Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Saying NO to the US

... [almost] midnite update.
The PM told Bernama that the government will always safeguard the nation's interests Read it here ... (Actually, it's neither a YES nor a NO to the US, much like the "only rumours" response to the wedding question).

D-day for US-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement. Barring any unforeseen hands, the Cabinet should be telling the Americans that Malaysia, as a sovereign nation, can't possibly dance to every Bush tune. There's local politics to think of, too.
Expect an announcement on this later in the day. Meanwhile, read here.

1 comment:

  1. I say OTHERWISE!
    I'm the firm believer of the great doctrine of FREE MARKET ECONOMY!
    We are not the follower of the US, but we are one of the player of the world economy. This is not the best choice but there is no alternative, we must eat the bullet in order to learn!!
    We must play along the greatest players of the world economy before we find our strong point to gain a foot into, to be able to do this, our economic must be made known of the hardship, there is simply no other way! Or we can choose to join the African countries in the third or fourth world!
    Beside, rejecting FTA is just like a calling to continue the most critiqued policy of this country - ie. NEP, in a macro sense! THIS IS A POISON I DO NOT WANT MY SONS TO TAKE!!!!