Monday, March 26, 2007

He's on the move again

Kulai Besar, Thursday. Dr Mahathir has been invited to speak at a seminar on Malays and Globalisation organised by the Umno division of this major Johor town this Thurs, 29 March. He starts speaking at Club Taman Putri at 3pm.


  1. hi rocky, dunno if you read my reply to your comment.

    just wanna say thank you for your kind words. i am truly touched knowing i have many friends in the blogosphere at this time.

  2. Anonymous9:24 pm

    ...and they thought they could stop him...(though if suddenly the organisers pull out then you would know how much freedom we have in this country)...

  3. Anonymous12:16 am

    Nothing about these people is transparent anymore. So everything has to either be uncovered/exposed or second guessed.

    That's the game, nowadays.

  4. Welcome to the real world my frens.Eversince the concept of democracy and 'a people's country' been introduced by the Greek's,opportunist,realist,patriots have all been mixed up.There can never be a 'clean' country..don't just comments,read ur histoy and politics books..