Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wooing Singapore

Keris-kissing to kissing S.
There's going to be a retreat for Malaysia and Singapore leaders in May to signify bilateral ties which is "good and getting better". A round or two of golf, a pat on the back, and talk about that Consulate that Singapore wants to set up in JB. [read here]
And then make an impassioned plea for Temasek to please come to SJER and pour in their billions. Hishamuddin Hussein needs to polish up his wooing techniques. He sounds too desperate [here or here] in his interview with Singapore Straits Times.
"But come in early. Wait-and-see, that does not create the atmosphere of trust. It is the same when you are in politics. Once I am a minister, there are a lot of people who want to be my friend. But the true friends are those who were there during the difficult times."
So, bro Sham,
Q1: Are you saying that we, Malaysia, are facing difficult times?
Q2: If we are facing difficult times, shouldn't we be telling Singapore to pay us what they owe us. Resolve the water issue, man. We are losing RM380 million a year to subsidize the Singapore government because of the water issue; shouldn't we iron that out before the PM plays his next round of golf with our Singapore friends?


  1. Anonymous8:09 pm

    We are losing RM380 million a year to subsidize the Singapore government?!

    Wow, Great - now go and collect it bru ... why not? coz it's the stupid UMNO that signed the water treaty!!

    Then it's UMNO that owes Malaysians RM380 million a year!

  2. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Singapore is not on good terms with Indonesia and Thailand. So I don't believe UMNO is the problem here. Face it, there maybe about 5 Malaysians who REALLY care what happens to that country.

  3. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Anon 8.09pm,

    There are loads of stupidos in Umno, agreed. But don't give them too much credit.

    The water agreement I do not think it was their stupid work. Agreement was signed over a century ago because the British wanted it to be that way. Basically it was Singapore British signing it with Singapore Johor, so they made sure it benefited the British and to hell with Singapore and Johor.

    Today Umno is stupid because it had the opportunity to revise the rates but not doing it. Not sure if the figure is RM380 m but I know Singapore should be paying us more. I think Singapore will be happy to pay more.

  4. Is kerismudin going to sell a bit
    of Johor to Singapore?
    What will the tuan Ghani say?