Monday, March 26, 2007

Khazanah owes me one

Fox got Khazanah's project, after all?
On Feb 1, this blog reported [here] that two ex-editors known to be close to the PM and his son-in-law had set up "the Mother of all PR firms" and will bag the US$15 billion-SJER or Iskandar Regional Development account.
On Feb 3, I identified this "Mother" as Fox Media, comprising a Shaik fro0m Penang and two former top editors [here]. This posting also said that existing PR practitioners were rather concern that their industry, which is already very competitive, was being invaded by powerful cronies.
On Feb 5, Khazanah denied that it had hired these individuals [here]. It called my posting "inaccurate and misleading". In good faith, I published Khazanah's denial and wrote, among other things, that "As a responsible blogger, I must apologise for asserting that the two the two former top editors were given the job by Khazanah, now that Khazanah has said it is inaccurate and factually wrong".

It now seems that I may have to retract my apology.

I was in Johore Bahru late last week and met several people who have intimate knowledge about the Iskandar project. I was told that Fox is, indeed, handling the lucrative Iskandar account. Wong Sulong, the former Star GEIC and a board member of the Bursa Malaysia, is a shareholder of Fox. Brenden Pereira, the former Group Editor of NSTP*, is an "employee" of Fox**.
I have sms-ed Khazanah's head of communications and external relations Ahmad Shahizam Shariff [who had denied my Feb 1 and 3 postings] to verify this info. I expect Ahmad Shahizam to get back to me today, a.s.a.p, and help me clarify the status of Fox and Iskandar, once and for all.

* The NSTP and Brenden Pereira [together with three others] are suing me for defamation
** It is Fox Communications, not Fox Media.


  1. Anonymous12:49 am

    Yes, we all expect, and in fact, insist, that Khazanah revert to you on your latest findings! While you were in Johor, didn't your friends tell you that a bureau chief of one of the mainstream newspapers had left and will be Fox's point man in JB?

    Khazanah guys - you better come clean!

  2. Anonymous1:06 am

    As the name suggests, this could be a very "foxy" deal. All the denials were made to "out-fox" any contenders out there until it is a fiat accompli and too late.

    But Khazanah? I think we expect them to be more accountable and transparent here. Otherwise, how can we expect potential investors to have confidence in coming here when everything is soooooo murky and shady?

    Some people have pointed out the failures of Labuan and the Multimedia Super Corridor initiatives that failed to meet their objectives.

  3. Anonymous1:30 am

    rocky, i syre am more anxious than you are for ahmad shahizam's reply.

  4. Anonymous1:39 am

    You are a blogger, man! You must be a liar (by some ministers' standard).

    Haaa ... that's interesting!

    I bet the Khazanah guy will not respond to you, Rocky. He will chicken out...

  5. Anonymous6:07 am

    Rocky, now I know why you have reached the one million mark in so short a time. Shame on all the mainstream papers. In the meantime continue the struggle against fascism, hatred, lies, plagiarism, deceit, hypocrisy. Lead the revolution, Rock.

  6. Anonymous7:42 am

    Do not expect much from Khazanah or the whole gomen for that matter.

    Time to wash more dirty laundry in public and it is not only the most sensible and honourable thing to do but also it will definitely "clean" all these incompetent dirtbags.

    Way to go, Rocky.

  7. Anonymous9:12 am


    Foxes are very cunning. They are raiding our chicken coop. These are nor ordinary foxes. These are sacred foxes blessed by the keeper of the faith, the Imam of Hadhari. God saves us the litte streetside PR consultants. Why shouldn't minions at Khazanah not lie to you now since they have lied to all Malaysians before. I wish you all the best.

  8. Anonymous9:33 am

    Its gonna be tough going for those who are bent on keeping people in the dark......the tempurung is looking more and more like a colander with a new hole being punched every hour, if not every minute, keep up the good work

  9. Anonymous9:47 am

    What can WE do about this blatant lie and wanton waste of money? First they come up with a suspicious project then when things r not looking good they coined up a PR job to sucker us more.

    Either way they are screwing us kow-kow.

    Blardy phark lah.

  10. hi rocky,

    you have been mentioning a shaik from penang. the only shaik from penang that we know was of eric white (pdc, tdc), mtc (remember la toya jackson?), indahwater (that pr stunt featuring himself?), and perhaps palm oil council. is he the shaik?

    when are we going to be free from this son-in-law hurricane (with bp, to boot with)?

    my apology for my inability to find more 'beradab' words this very moment, are those people in putrajaya blind or what?

  11. Salam to Rocky.

    Fox Communications.In many cultures the fox had been implied to bad character and ghost.
    The Chinese had the Fox spirit which can turn into a beautiful maiden and seduces the night travellers before killing them and taking their souls.
    A foxxy lady I think most people knew what it meant.

    Am sure this PR outfit will be foxxy too and will readily take all souls involved in SJEC, with high fees.
    The Spore guy who quit just wouldn't go home before sucking all the juices available.

    Khazanah as in 'harta khazanah' is a valuable entity but functionless on its own.You need a Pirate of Jack Sparrows calibre to find the khazanah and use it as the pirates pleased.

    In this case the khazanah went looking for the pirates.

  12. Anonymous11:19 am

    Bro rocky,

    You might not get the reply 'cos to our current "GOMEN" bloggers are liar and trouble makers.


  13. Anonymous11:27 am

    Sly Foxes and Spin Doctors, aahh! Malaysia Memang Semua Boleh, seperti Perwira Mat Gila in the old GILA-GILA comics, his fav catch phrase is "ADA WANG SEMUA BOLEH JADI"

  14. Anonymous11:40 am

    I for one would also be very keen to know Khazana's reply.
    But deep in me I do not expect them to say anything.

    See how quiet they were when the number one c_ _ _ _ said that they bought the super -jet ?

    Dare they open their mouth ? Methink NOT!!! Come on give them a break. They ARE MERE MORTALS WHO JUST AS AFRAID OF THEIR mASTER !

  15. Rocky!

    Can you now re-confirm that the term Malay to be changed to Moron, might as well because the leadership of this country is in cahoot with Singapore to make part of Johore the metropolitan of Singapore! Did you know that once realised many houses and property lots will not have a bumiputra preference rates? As part of the NEP that requires the government to do that! Iskandar Economic Region will be one big Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) or Bangsar Telawi, where only those with money can play,Malays will be seen selling keropok and goreng pisang at the entrance of the gate of Nusajaya! Just like the medieval times visitors need a special pass sighed by the dukes or barons to enter the walled city, Nusajaya will be a walled city mark my words!


  16. Sdr Rocky,

    Saya yakin kebenaran lambat laun akan menjadi kenyataan.

    Saya yakin Khazanah Nasional dengan KPI dan komitmennya kepada keterbukaan zaman hadhari ini terpaksa menyatakan kebenaran.

    Saya juga yakin secara diam-diam para wartawan media massa arus perdana juga akan bertanya kepada Khazanah.

    I am sure they too like to know the truth. Their newspapers may or may not publish their findings, but being journalists they will seek the information.

    These changes are gradually being seen, even in the NST.

    Justeru itu, saya amat gembira dengan lidah pengarang NST mengenai Polis khasnya pengakuan NST bahawa harga barangan meningkat.

    Ini bercanggah dengan dakwaan dan perangkaan rasmi yang mengatakan bahawa inflasi rendah dan semakin menurun.

    Berikut editorial NST yang saya petik dari laman web Malaysia-Today:

    "IT has been almost two years since the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysian Police listed 125 recommendations designed to "transform the force into a world-class, 21st century organisation".

    Since then, problems like dilapidated police stations, atrocious living quarters, inadequate facilities and out-of-date equipment have progressively been addressed.

    Approval has also been given to recruit an additional 60,000 personnel to increase the police presence, reduce response times and expedite investigations.

    Beefing up the police force is vital but so is attracting the best and giving policemen a good deal. If the police are to appeal to a better calibre of recruits and better reflect the multi-cultural character of this nation, salaries and working conditions have to be more attractive and competitive.

    With the price of practically everything going up and with the police rank-and-file struggling to make ends meet, there is merit to a pay rise. Like everyone else, the policeman needs a decent living wage to put food on the table and pay the bills.

    Their salaries and allowances should not only be comparable to other lines of work but also commensurate with the risks of doing a demanding and dangerous job under difficult conditions.

    Moreover, if we hope to dissuade the wayward among them from shaking down the public for money and other favours, we need to give them a salary that gives them little or no cause to augment their income in unlawful ways. If we want a police force that money cannot buy, we have to pay them well.

    If that is the price we have to pay to keep our police on the straight and narrow, then it is a price that we can ill-afford not to pay.

    In return for a better deal, what the public expects is not only a police force they can depend on to keep the streets safe and the criminals at bay but also one that they can trust and respect. Police work depends on public co-operation.

    But if members of the public have no confidence in the integrity of the police, they can hardly be expected to provide information, identify the suspects or come forward as witnesses.

    The order of the day for the Royal Malaysian Police as it celebrates its 200th anniversary is to rise to the challenge of the decline of confidence in its credibility and ability by putting its own house in order. It is time to move ahead and clean up its act."

    Terima kasih.

  17. Bro, found something 'bout you on Harakah (hehehehehe!)

  18. Anonymous12:41 pm

    The whold affair stinks to high heavens. and the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.

  19. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Just when one thought of associating Khazanah with the culture of unquestionable ethics, let alone the culture of high performance. And now this seed of doubt.

  20. Anonymous12:52 pm

    I trust Khazanah will dispose rather than let the seed of doubt to grow. Am I a die-hard/incurable optimist?

  21. Anonymous12:56 pm

    You know you're a cute little heartbreaker
    You know you're a sweet little lovemaker
    I wanna take you home
    I won't do you no harm, no
    You've got to be all mine, all mine
    Ooh, foxy lady
    - Jimi Hendrix Experience

    Wah, wah, wah the sound of air guitar

  22. Anonymous12:56 pm


    this is much better than foxy cleopatra!

    chickening out? too bad.


  23. Anonymous1:20 pm

    No way Khazanah is offering an explanation... I mean, how can they? As usual, just keep it on the low and soon it'll be forgotten. Somehow, the elections seem such a long wait now. And I can't wait...

  24. Anonymous2:11 pm

    So who says bloggers don't have a role to play? One of them is to police what the wrongdoers are up to, and let the public know about this kind of shit.

    Let's wait for this khazana's reply and apology. Otherwise we will help you shaft his letter up his arse

  25. Anonymous2:52 pm

    It's disgusting how people in the same circle/cycle of power get handouts at the expense of equally capable professionals who happen not to be in the inner circle of privileged networking.

    I once argued (even during the blunders of the past administration) that the same corporate giants were favoured probably because of their promise to deliver and their overseas networking etc. Sceptics, cynics and sour grapes tore my argument down and called me naive as they still do.

    What is it then that pushes some people to the fore and others to the backwaters? Luck? Timing? Personal Contacts? Trust? Bribery? God's grace?

    Whatever it is, this time I'm with you Rocky because people like BP have no business to be given face when they nearly defaced our esteemed leaders and our nation. KJ should know better!

  26. Anonymous3:30 pm


    I expect to see Khazanah's reply too, but if you remember the posting on the new ACJ, the Airbus Corporate Jet, Khazanah did not bother to explain PMB's role in the purchase.

    For all you know, Ahmad Shahizam Shariff is just a name behind a designation. He dishes out rebuttals as he is told to do and most of the time he might not even know what is going on behind his back.

    So much fuss over equal opportunities, meritocracy etc, and what do we have here? CRONYISM of the highest order! What a lot of crap. Poor Johoreans. They don't even know what's hitting them.

  27. Anonymous3:49 pm

    hye brother rocky,

    freedom of press is a gift

    and hunted

    glad to meeting you up in Lumut :-)


    -bname boozer-

  28. The spin-doctors(**) of media prints now aspire to become the spin-surgeons(**) of a "Print Revenue" firm.

    National body parts for sale. Grand sale coming soon. Foreign buyers are encouraged. Local buyers, consult your nearest wakil rakyat.

    Wasn't BP brought in due to his familiarity with movers and shakers of RDC so as to fastrack IDR's project implementation? After all, he's an RDC PR. Talk about having an inside man on both sides.

    Let's see what ASS(*) of KN will say about this 'previously not true' development.

    (*) First FAK, now ASS. Gotta say it like it is otherwise I'll be labeled
    as a racist.

    (**) No malice intended to those in the medical profession.

    (...Geez, the things one has to do in the name of political correctness nowadays just to comment in a responsible blog...)

  29. wong soga said...
    hi rocky,

    you have been mentioning a shaik from penang. the only shaik from penang that we know was of eric white (pdc, tdc), mtc (remember la toya jackson?), indahwater (that pr stunt featuring himself?), and perhaps palm oil council. is he the shaik?

    First of all i'm not the shaik that rocky is referring and to Wong soga, nope thats not the shaik either.

  30. So Fox-lox is doing the foxtrot and leading Chicken-licken, Hen-len, Cock-lock, Duck-luck, Drake-lake, Goose-loose, Gander-lander and Turkey-lurkey into the fox's hole!

  31. Anonymous5:48 pm


    Just one question: why is Malaysia still not competitive after nearly 50 years of independence?

    Surely, 50 years is enough time for a country, and its people, to get their collective act together?

    Instead of pleading deprivation and asking for more time to become competitive!

    Give us a break. Why should Malaysians who want to run be held back by those who still insist on crawling, or walking?

    Or are we content to sit by and see the likes of Singapore cream off all the goodies in terms of FDI, FTAs, global talent etc?

  32. What a coincidence, just did a poster on 'Blades of Crony!' and your 'Mother of all PR' saga resurfaced!

    Great to hear this not a cold trail after all. Keep the expose up, Rocky!

  33. You got him... and Pak Lah should provide the answering.

  34. Anonymous7:16 pm


  35. Anonymous8:10 pm

    rocky is a gentleman, in my opinion if he make a mistake he will apologies. will Khazanah apologies to Rocky?
    Rocky got he fact right, only mitake was it should be Fox communication and not as Fox Media. All material fact in Rocky report was right. I guess it is not surprise there on the two main shareholder of Fox. Very big contract to a new PR company. Surely lah other long establish PR company angry.

  36. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Monsterball, nobody - not rocky not anybody else owe you anything. If life sucks don't blame rocky or his blog.

    And no shar101, we do not have to be politically correct. we are not politicians. We are the citizens of the country. Just say what we mean and mean what we say.

  37. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Monsterball, read the papers if you want to read about the good 'deeds' Pak Lah is up to. Now, that is bull...

  38. Anon(8.40pm),

    Duly noted. Now for my first shot:

    Blithering Ignoramus aka Scrotamus Largerlicus aka Monsterball aka SS Goh.

    Read back on Sheih's posting on Notorious Bru - The Rectum Slicer and you will find that Sheih have indeed confirmed receiving Rocky's appreciation personally via his reply to one of the commentators.

    Why are you exhuming dead stories?

    Why are you consistently bringing up topics irrelevant to a posting and/or reading one with a jaundiced outlook?

    Why are you assuming everybody owes you an explanation as if you're God's gift to the Malaysian blogosphere?

    You 'ran' away for the Chinese New Year holidays because you did not wish to bother your children. And your children allowed it to happen during such an auspicious time? What does that tell us?

    You got kicked out of MT for the same reasons that other bloggers are experiencing now. Shall I go ask RPK? Do not presume that I do not know RPK personally.

    Life sucks. Deal with it like a man.

  39. Anonymous11:19 pm

    the Internet ROCKS!
    just like us bloggers....

  40. Yo Gremlin,

    Still can't admit the truth, can you?

    Every person going into "Notorious Bru" at Kickdefella will find the truth there about Sheih and Rocky. And yet, you're still doing your nonsense here.

    So, will you accept Zorro's challenge to open up your own blog?

    Or will you now go to Susan's to open up another battlefront?

    How about going back to MT? Ooops! You're banned over there after "the flower and the monkey" episode.

    Nuff said!

  41. Anonymous7:37 am

    u r the one who love urself most. certainly not the blog community coz here you are trying to incite hate among bloggers who are really true friends. How dare you trying to create problem for Rocky and Sheih when Sheih already clarify the matter.

    Grow up. U can't have everything u want and u can't expect everybody to listen to u juz coz ur old.

  42. Anonymous8:00 am

    monsterballs, if you have personal problems go see dalai lama or retreat to the mountains somewhere - don't clutter and mess up this blog, or any blog for that matter. your postings suck every time they appear.

    we are looking at the big picture here - as citizens of the country seeking the truth, not to waste our time dealing with trivia. now pack up and go see that monk. come back when u r ready to deal with bigger stuff

  43. Anonymous3:04 am

    What a waste of salt!

  44. Anonymous6:33 am

    Uncle monty (monsterball)

    Dont try to cause disunity among bloggers, especially between rocky & sheih.

    Some of the bloggers met ysterday at kafe 14 for their usual weekly get-together.

    And monty, sheih was the earliest waiting for the rest of the usual crowd whcih included rocky, zorro, bigguy, nuraina, shanghai fsh. galadriel & freelunch.

    Ayo, why you like to craete trouble everytime, you join a blog?

    Please act your age, uncle monty. Otherwise you will lose respect amomg the bloggers & commentatorslah.

    Actually, many of the bloggers have allowed you to post your two sens in their blogs to humour youlah. Nothing more.

  45. Anonymous7:55 am

    Well said mekyam!

    And don't you start accusing us of being racist monsterballs - we are all malaysians

  46. Anonymous6:56 pm

    How did that rabid stray get in here?

  47. Anonymous1:54 pm


    Fox Communications will cease opeations March 31, 2011.

    '...costs exceed the company's revenue by a wide margin. It has not been able to get new jobs for some time...' - The Star, 6 Jan, 2011.

    How can a PR company headed by people with years of experience in the media industry close down?

    What do you think of the PR industry here in Malaysia?