Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Telekom Malaysia's Awo needs to do

If blogger Reriki represents the sentiment of Telekom Malaysia Berhad employees, Abdul Wahid Omar aka Awo should be happy that his staff would at least go with the devil they know. That's not too a bad place to start for the man whose term as the telecommunications giant's CEO has been extended by another 3 years despite a shortfall of RM0.6 billion in the headline KPI for group revenue set for FY2005 [see here].

Reriki has outlined 4 challenges for his CEO. Click here to read on.


  1. hi rocky,

    well and good that Awo is popular with his staff. Is that the criterion used to extend his term considering his poor KPI?

    Makes me wonder if there is no other candidate for his job?

    Let's hope however that he will look into Reriki's suggestions.

  2. Anonymous8:00 pm

    A CEO of a company is like the CEO of a country. If he does not perform, he should be replaced. Popularity is not a yardstick. That is why the Key Performance Index for CEOs like Wahid don't consider whether he is popular or not.

    I would consider the RM600 million "shortfall" very alarming but I suppose this half past six government of trillion-ringgit landmarks don't see it as big.

    All the best TM!

  3. Anonymous2:08 am

    ROcky, while TM is struggling to change its identity and imporve their books, let's read this comments from a dissatisfied celcom(TM's biggest subsidiary)....

    Okay so this is more of a rant. I switched from DiGi to Celcom 2 months ago to use their 3G service. I need internet access and stupid Telekom Malaysia won't give me a phone line (been waiting for over a year) so I use my N70 plugged into my PC for internet.

    DiGi had good service and the internet access in Setapak where I live was good, but the signal was terrible in KLCC where I work so I couldn't use internet or even make and receive calls at work. So I switched to Celcom for the fasters download speeds and coverage at work.

    While I can't complain about the quality or the internet access I get, I have been royally screwed by this stupid company.

    First they tell me my data plan is unlimited and I can start using right away and not pro rated. but then one month later I get my line barred because it was pro rated and it exceeded my credit limit. So okay, their customer service should be employing trained chimpanzees instead of the current idiots.

    But this is where it gets really fun. For the second time, for my second bill, for my second month I get call/sms from them because I've exceeded my credit limit. My bill is RM50 for the minutes plan and RM99 for 3G. The lowest my bill can ever be is RM149 but the geniuses set my limit at RM150.

    I am so pissed off because I never had to deal with this kind of crap with either Maxis or DiGi. And they can't do anything. I must go to their bloody office, line up for an hour and fill out borang for them. Its like bloody goverment service!!! So every month, I get calls and threats to bar my line even before getting the bill, even before the damn due date (its supposed to be 5th of February and I'm getting heckled now).

    I just don't know what to do with these idiots. I'm so tempted to cancel my line but I've given my new number to everyone already. Bloody hell!! I'd switch to Maxis but I'm not 100% sure about their coverage in Setapak.

    Don't know if anyone can actually help or give advice. Really angry. Hate Celcom so much because these idiots supposedly are in it to make money, I want to pay them for their services yet somehow they are making this insanely difficult for me. Why!?!?! Why do I have to go to their bloody office and waste my time. I want to pay them money just not in this nonsensical fashion.


  4. **honoured**
    I shud write better next time. (and no more stupid entry I guess)