Thursday, March 15, 2007

To kick de fella ...

... you need to go out and vote at the next GE. Blogger Sheih of the Kickdefella seems to be toying around with a logo and poster to get fellow Malaysians to use the power of their vote.
To be able to use that power, you must first register as a voter. I know I am going to. Ok, Ok, I confess: I was never a Voter. I believed journalists covered general elections and should not vote in order to stay neutral. I also actually believed that the Nap-oleon was going to be good for this country!
I am going to register as a voter and I am going to use my vote at the next general election to kick de fella.

Click here for posters of Nap-olean and Oxfart the Pirate and Racist Bugger.
p.s. The son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, contesting in Shah Alam at the next general election?


  1. Khairy hendak bertanding di Shah Alam ni memang cerita panas di Shah Alam sendiri.

    Saya dah bagi hint beberapa minggu lalu.

  2. Anonymous11:50 am

    Ho ho ho ho Rocky!

    Thats the two of us! I never vote. What for? Its not going to change a thing.

    I am still labelled a liar and recently Mr. Rehman (see, I am still polite) called me this
    "life-challenged grumblestiltskins and disenfranchised pundits whose asinine maunderings only show why they should never have had day jobs in the first place."

    And you what Rocky? On top of it, I pay taxes for the firm and myself. Dear dear.....

    Must get Sheih to change my mind about this whole voting thing.

    For the record Rehman, I do have a day job and on top of it I provide job opportunities to other people. Bukanlah nak berlagak, cuma nak cakap, I, like you, also have a job.

    But I, unlike you Mr. Rehman, have a passion.

    Thats all Rocky, must go and finish work. End of the month is nearing, kena bayar gaji staff. Huaaaaaa......

  3. Anonymous12:04 pm

    One more thing Rocky,

    Whats up with that Rehman's english man????

    So FAKE & SHOWY!! Get over yourself Rehman.

  4. kj at shah alam? thought they'd put him in the safest seat in m'sia - putrajaya as this budak has no kampung.
    it's like a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea -the foot in the mouth "tengku" or the budak belum kering hingus? who needs the safe seat more?

  5. Anonymous1:21 pm

    what's the point of voting. the odds are stacked against the opposition. looks like we have to live with barisan nasional for the next 100 years.

  6. Rocky, all these years I voted for Peace. But with Peace I find our goons at the House have turned to plundering and getting away with it. As a PJ guy all along, I even changed my address to Bandar Tun Razak to vote for the MCA candidate. That sod never did anything for me when bungling at our embassy in Washington and London caused my daughter's passport to expire. I personnaly had to go to Parliament to seek direct help from Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid.I got an Emergency Certificate for her within hours. I am coming back to PJ to vote, you bet.

  7. many people disappointed with the Malaysian election since it's never change anything...

    Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei is the only country that still have a same political party or system since independent.

    See this :

  8. register, rocky

    register, people.


  9. Anonymous3:41 pm

    next menteri besar of selangor? howabout toyo? going to federal?

  10. Rocky,
    I was greatly disappointed and even befuddled to know that you are not a registered voter.
    In any private conversation I will make it a point to stress to all those present that voting is a solemn duty and all responsible citizens MUST vote.
    I have criticised some of my filthy rich friends who had never voted in an election but always criticise the government.

    My stand is to vote for integrity and truth. I vote with a conscience. Even if my father or brother were to stand under the BN banner, I would vote against him.
    A vote for him would mean perpetuation of a dishonest and deceitful regime.
    Even if you register today I am not sure if SPR would let you vote in this elections.

  11. Anonymous4:52 pm

    what are the chances of the results of all of the votes..being......tainted....?

  12. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Just register & be a voter. And dont argue.

    Its your RIGHT. Why would you want to waste it away!!

  13. since i am back here and reading quality ex-jorno blog, i might register to vote. before... i don't really care much about malaysian politics. but i do care about our country and love our people. how much do we love our country??? yes, secure your right to vote now! in this coming election and exercise your right as a citizen.

  14. I did hear that there might be a new candidate in Pantai too.
    At least I know that the might be candidate will fight for a stop to gender discrimination.
    Yup. He has proven it too, by helping me get some lawyers to advice me.

    Mr Candidate, I will be moving back to Bangsar....
    So you have my vote....

  15. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Tsk, tsk, Rocky ... you should register to vote. The vote is one of the most powerful tools a citizen has and it is his/her civic duty to use it. If you have not participated in the electoral process, you should not then complain about the outcome. Apathy is worst than death. Nothing changes if you do not take the responsibility of voting.

    Teach your children about their rights as citizens ... do not let them inherit the despair that things will never change and thefore they should do nothing.

    Get them involved in the process from the very beginning ... it is never too early (or too late). I've taken my child with me to the voting booth since she was old enough to walk ... I vote in every election -- presidential, midterm, primaries, everything, because it is my right as a citizen. We have stayed up late as a family to watch the returns ... at times we have wept in despair (as in the last two presidential elections) and we have jumped up in joy (as in the last midterm elections), but we have always done our parts. Now I have a child who reads the newspapers, watches the news and is eagerly looking forward to turning 18 and voting in her first presidential election in 2008.

    You have to do your part as a citizen and you have to teach your children to do their parts. Vote, vote, vote ... you can change things in Malaysia! You deserve a government that works for you.

  16. to anonymous 3:14

    Shah Alam is Parliment seat, Now Pak Aziz Sham's seat. Dia nak jadi menteri la tu...

  17. Anonymous9:04 am

    rock the vote! goodness, i've been pitching this to my friends for the longest time. every vote counts!

    sounds like a movement bloggers united should push for :)

  18. Rocky brother, vote for peace and development and vote for the future of our children.
    "People who don't vote have no line of credit with people who are elected and thus pose no threat to those who act against our interests."
    Edelman, Marian Wright Children's Defense Fund Official (1939-)
    BTW, Rocky, can I have your email address?

  19. Anonymous1:21 pm

    still sneering? Oh, c'mon. Grow up, please. You so need to get OVER that little misunderstanding or diff in opinin with BU and/or Susan Loone and MOVE ON

  20. Anonymous7:06 pm

    i was supposed to start voting 3 years ago, whn my age had already reached 23 years.
    But i am a bit worried. I have an absolute power to exercise my rights to elect the malaysians' representatives. I am told the election commisioner is an independent body..I went the isnt it a goverment website? An independent body is governed by the goverment?....Pls answer my conundrum...

  21. Anonymous7:33 pm

    i was supposed to start voting 3 years ago, whn my age had already reached 23 years.
    But i am a bit worried. I have an absolute power to exercise my rights to elect the malaysians' representatives. I am told the election commisioner is an independent body..I went the isnt it a goverment website? An independent body is controlled by the goverment?....Pls answer my conundrum. Will my vote go to the intended parties i mite "pangkah"? Or, if i "pangkah" alternative party, it means i "pangkah" the "dacing?", willy-nilly, the champion is the latter?
    My parents, my relatives - all this while, they have been voting "dacing". During the campaign period, the "future wakil rakyat" would come down to my neighbourhood. They promised, if we elected them ,they would represent us in the parliment, they would solve the squatter problems, they would do this and that - a lot of empty promises has been made to persuade us in voting "dacing". Eventually, those promises were broken.I really got fed up with all kind bullshit and moonshine.
    Having thought to change the wakil rakyat has come across my mind these days.
    Guys - need ur comments.....


  22. Rocky

    We have to push this HARD!

    Read my post on A Apolitical Blues ... Must register by March 31st, 2007.

    THats not much time.

  23. Please register as a voter.
    Your vote counts.
    Every single vote makes a different.
    Your vote really can make a different
    We have came this far dont tell us here this is just for nothing!

    Make a huge dent.Make them pays for it.
    We as Malaysian really is sick of the circus done by the bn fellas.
    Its the right time to Kick The Fella