Friday, March 30, 2007

Who's the Liar now?

Liars. Dr Mahathir has called his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a "liar" and even placed in the same league as George Bush, TonyBlair and John Howard, according to blogger biddogdotcom who attended Dr Mahathir's 90-minute address to Umno members at a seminar organised by the party's division in Kulai, Johor.
Wire agency AP's take here is as damning:
Former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad returned to the political arena on Thursday after a five-month gap forced by illness, renewing his attacks on the government by accusing it of corruption, nepotism and weakness.'We have corrupt leaders who favour their relatives,' Dr Mahathir, 81, said in a speech, apparently referring to his successor-turned-foe, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Blogger-politician Ron, in his posting here, said Dr M and Ku Li may share the same stage at 3pm today at a Universiti Malaya seminar. I heard Tun Daim Zainuddin will also be there.


  1. Ladies and gentlemen, please choose your side. Don't worry about it, you may switch camp and switch again, and again. Afterall, this is politics.

  2. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Sdr Rocky

    Please visit RPK's blog. PM has a RM60 million house in Perth. PM bought for himself or for the nation. If it si then Malaysians can tqake a holiday and live in the RM60 million house.

    Sdr Rocky, hwy are you not telling us about this RM60 million house owned by the PM?? Or you are trying to lie to us by distracting us from anoather scandal of Mr Clean PM?

  3. Anonymous5:01 pm

    the grand old man has comeback.

    but at 81 years old, his bite might not as hard as few years ago.

    certainly his venom is not at its best.

  4. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Tsk tsk tsk...though I'm not much of AAB's supporter (don't think many who are sane supports AAB anyway), I am also not a staunch MM supporter. Yes, he is definitely more dynamic than his successor, but hey, doesn't he have skeletons in the cupboard too? All of us have...the fucking whole cabinet too I'd expect. So after a short lull, he's back attacking AAB..ho hum..meludah ke langit lah tu...if MM wants my respect, he should tell us, with proof, his allegations...yes, don't analogise, don't speak metaphorically, don't beat around the bush..we are here waiting for someone of his stature, to name names, to point fingers..that's what we want so that we can spread the news and say :"Hey MM's helping us clean our last..he's telling us all that is to know to help us govern the government."
    Heck, what does MM have to lose? His marbles? His mansions? Is he afraid to rock his sons' periuks of rice?
    Just say lah MM..please Tun, show your true magnanimous side and say what we want to hear : Say - KJ is dangerous to the country - say AAB is not good for the country - say ' vote the opposition if you want a better government'. Dont lah generalise about leaders here and leaders there...say it out...LOUDLy and CLEARLY!
    Hey Tun, this man is trying to steamroll your legacy...i was laughing when he tried to whitewash your 2020 vision with his 2050 nonsense. Hah...god willing most of us will still be around 2020..but 2050? AAB will be pushing 120 years!!


  5. wah! menarik ni!

  6. TDM's statement could not have come at a better time. The ACA should also investigate the alleged 60m home in Perth. Maybe the PM will want to hit back and reveal the many houses TDM has overseas?

  7. Ya tat’s it our beloved Dr.M , which are coming for us to see that he is making up for the biggest mistake of his entire career as our PM in appointing AAB as his succesor .
    It’s really a BIG mistake , sir bcoz we as the normal citizen , we trusted yr judgement in wanting the best for us that’s why we gave him the biggest mandate ever in the election history for a ruling party in Malaysia . While i really appreciate what Dr.M has spoken and point out but this will be merely just another fierce critics only bcoz at present he is in no position at all to counter the mighty power and resources available at AAB goverment disposal . For us the normal citizen in our beloved country , it’s just felt so sad and helpless in seeing the country being brought down to such a failing shape with a bunch of useless and corrupted jokers surrounding our PM

  8. Rocky!

    You have been scoopedpooped by RPK on a story about AAB $60 million (RM or Aus I am not sure)in Perth, why you miss, why! why! why!

  9. Sdr Rocky,

    Ucapan Ku Li mengenai tajuk "Pemikiran dan Visi Tun Abdul Razak Dalam Pembinaan Negara-Bangsa Malaysia Merentas Sempatan Etnik" di UM petang ini membuka mata dan menyedarkan.

    Ia harus menjadi bacaan semua rakyat Malaysia -- Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Kadazan dan semuanya.

    I believe even Tun Dr Mahathir, who was among the listeners, found it stimulating and useful.

    In fact he said so in his brief comment. They later had tea together.

    They were in agreement about the danger of opening up the country to foreigners the way it's being done with Southern Johor.

    Ku Li mengingatkan hadirin tentang penaklukan tentera dan ekonomi seperti yang dilakukan oleh Israel ke atas Tebing Barat dan wilayah -wilayah Arab yang lain dan tidak mahu ini terjadi kepada negara kita.

    You should read Ku Li's speech.

    Thank you.

  10. Anonymous7:42 pm

    You guys must give Tun the benefit of the doubt. He knows what he is doing and I believe in Time .. or should I say at the right time the right info will be available. Of course ACA should investige everything from Pantai issue to the yatch and now the new mansion in Perth!! Unfortunately .. ACA is really busy with more important allegations ... petty crimes and minnows seems to be getting the headlines. I have not seen any head of ACA that really has the BALLS to do the right thing and I seriously doubt under this admisnistration things would be any different.

  11. mana ku li dan tun m tahu tentang ekonomi dan politik negara. pak lah diantara pm yang pandai. tengoklah berapa juta yang menyokongnya. orang umno, mca, mic, nun di sana parti di sabah dan sarawak. kena pula budak-budak pandai dari london yang bagi idea. dulu dr m dan ku li apa ada... syabas pak lah. hidup khairy. majulah kamaludin. kayalah kalimullah. semua anda bijaksana dan bijaksini.

  12. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Yes, and the grand old man did not favour his own sons and cronies in his 22 years of misrule. And he has no houses overseas or proxies who channel money into his bank accounts. Don't make me laugh. Badawi is no angel but Dr M is closer to the Devil than anyone I know. We don't need this hypocrite to sermonise to us.

  13. I agree whole-heartedly with Dr M, but I would also whole-heartedly if AAB were to accuse him of the same thing.

    I have no respect whatsoever for anyone who treats a human being like an animal. Who purposely puts another to shame in the public causing not only the person but also his wife and children to suffer and all for what? For his political survival.

    I have no respect whatsoever for a person who knowingly hires dirty people in places of importance.

    I have no respect whatsoever for anyone who is unwilling to take action against his Chief of Police for almost killing his political enemy.

    I do not have any respect whatsoever for a person who once created an atmosphere of fear where people were afraid to even talk.

    I have no respect whatsoever for someone who accuses others of enriching their families when his own children are multi-miliionaires when he was in power.

    And lastly I have no respect whatsoever for someone who embraced corrupt people in his times and now call others corrupt.

    I know many would not like me for saying it, but 'ini melayu tidak senang lupa'. Dr. M, please you should have been this conscious when you were in power, not now when you are nothing.

    The same goes for AAB

  14. I've bandied this question to some people recently. More face to face than on the blogs.

    Is there a final lesson that TDM is teaching us?

    He's has put all the hardware infrastructure that any developing country can hope for without shedding 'excessive' blood.

    The software are the whole bunch of us to make any sense out of it to make OUR lives a little better. He's one person. Are we so much inferior to be not able to make any difference that he could not?

    It's 3.30am in the AM. Maybe, I'm not making any sense. Can any of you?

  15. Anonymous7:34 am


    Thta's a frightening reminder from Ku Li.

    Israeil occupied the West Bank and Palestine, building Israeli settlemens, through the use of force and guns, why are we opening Southern Johor, the gateway to the country, & allowing foreigners walk in & "occupy" it with such ease?

  16. Oh yeah? Is Abdullah the only corrupt one?

    Are we to expect NONE of his sons benefitted from Dr M's position as Prime Minister for 22 years?

    Talk to the hand, for the ears ain't listening.

  17. Anonymous1:02 am

    Kettle: "You are truly black pot!"

  18. Anonymous10:51 am

    This pot calling kettle black aside, are things said by TDM true or not?
    Are they they same things you and I wanted to say but no one's listening?
    For me, they are..
    If correcting past and current wrongs, is the last thing TDM ever did, then he's clean in my book..
    What more can a mortal ask?