Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No wedding

"Only rumours". Ah, so the rumours about the wedding are just rumours, or so the PM said here. I thought the wedding would have made genuine good news.

God knows Malaysia needs one.


  1. Anonymous8:13 pm

    As an english saying goes,"actions speak louder than words," AAB denied he had tied the knot.Maybe its right or wrong. As i havent seen any subtanstial proofs or heard from "mulut kuda", nothing much i can say..If he did, just wanna wish him,"My felicitations. Selamat pengantin baru"..

  2. bapa kencing berdiri anak kencing berlari lah beb.. kalu PM pun kaki deny (with no solid reason) apa tah lagi pak menterinya belasah juga le apa-apa yang sempat along the way....3.5m beb banyak tu... enough for people like me to stay without working for life...

    padan muka depa sndri buat sndri tanggung le...

  3. Anonymous9:22 pm

    aiya..wasted congratulatory messages. lol

  4. RPK seemed very confident about that piece of news...

    In the trip he made to Perth to officiate his brother’s Nasi Kandar restaurant, it seems his daughter, Nori, went berserk when she found Jean in Pak Lah’s bedroom. Only after Pak Lah explained that there is nothing sinister about the whole thing because they are already married did Nori calm down and, like it or not, accept the fact that her father had remarried.

  5. The problem is that old man did not confirm whether or not the rumours are true!!

  6. the way he smile while saying its rumours says it all lar! see the sparkle in his eyes...... either its true or his wishing it to be true! somehow there's plan installed for not being a bachelor for long.

  7. Everybody knew it is a rumour. So nothing new there. What people want to know is whether it is true of untrue.

    He did not say whether the rumour is true or untrue.

  8. Anonymous1:04 am

    Nori is a naughty girl.She should not be snooping in daddy's bedroom.When daddy says no snooping no snooping-lah.Nori, Sometime things are just berMAYA!
    So better check your own bedroom.

  9. Anonymous4:27 am

    yar, i was also looking forward to big party...maybe under the big ferris wheel...love is like a circle..eternal...no ending and beginning.....pak lah jatuh cinta, i heard he blushed on tv3 when he was asked about rumoured wife...JD

  10. C'mon people, AAB have already said to have faith in the KLSE.

    So, what's a wedding.

    Pity the bride if it's true.

    Even worse if the rumour is not.

  11. Rocky, I was just thinking of that myself after reading all the blogs. The country needs a good story. And what more for AAB to announce than his marriage. He has to confirm or deny the rumours. Cannot take malaysian bloggers for a ride too long.They seem to be a vicious lot bringing out untold news very responsibly. Mind boggling too.

  12. From dictionary.com

    ru·mor Pronunciation[roo-mer]
    1. a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts: a rumor of war.

    2. gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth


    What is the truth? What is untrue? The PM did not deny it from what i read. He just labeled it as rumours. Maybe kalau deny, takut dia marah kot..

  13. Anonymous10:22 am

    So I guess it's still hold then, the fact that Pak Lah is currently Malaysia's most elegible bachelor.

  14. Anonymous10:39 am

    Pak Lah only denied news on his 'impending' marriage. No mention if he's already re-married...

  15. Hehehe...belum nikah lagi, tapi makwe memang sudah ada...kelilingi dunia, naik jet mewah, naik kapal layar mewah, memang selalu ke Australia...

  16. well, if he is married, nothing wrong with it...

  17. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Brother Rocky

    If the marriage is really happening, then we the Rakyat will have to prepare for addition Unbudgeted Waste to be spared for the New Wife spendy and luxury needs - more cops, outriders bikes, global traveling and promotions, new biungalows etc all at the expense of the Dumb Rakyat Hard Earn Income.

    Like it or not, its going to happen. No way, the new woman behaving better than Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.


  18. I am just shocked it is on The Star's Front Page

  19. monsterball:
    ....so you cannot say he lie...
    Yep, I doubt he's lying, but if he is, he's bloody convincing.

    I am just shocked it is on The Star's Front Page
    Well, what can I say - the people's paper, ya know?

  20. Well, Scrotumus Largerlicus just contradicted himself without batting an eyelid.

    So much for intellectual discourse by a blithering ignoramus.

  21. Bingo, monsterball!!!

    He just never said yes or no! Just dismissed them as rumours. If you think hard about it, rumours don't necessarily mean an untruth.

  22. Anonymous7:36 pm

    If we analyse his response a bit deeper, we can conclude a few things:
    1. He is not a straightforward man with straightforward answers.Put simply, his answers to any questions in future cannot be taken at face value.

    2. The reporters who asked the question are not experienced. Had this been a foreign media interview,it would be difficult for him to escape a direct answer.Certainly, experienced reporters are not going to preface the question with an apology first!

    The truth will come out in time!