Sunday, March 18, 2007

Register before March 31

A VOICE tells us that if we don't do it before the end of the month, we must be prepared to forever hold our peace.
Click here for his blues; here for mStar's story on why those who wish to vote at the next general election must register before the end of this month; here to SPR on how to register.
And Pasquale says you are a moron if you don't exercise your right.


  1. Thanx for the advise, must get my 1st and 2nd (children, not wife) to register. Who they vote for is their choice, I may just give them a slight hint, you know something very subtle, like if you vote so and so please go to the registration office and get yourself a new IC with a new address. Just kidding, just kidding.

  2. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Register and vote, then only it makes sense to voice out one's grouses.

    No point complaining if one doesn't even exercise his or her voting power.

    The fact the country has no proper political party is not an excuse, paling teruk just draw your face and put an X la!

  3. I want to change constituencies from Kuantan/Paya Besar tu Lembah Pantai but was told rumours that if I do, I have to wait six months before I can vote.

    Or something like that. Will call SPR tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Anyone knows what the SPR 'roadshow'/campaign registration schedule is?

    I've got mine registered when they had an ad-hoc campaign at a shopping centre years ago, but I'm trying to get some terminally lazy colleagues to register... and I'm afraid going to the state/HQ centres is too high a hassle barrier for these lazy bums.

  5. It used to be that I was "apolitical", as A Voice wrote, exercising my democratic right to not vote. But when the nature of politics today is affecting my present and likely future, it may be time to change my stand, I think.

    The situation today: Inaction = Detriment.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Rocky. My only problem now is that given where I would probably have to vote at, I would be faced with a choice of (likely) two candidates from parties both of whom I don't think I would want to vote for.

    It's a situation I call freedom of no choice. And that may be a dilemma faced by a number of us.

    In any case, this time around, I feel I have to do something come election day. What that something is, I will only know when that day comes...

  6. I've said it too many times before...and i was even warned by certain people after I posted about the importance of registering oneself as a voter ...i'll say it again..

    go vote! go vote! go vote!

  7. Anonymous11:07 am

    Apart from voting we must mobilise the masses to understand the situation in the country and realise that change is vital for our anak cucu..

    We know what we are up against: teachers, army, police, kampong folks, and the latest - Mat Rempits! - No wonder Bn swept to power every election.

  8. Anonymous11:20 am

    Okay okay, I ll do it today. Sometimes I wonder myself, the post office is just down stairs of my office and still, I never register. Tsk tsk tsk

  9. Went into SPR. Clicked Checking on Constituencies:result - Object not Found. Did the same for Checking on Electoral Roll, result: Page cannot be found. What now?Cant wait. On my way to Post Office.

  10. Walski69. I see your dilemma. It may be impossible to unseat BN, but a significantly decrease in majority can send a chilling message. I used to vote for peace and solidarity. That did not work. This time I will vote to decrease BN majority.Is this possible?Otherwise point me the way. I am serious.

  11. Not every win in the 2004 GE was a 'landslide' vote for BN.

    There were state and parliamentary seats where BN won with a slight majority over the opposition. If we were to consider the 'feel good' factor on AAB then because we ALL thought he would bring about better governance, every single vote now will count towards redeeming the mistake we made the last time.

    The key factor in the next GE will be the newly eligible 'younger' voters numbering about 4 million. They represent the 'new voices' of the nation. Whether urban or rural, if we, in the blogosphere, can engage these youngsters, the first step towards reducing BN's majority will be accomplished.

    As it is, there has been recent efforts to 'minimise' bloggers' influence on the general public which in effect means that it is acknowledged that bloggers are becoming credible.

    Getting those eligible to register and vote is NOT a crime. But I'm wondering if it is when our government/SPR are 'slow' in their efforts.

  12. Anonymous12:47 pm

    I feel sad whenever the general election looms. There're still many remote areas in our country where the inhabitants are relatively poor, and where less than 10k voters make up each constituency. If money is might, a rich and aspiring politician can virtually buy up the whole constituency with a few million ringgit.

  13. Many thanks for the heads-up Rocky, especially since I'm a new voter myself. Shot off to the post office after class today and got myself registered :). Have to make sure they get your name right though...

  14. Mydeen still wonders, vote for who ? Would the present opposition be a viable option ?

    Vote SiPM instead, at least it'll be fun. :)

  15. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Hear hear - ok, I ll go and register.

    *malasnya nak beratus kat post office*

  16. Anonymous4:57 pm

    use the URL below to check online

  17. i dah register dah...
    lama dah register dulu tahuin 1999...

  18. Anonymous5:25 pm

    to those who are faced with 2 parties that you dislike when it is time to vote, don't fear....Just cast a spoilt vote. That will also send the message to the govt.

    I've convinced my whole family to send a message to BN. Last election we all voted for them. This time around the arrogant buggers can kiss my ass but I'll still not vote for them.

  19. Anonymous8:38 pm

    So what's eating you monsterBall???

  20. Anonymous9:04 pm

    monsterball - go get a life!! We are sick of your rotten english too

  21. registered already.

    also sent a mail to all my friends asking them to register. let's make our vote counts!

  22. Scrotumus Largerlicus is doing his wardance thingy again.


  23. Mydeen,
    Fun? You think vote is for fun?
    Every vote counts, if you think your party (should it emerge) is for fun then think again!
    The elected representative has the responsibility to deliver, to be heard, to make matters right, as much as possible. We will not fault those who try!
    So make your vote count, vote for the right candidate.

  24. was at a nightmarket in ss2 when the dap had a booth. i registered then, october last year. checking at the website (, it says i'm not in the database....
    dont tell me i have to go to the office and re-register?