Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Don't believe what you read .."

Blame the media, man. So Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, the Home Minister, has told Azmi Khalid not to believe everything he reads in the papers. TV3's "Bulletin Utama" news just a while ago quoted him as saying, "Jangan percaya dengan apa yang ditulis." [Don't believe what was written].

Radzi had been quoted by the media as having described as "rubbish" a MyKad lucky draw initiated when Azmi Khalid was Home Minister. The draw was meant to be a carrot for the people to get their new ID.

RTM has another angle. In an interview for a special program Azmi, now the Natural Resources and Environment Minister, said the lucky draw had been postponed long before Radzi took over as Home Minister. He said he had forgotten to inform Radzi of the postponement. Others in the Home Ministry also forgot to do so, according to Bernama here.


  1. Anonymous11:10 pm


    HELP!!!! The incompetence disease is spreading FAST, faster than speeding cancer, faster than moving AIDS !!!

    Confuseus says "The root cause of the problem is INCOMPETENCE because it breeds CORRUPTION and all the other INACTIONS."

    Confuseus also says "It is definitely easier to determine a person is incompetent rather than corrupted. No wonder we cannot fix all these mess because we are looking at the other end of the road"

    Confuseus would like to propose the Govt. to set up AIA - Anti Incompetence Agency.

  2. Anonymous11:12 pm

    what a $*/# is going on with this country...

  3. Outgoing minister postponed it.

    Incoming minister canceled it.

    There you go. Two high ranking ministers getting a simple job done.

    Wonder if this has anything to do with the government's effort to revamp its public delivery system and inviting suggestions from the masses on how to improve matters.

    C'mon, folks. Write in and make it quick before they change their minds or, heavens forbid, if they decide to change a broken lightbulb. That effort alone will require all cabinet ministers to 'turun padang' sans that sleepy guy at the top.

  4. Anonymous11:16 pm

    don't you just love these Ministers of ours...

    I mean, how on earth could any self-respecting human being, let alone a leader, come out and nonchalantly admit, "Azmi said during the interview that he was transfered to his current ministry in February 2006 and forgot to inform Radzi of the postponement. Others in the Home Affairs Ministry also forgot to do so."

    in other words, he forgot to do his job!

    well, maybe We, the taxpayers, should also forget to pay his bloody salary.

    and, in the grand Malaysian tradition of making idiocy fashionable, our good Minister as reported by Bernama, had this to add, "He told RTM that he discussed the matter with Radzi and both men decided that "the matter had ended a long time ago and let us contribute what is available to orphanages"."

    so, now they are playing demi-Gods with our money... who's to say that what these two Ministers, from the bottom of their bottomless hearts, have graciously consented to contribute to the orphanages could very well have belonged to these orphans in the first place!

    may God have mercy on your souls... verily, the rakyat DON'T.

  5. Anonymous11:21 pm

    This is bull. These two ministers are playing games. This is unaceptable.

  6. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Does that mean, Radzi has now come to realize what spinning is all about, especially coming from the MSM? A taste of their own medication? Are we seeing another fallout, or a case of slipping tongue? Especially now that we know certain paper practically spins daily for the Man, more so lately?
    Am not surprise very soon, even Radzi would have to get his press releases prepared by the sly fox.

  7. can this be categorized as silliness? or something a bit more profound? but it is giggles-worthy. definitely.

  8. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Biarkan Si Lunchai-Si Lunchai terjun dengan labu-labu mereka. Biarkan, biarkan.

    Bru, see how the media dumbing down is creating Lunchai's out of our elected reps?

    After two decades of serious act, it's good to have a comic break.

  9. Anonymous12:38 am

    Looks like a new account or two for the Fox Media guys to me. First JPM's, now the Home and the Natural Resources and Environment Ministries. Those within the MCA's & MIC's ministries should be next I think.

    How sly they operate. Orchestrating the whole 'sinetron' in the open so the ministers looked like bumbling fools (if they already not), and thus justifying on why there is a need to hire PR suits, albeit those in sheep's skin.

  10. Anonymous12:56 am

    Two things I want to ask that Radzi fella because I think he insulted me, the proud owner of a red Myvi which is my first car, and he insulted Perodua which is a national car.

    Quoted from the SUN: - The Minister said: "Get rid of this mentality. It's not even a Mercedes Benz or a Rolls Royce, but Myvi".

    1. Is this Minister saying that if it's a Merc or Royce than it is OK to have the lucky draw?

    2. What is so bad about Myvi that the Minister does not like?

    Also, is he saying I cannot believe what is written by the SUN?

    If so, who do I believe? I don't believe in this Minister and the other Minister, Azmi, is "SILLY", and the Prime Minister is "SLEEPY".

    Who do I believe, hah?

  11. Anonymous1:49 am

    We have a topcat who always 'NGOROK'.

    Now we have sidekicks who are 'NYANYOK'.

    This must be recycled retirees syndrome.

    Aiyooo..habis la macam ni.

  12. Anonymous3:16 am

    what can I say?

    The country's going to the dogs...going down the drain...

    I pray our silly & nyanyok ministers and the PM who ngorok(s) will soon be gone too. The sooner the better.

    For the sake of our country, its time for a CHANGE!

  13. Morning Rocky,

    This shows tat we are being ruled by HP6 government. Why can’t they just put in force the implementations? For a start, priority should be given to Malaysian having MyCard when dealing wef government office such as JPJ, application for jobs, passport, voting during election and ect….


  14. very scary...
    be afraid, people. be very afraid.

  15. Anonymous8:26 am

    Typical of Malaysian leader behaviour lah! Nothing new! Main reason why Malaysia Tak Maju!

  16. Anonymous8:41 am

    Our miniters are very innovative.

    A ministerial way get away from what was promised

    ... all all these are televised
    ... what will they think off next.

    ... imagine those not quoted by the press
    ... what have been their excuses to the kampung people

    ... who else can we trust

  17. Anonymous8:50 am

    What the @#$%$#@ is going on ? The whole idea is smack of ridicule. I mean---just a Myvi ????
    We have 4 private jets which are not going to be used ( since a new one is coming), we are the proud organizer of the monsoon race! We can spend millions allowing foreigners to compete. Why cant a malaysian compete. ? Give the yacth as one of the prizes , then we too can compete.
    Come on Mr Minister, do something for the big circus. Ask permssion from the Chief Clown to donate the prizes for the mycard application.

  18. Anonymous9:13 am

    All Myvi owners and would be owners should vote for opposition in the next election.. mentang2 lah dia pakai kereta besar.

  19. "u people are so stupid!"-surburbia.
    give me my myvi or give me back my old I.C!

  20. Anonymous10:24 am


    wow. since when has amnesia become an acceptable excuse.

    Minister A:oooooppppps. i forgot to tell X that we've cancelled project Y already. what 80% complete? but cancelled already...i forgot to tell them...aiseh! nvm we donate the whole thing to charity...the one that my wife runs...

  21. Anonymous10:29 am

    When the country is being led by a Sir Moron (Knighted by King of Zombie), the nation is damn for sure facing shitty droppings - the rakyat suffers hu ha hu ha...

    But again, the rakyat chosen the Monkey to be knighted; hence the Monkey escape from fault...

    Looking back, the country is doing quite well even when rule by a Monkey (a.k.a. Moron), so another 20 years continuous rule will not be so bad compared to those in Africa, say Kenya or Namibia!

    Anyway, don't the Moron look alike Monkey???

    Your call.

  22. anon who used the nick "allah",
    could you choose another nick please? i'd rather err on the side of caution. thank you. and pls send back those comments about, er, bernama.

  23. harap TV3 tunjuklah pulak depa dua ni bertumbuk pasal hal MyKad nih... Di zaman Pak Lah jadi PM, Menteri yang dulunya pandai la ni nampak bodoh.. manakala menteri yang dulunya bodoh lagi nampak bebal.

  24. Anonymous12:32 pm

    a very good candidate for clowns of the year award (by duo or group): Radzi Sheikh Ahmad & Azmi Khalid

  25. Anonymous4:07 pm

    orang Perlis juga yang kata orang Perlis bodoh...akupun orang Perlis..malu aku..


  26. Anonymous4:49 pm

    "Cheated? Nobody's being cheated."

    He might as well have said we don't object to you sticking your tongue into the bulb power socket.

    Whether it's rubbish or silly or whatever to offer gifts so people change to Mykad, is quite beside the point. It's utterly irresponsible of the minister to not honour the promise made by his ministry - it was widely publicicsed so he cannot claim ignorance. I doubt very much the prizes are going to any orphanage.

    Typical bolehland Minister.

  27. Anonymous4:51 pm

    dlm paper smlm MB Perlis pun dah komen suruh Radzi tarik balik tuduhan bodoh tu...mungkin ke ada apa2 muslihat politik Perlis di sebalik tuduhan Radzi tu ? Mungkin Shahidan dah terbau kut...


  28. Anonymous5:37 pm

    I think that Pak Lah has successfully trained most of his ministers to take on his lackadaisical attitude. Congrats to Pak lah, you can now count on two more ministers sleeping on the job.
    He must be the only shadow PM in power......

  29. Anonymous6:34 pm

    At least I could still laugh when I read about these two clowns. But when I read RPK's blog on the luxury jet fiasco, I get pulpitation. Don't know whether its anger, frustration or extreme fury. Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, selamatkan lah negara ini dari bencana manusia ! Dear God, please save us from these satans, if all that is written is true. Please God, give our future generation a chance to enjoy this beautiful land and send those @#$%$#@ to eternal damnation. Amen.

  30. Seems that these two are fighting for my next Wednesday's Goofer of the Week Award.

  31. the administration of the country has become so farcical. Sometimes I dont know whether to laugh or cry.
    These 2 ministers are so shameless. I dont think they give a damn what the rakyat think about them.
    Radzi is representative of Abdullah's govt where you simply undo whatever was done by the previous administration.
    Changing decisions so easily, so unthinkingly without regard to anything or anyone.
    Yep. Just a little cheap MyVi for the rakyat. Who cares,right?
    It's not the car. Hell. it could be a little ole scooter or a gleaming beamer.
    A promise is a promise.
    But, under Abdullah, a promise is meant to be broken.

  32. next time a policeman stop you here are some well known minister's wisdom to use:

    1. I forgot!
    2. Tutup Satu Mata...
    3. Anak tak tanya saya kalau dia tanya sure tak kena saman polis
    4. Saya ikut arahan Cabinet saja
    5. I am still in control...
    6. I didn't buy this, I leased it!

  33. Anonymous11:19 pm

    The root cause is due to lack or no leadership from you know who....the longer he become the leader the worst the country will be. The signs are everywhere. UMNO must start to remove him before the ballot box remove UMNO totally.

  34. It's a joke. How many times has the form of our IC been changed? Why does it cost so much each time? Why are the rakyat made to suffer each time they have to go and make then collect one? Why is Mykad not multipurpose by now? Why is its cost that high that no rakyat does not suspect some of the money has been leaked out? Why are foreigners in neighbouring countries in possession of our ICs? How many indonesians have been given our ICs? Is there a policy to change the bumi demographics in this country through the selective issuance of the national IC? Why start a promo to give prizes to those who did not respond to the deadline and do immediate injustice to those who had complied with the deadline? Why didn't withdraw the idea immediately when that was known?

    Why - blame - the - media - each time umno is caught with its pants down?

    And why ask the rakyat to provide ideas on public delivery and then set the deadline too short this festival season?


  35. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Mengapa di Malaysia semua Jabatan Kerajaan hanya perlu mengikut arahan Menteri, mengapa saranan yang diambil oleh pegawai kerajaan yang sepatut lebih mahir didalam sesuatu tugas tidak diambil kira. Sebagai contoh, apa yang menteri pendidikan tahu mengenai pendidikan, apabila bertukar menteri semuanya bertukar. Apa yang menteri Komunikasi tahu mengenai Teknologi, apabila mereka mengambil tempat semuanya berlagak tahu.

    Jangan jadikan kementerian masing-masing sebagai tempat untuk menunjukkan kekuasaan. Pegawai yaang lebih arif takut untuk berkata mana yang baik mana yang tidak.

    Ini lah dia sindrom "Maharaja yang tidak memakai baju" semuanya menyatakan perkara yang menteri hendak dengar, jika tidak mereka akan diltakkan didalam Kolam Neraka.

    Cukuplah masa yang telah diberikan untuk menyandang satu-satu jawatan itu. Berilah peluang kepada orang lain pula.

    Bila menteri berubah tidak semestinya polisi berubah. Kementerian perlu berfungsi sebagai kementerian buakan sebagai taman permainan menteri.

    Lihat sahaja Kementerian Pertahanan, Kementerian Pendidikan. Semua hulubalang mendapat habuan. Peojek diada-adakan hanya untuk mengaut untung bukan untuk kepentingan rakyat.

    Kita perlukan undang-undang untuk "Whistle Blower" supaya kesalahan mereka ini dapat di paparkan kepada umum.