Friday, February 16, 2007

Lies after Lies, Pt 1

The RM200 million jet. In a special interview with the NST on 28 Jan 2007, the PM said bloggers and other people were using Web sites "to create stories" about him.
"I know there are people who are trying their best to ridicule me. They make a mountain out of a molehill. They just want to rubbish me. Lies after lies are being told." [read story here]
This was two days after blogs broke the story that government had ordered a RM200 million jet for the PM. Abdullah denied the purchase on 30 Jan, claiming that the government was aactually going to lease it from Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad, but without explaining that PMB is a wholly-owned subdiary of Khazanah Malaysia Bhd and without declaring that he is chairman of Khazanah. [Read here]

The point is, the RM200 million jet was NOT a lie.

The point, also, according to Malaysia Today, is there's a lot more about the jet's purchase-and-lease that Malaysians have not been told about. In his latest analysis, Raja Petra Kamarudin says Malaysia Today is not going to allow the matter to end here and treat it as all water under the bridge.
"The matter is very much still alive and we are going to resuscitate it further and show Abdullah Badawi for the phoney that he is. What Abdullah Badawi did not explain in that ‘clarification’ of his is that the government’s purchase of the executive jet will go through a series of ‘uncommon arrangements’, for want of a better term, unlike the other existing Government VIP jets."
Read RPK's Small lie, big lie.


  1. hi rocky,

    it is troubling that the chief excutive of the country cannot tell the truth.
    first -- the yacht. now, the aircraft.
    and we all know about these from the blogs.
    and the PM and his men lambast the blogs.
    wonder why?
    you know, not all of us are stupid.

  2. The way I see, AAB suffer from the psychology of a mediocre. He is clearly in-competent and in-denial.

    The incompetency is clear from the endless list of bloopers and blunders.

    The in-denial part of his character relates storngly with his incompetence. Let me explain how it works in the jet issue. First thing he does in facing up to any issue is to automatically deny. His explanation closely follows his denial, irrespective of whether he understands the issue. WHat is important he looks trustworthy for teh kampung folks. After a while, I believe he doesn't know a lot of what he is saying.

    Well, he can get away outside the contry. He is actually most worried about rural opinion where his political existence matters. So the spining and the lies in the press is all about that.

    To complete Nancy Pelosi quote, he is dangerous. He does not know what he is talking about and he is easily manipulated by people around him. How could a leader of the country and its spokesman does not know what he is saying?

    This arise another of his problem. He is lazy, laid back and indiscipline! He doesn't read and increase his knowledge. BUt he acquires a vengeful and obstinancy to cover for his many shortfall.

    The people arouind his machinery falls into two category. One is his long time machinery that is to put it plainly mediocre and in love with themselves. Thats a double wham. But they were not given much trust, because they can turn enemy.

    The second is the young thats described as "Tingkat 4" under the tutelage of KJ, another inexperienced, yet smart but overconfidence and arrogant. Being young and without power, AAB believes this group are dispensible.

    SO you have a lot of policies and decisions that can be described as stupid (due to the mediocrity) and so textbook (due to inexperience of the powerful young). To sum up the two, its directionless.

    And, the sin is to cover for the directionless administration, filled with the mediocre and inexperianced.

  3. Anonymous9:15 pm

    The A 319 CJ is episode is all about the man, failing to grasp the mechanics of the acquisition and a thought thru justification and most improtantly, failure to understand the sentiments and feelings of the bigger educated lot amongst Malaysians.

    With the "Flying Cobra" story first being carried out by Rocky and the "Soul Plane" first told by Berita, its only shows the excesses are now are really being scrutinised by the Bloggers and alternative medias. And the sad part, the man played dumb, instead!

    Believe me, there will be more stories similar to these two will continuously be featured. He's already out of excuses even now.

    No wonder Grand Old Man is so upset to all these excesses the man is enjoying at the expenses of a lot of things, after he left everything in good order.

    Rocky should continue to be investigative blog-journalist. Maybe its your crussade now.

  4. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Was it that wanted the job so much?
    Not I said he,
    He lied not when he said,
    I wanted not the responsibility,
    Of looking after you and me,
    Only the money to joli,
    And take care of his family.

    Not I said he,
    He told the truth when he said,
    I made not my son rich,
    The country did,
    I gave not power to my SIL ,
    The country did.

    Not I said he,
    He told the truth when he said,
    I did not buy the jet,
    It's PMB's money,
    I ordered no Turkish Cobra,
    It's Ananda's money.

  5. Hi Bro Rocky,

    When a hero becomes a leader, he had to follow the scripts in order to lead. So most of our ministers become HP6 (with the exception of one or two). So this is what we are getting now....the rakyat can only :)

  6. Anonymous1:26 am

    Frankly speaking, I'd rather the PM NEVER even attempt to answer the question by saying that I DON'T KNOW rather than he said: "We lease the plan from the PMB so that we don't have to bear the maintenance cost bla bla bla ..."

    It's like, I can't find a proper word to describe him for not wanting to be sued, but I'm sure you readers understand how I feel at that point of time.

  7. Anonymous1:46 am

    in the hadhari decree, the PM is not telling lies, he is just not telling the whole truth.

    Lies...he is telling lie if he denied the government is buying the jet. In this case he just said that the government is leasing it from PMB. So, it is clear he did not lie.

    Whole truth.....he did say that its not government money that pays for the jet. Being dumb and stupid, he did know that PMB belongs to Khazanah which directly owned by the government which is the rakyat. That's the whole truth.

    Since the rakyat owned the government and the government owned PMB and the rakyat owned the PM, its the rakyat that lied because it puts a dumb and stupid individual to be the PM.

    The PM never lied, the rakyat did.

  8. Anonymous2:12 am

    Brother Rocky

    What is happening to the country - Malaysia?

    We have a DUMB IDIOT born to be Monkey as our Prime Minister... don't you at all worry about this matter and the nation future?

    I mean, we the rakyat may end up like living in Papua New Guinea - wearing some coconut shell to cover our 'private parts'...

    Are the rakyat - mainly the pri bumi - Daft and brainless??? I mean what could be worst than a Pig?

    Our Mr. Prime Minister???

    God save the Malaysians, please...

  9. Anonymous5:12 am

    Let's salute you and RPK for smelling a rat! Now, will the original people who submitted the proposal for the executive jet please communicate how their proposal was hijacked by 'certain parties' and manipulated to benefit these 'certain parties'? We know who you are, so do this in the interest of the nation!!

  10. Anonymous7:04 am


    He is the dumpster.
    How else would rubbish get there in the first place?


  11. Anonymous9:40 am

    You should read explanation in Agendadaily.

    Isu pesawat VIP baru …cuba teka berapa kos selenggara dua pesawat VIP lama ?

    Agendadaily telah berusaha mendapat maklumat dari sumber-sumber layak dipercayai yang diketahui tahu secara mendalam mengenai pembelian pesawat berkenaan.

    Sumber berkenaan sebaliknya menyifatkan pembelian pesawat Airbus itu sepatutnya tidak menjadi isu jika semua orang faham rasional sebenar disebaliknya.

    “Memanglah dari pandangan mata kasar tanpa usul periksa nampak macam Pak Lah membazir memutuskan pembelian pesawat itu…dah ada empat kenapa beli satu lagi…siapa yang tak marah,” katanya.

    Empat buah pesawat VIP yang ada sekarang ialah, Boeing Business Jet, Bombardier Global Express,Dassault Falcon 900B dan Fokker F-28.

    Kata sumber itu apa yang tidak dipaparkan kepada umum dalam perdebatan di internet mengenai isu ini ialah kemampuan gunapakainya.

    Boeing Business Jet dan Global Express dibeli empat dan enam tahun lalu.

    Apa yang dimaksudkanya di sini ialah Falcon 900B dan Fokker F-28.

    “Fokker F28 dibeli 32 tahun lalu manakala Falcon 900A dibeli 18 tahun lalu.

    “Saya tak nak bayangkan jet yang dah lama begini dinaiki oleh pemimpin kita dan DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agung untuk tugas-tugas rasmi. Ia sudah uzur dan berisiko tinggi jika digunakan,”kata sumber berkenaan.

    Ikut cakapnya dari segi kos yang terpaksa ditanggong oleh kerajaan pula untuk terus maintain kedua pesawat itu sudah mencecah sampai RM16.3 juta setahun.

    “Lagi lama ia digunakan lagi meningkat kos sengaraannya,”ujarnya.

    Katanya dari sudut itu lojiknya Jet Falcon 900A dan Fokker F28 sudah tidak ekonomik dan lebih dari itu sudah tidak selamat untuk digunakan.

    “Tambahan pula kapalterbang tu lebih kecil dan tak dapat digunakan sekerap Global Express dan BBJ, apalagi untuk terbang lebih jauh lagi,”katanya.

    Sumber itu tegas berpendapat kerajaan membuat keputusan tepat menyewa pesawat VIP Airbus itu dari PMB untuk kegunaan Yang Dipertuan Agong dan VVIP lain sebagai tambahan kepada dua buah yang sedia ada.

    ”Memanglah kerja PMB untuk membeli dan menyewakan pesawat-pesawatnya. MAS dan AirAsia adalah antara pelanggannya.

    “Takkan lah Yang DiPertuan Agong dan Perdana Menteri nak naik pesawat komersial. Kalau nak sewa khas pesawat MAS rasanya lebih mahal dan apa pula imej negara kita sebagai negara yang gagah ekonominya tak mampu ada jet sendiri untuk lawatan rasmi pemimpinnya ke luar negara.,”katanya.

    Sumber itu sependapat dengan Perdana Menteri adalah lebih baik bagi kerajaan menyewa pesawat VIP daripada membeli pesawat tersebut kerana kerajaan tak payah tanggung perbelanjaan penyengelaraan. Penyelengaraan akan di tanggung oleh PMB sendiri.

    Menurutnya satu lagi aspek penting yang orang tidak nampak ialah jika disewa pesawat tersebut didaftarkan sebagai pesawat awam yakni milik PMB dan bukan atas TUDM seperti mana yang sedia ada.

    Status pesawat awam ini akan memudahkan mendapat diplomatic clearance apabila membawa VVIP ke luar negara.

    Ini kerana ada negara-negara tertentu yang tidak membenarkan pesawat tentera melintasi ruang udara mereka.

    “Jadi apalah yang dibisingkan sangat menuduh Pak Lah beli pesawat peribadi.Kerajaan yang menyewa pesawat untuk kegunaan rasmi VVIP dan bukan untuk kegunaan peribadi Pak Lah tetapi kegunaan rasmi Perdana Menteri dan Yang Di Pertuan Agung bila mengadakan lawatan rasmi ke luar negara,”ujarnya.- 17/2/2007


    Komen sinis Dr Mahathir mengenai pembelian pesawat VIP baru…

    Mereka yang sudah biasa membuat liputan sidang akhbar Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad cukup mengerti apa yang dimaksudkannya dari cara dan nada beliau menjawab sesuatu soalan.

    Ini adalah dalam kontek pandangannya tentang isu Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad (PMB) membeli sebuah pesawat ekskutif baru ACJ 319 keluaran Airbus berharga hampir RM200 juta yang akan disewakan kepada kerajaan untuk kegunaan VIP.

    Pada awal sidang akhbar di pejabatnya di Yayasan Perdana di Putrajaya, Rabu untuk mengumumkan mengenai inisiatif membentuk Tribunal Jenayah Perang sempena persidangan antarabangsa mengenai jenayah perang dari Isnin hingga Rabu ini di PWTC, bekas Perdana Menteri itu mengingatkan para wartawan ia adalah spesifik mengenai persidangan berkenaan sahaja.

    Persidangan itu dianjurkan oleh Perdana Global Peace Organisation yang dipengerusikannya.

    Namun begitu ketika beliau hendak bangun menamatkan sidang akhbar itu,para wartawan berebut mengemukakan beberapa soalan mengenai isu dalam negara.

    Antaranya seorang wartawan asing meminta beliau mengulas mengenai kenyataan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Isnin bahawa kerajaan bukan beli pesawat itu tetapi hanya akan menyewanya dari PMB.

    Dr Mahathir dengan nada sinis dan bersahaja kata, “ ia amat diperlukan…ia amat diperlukan…patutnya 747 ( Boeing 747) atau 380 (Airbus 380 – pesawat penumpang terbesar di dunia) tetapi kerajaan amat berhati-hati kerana kerajaan tak ada duit..kapal terbang itu cuma berharga RM200 juta…kalau ia tidak dibeli oleh kerajaan ia dibeli oleh pihak lain (PMB)…pihak lain itu (PMB) dimiliki 100 peratus oleh kerajaan.”- 31/1/2007


    PM jelaskan isu pembelian jet VIP baru…

    Betulkah Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sudah belanja sakan duit kerajaan membeli pesawat VIP baru jenis ACJ 319 keluaran Airbus, bernilai antara US$55 dan US$60 juta ( hampir RM200 juta) ?

    Beberapa laman web dan blog yang melaporkan mengenai pembelian pesawat itu mempersoalkan kewajarannya kerana kerajaan sudah memiliki empat buah pesawat ekskutif yang dikendalikan oleh Tentera Udara di Raja Malaysia (TUDM).

    Empat buah pesawat berkenaan ialah, Boeing Business Jet, Bombardier Global Express,Dassault Falcon 900B dan Fokker F-28.

    Pesawat ekskutif Airbus yang ditempah pada pertengahan tahun 2005 itu kini sedang menjalani pengubahsuaian dalaman di Basel,Switzewrland.

    Sejak isu ini hangat diperdebatkan dalam alam siber beberapa hari lalu tiada sebarang pengesahan mengenainya diperolehi.

    Sebuah laman web luar negara menyiarkan gambar pesawat yang sudah tertera lambang kerajaan Malaysia.

    Abdullah kembali ke tanahair petang Isnin setelah menghadiri Forum Ekonomi Dunia di Davos dan lawatan kerja ke London.

    Dalam sidang akhbar di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur di Sepang wartawan Agendadaily telah mengemukakan soalan mengenai hal berkenaan kepada beliau.

    Perdana Menteri mengesahkan mengenai kewujudan pesawat itu.

    Beliau menjelaskan pesawat itu dibeli oleh Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad (PMB).

    PMB ialah sebuah anak syarikat penuh Khazanah Nasional Bhd, cabang pelaburan kerajaan, dan juga syarikat induk MAS.

    "Kapal terbang itu Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad punya, duit mereka. Kita hanya sewa sebagaimana MAS (syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia) menyewa kapal terbang daripada mereka juga."

    Katanya pesawat itu bukan untuk digunakan oleh beliau semata-mata.

    "Jet itu adalah untuk kegunaan kerajaan, bukan Perdana Menteri (sahaja). Kerajaan pun ada juga Yang di-Pertuan Agong, semua ada," katanya.

    Mengenai rasional penyewaan itu, Abdullah berkata langkah untuk menyewa adalah lebih baik daripada membeli kerana ia menjimatkan wang kerajaan.

    "Buat apa kita (kerajaan) beli kapal terbang. Kalau beli, nak kena perbaik, nak kena belanja banyak lagi juga.

    "Jadi lebih baik sewa, maka kalau rosak atau apa pun, pihak yang memberi sewa kenalah bagi kapal terbang lain pula untuk kita pakai," katanya.

    Beliau menarik perhatian bahawa PMB akan mendapat keuntungan hasil sewaan tersebut seperti keuntungan yang diperolehnya apabila menyewakan pesawat kepada MAS.- 29/1/2007

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  12. Anonymous9:44 am

    Listen the Jack Nicholson dear PM, 'You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!!'.

    The truth is honeymoon is over dear PM and we can be bitches since you cheated on us...

  13. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Ada beberapa kemungkinan kepada episod ini.

    1. PM tidak dimaklumkan tentang pembelian/pemajakan jet eksekutif RM200 juta itu;

    2. PM diberikan maklumat yang tidak benar atau tidak lengkap mengenainya.

    3. PM diberikan maklumat yang betul dan lengkap, tetapi beliau tidak faham.

    4. PM tidak berhasrat memaklumkan hal itu kepada rakyat jelata sehinggalah didedahkan oleh blog dan laman berita Internet.

    Saya cenderung mempercayai kemungkinan ketiga -- that he was given the correct information but failed to understand its implications.

    Saya percaya inilah pokok pangkalnya. We have a PM who is uninterested in details and who thinks that everybody else is as uninterested or uninformed as he is.

    Maka wujudlah jurang maklumat dan intelektual yang luas antara yang memimpin yakni PM dengan yang dipimpin yakni rakyat jelata.

    Dia tidak sedar yang dia berdusta kepada khalayak kerana dia tidak mendalami maklumat dan justeru itu tidak memahami implikasi pendustaannya.

    Ironisnya kekufuran politik ini berterusan dan merebak kerana orang bawahan PM tidak berani bersuara atau sengaja tidak mahu bersuara kerana mereka mahu beliau menjadi seumpama Si Luncai yang terjun ke sungai dengan labu-labunya.

    Malangnya yang menjadi mangsa dan menderita adalah rakyat jelata. Kapal terbang untuk PM dibeli tetapi projek buku teks dibatalkan. kapal terbang untuk PM disewa tetapi harga minyak, gas, elektrik, air, tol dan pelbagai cukai naik.

  14. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Dear Bloggers.

    Our Pak Lah is not totally a LIAR.

    He never lie to us that he is an Idiot or No Brainer.

    He got to his position with out any lies; he was 'placed' there by his previous Moron, no fair to blame our Pak Lah incompetence.

    We Bloggers could learn that for what had happened until today, an Idiot and No Brainer can be successful in life and ones good future does not really depends of your parents fortunes, degrees, phds or royalties blood etc.

    In conclusion, Pak Lah may require a big plane to provide him comfort and sleep for overseas traveling. After all, we the rakyat elected him to be the Dumb Chieftain the country need.

  15. Dear Bro Rocky,

    I guess AAb didnt here that the wiesel blown so many times was the refferre signal that he need to be replaced.
    He was suppose to be the captain and handling the defence but basically he became a player who like to be involve everywhere but nowhere in sight...this one got to be taken off quickly as he started to pump air to the balls too!!

  16. Anonymous1:38 am

    RS, those are some of the dumbest explanations I have ever heard.

    Air Force One (the plane that carries the world's most powerful leader) is 17 years old, but of course it is porperly maintained and since these aircrafts age accordign to flying hours, they last a lot longer than commercial jets which almost never stop flying. Comemrcial jets can last 20 years easy with proper maintenance.
    The US is a rich country we are nto so please do not spend beyong the people's means, it is the people's money , after all

    State aircrafts are not civilian aircrafts. It matters not one iota that they are military planes in order to get clearance if the head of state or head of government is traveling on official duty, kalau nak gi holiday tu memanglah sedap civilian registration, siap ada flight numebr lagi, sapa pun tak tanya

    Please....enough insults already

  17. When this plane issue turned up, I made the following deduction:


    Do we now know where the 'leakages' are leading to?

  18. Anonymous1:24 pm

    I dread to even think about what would happen if Abdullah remains as PM for another 19 years to match Mahathir's rein for 22 years .

  19. Anonymous11:02 am

    AAB did not buy a plane. He does not need one. That's all lies. What he needs is a submarine, useful to visit Johor when it is flooding and also for getting away especially when he is sinking! If you like I can find a second hand one, cheap.