Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ron on Zam

Ex-journo vs Ex-journo. Ruhanie Ahmad and Zainuddin Maidin have one thing in common - they were journalists before they became politicians. Ron was a Member of Parliament between between 1990 and 2004 while Zam was made a Senator by Dr M before he rose to become the Information Minister. In other matters, the two differ. And on the question of blogging, they are at loggerheads.
Today in his blog, Ron takes Zam to task over the minister's overzealousness in wanting to censure bloggers. Calling the government's proposal to force so-called "politically-motivated" bloggers to register as a short-sighted move, Ron urges Zam to understand the blog and cyber democracy, and their potential impact on Malaysia, before attacking bloggers.
According to Ron, the setting up of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) last Thursday proves that bloggers in Malaysia are not what politicians like Zam make them out to be:
Firstly, socio-political and economic bloggers in Malaysia belong to various political ideologies but they are united in their aspiration to shape and develop a cyber democracy for Malaysia;
Secondly, the bloggers who attended the meeting to set up All-Blogs recognise that while they pursue that cyber democracy, it is also their desire to contribute towards achieving national unity and they do not wish to jeopardize the nation's stability or compromise on national security; and
Thirdly, that Malaysian bloggers are citizens who love this country and who cherish Malaysia's Independence and who will continue to defend the country's sovereignty.

Journo-blogger Nuraina A. Samad thinks Zam is attacking bloggers because he has been instructed to attack bloggers.
"My take on this? I don't think the people who have been instructed to attack bloggers are that stupid ... This is going back to basics - basic propaganda."
In the meantime, the All-Blogs is international news, from the Americas to Australia. Go here.


  1. Dear Bro,
    Sorry for repeating my comment here...

    Of all the things S'porean are good at, ZAM with little brilliance that he has decided to learn on how S'pore stiffled the free pathetic.

    While he is at it,he would take the trouble ,i suppose,to learn how S'pore deal with corruption, transparency and efficient governing and choose a good leaders amongst their rank and file.The criteria for leadership certainly would exclude people like ZAM in S'pore, as this unprinciple and idealess minister wouldnt even qualify to be an officeboy in S'pore Government.

    ZAM didnt go to seek understanding but little knowhow that make him shotup like a tall poppy in a group of mediocre cabinet.
    I dont think ZAM would understand when told of ways to deal with corruptions,transparency etc as

    "It is difficult to get a man (ZAM)to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it."
    Upton Sinclair

  2. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Dato' Zam is worsening the new culture "Jaga Boss". He seems to have abandoned all the principles he stood for all these years, since his appointment as Minister of Information.

    His approach of destructive engagements against the Bloggers will eventually hurt him, the Government and he will find himself in a growing raging hurricane.

    Shows his understanding of political consumerism, technology and infrastructure expansion programs is so much historical.

    One aspect about Dato' Zam is still in tandem with us. Its a word called "Kalimullah"!

  3. Anonymous12:24 am

    When Ron was in the government, he was singing a a familiar tune. Now he is out of the government, he is singing a different tune. Will the real Ron pse stand up. Ron, I was your colleague in the New shit times a long time ago. Has a leopard changed its spots. Time will tell. In the meantime, happy logging.

  4. Anonymous12:44 am

    There are a lot of wonderful things that Malaysia can learn from Singapore particularly in areas like efficiency, competitiveness, awarding merit...bla bla bla...

    Yet Zam checks with Singapore to learn the one aspect that island
    nation has a worse record than us.

    Duh! Bodoh tak boleh diajar laa...some people.

  5. For the past month or so, blogger bashing has been the order of the day by our politicians.

    Whether they do it by design or out of pure ignorance, it has become crystal clear that this administration is out of sorts with the times. Hence, the presence of ZM in RDC, ostensibly, to find a way to regulate blogger activities.

    With the setting up of NAB, are we not exercising our right for representation to uphold democratic principles and aspirations as outlined by Kuda Kepang.

    To the government of Malaysia, some of us (bloggers) have stood up on 5th April'07 to be counted and declared our identities.

    As much as there is a serious need for constructive engagement between both entities, NAB is moving positively forward for this very purpose. Can we expect our government to be equally magnanimous?

    Do not pretend that we do not exist.

  6. Anonymous1:40 am

    Bro Rocky

    Dato' Zam as a Minsiter of Information should keep Malaysians informed all all political developments in the country and also the capabilities of our beloved PM. But he has became a budak suruhan of KarliUlar or Khairy.

    Instead of trying to intimidate the bloggers, Dato Zam should tell us about his boss, the Sleeping Beuaty, recent acquisiton of the RM60 million mansion in Perth. By so doing he is being constructive by showing to us how capable his boss is i.e. having so many scandals within 3 short years. I msut congratulate his boss what an achievement.

    Dato' Zam you can isntruct all the mass media not to publish about your boss's acqusition of the RM60 million mansion , please be assured that a big majority of Malaysians do know about this latest scandal and it is going around like wild fire!! Let see how long can the ministry of information keep this wild fire under wrapped?

  7. Zam was doing what previous ministers of info were doing during the reigns of all PMs. Its not only during this dark period that infos concerning greedy children, kins and friends of PMs, DPMs and other ministers are being witheld. This silence was also evident during the reign of the previous regime.
    Whether the regime is a working one or a sleeping one, they have a few things in common and that is they both condone corruption, they both practice nepotism and cronyism, stifle the voice of the people through control of the press and their children are filthy, filthy, filthy rich. And for the icing, they both get elected over and over again.
    What a rosy picture.

  8. Anonymous2:26 pm

    I think the real reason is FEAR. The govt is scarred stiff that bloggers will continue to expose its wrongdoings. All the talk about national unity, etc are just wool over our eyes.

    If before the govt could go after individual whistle blowers or investigative reporters abd silenced them, blogs are something difficult if not impossible to control. It is even worse with the formation of NAB. This duty and responsibility as citizens will be carried out without fear or favour.

    This will scare the shit out of criminals - be they in or outside the govt. So All-Blogs, your role is a noble one - get on with it!!

  9. Anonymous3:44 pm

    I like to place on record here that Zam's appointment is the "greatest disaster" in Malaysian history! Full Stop

  10. Anonymous7:14 am

    It was Zam who wanted Shamsiah Fakeh's memoir banned.What's with this guy? (or those who support him? Or instructed him?) We will not get anywhere by stifling differing voices (even different ideologies)