Thursday, February 22, 2007

Next hearing, April 2

Amended claims. Last Friday, the lawyers for the plaintiffs (NSTP and 4 others) submitted amendments to their original writ of summons that was served to me last month. Given the long weekend (Saturday, Sunday and followed by the two days off in lieu of the Chinese New Year), my lawyer Edmund Bon and I felt we needed more time to study the amended claims.
Today's hearing was to hear my application to strike out the plaintiffs' lawsuit.
As the claims have just been amended, we sought for an adjournment. The Judge granted it and set April 2 to hear my application to strike out their suit based on the amended claims.

Some 50 bloggers and friends turned up at Wisma Denmark this afternoon to wish me well. We cut a birthday cake brought by Nuraina A. Samad and Marina Mahathir. Datuk Ron and Gen M bought tea and Maria served more than 20 plates of her special mi rebus brunch at Kafe-Four-teen in PJ to us bloggers. What A Lulu baked us cookies and some of us met Clark Gable, Walski, Rajahram, Mr Nobody, Tony Pua, June x2, Wielmaja, Lame Basket, and blogger-in-waiting and veteran journo Uncle Saad Hashim for for the first time.
The usual suspects were there. My thanks to all.

But before April 2 there's March 6, a date to walk with Jeff Ooi.


  1. Sorry I missed it again. Important meeting somewhere in town.

    See you at the club, Rocky.


  2. Bro,
    sorry I couldn't stay longer. Nuraina thank Maria for the fantastic mee rebus.
    Hang in there bro.

  3. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Sorry couldn't join you at Wisma Denmark today

  4. My dear Bro Ahirudin...let's hope for the best in your case and prepare for the worst. Please stay focus.

    Same goes for you, Bro Jeff Ooi.

  5. Anonymous10:46 pm

    What a dumbo!!! They called themselves professional .... and they are supposed to be the think tank.
    Another FLIP FLOP syndrome!!

    HELP !!! This incompetence disease is spreading FAST.
    My heart bleeds for MALAYSIA!

  6. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Khello, Khello (according the current TM's tv advertisement jinggle!)....

    Don't la tell the bloody whole world I hate 2 plate of Maria Samad's mee rebus plus Mr Jinggo's half! That kicap manis Habhal did the trick la......... :)

    Anyway, I am glad we hung out today, in support of Rocky. And yes, we made a few more friends.

    This, could foster a new solidaration and many more, will support the Bloggers United.

  7. I sangat jealous to see all of you get together like this. Am going to try to make it on Apr 2. He he heh!
    All the best, bro.

  8. Bro, i have several pics that i take when i was there today. please visit


  9. Anonymous12:27 am

    Rocky, the suppport for you cause is growing by the day. Keep up the good work.

  10. Anonymous12:37 am

    The Mee Rebus ok. The Teh Tarik is superb. But then again...its not the Mee Rebus nor Teh tarik that brings me there...its pure Friendship.

    United as Friends. Rain or shine. With or without it, I will still be there. Its the number game that bring in the inner strenght.

    Stay strong and focus always, bro.

    John Labu.

  11. A good turnout, wish i was there. Can we see some pictures, please?

  12. Anonymous10:13 am


    Jeff's court thingy on March 6 is conveniently a day before you relinquish the NPC Presidency. Coincidence or a sign?

  13. Rocky,
    Glad to have met you and the rest of the Bloggers United yesterday.
    I thought of meeting the whole group at the foyer before the hearing and hence arrived about two. Had to find my way to the courtroom from the enquiry desk downstairs.
    I was with NTV7, Star, AP and the other media people before Mr. Malik Sarwar came and told us the case may be postponed because of late amendment submissions by the defence.
    Subsequently I met Rocky and JeffOoi and wished them well.
    After the hearing Mr.Edward Bon confirmed the new date to be 2nd April and said they had to decide whether to proceed with the strike-off application after studying the amendments.
    Finally on my way down to the cafe, I caught up with Stephen, Bernard, Marina and Nuraina.
    At the party, I met a host of bloggers and made so many friends and found the entire get-together wonderful. Imagine meeting members through the Blogs and consolidating friendship in person !
    Thank you all, not forgetting Microsoft and Google for having made it possible.

  14. I was there ! Had to enquire the service desk to know which floor.

    However, I left right after the interview. I did not go into the cafe.

    Did not realise that there are as many as 50 bloggers. If that's true, then it's good.

  15. Anonymous11:07 am

    It's truly my pleasure and suprise to have meet soooooo ... maaaany ... Malaysian blogger and well wisher walking this journey together with Rocky and Jeff. A very lovely gathering and I was hoping that it would be under a very different circumstances. Well, I must say the cake was nice too. Cheers guys and gals in whatever you all are doing for the day ... :)

  16. Ditto, what made it more pleasant was the solidarity and the spirit of camaraderie.
    I know I where I will be come March 6.
    Lets get it starte...e...e....d!

    tony a.k.a alliedmartster

  17. Salam to Rocky and all.

    My support from Jebatville. Unable to be in person but with united team in spirit/semangat.
    Seems they 'ubah tiang gol' against you. That might be a habit they learned from the 'saksi tilam' episode.

    All the best to you and Jeff

  18. Rocky - It was a great pleasure, not to mention honor, to have met you finally.

    (And in my infernal laziness, the same goes to the other folks I met who happen to be reading this).

    I managed to capture the cake-cutting ceremony, by the way, which can be viewed here. I will update the post to include links to other sites with pix.

    Keep on fighting the good fight!

  19. Rocky, best of luck, maybe next time I can be there at Wisma Denmark with you guys....

    anyway you have nothing to fear because you have done nothing wrong those who have to fear at those who have been abusing the nation, they are playing in the reaf FEAR FACTOR...just a small plug for my blog

  20. Alamak, gerubuk, saya pun baru sempat buat mykad semalam.
    Mee rebus johor is one of my fav fd. Cu guys at kak maria's next time, alright!

  21. Dear Ronin Samurai Rocky,

    Am sorry that i didnot stay for the whole to cari makan ma!!

    It was a pleasant mee rebus no doubt about it.The place ,like you describe it ,is an oasis of sort....i was having meerebus on hot afternoon sun and yet the i didnt feel the heat.

    It was the meerebus ,the oasis and the company i was with that made it to be a very memorable day.

    I shall write about it in my blog .

    The meeting with bloggers were great but someone aptly said it ,when asked by the reporter why are we so passionate about
    this,"I might not agree with everything to what said by Rocky,Jeff or anyone for that matter,but they deserve the right to say what they think as right, and lets everyone has the right to form his or her own opinion on that matter"

    Not much to ask ,said I,in so caleed a democratic country of ours....

    I sincerely would support it as I feel the climate is such that every politician treat the rakyat like DUNGU s ,and expected everyone to take hook ,line and sinker to evrything dished out.

    Good Luck To You Bro Rocky and Jeff

  22. Sadly I missed the mee rebus session at PJ yesterday.

    However, I accidentally met Rocky this morning and managed to force him to talk to me.

    Good guy you Rocky.

    Luqman and I will always walk with you.

  23. Anonymous1:04 am

    Hi bro,

    Sorry for not being there with you yesterday, will catch up with you at PC when I m back to KL next monday.


  24. Anonymous3:57 pm