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The blog's called Walk the Walk, and Talk the Cock. Address is
Fortunately, they don't teach this in schools. Z is still for Zorro.


  1. so funny in the strip, but sure aint funny for a country with a snoozing PM,

  2. Anonymous8:17 am

    Yes - Z is for ZERO too, that is a void of whatever, an emptiness if you like!

    Why don't we stop this habit/culture of making fun of people, of mocking and ridiculing others whom we perceive to be lacking in whatever? In caricaturising/cartooning leaders aren't we in fact aping the negative aspects of Western culture/media which we say we abhore?

    Why can't we be generous of heart and contribute our strengths (if we have any at all)to others who may not be as fortunate? Journalists and bloggers must build up the country's and our leaders' strengths not condemn them to impotency.

    This culture of slander and insult is fast becoming a Malaysian trait - a negative thing that can only have negative implications.

    Even among Malaysian academics there is this lack of generosity and sharing. They are envious of each other's achievements. Rather than build on each other's contributions/research they are more inclined to be critical and condemning.

    Having worked abroad I've found there is much more sharing of knowledge, of building upon ideas in places like the UK. While one has one's own stand and leanings on issues/theories/approaches, one need not character-slander in order to makes one's point. Rather one should argue it out rationally and logically.

    The local political scene is no better. There is a dirge of idealogy and consistency of approach - Malaysians 'hentam' issues and in the process appear disjointed and sometimes disfunctional as in the case of the MyKad fiasco.


  3. A= Air
    B= Bus
    C= Corporate Jet

    Y= Yacht
    Z= zzZZZZZ

  4. Anonymous8:35 am

    memang tak guna ada pemblog yang memusnahkan, bukan membina!

    adakah ini yang kita nak ajar anak-anak kita? adakah mereka harus didedahkan kepada katun yang menghina pemimpin negara?

    bagi saya karikatur ini tidak ada beza dengan karikatur barat yang menghina nabi Islam. ingat bagaimana buruknya akibat perbuatan terkutuk itu?

    hati-hatilah bila nak mengkritik pemimpin negara. ada cara yang lebih sesuai, yang lebih membina.

    janganlah suka-suka hati saja menonjolkan sesuatu yang biadap dan kurang ajar!

    tinjau di lubuk hati masing-masing dan tanya - what have you done for your country that you and other Malaysians can be proud of?


  5. Anonymous10:21 am

    Mr Rocky...

    Nei mou take Chinese New Year holiday meh...

    These cartoon is a superb art ma...

    Reflect well of our Mr. Sleepy, every one knows who... and of course, kids at kindagarten aware of his character.

    San Nin Fai Lok and thumbs up! for good work.

  6. Anonymous10:49 am

    Mr Rocky,

    I would like to point out that this hahaHA (or anon 8.35am) is really out of line. He wrote:

    "bagi saya karikatur ini tidak ada beza dengan karikatur barat yang menghina nabi Islam. ingat bagaimana buruknya akibat perbuatan terkutuk itu?"

    1. Tidak ada beza dengan karikatur yang menghina Nabi (saw)?
    Come on la Anon hahaHa, surely you are better educated than that. Abdullah Badawi is not a Prophet. Coming up with Islam Hadhari does not bring him anywhere near the Prophet.

    2. The NST carried a caricature on the original caricature insulting the Nabi (saw). Bagaimana burukkah akibat dari perbuatan tersebut?

    Mr Rocky, Anon should apologise for those remarks, especially no 1. (Apologise properly, not be sorry for the discomfort his comment caused me or you or the rest here".)

  7. Anonymous11:49 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Honesty before tact I say. Truth hurts but at least you know where people are coming from.

    This is the perception of many people in Malaysia, that the PM is inept, snoozing, holidaying softie with little balls for governance.

    We in Malaysia have been polite and cakap berlapik for a long time, so much so that our politicians and leaders get away murder (literally sometimes.

    They have no concept of accountability, no shame, no "segan" at all. Cos who would chide them when they step outta line? The mainstream media? Those have been effectively gagged.

    So this "adab" and politeness business is better kicked out the window as far as our politicians are concerned. Only a rare few deserve respect.

    The rest, seriously tak malu. Shamelessly toadying, audaciously asking us to close one eye, and stupidly telling us not to believe what is written.

    And u know what's worse? We elected these turds.

  8. Anonymous11:57 am

    mengapa saya perlu minta maaf kepada orang yang tidak faham maksud saya. saya tidak menyamakan aab dengan nabi. motif serta implikasi karikatur yang menghina itu yang saya samakan.


    apologise? for freedom of speech? come on - get real!

  9. Anonymous12:12 pm

    hahahaaaaa......caya la beb....bro rocky we still walk with u...itu anon mana sekolah lu maiiiii..itu belakang mati punyer kaum pun tau...buat perbezaan...

  10. Anonymous12:39 pm

    "Tinjau dilubuk hati masing-masing dan tanya - what have you done for your country that you and other Malaysians can be proud of?"

    Is this not the rule of the day? Orang yang dianggap telah banyak berjasa pun boleh diperleceh dan dipariahkan!

  11. Anonymous12:52 pm

    The flip side to this whole episode is a definite increase in literary and artistic creativity.

    This we must credit the PM for affording us the space to be creative.

    But freedom to be creative has its negative side. Some people may abuse it while others may end up tying the noose around their neck..

    Also by lampooning the PM and his government, we may weaken our country to the detriment of the people as a whole. If our PM becomes the laughing stock of the world, the country will eventually suffer. Nobody takes us seriously.

    The PM on the other hand may allow this online creativity and dissent knowing that the general voters still depend on the controlled mainstream media.

    In the meantime he and his cronies go on doing what they want to do at the expense of the very same uninformed masses that gave them the landslide mandate in 2004.

    So I would like to caution bloggers and their posters to be circumspect about this freedom that Abdullah seems to be according them because it may be a trick and an illusion.

    Sooner or later, the PM and the instruments of the state will turn against the bloggers and posters because no authority would want its monopoly on power challenged. For now the literary and artistic creativity of the Net may not yet reach the point that it poses a challenge and danger to the Power.

    But when it does, the government will pounce on it. So be forewarned.

    An Old Media Hand.

  12. Bro,
    What's the big fuss about our beloved zzzzZZZZzzzzPM ? hiiyya... When Jimmy Carter trips and falls there was a lot of laughter and cartoons poking fun of him in our media or when Reagan used to sleep at meetings we laughed and drew him in cartoons... right and about Bush mmmhhh lets not even talk about him.. now if we can't laugh at our own PM then we should't be laughing at others....
    yeah...right !!hheeehaaaww !!

  13. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Anon hahaHa,
    Jangan la takut menerima realiti. Itulah PM kita hari ni. Mahu diangkat, mahu dijulang, setiap hari bercakap pasal kegemilangan tapi kan cakapnya tak serupa la.

    Anon hahaHa mesti penyokong PM kan, saya pun jugak tapi dah lama dah berhenti menyokong sebab sejak lebih tiga tahun yang lalu, PM dok sakitkan hati aje. Anon hahaHa tak terasa ke, atau Anon hahaHa tak ada hati.

  14. To be able to discourse intellectually, you need a good sense of humor and this is the trouble with our self-exalted ministers and leaders. They think too highly of themselves!!!

    If a leader is secure in who he is and have nothing to hide; he will find the humor in these cartoons. The trouble with our government and ministers is that they have hid behind laws like ISA and OSA for far too long!!!

  15. Anonymous3:33 pm

    bon nini,

    Now, why should one find it insulting and negative, when it is in fact happening?
    Should you be overweight, please do not expect others to tell you that you look perfectly fit or put in in some politically-correct terms stating that you are not fat, but merely extremely vertically challenged. same goes, if one is snoozing away in international or national conferences, meetings, seminars, it reflects badly on the entities you are representing, buck up and do not repeat. :-P

    I find the hypocrisy truly hillarious. you preach the constructive approach of the west in knowledge sharing, and yet you despise the act of open critisizm in forms of cartoons and caricatures which is also practiced by the west to share ideas effectively. It is not making fun, mocking or rediculing, but more along the line of telling a message with a dash of humor. Sad from how I see it, but still humor.

    Honestly, Malaysians have not enjoyed much luxury to share knowledge openly, in case you have not noticed. Toll concession agreements that affect the daily lifes of the mass rakyat have been recently OSA-ed. Water concession agreements that concerns the mass rakyats have been OSA-ed as well. The press media have not been making much effort to reflect such sad incidents, or perhaps they are helpless also to begin with, but the current administration is certainly not helping in promoting the much deserved transparency by simply covering up and conveniently abusing the OSA. Therefore, do not be surprised when you see bloggers/cartoonists/artists/song writers/poets resort to online media as the open platform to voice their views.

    Do view the context from the contructive perspective, and please do not be insulted. The rakyat have spoken, please hear us, this time. Please.


    "hati-hatilah bila nak mengkritik pemimpin negara. ada cara yang lebih sesuai, yang lebih membina."
    Kemungkinan besar cara-cara yang lebih sesuai semuanya dah cuba, tapi tak berkesan. Dah bagi tahu suratkhabar, tapi tak ada peluang disiarkan. Dah cuba bagi tahu BN, tapi tak dipeduli. Dah cuba minta tolong dai pihak pembangkang, tapi mereka sama juga tak dipeduli. Macam mana? :-P

    "tinjau di lubuk hati masing-masing dan tanya - what have you done for your country that you and other Malaysians can be proud of?"
    This cartoonist voiced out his view in a form of cartoon, and the message has been echoed by many. He should be proud that the message is sent across effectively.


  16. ZZzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzz

    Sorry, Mr. Zorro, I don't mean you.

  17. Anonymous4:54 pm

    We bloggers must be patience all the time...

    Chinese New Year of Pigs is coming Sunday... and we all know that our gomen top notch leaders are all air kopi hard up punyea olang...

    Tapi itu Pigs (Beta Agonist Free) should be okay to consume, not by Muslims lah but... I think those who drink itu kopi air punyea olang... apa apa pun ambik ma.

    Bloggers dont need to argue with each other ma... be patience can take people to success, good example - that fella Mr. Sleepy de' Benggap ma.

    Now, let us all forward thinking - there is a need to get the right Human to be in the right job, of course Pigs not fit for the top notch job, but we can not argue that we have one - a big fat Pig - sitting comfortably at the top.

    Now, your call... should the rakyat let a Pig consume them or the other way round????

    Gong hei - Gong hei... Prosperity makes this country successful!

    A lot of people dont eat pork, but hei... Hong-Pao from a pork dealer is always much welcome...

    ...aaaa are you Pork-free?

  18. hi rocky,

    how interesting it is that people want us not to poke fun at or criticise people in power.
    first and foremost, political leaders are not demi-gods although some of them may think they are and behave such.
    they are elected representatives, they are public figures holding public office.
    this is a democracy and criticisms are an effective way to check abuses, excesses etc..
    secondly -- i hardly think the comic strip is overboard or excessive.
    it is not in bad taste.
    has the creator of the strip shown disrespect to the subject of his strip?
    perhaps? but so what. I think the leadership has shown disrespect to the peopleof this country.

  19. Anonymous5:49 pm

    A= Abdullah
    B= bought
    c=corporate jet
    e= expressed
    j= Johor kena Jual
    k= KJ punya kerja ke?
    L= lies and
    M= moronic decisions
    N= now features
    O= ominously
    P= perpetually
    Q = Quickly
    R = replace this
    S = stunted
    T = tyrant
    U = unless we want
    V = virulence to
    X = eXplode and kill us all
    Y = Y U still
    Z = zzz old man? tired ah? then get some rest and give up the job

  20. Anonymous5:54 pm

    In case anon 8.35am missed the point, we are now fighting for more freedom of speech and that, my friend (or maybe he is not my friend nor want to be my friend) is something we are all proud of here.
    Go ahead and idolise the PM f you want or continue with your idea that we must treat gently our leaders with velvet gloves, that is your business but that may not be what others want. after all words shouldn't hurt a big boy like him. if he has not learnt to take criticism in his donkeys years in politics than he has learnt nothing and someone who cannot learn cannot lead

  21. what is wrong with looking at the humorous side of things?
    the fact is we have got a leader who has been caught napping many times.
    i don't think this is fiction, unless we have all been wrong about this "snoozing' appearance.
    that, he was nevveer napping but actually resting his head.
    then, we should all apologise.
    but,until we all are proven wrong, then, it is ok for some of us to express our disgust, dismay, anger in ways that we know best.

  22. Mon ami bon nini, how charitable do you expect us to be - discuss amiably, dont hantam. You can build a mansion by using land for the poor; you ask agencies to close one eye so that your smuggled timber can go thru; you tell people that your son should have got your advise in making ill-gotten money; you sms to creat civil/religious strife; you use your position to influence not to integrate with kafirs; you use your position as numero uno of a print media to spin stories and to bully, to sue; you do wrong as president of a town council, you get moved...not lateral movement....but a I boring you mon ami ? If you are angry over these issues than you are a saint. I AM NOT....and I dont wish to be one.

  23. Anonymous3:22 am

    Money Talks & Bullshit Walks...


    Lawak kartun tu...

    John Labu

  24. Anonymous7:43 am

    bila Dol memberi jawapan-jawapan dangkal, itu penghinaan besar kepada rakyat. Kerana jawapan sedemikian hanya untuk orang bodoh saja. Orang yang tidak tahu!!

    Apa yang aku buat kepada negara
    Bayar cukai!! Tol juga!!
    Bangga? ye, aku bangga, kerana duit aku digunakan untuk buat lebuhraya. Walau pun sikit, tetap ada duit aku!!

    Aku marah, kerana duit cukai dihabiskan untuk perkara yang tidak perlu.

  25. Anonymous3:41 pm

    ma cherie zorro

    tu est tres fatigue!

    You are weary and going askew in your argument. You have brought up proven/publicised cases of corruption and abuse of power which I abhor as much as you do!

    I was addressing the inappropriacy of condemning or insulting a leader by highlighting what could be an illness/a health problem. The setting of the caricature is a classroom of children learning ABC... Tell me do you really think it is funny?

    I'm furious that the PM chose to be in Perth and not Johor during the recent floods! I condemn the fireworks display at the VMY launch, at Taman Titiwangsa and national celebrations! I object to the buying/rental of the VVIP plane when the country is facing an economic slowdown!

    ma cherie zorro!

    We must get jumpy and lump everything together.


  26. Anonymous3:42 pm

    maaf ya zorro!

    We must not get jumpy and lump everything together


  27. Anonymous11:52 am

    To Anony di atas,

    I don't think insulting people is a good way to argue.

    You , however are a hypocrite. You say you are angry with the PM but you do nothing but blast fellow bloggers who spend valuable time and have the courage to act.

    The PM and the govt are using everything they can to shut the rakyat up. They threaten OSA, ISA and they use the police to intimidate the rakyay. All unfair tactics.

    And you are saying that we should not condemn the PM? then what ways do you think we can use to fight for the country? All ways have been used and all have failed miserably.

    Anony, direct your efforts to fighting for the rakyat, instead of sabotaging your fellow brothers.

  28. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Anony, do you live in UK?

    "Having worked abroad I've found there is much more sharing of knowledge, of building upon ideas in places like the UK. While one has one's own stand and leanings on issues/theories/approaches, one need not character-slander in order to makes one's point. Rather one should argue it out rationally and logically."

    This is what you wrote? You are obviously living in dreamland. You are not in touch with what's happening in the ground level in Malaysia.

    You are not here, not in Malaysia. you don't live with this crap everyday. You don't understand how tough it is battling the corrupt govt. You don't undertand how unsafe it is to walk the streets. This country is in ruins, do you understand that? We need action.

    You don't fight, you are just an armchair critic, who does nothing.

    Fight the govt with gentlemenly ways? All tried already kawan. They threaten to put us in jail and ISA and OSA us, all unfair right? How to fight that?

    I got an idea, why don't you do something for a change, try to fight for what's right. Instead of putting down your fellow rakyat.

  29. Thanks to Rocky for posting and linking to my site.

    To those who thought that this cartoon is insulting to our leader or the country, well, big deal. I draw what I see. Since young I have been taught to be honest. And honestly, I would be lying if I were to draw it any other way.
    The method of expressing this less-desired fact is too sharp? Well, I chose cartoons over Monet-style impressionism paintings to express my views for exactly the very same reason.

    God entrusted me with the ability to express my views with drawings, and it would be a bigger insult to the greater being should I not make good use of it for what I confidently believe in.
    Now, why am I so confident in my beliefs, you may ask. Simple. My eyes, ears, and my shrinking wallet could not possibly be deceiving me at the same time.

    By the way, I also poked fun at CHOI SUN (God of prosperity) in my latest posting. Hope you do not fault me for upseting CHOI SUN and thus common Malaysian citizens suffer from the "shrinking money" syndrome as a result. :-P

    Happy CNY.

    -Lame Basket

  30. Anonymous11:38 am

    Great work LB! Please keep it up! It will help make more people realize the state of our affairs nowadays.