Monday, March 05, 2007

The RM5 million man Part 2

The trail. Blogger Penarik Beca has left in my previous posting The RM5 million man a chronology for the Johari Baharum scandal and I'm publishing it here just in case you don't get to read it in the mainstream media.
The blogger said it all started here with the allegation that Jo had helped three hard-core criminals secure their release from detention. Jo has admitted releasing some criminals but denied that he had accepted bribery in exchange for Panjang, Robin and Ah Yau's freedom.

The three alleged crooks are:
Cho Heng, aka Panjang, from Perak, who is the brother of Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Kong Cho Ha. Police applied to detain Panjang under Sec 4 (1) of Emergency Ordinance but the application was rejected in mid Jan 2007.
Chin Shui On, aka Robin, from Sabah. The cops also failed to detain him under the same Ordinance and he was released in January.
Moo Sai Chin, aka Ah Yau, from Perak. The order to place him under "Restricted Residence" in Tampin, Negri Sembilan, for a year was cancelled in Jan this year.


  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    wow. another bad day for BN it seems

  2. Here is the controversial website

  3. Anonymous7:10 pm

    PM banyak betul cakap pasal "persepsi". Menteri mengaku lepaskan penjenayah. Polis pun kadang-kadang lepaskan penjenayah, kata menteri.

    Kalu macam ni PM, kalu macam ni Menteri, kalu macam ni Polis, alahai! Kalu dulu ekonomi d jajah, lambat laung samseng dan perampok akan jajah kita lah. Alahai...

    Apa lah nasib anak cucu kita Rocky?

  4. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Patrick Teoh is under ISA issit. His blog has been idle for weeks.

    Rumour is that he is trying to look for a few million rgt for his release.

    At least now we know the price of freedom in Bolehland.

    Kanine (K9)

  5. With more and more 'explosive' breaking news coming out from blogsites which eventually end up in the mainstream media(s), followed by the flurry of actions, reactions and announcements of further investigations by the relevant authorities, don't you find it condescending for AAB to consider 'bloggers are irresponsible'.

    Are we bloggers showing him how factually responsible we can become and that he should, first thing in the morning after prayers, read blogs to see if this nation is being administrated properly.

    Perhaps, he will do so just to see how often his name is mentioned in the blogs and adjust his Premier'O'meter accordingly. Never mind the circumstances.

  6. Bro
    Kadangkala terfikir juga amanahkah ini? Banyak kes di negara Cina-jika terlibat dalam kes rasuah, dihukum mati. Di Malaysia negara yang kita cintai, negara yang kaya dengan hasil mahsulnya, kaya pula politikusnya dan bebas, miskin dengan amanah, miskin dengan t.jawab, miskin ketelusan, miskin minda dan - rakyat kebanyakkan menderita dari pelbagai sudut kemiskinan..

  7. Anonymous10:31 pm

    will he use the Quran like rAPidah in the AP case to prove his innocent?I hope he doesn't use the holy book.

    We will just wait and see how this rolls out but I can tell you most Malaysians don't think this will go any where. case KIV or fail tutup like all the other ACA files.

    Pak Lah has said not need to worry. yeah to those who are innocent, well all are innocent lo..BN kan telus dan cemerlang..

  8. Anonymous11:31 pm

    I'm from Sitiawan, I can confirm this. Kong's father used to be 4D kingpin in Sitiawan.

  9. Anonymous12:24 am


  10. We wonder if all these investigations will lead to. Who are we to trust. There is nobody now. The PM says about transparency and combat corruption many moons ago. So far nothing has happened. In fact we are worst than before.

  11. Sdr Rocky,

    Sekali lagi sila rujuk kepada Laporan Suruhanjaya Polis. Semua ini dikaji dan dilaporkan kepada Kerajaan AAB!

    Suruhanjaya "ragu-ragu" mengenai kuasa Menteri dan Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri dalam hal tahanan di bawah Ordinan Darurat.

    Just as a footnote, Datuk Johari was among those pembesar Umno who were very vocal towards Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Thank you.

  12. Anonymous9:22 am

    As usual, the gohmen will swept it under the boleh carpet. No? If the carpet floats, go hunt down the whistleblowers.

    As long as the 'businessman' and his 'clients' are happy, everything is ok. Business and image are important! LOL

  13. Anonymous9:54 am

    Patrick under ISA? Any truth?

  14. Anonymous10:44 am

    How come I'm not surprised with this event! Its like---oh! another one yah !
    Hands up, those who are surprised with this latest revealation ??

    Hmmm.. wonder if there is another bigger fish ....

  15. Anonymous11:16 am


    I think we need to thread very carefully in this JB case. Why I say this is because;

    1) nobody among bloggers etc knew of the existence of a blog/webpage that made this claim

    2) the mainstream papers apparently were the first to report that it came from a "blog" site

    3) once the URL became known yesterday (through which source I am not sure) a check of the site found only one posting, which is of the said issue.

    My concern is;

    - Was this so called "blog" wich had only one posting "created" by certain people?
    - It seems to me that if JB is cleared by the authorities, then the posting would tantamount to "surat layang" out to discredit the Government and Government leaders.
    - Incidentally also today, the Star had an article on e-layang which discusses electronic poison-pen letters replacing the traditional surat layang
    - I think Bloggers United must beware of this threat and perhaps pre-empt this. There could be a serious attempt by certain quarters to discredit bloggers by posting untruths and hiding behind anonymity.

  16. What's the point of raising some corruption issues up, if eventually, more 'corruption' ensues and the whole matters are shut down, cases closed, zipped!, and we all live happily ever after... sigh...

  17. Dancing Jo!

    Usability approaching expiry dates?

    Falling out of favour?

    Bro Rocky

    Terima kasih Saudaraku!

    Aku tak mintak apa-apa pun, hang dah bagi DUA!!

    (Kalau dlm stail org utara, kalau dah mula cakap hang aku, maknanya cuba mengendeng-ngendeng nak dekat sikit la tu... Kot2 boleh...)

  18. Been reading your blog regularly.

    It seems that this 5 million ringgit issue may be one of the more significant "blog exposed" issue that got the authorities investigating the issue itself rather than just the blogger who exposed it. A positive development?

  19. Samurai,

    You have a valid point about one posting blogsite(s) which the mainstream paper attributed as their source.

    There are two possibilities:

    a) As you have alluded, it could be a ploy to discredit bloggers and/or BU.
    b) Whistleblowers donot trust the mainstream paper and resorted to blogging on the matter.

    Both options are traceable i.e. their origin can be tracked and identity known.

    However, what is more important, is whether the truth of the matter is revealed eventually. Then, the issue of blogs being a reliable source (or not) will be further entrenched in readers' minds. What the authorities perceive of blogs is entirely a different issue.

  20. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Rocky, once again bloggers have demonstrated their ability to punch above their weight despite being small in numbers. The government had better watch its back. If you are clean, then you don't have to fear the bloggers. Dirty people will get their just desserts. Rocky, continue to lead the revolution against lies, deceit, treachery, hypocrisy. Go, Rocky, go.

  21. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Bro Rocky.

    Apa nama....

    Kickdefella once said this guy as what???? "Joe Si Tanggang"...

    He Shit his ex-boss/Mentor and that's a big crime - now he is facing it himself. Don't he look like Shit Ass.

    What goes up will go down, and now we see the Joe Si Tanggang barking at other fellow ministers of their Shit Asses that smells the Parliament.

    We as Rakyats going to see the collapsed on Parliament Building, UMNO and BN and heart-attacks and sudden death at Rest & Relax areas for reasons unknown.

    Just wait & see. The truth will prevails.


  22. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Dear all,

    Corruption has become a new virus in Malaysian leaders these days, direct or indirectly. It's rampant everywhere. We should look into the actual definion of corruption, power abuse, bribe etc(which has the same connotations) in which it needs a specific and meticulous interpretation.
    If a powerful leader in this country, who has been given a huge and beautiful house to reside, has asked the goverment to allocate funds to beautify his house (this is a true story-from horses's mouth), can we charge him for being involved in abusing his power? Damn greedy and full of lies and hyprocracy. We as the rakyat have been suffering these days due to the economic doldrum, high oil price and toll as well. But leaders, chosen by us thru election, are sucking people's blood..its time for me to "pangkah" other parties, perhaps? But, to make it clear, i am not an anti government citizen. Only criticize for the sake of Malaysians people...duh....

  23. Anonymous9:42 pm

    It was DEMOCRACY, then CORPORATOCRACY,n now CORRUPTOCRACY! What corrupt!! it was just payment for insurance POLISi!!

  24. PM says 85% is rubbish claims so only 15% is real deal... but do we see 15% corrupted guys behind bars every year?

    He says if proven salah sure kena punished but look at the Klang case ... and the clone AP case small fish kena big ones still there to milk the nation... wheres the punishment?

  25. Anonymous4:25 am

    hmmm i think ruhanie ahmad also posted it, so should be ok?

  26. Anonymous10:51 am

    i look at this issue differently. Either way Pak Lah lose. If Jo come clean, peoples perception toward Pak Lah: "Pak Lah ni cakap banyak pasai rasuah, tapi bila kena kat orang dia, diam je...cakap aje la". but if Jo is accused and he goes down then peoples perception will be: "ha..tengok tu Pak Lah punya orang pon banyak buat hal, belum lagi anak beranak dia..memang betul la kata Mahathir tu.."

    see..head he lose, tail also lose la...

    apa lagi, spin la, jangan tak spin.