Saturday, March 17, 2007

Zorro's advice

Write from the heart, Rehman. Those who said I was unfair to Rehman Rashid with my posting here have not read Zorro's Letter from the Rectum.
"... all these years you are still trying to impress. You remind me of this guy when told to describe what his father does, replies: My father is a monomaniacal nimrod with piscatorial propensities. Why cant he just say his father is a fisherman. And you go around telling people that you need to visit your tonsorial artist, when you visit the cheapest barber (if you do, that is when NST pays you for this rectum piece)."


  1. My father was a Tukang-Bikin-Wayar(Electrician) and I'm proud of him.

    The Rectum dude should go back to basics and tell stories as it is. No need to impress peeps with 'funny' words. What's the point of being a writer if you lose your readers after the first paragraph?

  2. Zorro is right -- once you lose your reader, well, you've lost it.

  3. Anonymous2:55 am

    Zorro my hero,
    Comes from Bidor,
    Whack Rehman to zero,
    Zorro my hero!!

  4. Anonymous3:54 am

    "tonsorial artist"? Did he say that? Ha, ha, ha. How can anyone hold a straight face if he ever did say that? He must have been a very important person once (a career killer?) or you must be a very serious lot. .... Anyway, if he was my boss and wasn't kidding and if I risked losing my job .... I'll laugh anyway, Ha, ha, ha. Rox in the Galapagos.
    *Congrats Rocky, wish you many, many blogging millions to come, pity I can't make it to your rumored party.

  5. Anonymous5:08 am

    God bless caring teachers, even when they turned caped crusaders. They do know when not to spare the rod or, in this case, the whip. :)

  6. Anonymous9:26 am


    Why 'unfair'? All you did was highlight an unprovoked and uncalled-for stinger by someone who should have known better.

    Those who said you're unfair may not have understood the meaning of some words (hence their meanings)in that piece of shit.

    Talking about shit, I used to be advised by a certain abbess from Jaren to take some anime or asarum, wrap them in a small piece of bashlyk, and dip in boiling water and drink whilst it is still hot, to cure my burning rectum.(But whatever you do avoid taking pleopod, or, worse still, the pitahaya!).

    Bless the abbess. Funny enough, the same cure was also advocated vehemently by a rector I met at the Mexican border.

  7. Anonymous10:46 am

    Does zorro's posting make you fair or just rocky? Search your conscience man!

    What kind of logic or illogic are you applying? It's reverse analogy or syllogism of the most perverse kind - where you turn anything and everything around to suit your argument, i.e skew the interpretation, if you are crafty enough.

    In the end it boils down to your intention - nawaitu - as the Muslim Malays call it.

    What's yours Rocky and all you smart bloggers out there?

  8. Zorro's posting is a teacher's good caning for Rehman. Whats' your problem, OFF? Tell me and perhaps the smart bloggers out there and I can try to help you.
    p.s. ever been caned in school, OFF?

  9. OFF, so you were brought down from heaven to put some sense into us right? Got your rectum examined lately? I know tapeworms worked their way up your brains making you believe that you are the new prophet.

    Pls note I call it a him.

    According to OFF, if a big shot raped your sister, you should engage him in constructive dialogue and in the meantime bring your mother along as an offering of goodwill. Is that right OFF?

    I have to give Rehman this, he describes you to a T.

    I may not speak for others, but I know your nawaitu. You're no angel. You never meant a single word you say. You are just a lackey drooling at his boss's every instruction. Go, go fetch boy.

  10. Rocky, when only one protest, we call them an "odd ball". Why do you think I am still "graceful" at 67. I dont mix around nor entertain "odd balls", but this is the first female OB. Think I should joust (verbally)?

  11. Anonymous1:12 pm

    ya lar~~~want to read an EASY READING smooth yet amusing piece, not his latest booker prize attempt's NST la, not Literature Review doh...

  12. Anonymous1:17 pm

    F-off, OFF!

  13. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Hi Rocky and Zorro,

    I knew it would come to this. Argumentum ad hominem is a vomit eaten in reflux. Reh may be difficult at times, his views may not coincide with yours or mine, but your dragging in of tonsorial artistry jibes isn't justified. Why man, you're as guilty of it as our Reh man if it comes to that. Since when has it been wrong to aim for the Booker prize?

    Rectum? Well, perhaps he'll regret that (or even grow up) but his was better put than many of yours or your coat-hangers if it comes to that.

  14. Anonymous1:39 pm

    You have proven me right spot on - high priestess that i am. Look at your analogy: "According to OFF...raped...sister...mother..." kata tak nak or is it katak (bawah tempurung). These are your wise words katak not mine!

    No, Rocky I was never caned in school. There was no need to. Were you? Is this why you have a chip on your shoulder and strive to become the modern Hang Jebat to prove those teachers wrong?

    Looks like you are really testing the authorities to see how far they will allow your freedom of speech. Your posting on the Deputy Minister, in particular Para 9 from the top and Para 4 from the bottom where you manipulate the report with your own brand of rehmanism i.e choice of provocative/emotive vocabulary, shows clearly what "journalism" is all about. At least I don't claim to be a journalist or ex-journalist.

    Many of you who are/were in the mainstream media know very well how there is, there must be watchdogging of news/information in order to maintain some semblance of order, especially where there is socio-economic-cultural/educational disparity/diversity among the populace.

    How come now you have become rebel rousers?

  15. Anonymous1:40 pm

    If I meet somebody in KL with all the aurat completely covered, I will know that she's probably Old Fart.

    You know why?

    According to the prophet, except for the two eyes and the tapak kaki, the rest of the female body part is to be shown to only her husband.

    So OFF, unless you are wrapped up in black cloth from head to toe exposing only your eyes, don't you talk about nawaitu here or anywhere else. Because that will make you what we call a munafik and an infidel!

  16. Dear Lone Ranger, I am no Tonto to Rocky as you infered. The Booker's Prize is every writers wish and hope. But when you set your sight on it, you cannot be distracted and go off tangent into clever writing. Humour is one thing, but forcing your audience to believe that you and nobody else can or should even aspire to write like you, is another level than ordinary man like me cannot hope to be upgraded to. Peace to all men who do nor read with venon or goodwill.

  17. Anonymous2:20 pm

    anonymous 1.40PM

    don't be so daft i.e an ignoramus MCP! if i was "wrapped up in black cloth from head to toe exposing only (your) eyes" I'd be a hantu jerangkung and not the thinking female that I am!

    i'm appalled you have the audacity to denounce me as an infidel. baru balik dari mana?

  18. Dear Samurai,
    This has become a 'wow wow 'forum discussing The Rectally Eminence Rehman Rashid's opinion.

    He certainly doesnot deserve the any more of our time and thoughts.

    Let me do the final act....flushing him away:


  19. Dear Samurai,
    This has become a 'wow wow 'forum discussing The Rectally Eminence Rehman Rashid's opinion.

    He certainly doesnot deserve the any more of our time and thoughts.

    Let me do the final act....flushing him away:


  20. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Rehman, i think you need to go through a crash course in simple english.

  21. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Hey kawan,

    Rehman the villian,
    Sneered by a million,
    Cursed by bloggers' alliance,
    For to Adnan he pledges allegiance!

  22. bro,
    Old Female Fart is a real pain in the ass, isnt she?
    She isnt clever, that's for sure. She's just trying to get at you.
    She accused Nuraina of being anti-govt with insidious intentions to hit and hurt with her postings.
    She's a jahat one, she is.
    Whoops, could the old fart be a him, as Kata Tak Nak said.
    We've seen his kind coming into blogs to throw bloggers/commentors off. But, we can smell them a mile away...
    and in old female fart's case, sure aint difficult....what a fart!

  23. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Hey guys, DO YOU KNOW THAT RR googles humself EVERY SINGLE DAY?(I know , it's Super Yuck)But
    now he would have to Google "RECTUM RASHID" instead to find out more about himself. Kesiankan, to get labelled as that when you're already over 50!

  24. Anonymous5:52 pm


    Rocky and Zorro's opinions are not purely argumentum ad hominem. The fact that he overdoes his flowery prose stands in the article, without reference to anything else. That was my exact first impression when I read it -- Jeezus this fella is really trying to put on a show: all bombast desperately aiming to shock and awe, while conveyed no real content or insights. If you can find any, please tell me!

  25. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Rectum unRectified!
    I live in Tman Tun. dekat Burhannudin Helmi, Rehman!

    I'm one of your wife's patients and I saw you there too many times twiddling and doodling in her Dental clinic.( NO DAY JOB AH?)(I bet that's where you wrote that article as I saw you writing with your pencil, Stationery courtesy of the clinic lah tu)

    Her assistants told me that you're there almost everyday! Did she drill your tooth too hard or something to make you write such a superbly stupid article?

    Best just stay there comfortably in her clinic and ask her for a job of mixing the porcelain or cement for fillings or dental caps and help her with some root canals rather than write stupid articles and make a fool of yourself and become a NATIONAL JOKE!

  26. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Ad hominem? Coat hangers? What on earth may I ask are you doing yourself, Lone Ranger? Don't you start calling the pot black, if you're a pan. Personally, I don't care much for people who call others names (I'm only guilty of it only when I'm very, very angry and I'm seldom very, very angry) but if you've forgotten your Voltaire due to constipation, here's a reminder:
    "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."
    We all have equal rights to say whatever in here .... now that I've emptied my rectum on you, you can hate me if you want to, you can run home to your mama and cry, you can whatever because you've the right to, what do I care?

    Rox, an independent thinker.

    *And for injustice done, f... you for calling me a coat hanger.
    As for Mr Rashid, only he and he alone knows whether he deserves that 'a.k.a.' bloggers gave him. Methinks he brought it onto himself .... pompous ass.
    As from me (a defender of victims of injustice), not a word more about him.

  27. Dear rocky,

    I dont understand your question to Old Female Fart "what's her problem".

    Since you mention in this posting that people wrote to you saying that u have not been fair to RR, I'm also unclear what is it your trying to prove by posting Zorro's missive on Rectum Rehman.As such i have some questions:

    1)Does Zorro's more harsh treatment of Rehman or to paraphrase you 'his canning of RR" makes your lighter treatment of him more fair?

    2)Since the quote that u used from Zorro, is a crtique of Rehman's writing style, how exactly does it make your treatment of RR fairer? And is your dissapointment with RR's article more to do with his writing style rather than his attack on bloggers?

    Look,in terms of content, i disagreed with Rehaman's article( esp that one para that you quote) because it was guilty of exactly the same fault that he critizes the bloggers of.And the mistake he commited in that article was as a journalist represanting an establish media institution and not as a private blogger. And what made it particularly distasteful was some of his "below the belt' inssinuations.

    But, though the writing style that he employs is not my cup of tea, nonetheless, to me,how does citing Zorro's attack of it( RR writing style)makes your treatment of Rehaman more fair.After all people can just say it was not more fair but rather simply "less unfair"than Zorro's. And if i was to nit-pick , i'd say that the example that Zorro used (My father is a monomaniacal nimrod with piscatorial propensities"instead of just stating that he is a fisherman, etc,etc)
    to higlight RR pretensiousness is aslo guilty of being pretensious.

    After all, to dmonstrate RR's pretensiousness, i'd used a more mundane example, like: "when stating his height, why cant he just say he was short, instead of saying he was vertically challenged?"

    BUT dont you think that without any clarification, such nit picking on people's individual preferances in the manner they convey their points is irrelevant to whether your ealiar posting on RR was fair or otherwise?

  28. Ms Fart,
    you sure sound like the government, warning Rocky that he is testing the patience of the powers-that-be.
    is that a warning? you sound like rocky is testing your patience.
    you're not giving constructive criticisms.
    you must be getting real cheap thrill from getting whacked in your rectum, you ole coot.
    you're a real fart.
    get over yourself.
    and get out of here.
    like your masters, you're a BLOODY COWARD.

  29. To Kata Tak Nak, Black And Daughter of the land!

    First to Kata tak nak (katak for short),

    Katak, U are a real hypocrite u know that?!
    U insinuate Old Female fart for being santimoniouswhen you wrote :"OFF, so you were brought down from heaven to put some sense into us right? Got your rectum examined lately? I know tapeworms worked their way up your brains making you believe that you are the new prophet."

    So i want to ask KATAK, "are u are you new prophet yourself, katak?" Or else how on earth can you tell that Olf Female Fart beleives she's a prophet? AND you claim u know Old Female Farts are you GOD, katak?

    She was asking Rocky how on earth does posting Zorro's missive on RR make him more fair- its a legitimate question!

    Yup i agree she is no angel, after all she never claim to be one.But at least she was taught manners,which on the evidence of your comments, something your parents obviously didnt.

    To Black Maria!

    Your a funny fella, you know that? You say old female fart is not clever..and apperantly, based on your comment, neither are you.

    She never accuse Nuraina of being anti- goverment. She said the general tenor of what bloggers wrote APPEARS to be anti- goverment.There is a differance and its just not a matter of sematics. If you were smart u should be able to tell the differance. But if you cant, then at least be accurate when quoting or paraphrasing others.

    Additionaly, when you say that OFF is jahat, do you know that by saying that you are JAHAT yourself?Apa hak anda nak kata orang jahat ataupun tidak? Are you Jesus? Are you Muhamad? Are u God?

    SO before you make holier than thou statements, understand what is required first...and u can start by realizaing that calling people jahat just because they make comments you disagree with makes you even more JAHAT! and worse it makes u a HYPOCRITE too!And for your education istilah orang Islam utk HYPOCRITE adalah MUNAFIK.

    BTW do you think Rocky is soo imatured and fragile that a harmless, innocuos BUT legitimate querry frm OFF can "get at him"?Apa kau ingat dia budak- budak ke?

    To Daugter of the land!

    Since you stated that Ms Fart dosent give constructive criticisms, i REALLY HAVE TO ASK, ARE YOU?

    The only thing you did was demonstrate your capacity for throwing insults.. i hope your proud of yourself. But since you like to call other people cowards, then may i remind you that the first refuge of a coward is to beat others with insults rather that refutations.


    I am sorry for responding to them in such a manner. But i wont tolerate people turning this comment section into an on-line version of a Umno genearl assembly whereby any anthing remotely sounding contrary to popular opinion is harrased and pilloried!And not with arguments but with insults!BUT If they want to engage in such silliness than i will respond in a manner that they can understand!

    Cheers and with respect,bro.

  30. Anonymous12:20 am

    Dear Rocky, Do you know the meaning of "overkill"? You have just committed one. It's been many days and you and other like-minded bloggers are still squawking. And now you have to tell us go here for more RR bashing.
    I don't care for his writing or his opinions either, but your and other bloggers' stance seem to me so out of proportion to his jibe. Now I'm beginning to feel sorry for the chap. Yes, agreed he ran down bloggers but did he single you out, each one of you, individually that you all have to respond in such a personal vein?
    Let's look back at your first posting on this. You wrote "he is describing me as he describes the Malaysian bloggers". You sound like a petulant spoilt child wanting your hurt to be kissed away. And those kisses (as you anticipated) came. And how.
    Jeff Ooi today praised The Star's Wong Chun Wai for his comments on the Ku Nan flap. I suggest you and your merry band of bloggers read it and learn how to make constructive criticism.
    So let's move on and let this RR issue go. There are many issues we as a nation are facing. Take for instance, the FTA. I have yet to see you blog on this. You are what, nearly 50, and was once business editor? You can educate and inform. But these are not sexy topics are they? You just want to handle the "populist" theme. Why don't you look at AKJ or Walski or KTEMOC or the cheeky Howsy, to name a few. Criticisms with substance.
    You have hit your million mark, you have a following. And you have adulation (I've read swooning accounts from 2 bloggers on meeting you.) Powerful stuff, eh? One contrary comment on your posting and you are already dismissing him/her with "what's your problem?"
    If praise or "sokong" is all you want to hear, then your blog has become nothing more than a mutual admiration club.
    Be careful, Rocky. Do not become the very monster you are fighting.
    Anon/Hisham Shuib

  31. Anonymous12:59 am

    Wow mat rempit hubris,carthage - I couldn't have written that as well as you did. My thoughts exactly!

    I am very much reminded by the quote I picked up from SiPM site, something that goes along the line of some people REALLY are turning into the monster that they hate.

    All this name callings supposedly to defend whoever / whatever it is they feel so strong about - seriously, how is this different from that guy Badruddin who uttered "Kalau tak suka negara Islam, keluarlah dari Malaysia".

    So yeah, Walk with Us, United and all for as long as you echo praises and praises only to our causes, and hentam everybody who seems to side with kerajaan at every given chance.


  32. mat rempit hubris

    oh! shove it, mat. you don't make any sense.
    and puhlease, dont be stupid. Ms Fart wasnt making an innocent query.

    and to hisham shuib --- oh please please...feel sorry for RR.

    so stupid this hisham. cant read or what?

  33. Anonymous2:24 am

    Oh dearie me, what a load of ire we have stirred up now. Proves what I've been saying, eh? QED. And thanks to Anonymous/Hisham Shuib for saying exactly what I've been trying to say.

    But still, the convoluted thinking that's displayed here is unbelievable. I call myself 'Lone Ranger' and the Fox says, " Dear Lone Ranger, I am no Tonto to Rocky as you infered [sic]." How could a person be Zorro and then be Tonto to Rocky when someone else is the Lone Ranger? How's that for a non sequitur? And then, "The Booker's Prize is every writers wish and hope. But when you set your sight on it, you cannot be distracted and go off tangent into clever writing." Oh, why then didn't you say so? I could have been fooled by all your tomfoolery with tonsorial thingymathings and the fishing rod caper.When I was at school, my teacher told me, "write to express, not to impress". I wonder what's happened to the poor dear now.

    And Voltaire, poor dear old Vol, how sweet he sounds, he's on everyone's lips now. Old Vol's sins, scarlet they were, and his books seldom read, if ever. Take this for instance (and I shall ignore all that other ad hominem stuff), he never said "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." What was said was, "I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it." And it was not Voltaire who said it, but his friend Tallentyre in 1907, summing up what he thought was Voltaire's thinking on all the fuss about an assertion of Helvetius on human action being derived from sensation. But there's something instructive here in view of what we're getting all hot about now. Old Vol's view was (according to old Tall) I couldn't care less what's being said, but let him say it anyway. Does that stirke a chord in you poor dears?

    And oh by the way, it's the Booker Prize (nowadays its the Man Booker), not Booker's. No gentive case there at all (perhaps our English teacher will explain the difference to us). Thought I'd say it for the sake of accuracy, in case anyone dares to aspire to it now. And if you need a bit of fun, please go back to the words of the English teacher quoted above and spot the missing genitive indicator(s).

    Ok, ok, you're not slandering Reh, but you're angry with him anyway and are getting up close and personal. As the Malays so ingenuously say, "Bukan mengumpat, cuma cerita hal!" But people, if you want a hatchet job on Reh, go to old Salleh ben Joned and ask to see the piece he wrote on Old Reh for Men's Journal a few centuries ago. Far superior to any of all your mud-slanging now.

    But sweethearts, as the great Michael Winner says, "Calm down, dear: it's only a commercial!" Why flap and fuss about old Reh merely because of bruised egos when, out there, there are people doing things in broad daylight that are, literally, robbery?

    Hiyo Silver!

  34. Rempit, anonymous, and OFF.

    One thing that my late parents (god bless their soul) taught me is to be careful of the likes of you. The most potent of venoms are hired ones. I say things as they are and not try to be civilly uncivilised. You claim others of misappropriating the words of others when you write TO misappropriate the words of others.

    A word of advise, if you want someone to stop picking his nose, don't do it while picking yours.

  35. Anonymous10:22 am

    Oh come on Mat Rempit,

    That Old Fart was making constructive crticisms? You must be joking.
    Attacking, man. OFF was attacking.
    Nothing constructive. OFF didnt agree with whtever comments made. So be it.

    Old Fart was telling Rocky to search his conscience. OFF was already imputing motive. Suggesting that rocky had a motive.
    Accused Rocky of applying reverse analogy or syllogism of the most perverse kind, where Rocky turns anything and everything around to suit his argument,"i.e skew the interpretation, if you are crafty enough."
    OFF was questioning Rocky's intention, "nawaitu".
    "What's yours Rocky and all you smart bloggers out there?" OFF asked.

    Oh, come on, Mat....
    At best, being sarcastic.
    At worst -- mischievous and I do agree with someone --- JAHAT.
    Wonder what OFF's nawaitu?

  36. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Yes Yes Yes you are absolutely right mustang! Yes - sarcastic, mischievous and a little jahat but definitely not unclever!

    My nawaitu - to urge Malaysians, especially the Malays to rise above the "mengata" syndrome. People to whom God has given the gift of the gab or the pen must serve society in more useful,I repeat, constructive ways.

    My nawaitu - to seek ideas and ideologies, that is people's minds rather than personalities to guide me in my thinking and my decisions.

    My nawaitu - to avoid the Malay/UMNO syndrome of hero worship. Heroes are for legends and folklore not the complex real world outside.

    My nawaitu - to seek God's truth not the human kind.

    The human mind is imbued with so much intelligence that it can interpret the vast world outside according to it's own perception and experience of things. This we see at every turn of blogosphere or mainstream media for that matter.

    My nawaitu - to seek goodness not evil. To use my God given conscience to check my every move and motive.

    My nawaitu - to be fair and just. To stand up for victims of unfairness and injustice.

    In the words of Tom dooley:
    " I pass through this world but once.
    Any good therefore that I can do
    Or any kindness that I can show
    To any fellow creature
    Let me do it now
    Let me not defer or neglect it
    For I shall not pass this way again "

    There, didn't you say I'm a born again prophet!

  37. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Lone Ranger: Ha, ha, ha. Being defensive, huh? Good for you. You've the right to unload your rectum too.
    As a person of my word, I will not say a single word about Mr. Rashid.
    As for Voltaire, a law professor once told a student who tried to be smartypants too that "It doesn't matter who said it first. You could always find someone who said/do something first if someone dug up some new sh.. tomorrow. Voltaire is accorded the quote and he is entitled to it."
    And that reminds me of a Jehovah Witness who insisted that Jesus was not born on December 25, but in Jan/Feb/March/April. Who the f... cares? Rox from the Galapagos.

  38. Anonymous4:30 pm

    gua baru ternampak si RECTUM dekat NST building pagi ni. Itu pegi mengadu ler tuu! Org tua tak siuman tu memang tu aja la kerja dia!Dok mengadu kat kawan baik dia si Kamrul ler tuuu!Eh dia dah dpt kerja balik kat NST ke? hadoiii!

  39. To Mustang!

    U seem to be a sensible fella so i will accord to u the respect that u deserve.


    What is wrong in imputing motif to anyone, whether positive or negative, including to Rocky ?(esp in this posting)

    If there is a basis to do so, all of us engage in imputing motif one way or another.For instance, as it stands and until there are any credible explanation suggesting otherwise, Kaki Tido’s explanation on the purchase of the executive jet,by saying that the goverment is leasing it instead of buying it, to me, proves that he is a lyer.

    I am imputing motif to Kaki Tido, a very bad one, YET, i could be wrong.

    After all, another way to look at it, is that he didnt lie, but he simply didnt know what he was talking about and the justification that he gave was simply what his advisers( and on paper, qualified ones)told him to say. Lying would mean he deliberately intended to mislead us, yet if he was not aware that he was wrongly advice, then he didnt dilebrately mislead us did he?

    Yet, based on current infomation, i can assume the first, ie he lied,and its a legitimate imputation.Whether its right or wrong only GOD know's Kaki Tido's advisers knows. I suspect even kaki Tido doesnt.

    So with regards to OFF”s first comment, the question is "is there a basis for OFF to impute motif to Rocky? And is it legitimate?"

    To me, yes there is. And simply because Rocky didnt clearly demonsrate why his act of quoting Zorro answers the accusations that he was unfair to RR.

    Was OFF right?

    I dont know and to me, since we are judging what Rocky actually WROTE instead of what he actually MEANT,whether OFF was right or wrong, is of secondary significance.

    This is due to the fact that Rocky's posting was NOT unequivocal - it was clearly open to several interpretations.

    Thus, AS IT WAS WRITTEN, OFF has right to interpret it the way she did. Based on the reasons that she gave, it is a reasonable interpretation of something that was clearly open to interpretation.

    And so long as Rocky is not clear, other people can also have a different interpretation of it.

    Thus, just because it doesnt jive with my interpretation of Rocky's posting or yours, in no way does it make it JAHAT. Unless of course we define JAHATNESS as simply anything that dosent correspond with our opinions. BUT in Malaysia only Kaki Tido and ARMNO defines jahatness in those terms.

    Infact, since to me, OFF's comments demands all of us to write with more clarity and precision, than i can even say that OFF's intention in her first comment was BAIK.

  40. To Kekanda Kata Taknak(katak)!

    I am writing in response to your 10:10 am reply whereby u wrote the following lines:

    "One thing that my late parents (god bless their soul) taught me is to be careful of the likes of you. The most potent of venoms are hired ones"

    Katak oh, katak, u stated that your late parents( bless their souls) taught you to be careful of folks like me because frm your above sentence, you imply that I'm a hired hand. So as a sign of respect to your parents i must ask you the following question:


    Do you realize that is what you are doing when you imply that I'm a hired hand , and as such I'm "the most potent of venom" without having any evidence to back it up.What is the basis, if there is any at all, for you to make such a fork- tonged accusation?

    Since you must be a prophet( a label u love to throw at others I noticed) ) to know so much about me without knowing who i am, can u pls tell me and the rest of us, who on earth is paying(hiring) me ?The goverment? Kali? KJ? Rocky?Who?

    Since u didnt state it, then i have the right to assume that u meant the powers that be.

    Hey, brainy smurf, I have posted many,many, comments on rocky, Nuraina, Kickdefella, Marina's etc-etc attacking the powers that be and their stooges.Futhermore i have cross-swords with Sibapati, an entity many associate with the 4th floor, on Sheih kickdefella( in the posting titled “In Rocky We Trust- Jan 17th 2007) while defending Bloggers United and judging by the comments I received from the other commentators I did it convincingly!

    Infact i will even go further and state it clear that i am anti Kaki Tido, not because i am anti-goverment or anti Umno but simply because I am anti-stupidity esp when it inflicts top leaders. Why am i anti- stupidity with regards to KAKI TIDO?

    Simple- because as a muslim i am anti suicide and if such stupidity that infects a PM is left unchecked, then as a nation, we are all going to participate in "national suicide".

    So for the record, i have made many extensive comments critical of the powers that be. In fact more than 10 or infact all of my comments are critical
    of the powers that be!

    So Katak, pls show me at least 1 example anywhere in the blogersphere that can back up your insinuation that i am a "hired hand"! Infact i dare you!Just one! Because i can show many.many comments that proves otherwise!And dont say you dont have the time!If you can accuse someone of an alleged wrong doing then you must have the courage to back it up!

    And Katak, if cant find any, then do the right thing and appologize.

    After all, i'm sure your parents must have taught you to say sorry if you have did something wrong- and accusing someone of dubious charecter without any evidence, IS NOT ONLY WRONG but on the contrary, ACTUALLY SUCCINCT EVIDENCE OF THE ACCUSERS OWN DUBIOUS CHARACTER!

    BTW, i dont give a rats ass whether u want to be polite or otherwise to OFF.

    But if you want to be uncivilized then at least back it up exactly with worthwhile arguments why you think her concern to Rocky was unfounded! BUT all you did was accuse her of having questionable motives-a very selective interpretation of her comments i have to say and one that can easily be applied to you!And let me remind you that making wild and baseless accusations are the stock in trade of Umno politicians design not to refute but to dismiss!

    I can engage in exactly the same by calling you a simple idiot if not a congenital one, but it doesnt prove anything either way. And by the same token, neither do your insults to OFF!

    PLS remember Katak, that a mob, regardless of however noble its original intention, is unable to adjudicate justly on issues which involves moral ambiguity. That’s why its called mob justice, and engaging in insults without any argumentation what so ever, is the hallmark of a mob. Thus, if u want to throw insults, go ahead, just have a bit of substance to back it up.


    Dear Black Maria( Blacky for short),

    Blacky, since you say i dont make any sense, in all sincerity i have to ask, do you?

    Furthermore, can u please demonstrate to me with convincing rational arguments instead of baseless assertions why is OFF's statement so dangerous and hurtful like u alluded to in your 5:15pm comment which was later reiterated again in a slightly different way in your 148am comment?

    Since you accuse it of being 'dangerous', gentlemanly conduct and simple fairness demands that the onus lies with u, the accuser, to prove convincingly why OFF’s statement is dangerous.

    I will state it clear that there is nothing dangerous in OFF's 1046am comment. Infact in the framework of the title of this post "Zorro's advice" it is a legitimate querry which for your benifit i will paraphrase in more simple terms as the following:

    "If rocky say some people accused him of being unfair, how on god's earth does quoting Zorro's treatment of Rectum Rehman makes his treatment more fair. Infact, since the quotation from Zorro was more a critique of RR’s writing style rather than the content of what he wrote, with regards to fairness, how is one related to the other?"

    For the record, i dont think Rocky's treatment (in Ah, Rehman Rashid) was even slightly unfair- infact it showed admirable restraint. But, whether i agree or not with Rocky's earliar blog posting(Ah, Rehman Rashid)is not the point.

    This comment section is NOT for that previous posting, it is for THIS CURRENT posting (titled Zorro's advice) whereby I ASSUME Rocky is quoting Zorro to answer accusations ( of which I am NOT party to) that he has been unfair to Rehman.(Note, that i used the word ASSUME, because since Rocky didnt state it clear what was his intention, the only thing i can do is assume).

    To me , with regards to whether rocky was fair or not to RR, i dont see how Rocky's quotation of Zorro proves anything one way or the other. And i have clearly stated that in my first posting to Rocky(924pm).

    Paham tak?Aku dah gila simplify dah ni...

    PS- Blacky, are u a sycophant?

    Blacky, u stated that OFF’s statement is dangerous..can u tell me exactly what is soo dangerous about it and to whom does it pose a danger to? I don’t know about you, but most of us here are adults and such a query, in no way, poses a threat to any sensible adults immune system.

    BUT i will state it clearly here that BLIND LOYALTY is dangerous and the kind of comments that u post( which are merely insults without anything to back it up), is an example of blind loyalty. Blind loyalty to Kaki Tido for instance and in turn his blind loyalty to SIL and Kali, is dangerous as was made evident in his blind support of Straite Times legal action against the 2bloggers.

    By the same token blindly supporting Rocky or for that matter anyone else, is also dangerous! So pls if u want to reply, then reply properly and not simply echo your previous examples of blind loyalty. Let me remind you that repeating a senseless comment a million times, in no way makes it more sensible or coherant! After all in mathematical terms, if you multyply zero by a million times or add infiniterm it will still be zero- and the same will apply to repeating inane comments.

  42. Anonymous6:00 pm

    You can agree with Rehman Rashid or disagree with him, but among working Malaysian journalists he is a master of the English language without peer.

    I could often as not spot a Rehman editorial simply by its elegance.

    There are other Malaysian writers I admire for a variety of reasons, but Rehman is one of a very small group who can turn a phrase so well that I read it and think 'I wish I'd written that'.

    If the man occasionally gets lost in the sheer pleasure of language then frankly so what? There are worse sins committed in journalism, here and elsewhere which ought to exercise the concern of the blogging community more.

    For what it's worth I didn't think the piece about opinions and rectums was worthy of him. He's written far better. And I disagree with him in as much as everyone is entitled to an opinion. But equally he is right to argue that not all opinions are equal - you'd want to hear what Claudio Ranieri has to say about football, you might care less what he has to say about global warming.

    It's right to filter opinion according to how much the individual knows what they're talking about. And that is both the strength and the weakness of the internet. All opinions are there and some are worth reading and some are not.

    The problem comes when governments want to make that decision for readers rather than allowing readers to do so for themselves.

    But as for Rehman - disagree with him by all means, argue against him sure - but the kind of petty abuse indulged in by too many here is frankly shameful.

    Grow up.

  43. Dear Kata tak Nak,

    OOPs i made a mistake while writing the following sentence:

    After all, i'm sure your parents must have taught you to say sorry if you have did something wrong- and accusing someone of dubious charecter without any evidence, IS NOT ONLY WRONG but on the contrary, ACTUALLY SUCCINCT EVIDENCE OF THE ACCUSERS OWN DUBIOUS CHARACTER!

    Instead it should have read as:

    After all, i'm sure your parents must have taught you to say sorry if you did something wrong- and accusing someone of dubious charecter without any evidence, IS NOT ONLY WRONG but, ACTUALLY SUCCINCT EVIDENCE OF THE ACCUSERS OWN DUBIOUS CHARACTER!

  44. 'Yup i agree she is no angel, after all she never claim to be one.But at least she was taught manners,which on the evidence of your comments, something your parents obviously didnt.'

    Hey rempit, you can call me an idiot and I can call you a MOFO and it will change nothing. Look at that part up there, it was yours towards me, what was that last line. Why bring those people in, they are dead. Who started it. You thought you were being clever when you insulted them. If I fuck KuNan and RR and OFF I fuck them up but never their parents. It is you who are KURANG AJAR by doing it first. Fuck it if I am BIADAB or not and I sure don't try to be verbose while being one. Prove that my parents didn't teach me manners. I have prove that yours could have not taught you manners by the way you insinuate mine didn't, but I don't think so, it is just you.

  45. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Whew! Two days of not opening your Blog, Rocky, and what do I get ? All the emotive explosions. Why the attack on OFF when she is just expressing her opinions which are different from Rocky's groupies. And why the attack on Mat Rempit Hubris when he is trying to bring some semblance of sanity to this saga. If we don't agree with RR its best to ignore him. I can see him reading all the comments and laughing all the way from the Clinic to NST....What a coup, making his presence in Rocky's blog.
    And why jump to conclusion that OFF is tudung wearing black robed conservative lady. Why can't she be an articulate, sophisticated and highly educated Mak Datin or Puan Sri or just another intelligent housewife?

  46. Anonymous7:00 pm

    You were right, Rock. You said that night the second posting will see more comments defending the Rectum. And there were!!!

  47. Anonymous8:12 pm

    LOL! RR laughing?? LOL! Nahhh!!Please dont make me laugh! You guys obviously do not know the REAL RECTUM RASHID!And to be given a nickname like that would kill just about anybody!

    He's probably losing sleep or having nightmares and screaming in his sleep or haranguing his wife and family now!LOL! He can never take criticism, any criticism no matter how small it is and everyone in his periphery WILL SUFFER!!!!Dont believe me? Ask Aunty Rosna of Sarang Murai!LOL!

    What I dont like about him is that he badmouths about his superiors, his friends, his family ad nauseum.He has even badmouthed the very people who've given him back his job at NST, most probably out of pity.

  48. Anonymous8:18 pm

    That my spontaneous response to Rocky's posting has brought on some wonderfully intellectual deliberations.
    To discover there are great minds and thinkers out there who rise to the occasion when suitably stimulated or challenged.
    Never underestimate the power of the human spirit when its very life is being threatened.

    I'm really really happy many Malaysians have the honesty, uprightness, goodness, purity, virtue, moral principles. sincerity and decency (all ingredients of integrity) that maketh a man. This augurs well for the future of our beloved nation Insya Allah!

  49. Anonymous11:13 pm

    err... was that previous comment meant to be sarcastic or what.

    Look, the guy up there who said that there are better things to focus/argue on has a very good point.

    If you all choose to sit here and insult each other it's fine.

    BUt this is just a picture of what's happening on a large scale in Malaysia, isn't it? People are too busy taking sides, trying to express their own opinion at the expense of others, getting offended and getting offensive...

    If the rakyat is like that...
    No wonder the country is like that.

    PS - I am on no one's side. I just want the bickering to end.

  50. Kepada Kata Tak nak (Katak)!


    Why all the four letter words, bro? Marah ke bang?Did i touched a raw nerve, somewhere? My, my u dont seem to like being on the recieving end do u?Tulah....kalau tak suka dilambung ombak, jng buat rumah di tepi pantai..atau seperti orang puteh kata..dont throw stones if you live in glass houses

    Katak, oh katak, u must really think your God huh?Who died and and gave u the right to define the borders and parameters of what constitutes acceptable and non- acceptable levels of 'kurang ajar' insults?

    Among the many commentators on this blogposting, u of all people, a person who doesnt write anything BUT insults, do not have any credibility to tell me, what insults are permissible or not!

    Let me state it clearly that i have no issues with people insulting one another as long as they have their reasons to do so. I might find it unsavoury but as long as they give some reasoning for their positions, even weak ones,most of the time, I dont really give a toss! U on the other hand, in your 12:33pm attack on OFF offerd no reasoning whatsoever to justify your insults and cruel accusations! AND LET ME REMIND U SINCE U SEEM TO HAVE CONVENIANTLY FORGOTTEN, U DID BRING IN HER MOTHER INTO IT, u sanctimonious idiot

    And now u want to cry and complain when somebody else(me) inflicts on u, exactly the kind of insults that u have no qualms inflicting onto others, in this case OFF?

    Aiyahh.... stop fibbing and whininglah, katak!And while your at it pls dont be such a baby and justify your behaviour by saying I started it!Hahahaha....kalau nak bagi such an insipid standard one excuse pergi nyonyot botol susulah...hahahahha! Humor value aside, its not only bloody lame and cowardly BUT most importantly, ITS PATENTLY NOT TRUE! After all, didnt you bring in OFF's mother( n sister) in your UNPROVOKED 1233pm attack?

    So katak, if you want to argue, arguelah..but at least get your facts right...kalau tidak bunyi macam Tengku Adenan pulak..dangkal dan bodoh

    But then again, judging by how consistant and shameless u are in making accusations without any basis whatsoever, I shouldnt be suprise , should i?

    Seriously bro, judging by the reasoning (if we can dignify it, by calling it that)contained in your comments u dont really know how to argue your case coherantly or consistantly do u?...My, my,no wonder u ONLY stick to insults.

    How pitiful

    PS- Out of curiousity, where did you get the inspiration to use the nick "Kata tak nak"?..masa gosok gigi tengok cermin ke?hahaha...memang inspired

  51. Anonymous6:19 pm

    I never thought I’d write 3 comments in Rocky AA’s Blog, but here’s a parting shot.

    Looking at most of the comments here, and ex English teachers notwithstanding, my conclusion can only be this: that the bulk of our educated are either silly or sloppy, or just plain thick. I say ‘bulk’ not ‘all’, please note.

    For starters, just go back and read all those so-called ‘replies’ above (and below too, afterwards) for what I’ll call the ‘missed message’. The bulk of them (again, bulk, not all) can’t understand what you write even if it’s written in their mother-tongue SMS text. And as for what they say, oh dear, oh dear, I’d rather be deciphering hierogylphs. (Ex English teacher please note).

    But I’ll try:

    So what I say about Voltaire was rubbish because a law professor once said it doesn’t matter who said what. Now, outside economics and banking, law is the profession most riddled with charlatans for a start, and some yet, feeling even more adventurous, go into both. Now, what kind of a student are you if your post-graduation job is just to tout your sleazy old prof’s saying without bothering even to poke him yourself to see if he’s real or fake or dead? And what kind of law prof would say what he reportedly when law itself is a bastion that holds the words of the LCJ to be above the humble magistrate’s and where the bleating Lords on their woolsack hold sway over all the rest? It doesn’t matter who says it my foot, go get your jurisprudence right. But now to what I said about Vol the Taire (ok, then bow to your prof, so never mind who said it) can’t you see that what prompted Vol’s disgust is similar to the situation that’s now turning you normal toll-paying guys into veritable bedlamites? So how many now will give the benefit of your much-loved Voltaire to Rehman Rashid?

    And as for the poor Jehovah’s Wits (alas, I know them well), ok, ok, it don’t matter one jot if Jeez ain’t born on December 25, but if he ain’t born on the date said by those mitred men in them church, it would make your jolly ol’ Chrissy bash for Jeez all based on no more than myths would it not? Aren’t facts important to you, mate? There’s the influence of ol’ Prof’s legal fictions at play here I bet.

    It’s not RR who is rectum obsessed but the lot of you on this page (some excepted of course, on sanity grounds). But RR at least makes himself heard in more elegant ways than you are capable of, mate. And that should at least appeal to the English teacher’s heart if he’s worth his salt. But then you can do the cheap jibe and bring tonsorial artists and bleeding nimrods into the light, but I thank God the teacher didn’t also venture out into LitCrit for the sake of our future Will the Shakes. It may be time now for you sad lot, disgruntled NST office boys and desperados with rotten teeth, to come out and give RR the kick, but the fact is, despicable though he may be to you, RR is among the better of our too few prose artists. Yessiree, you have to give him that.

    So grow up now lasses and lads, bloggers and blags, and remember this: what Reh gave you was just a dose of what you (some of you) do with great relish. Freedom to attack and criticise others in your blogs, ,without fear or favour as you’d like to say, power without responsibility so to speak; the freedom, in other words, of the harlot.

    Goodbye all. Hi yo silver, away!

  52. Rocky Bru,

    I have known you what? almost a total of 18 years? People I know who know you even before I started blogging do not have bad things to say about you, professionally.I don't need to know you all that well personally, so it does not matter here. I am not here to say good things about you, as that is not my point. The point is, I know you wrote all these postings in your blog, cos you identified yourself, and as a responsible person you stand by it.After all, blog, web log is about your own personal thoughts, isn't it?
    To all our bloggers visiting this blog, it is like coming to your extended home, some coming politely, others playing with their rear, some farting, and some pissing too! Most others are all polite and thankful too.
    How many of these visitors cared to identify themselves?

    It struck me that when B.U urged those bloggers out there to blog responsibly, it really meant so.
    I have blogged responsibly since, and so do many others in Bloggers United. I know, I am threatened with a law suit.
    And to all you anonymous out there, if you just want to remain in the shadows, do that, remain there.
    Otherwise keep your bodily discharge where you should keep it.

  53. mat rempit hubris of carthage:

    as u are still adamant to listen to other ppl associating SiPM with the 4th Floor, how does that make you different than the other rectums in this particular comment section? ie believing in stories without an iota of proof?

    oh well. ironic it may be, it seems to me that you are now experiencing to brunt of the online-mob rule.

    differing opinions don't count and are just shoved down the toilet. In fact differing opinions make you the enemy.

    the current crop of bloggers/commentors you are addressing now are the same ones we addressed in kickdefella. they believe that they are sacrosanct and are unable to commit wrong or misjudgement.

    it's not that we at SiPM have a problem with them articulating their thoughts and opinions but they often resort to name calling, and other impolite juvenile tactics just to drag your opinions thru shit.

    only these bloggers are allowed to spin and their spin is the only shade of truth.

    it maybe the case that you might not like our thoughts on this matter or even shudder at the thought that this time we are agreeing eye to eye on how the general blogosphere reacts to any piece of news or comment.

    not unlike how it was at kickdefella.

  54. Typical u sidestep the issue. Its you, coming out of nowhere to defend OFF that dragged my parents in. So lets not try to spin words around. Typical of an arsehole.

  55. Dek Mat!

    I refer to your following sentence:

    "as u are still adamant to listen to other ppl associating SiPM with the 4th Floor, how does that make you different than the other rectums in this particular comment section? ie believing in stories without an iota of proof?"

    Dek Mat if you had read carefully what i wrote then u wouldnt have written the above sentence and there would have been no need for this reply. But u didnt,so for your sake, I'll make this simple for u.

    The fact of the matter is there are many people people who associate u with the fourth floor.Its a simple fact and all i did was acknowledged the fact that in the minds of many Sibapati is associated with the 4th floor.That doesnt mean i beleive them. After all, I didnt say they were right or they were wrong.

    For your benifit i will aslo give another example.

    There are some people who believe that Islam supports terrorism so if I write " due to the fact that Islam is a misunderstood religion, and futhermore that there are people who actually associate Islam with terrorism, the methods employed by the likes of Osama bin Laden are doing a diservice to Islam"

    In the sentence above, when i wrote that there are people who associate Islam with terrorism, I am writing a fact. But that doesnt mean i beleive those people are right.

    So in same vein Dek Mat, when i write that there are people who associate Sibapati with the fouth floor that dosent mean i beleive them or think they are right.

    Futhermore, i only mention your name in my response to katak as an example disproving his allegation that i am a hired hand that supports the powers that be.If u had read what i wrote in totality then that would have been clear.

    PS- Additionaly, with regards to disagreeing with RR, both in terms with the writing style that he employs and also the message that he was trying to convey, i am not voicing out a dissenting minority view.I disagreed with his message and in my opinion his writing style was a delibrate attempt to employ fancy phrases to camouflage the emptiness of his arguments.

    But , since most people were more interested to focus on his writing style rather than the empty arguments that he employs to attack bloggers, you can say that in a sense he was succesful in bamboozeling us.

    But my querry to Rocky on this blogpost had nothing to do with my position on RR's Nst article.

    When writing to Rocky in this comment section all i did was voice out my lack of understanding on how does quoting Zorro's more harsh treatment of RR's writing style makes Rocky's treatment fairer.Infact, later on, i aslo voiced out that i was perplex on how anyone could have found Rocky's treatment of RR in his posting titled "Ah, Rehman Rashid" was in anyway unfair to begin with.

  56. Anonymous2:55 pm


    U wrote the following:

    "Typical u sidestep the issue. Its you, coming out of nowhere to defend OFF that dragged my parents in. So lets not try to spin words around. Typical of an arsehole."

    Are u talking about yourself?

  57. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Kepanda Kekanda Katak,


    Because you’re such a sensitive fellow, I am going to write this dengan penuh manja- manja tanpa 1 insult or perkataan kasar pun. Also as a I sign of respect to u, I will write it in plain standard one English.

    Katak, I would like to refer to you this sentence that u wrote to OFF in your first comment, 12:33am:

    "According to OFF, if a big shot raped your sister, you should engage him in constructive dialogue and in the meantime bring your mother along as an offering of goodwill. Is that right OFF?"

    So abang sayang, I would like to ask the following simple questions and make the following request:

    1) Isnt the accusatory sentence above which was written by u, an example of bringing in parents in a disrespectful way ?

    2) Pls tell me if there was any other way to read it. I'm all ears.

    3) Also please tell me kekanda Katak , if u can do it to others( insult others) why cant I do it to u?

    4) Since you accuse me of side- stepping issues, when to me I’ve clearly tackled what u wrote head on, can u pls elaborate what u mean? How did I side-steped and what were the issues that I avoided?Who knows ..maybe there was something pertinent that u saw that I overlooked.


    Dengan penuh kasih dan saying,

    MR Hubris

  58. Anonymous7:31 pm

    This is what I've got to say to AL-REHMAN AL-RASHID AL-RECTUM who got ARRESTED in PRAQUE,Czech Republic for beating up his girlfriend,(dunno which one lah kan) F.OFF!! Do not try to parade as this god-almighty intellectual crap when you are a WOMAN-BEATING COWARD!!

    Your own MCKK schoolmate had told all the others about your disastrous EUROPE TRIP a couple of years ago!

    You were Locked-up in jail but she kindly dropped the charges because she pitied you as you were OUT OF WORK then!(stupid girl) So please enough charading , enough pretending, ENOUGH PARADING please!!!!Check with the Czech Embassy guys! RR's not allowed in that country for 5 years due to the crime!

  59. Anonymous12:33 am

    the anonymous guy who praised RR saying he is a writer without peer - and then didn't even use a pseudonym...hmmmmm...sounds like RR writing about himself la.


  60. Anonymous12:37 am

    and just to put in another 2 cents worth to the anonymous guy who said RR is without peer, in my opinion, RR cannot hold a candle to Wan Hulaimie and Kee Thuan Chye....not to forget Adibah Amin.

    So there.


  61. wrote theee a miini-Dedi today March 24, 2007 TO SIT=R WITH LOVE -- Lulu&Desi!:)

  62. dear bru rocky:

    the earlier reference was for brudder zorro-unmasked; I got diverted hear becos his Tornado blew me off track, pplus alos the NPC brew! Maaf I switched on the wrong channle! I'd but both brudder tehtarik sext we meet at Jalan TankSi...

  63. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Photo 11: Rehman Rashid (The night's Host).

  64. Anonymous1:26 am

    rocky, add on the real victim of this women beater since he escaped prague!!