Monday, March 19, 2007

Dr Mahathir to advise PPP?

Premier Adviser. The PPP, led by maverick politician Kayveas, is said to have approached Dr Mahathir and asked him to be the party's adviser. At least two top officials told me that the party's leadership is awaiting Dr M's response. An aide of the former PM said this was news to him. Also, the aide said PPP's' decision to appoint Nik Sapeia as PPP's Kelantan chief would make the prospect of Dr M as its adviser even more complex. Nik Sapeia has been charged with spraying a canister of gas at Dr M late last July when the former premier was in Kota Bharu on a road tour to explain to the people why he was upset with his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi [read here]].

Kayveas has been in the news lately for his squabble with Gerakan boss Lim Keng Yaik. Deputy PM Najib Razak said here he was meeting both BN component leaders this week to help them kiss and make up.

p.s. If PPP does need Mahathir's help, it isn't the only one, according to this article from The International News.


  1. all BN anyway... what's the big deal?

  2. what's the big deal? they are all BN anyway...

  3. Me thinks they're gonne charge Nik with 'vandalism', spray grafiti on a national trove mah. No offense to Che Det, I love his witty sarcasm.

  4. I'd love to pick on TDM's brains on how to move Bloggers United forward.

    Wish on it, I shall.

  5. Tough act to follow, Dr M as OIC leader.

  6. Anonymous12:04 pm

    kayveas is always under the lime light for wrong reasons. always making foolish comments. the conclusion is that his smart looks can be deceiving in fact it looks like he needs to see a psychiatrist to help him overcome his attention deficiency syndrome...

  7. Anonymous4:30 pm

    If Tun Dr Mahathir agreed to the appointment of Adviser to PPP, will M Kayveas then hear his advice, on anything?

    Or will M Kayveas go make a really prickly statement and annoy someone else, the next time?

  8. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Not sure what planet Kayveas is on...

  9. Anonymous4:19 pm

    my earlier comment was not published, why bro Rocky?