Sunday, February 25, 2007

Translated: "Malaysia PM heartbroken"

Susan Loone got a blogger Turk to help her translate my earlier posting Malaysia's Turkish Cobra: Lost in Translation. It turned out to be a heart-rendering piece.
"Malaysia PM is heartbroken, he may not visit Turkey".
Click here for the translation. Thank you Susan, for the help; Anon from Miri, for the alert.


  1. rocky,

    oh my! you've got to be kidding. and this is our Prime Minister?

  2. Anonymous8:43 am

    Bro Rocky,

    You are welcome.

  3. Anonymous9:58 am

    Any news about Perth?

  4. Anonymous11:09 am

    Is Turki anti-Malaysia or something? Why their papers writing such things like the yatch and heartbroken PM? Are our ties with their government sour?

    A friendly country will not write bad things. Like us, do we write bad things about Hsien Loong or kuan Yew? Never!

    So we must ask the question. Maybe our ties are rotten for some reasons. Syed Hamid, please investigate!

    And what do our embassador in Turki say about the negative reporting on our beloved PM by the newspapers there?

  5. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Good Lord! My PM sounds like a marshmallow in the Turkish newspaper.

    SuperDet, please help this man!

    How's the book deadline thing coming along Rocky? Good luck

  6. You're writing a book? A book? Wow.

  7. Anonymous1:20 pm

    lol. i don't work with shearn, i simply have several friends in their litigation dept. :)

    just filling in the information gap :)

  8. Amir,

    I'm actually in the final stages of editing a book written by a well-known corporate person. It's easier to edit a book than write one. The next book I hope to edit is Nuraina Samad's "Tuesdays with Bapak". I only go for potential best-sellers.

    If your outfit is keen to do a coffee table on yachts and other big boys' toys (or big toys), I'm game.

    As for MY own book, it's in the planning stage. I have the opening like ready. It goes like this:

    "ONCE upon a time, there was a newspaper ..."

    Wait for it bro.

    Btw, will your outfit be able to find out what's happening to our Wisma Putra guys and our embassy in Turkey? Those papers have been hammering the PM and making him look like jelly bean and nobody at the Foreign Ministry or the Embassy is defending the PM!

  9. hi rocky,

    Awww! heartbroken? how to mend a broken heart? according to RPK, our PM's heart has already been mended. And the gullet is for that much-awaited delicious honeymoon.....

    By the way, do write that book about the newspaper that was.
    keenly waiting for it!

  10. hi rocky,

    Awww! heartbroken? how to mend a broken heart? according to RPK, our PM's heart has already been mended. And the gullet is for that much-awaited delicious honeymoon.....

    By the way, do write that book about the newspaper that was.
    keenly waiting for it!

  11. Anonymous4:25 pm


    Can you tell the PM that my heart BLEEDS to think that I still have to fork out a lot of money for my children textbooks next year.

    When he can afford to find solace in Greece, I don't have any other alternative but to dig deeper into whatever is left in my tabung ayam.

    I'm sick of all these janji manis.

  12. So AAB was there again on 09/02/07, this time to voice his heartbreak on the yacht issue which he did not buy but was a gift from AK (can someone verify whether this is actually a fact and not another 'spin').

    Of course, there was the other story told by AI that the Turkish PM was 'upset' with AAB accepting the 'tribute' with gave negative connotations to the OIC chair.

    With so much controversy surrounding the yacht, why is AAB spending so much time in Turkey defending his own honour when, in the first place, as PM of Malaysia with direct authority on Wisma Putra and/or the Foreign MInistry, he could have used the proper diplomatic channels to rectify the situation. That is, if he considers Hurriyet's original article as incorrect.

    Nevertheless, it is definitely a heart-rendering piece because every time AAB paints himself into a corner, he drives the rest of us up the wall.

    And if AAB does not wish to holiday in Turkey in future, it will be a welcome change for us and perhaps, for the Turks too.

  13. Shar101 (O.B.E),

    I am not sure if AAB was back there in Turkey on Feb 9, the date the newspaper article appeared. I am also not sure if the yacht maker is now the OFFICIAL Malaysian spokesman, or if he has been given the mandate to speak on behalf of AAB.

    What I know is this controversy, or scandal, involving AAB, which started after this blog published the article on the RM30 million yacht from the Hurriyet, is still being kept alive by the Turkish media!

    Now why would the media in Turkey continue to harp on AAB and the yacht?

    Search me, bro OBE Mr Shar101.

    And, again, why is our embassy in Turkey not responding to these media reports?

    Or do we have an embassy in Turkey?

  14. Rocky! Nak! Nak! Nak buat coffee table book!

    And that goes for any of you guys and girls as well. If you have any multi-million ringgit projects or multi-hundred-thousand ringgit projects, drop me a line or give me a call.

    I'm a Bumi! A Malay! I demand my right to be a millionaire in Malaysia! Been trying since I was 17.


  15. Anonymous6:07 pm

    looking forward to your book rocky. :D

  16. rocky,

    u hv been tagged by Stephen! I wanted to tag you but, i kind of kesian you. So I didnt.. now stephen has done it. Should have beat him to it!
    So. let us know the 6 weird things about you. Can I help in the list?

  17. Anonymous8:23 pm

    That Anwar claimed Turkish PM dissappointed is never confirmed too.

  18. Anonymous9:15 pm

    On the dot, my man! DSAI claimed that the Turkish Prime Minister bitched to him about our Pak Lah receiving the Cobra yacht as a gift from a Malaysian businessman. And that has never been confirmed!

    The government of Pak Lah should immediately DENY that report. Even if it's very late, RS is correct -- the government must DENY or CONFIRM that report.

    The only thing that has been CONFIRMED by the PM was that he did go to Bodrum (or whatever the town is called) in Turkey. Yes, he CONFIRMED that. And he DID NOT DENY that he was there to meet Ananda Krishnan.

    Now, can the PM please DENY or CONFIRM the claim made by DSAI which, to me, is very very damanging. And which is causing the heartbreak.

    And, also, we need to CONFIRM -- betoi ka Pak Lah pi Turki lagi pada 9hb Feb? Tolong na Pak Syed Hamid, kesian perdana menteri kita kena lanyak dengan depa.

  19. all malaysians should be given the right to holiday in turkey every year! why only Pak Lah?

  20. rocky,

    how are we doing this tag thing for you?
    in your blog? you have to post the tag in yr blog.

  21. Rocky!

    The Turkish PM when asked said sure you can tell the whole world "why should we lie". And AI would not have said what he said if he thought it was a fabrication. True, as chairman of OIC it is not proper for AAB to receive such "gift" from a man who made many shady deals. On top of that transparency and freedom of expression have always been the order of the day for many countries, including Turkey, so when the PM of a member of the same important organisation as Malaysia made such a comment it was made out of concern!
    And yes why did not our mission in Istanbul made any clarafication on the co called "fabrication" made on our PM, who is heartbroken and who in the hell cares if he does! Just got back from Kota Tinggi and it is a ghost town after the big flood and the people there still need help and what busibess have you AAB to go galavanting around the world! The people chose you as the leader and you are a big disappointment! No I dont think I AM ANTI-GOVERNMENT! I AM ANTI INEPT AND INCOMPETENT LEADER WHO SHOULD JUST RESIGN! NOW! BEFORE MORE DAMAGE TO THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE IS BEING DONE!

  22. That's the problem
    someone is suing Rocky
    for allowing you to post
    questions about AAB's work ethics
    and wisdom to lead the country....
    next they will sue the monkeys in Taman Negara for being more monkey than the monkeys in parlimen.

  23. Anonymous12:29 am


    Thumbs Up!

    I think Bloggers have done good job to get the PM job function and role straight... running the country being top priority and not satisfying own's dreams, vacations, balls, etc.

    That Sleep Mr. PM - Dumb and Dumber - has been wasting our tax-payers monies traveling and holidaying, without bringing in good fortunes, investments etc to the nation; except help increasing numbers of mat rempits, toll rates, inflations and other unnecessary living expenses.

    Tun Dr Mahathir dont travel that much... Typical of a "Bangkai" abusing the people livelihoods for his his personal greed. Heard he is traveling overseas again...

    Shit! Are Malays becoming Fuc**d Up when they becoming Bosses....???

  24. Anonymous1:25 am

    Just wanted to share this with you.

    me and all my friends
    we're all misunderstood
    they say we stand for nothing and
    there's no way we ever could
    now we see everything that's going wrong
    with the world and those who lead it
    we just feel like we don't have the means
    to rise above and beat it

    so we keep waiting
    waiting on the world to change

    it's hard to beat the system
    when we're standing at a distance
    so we keep waiting
    waiting on the world to change

    it's not that we don't care,
    we just know that the fight ain't fair
    so we keep on waiting
    waiting on the world to change

    John Mayer- Waiting For The World To Change.

    p/s: Friends who are former classmates can do wonders eh.

  25. Anonymous1:43 am

    As a Malaysian, I'm Heartbroken too, not about the news but with the PM.

    He had lied too many times and too often.

    Lets see how he gonna twist the facts about his SIL controversial involvement in the ECM-Avenue CAp issue.

  26. Anonymous4:28 am

    The only difference between men and boys are the size of their toys..

    Of course la he sure 'merajuk'. Now he cannot get to play with his toy kapal layar quietly without people knowing.

    So now we can have a complete slogan to replace.. cemerlang. gemilang dan terbilang... its NGOROK, NYANYOK dan KUAT MERAJUK.....

    PakLah PakLah ..habis laa!!

  27. Anonymous1:56 pm

    hi amir. simplelah. dont have to try so hard anymore. just join umnolah. your dreams will ne realised provided you are in the right camp.

  28. Rocky!

    Blogsite is important avenue for us to discuss serious issues, not to be used as a place to blow ones horn or to inflate ones ego, or to reveal one's preferences. Blogsite must be used only for serious purposes. Having said that, can we stop this business of tagging, we, or rather I am not realy interested in knowing anyone's idiosycrasy or sexual preference, it is just plain childish! Can we not do it from now on, as I do not see the purpose! Blogsites are not chatsites to begin with!

  29. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Oh my heart goes out to him now that he can't visit and holiday in Turkey lest he be misunderstood. Now he's in Syria. He's spending alot of time regularly in the Mid -East and the Mediterranean. Looking for his roots perhaps?

  30. Anonymous2:37 am


    My Turkish fren came back with similar translation as the posters above.

    However, my fren made a special notation on this article:

    This news was PRODUCED by your PM frens and a SPECIAL ONE.

    MY NOTE:
    I think the Turks cudn't care less .. it is just for PL sake he make the Turkish co to send a letter/reproduce such news.. haiya PL ni sibuk pulak menyusahkan negara lain pulak.. tak cukup sibuk menyusahkan rakyat Malaysia ke?

    What a NICOOMPOO! I am so embarassed that we have him as PM!