterball, he likes oppositon leader to carry the Mr I Do Not Know PM's ball!