Monday, March 05, 2007

The RM5 million man

Jo says it ain't him. So who is the senior politician who was reported here to have accepted bribes to free three suspected criminals from jail? Political blogger Ron, a former Member of Parliament, isn't providing the answer in his latest posting here but said he has been made to understand that the suspect is NOT a Minister but a Deputy Minister and that it's neither Mohamad Johari Baharum nor Fu Ah Kiow.

In fact, Jo, who last September denied claims that bribery was involved in an Umno election in Kubang Pasu where he is divisional chief, yesterday cleared himself with Bernama:
"The allegation on a web site and in a newspaper report today is apparently directed at me but it has been made without basis and proof."
According to Reuters here the case was likely to embarrass the Prime Minister who has vowed to root out corruption as the incident came within weeks of graft allegations against the country's Anti-Corruption Agency chief.


  1. Anonymous4:36 am


    Talk about embarrass, I think this can be counted as one too,

    ' Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo ordered his officers to pick at random the respondents who took part in Khaidzir’s survey.

    “We picked 54 and called them up. They told our officers that they had never had sex and that they are virgins. '

  2. Anonymous11:09 am

    look at the sequence of events and you will find it very interesting.
    first, IGP said that certain people are interfering in their work asking them to close one eye.
    then allegations against ACA chief resurfaced.
    now the headline news that a certain minister is under probe for releasing "suspected criminials" in return for money.
    followed by, IGP said investigative works have begun on the above allegations.
    latest is that the Minister has hit back at the police for selective investigation and not following standard operating procedure. thats huge coming from a deputy of internal security against the police.

    The Minister inovolved is known to be allied to the PM and has played a major role in the tko of Tun Mahatir in the Kubang Pasu episode. Interesting enough all these are happening during the absence of PM in the country. Hmm.. the undercurrents are stronger than you think so you novices beware as no prisoners will be taken.
    Tun Mahatir must be smiling now. what goes round will come around. karma?

  3. Hi Rocky,
    The Minister or Deputy Minister is given absolute discretion, without the right of Judicial review, to detain and also to release prisoners under the various Ordinances providing for Detention without trial.
    It clearly opens a path for abuse of power. This was a corruption case waiting to happen.

    RM 5 Million ? Wah, the detainee/ family/ friends must have really deep pockets, definitely not your average guy.This is getting more and more interesting.

  4. Anonymous1:08 pm

    make yourself an ass, and everyone will lay his sack on you.

    so don't blame the police.

  5. Anonymous1:10 pm

    some day you're the dog, some day you're the hydrant.

    so just accept the fact of life.

  6. Me! It was me! I got the RM5 million. Now, who wants to suck my dick?

    - Datuk Seri Amir Hafizi

    Vice Minister. Period.

  7. Hi Rocky,
    Got to know yr blog thru" Tony and Audra
    and I am with you guys all the way. I had put the bloggers united logo on my blogs and forum too.
    Boh Tong (ex SIA executive for 35 yrs)

  8. Again..itu harta ahmad albab yang punya!

    sapa la jin nya ni...

  9. Choices, choices, choices!

    Good heavens! The feeding frenzy in the food chain has begun.

    The predator becomes the prey and we are still wondering if there's an even larger great white in the game.

  10. Saudaraku Rocky, mohon tumpang semangkuk. Harap tak angin satu badan dengan perangai suka menempek ni. Saya buat link kesemua berita dan ulasan berkaitan setakat termampu di sini: Joe, aksi menggelupuq hang memang terlampau!

  11. Anonymous12:18 am

    Brother Rocky

    This case is really really funny!

    That's what happened when someonme back stabbed his/her SiFu and in this case, "Joe Si What?" against Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Life is short, why mess things up and bercoming Shit for the rest of his life...

    He is part of Fuc**d Up mass messy gang of broad day light "angels".

    Another sad story for people of Malaysia; and we welcome VMY 2007... what a Joke!


    just added something to tickle your fancy

  13. These people should be exposed and (if possible) humiliated. Period!