Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One month later

Bloggers United. I confess. When NSTP and the 4 others filed the defamation suit against me last month [here], I felt alone. When I was editor at the Mail and the Business Times, we got sued by corporations and individuals all the time but I was never worried. After all, I had the mighty NSTP behind me. But now the NSTP was suing me and I had no one behind me.
Nuraina A. Samad was there when they served me the papers. She had witnessed them take away her dad [and kept him in jail for over 5 years without trial, here], so some defamation suit, unprecedented or otherwise, wasn't about to impress her. That gave me strength.
A little later, A. Kadir Jasin called up. He heard that Jeff Ooi was being sued by the NSTP and thought I should get fellow bloggers to support the Screenshots blogger. I told him that Jeff was not alone.
The suit brought Jeff and I closer. And to think that we used to cross swords before: The Blogger vs The Editor. Together we sought advice from various parties, including Karpal Singh. Quite a few lawyers called up and dropped mails to offer to defend me, pro bono, and that I found heartening. Sonia from the CIJ called a press conference to denounce the legal action. The path led me to Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Haris Ibrahim and Edmund Bon. Elizabeth Wong had a hand in this.
There were over a thousand mails, text messages, calls and comments on the blog giving me support.
And then Sheih of Kickdefella, whom I met not too long ago under strange circumstances through Firewall, unilaterally created the Bloggers United: No Fear logo. Susan Loone started an Official Page for Bloggers United and someone else initiated Walk With Us.
When Bon and I walked up to court that morning on Jan 25, the bloggers were there. Ron was there. So were Pahit Manis, Zorro, Sang Kelembai, Kuda Ranggi, A Voice, Politikus. The KMU boys turned up, the Gen-M was there with banners, and bloggers from all over started to link up.
Marina Mahathir came into the picture and there were talks about setting up a legal fund to help Jeff and I. One day she mailed me from Sri Lanka and wanted to know why I had not put up the Bloggers' United logo. I got someone to help me tinker with the template and displayed the logo on my blog that very day. Last week, Malaysia Today did the same.

It's been only a month but we have come a long way. Hundreds of blogs are Bloggers United logo carriers. Thousands will do the same. In Mr Smith's words, a time will come when bloggers will move mountains. I believe that.

On Thursday the 22nd of February, at Wisma Denmark at 2.30pm, I go back to court to face NSTP and 4 Others. I don't feel alone anymore. I've got Bloggers United behind me.


  1. Anonymous11:57 pm

    The day they decided to mess up with you both, they messing up with us all.

    Bloggers United, because we are, we can!

  2. Anonymous12:00 am

    Dear Rocky ,

    What happen to the proposed fund ?
    My RM 300 is still waiting to be contributed.

  3. Anonymous12:00 am

    Rocky, there are many more who wish they could turn up but cannto because who still pays their salary.

    This is a watershed for the country and how your case turns out affects everyone, whether they realise it or not, your win is our victory, If you lose the whole country loses.

  4. Good luck, gentleman. All the best to you.

  5. Happy Birthday Bloggers United.

    Even though it has only been a month, we should bear in mind of an 'untold' story.

    B.U. became the galvanising catalyst for unity within the netizens community.

    Let's share this priceless treasure with all in Malaysia.


    Rocky, I'll be there at W.D. on 22/02/07 at 1430HR but I have a feeling we'll meet each other about 18 hours earlier.


  6. Anonymous12:56 am

    best wishes. fingers crossed...God be with you>>>>
    you are a HERO!!!!
    probably the most famous journalist of your time now with this landmark case!

  7. Anonymous1:01 am

    Yo Rocky,

    You know we are with you, with this one. No, you are not alone, at least not on this............

    Yours faithfully,

    Band of Bloggers -
    Men (& Women) of e (electronic) coy.

  8. Anonymous2:08 am

    Rocky: "...and there were talks about setting up a legal fund to help Jeff and I".

    Dear Rocky,

    The very best to you on Feb 22nd! I add my prayers and moral support.

    To those spearheading the legal fund plan, please make it materialize no matter what transpires on Feb 22nd. We HAVE to show those bullies our sense of purpose and solidarity. It will also give those of us who cannot walk with Rocky and Jeff in person a chance to make concrete our support.

    Happy anniversary Bloggers United!

  9. Rocky,

    We bloggers have and will be with you all the way to victory.

    I am outstation and will not be back to KL on 22nd. I will say my prayer to ensure that evilmen will bear the sanction.

    You and Jeff will come out victories as there is truly NO CASE at all.

  10. 30 big steps and now big and bigger leaps forward.

    Happy anniversary Bloggers United!

    The war will continue

    No matter what happen, you'll emerge the historic winner, Rocky and Jeff.

  11. Dear Bro Rocky @RS Samurai,

    Now I realise there is another Rocky blogger ,i have to add you as RS Rocky frm now on,hope you dont mind.
    For uninitiated RS stand for Ronin Samurai.Ronins are Samurai without master as is our Samurai here....he is VSS'ed Samurai see.

    Nevertheless this particular One has the support of all fellow bloggers as his fight is true and on behalf of all of us.Alone was he,as it seem initially ,but his solo run in unearthing corruption,mismanagement and gallybunting way of spending people's money have finally came to popular support.
    If I can find anyone(s) to give my undivided support for the sake of whole Malaysian ,RS Samurai and Jeff Ooi won hands down.Not dthat anyone else not desrving but they are ones with dire need of our support ...united we must ,as we are small but its not easy to crush this small calcitrant bug...as we keep n bugging any mismanagement of public fund.

    Good Luck RS Rocky and Jeff Ooi ,Ill be there Insyallah.

  12. ....But now the NSTP was suing me and I had no one behind me.

    You are not alone bro rocky. It's true wat Commander sheih [kickdefella] said: we have travel the world over, from Klang Valley to Miri, from Kota Kinabalu to Penang, from Gwangju to Vancouver , from Bangkok to Sudan and yesterday, we landed in Sillicon Valley , California . M Bakri Musa is now Bloggers United – No Fear.

    ALLAH will be wef YOU, bro rocky. AMIN

  13. Rocky,
    I wish I could be at Wisma Denmark but I can't since I am a few hours away from KL.

    Nevertheless, you have my moral support.

  14. Anonymous8:33 am

    Hi Rocky

    Do a Bloggers United car sticker and you will see even more support! How about this?

  15. Anonymous9:51 am

    Let the fight begin. We (bloggers) have our way to save this country from all the messes done by the government.

    We (bloggers) have to do what an average Joe will do to defend this beloved country.

    Hail Malaysia, Hail Bloggers United.

  16. Anonymous10:15 am


    You'll never walk alone. Amin.

  17. Anonymous10:20 am


    I visit your blog regularly but have never posted any comments. Although I will not be at Denmark House on 22/2, my thoughts will be with you and for you. Be strong as the Rock of Gibralta and give the ****holes a fight. As they say 'Lawan Tetap Lawan.' All the best to you and Jeff Ooi.

  18. Hope my latest posting will galvanize support for 22Feb.

  19. Anonymous10:48 am

    Rocky, dear friend, eventhough the great South China Sea separates us and we cannot be there in person for you tomorrow, rest assured that we are there in spirit! Even my mom wishes you all the best and will be following the news keenly! :D

    Our prayers, thoughts & wishes are with you as you soldier on. God Bless you & your loved ones.

  20. Anonymous11:18 am

    Well Rocky,

    I have been there on the first day and it definitely won't be my last. That goes the same with Jeff. Even though I have commitment on my side as well, but I will always try my very best to be there, for each and every step with both of you guys in any way that I can offer my help and support.

    I personally believe fear of voicing your opinion will only lead to ignorence, and to bad abuse in any subject. As such it always need to be enquire at all times. That is enquiring truth in the process of democracy, and of course logically debated like any civilize human being ... :)

  21. Anonymous12:52 pm

    I've been reading your blog for a while but on this occasion, I felt it was time to actually say something. That you have a vast amount of support is apparent and as a Malaysian, one who loves her country despite its many flaws, I would be proud to be one of the (hopefully huge) number that walks with you tomorrow -- despite the fact that I am not a blogger.
    As you put it, you don't feel alone anymore. Well, you obviously aren't and that is as it should be.
    Best of luck -- not just for tomorrow but for all the struggles that you have decided to take up for the sake of our beloved country.

  22. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    My heartfelt support goes to you in this matter. I read of your travails since they slapped u and Jeff with a lawsuit.

    It should bolster you immensely to know you are not walking alone in this journey. Its a horrid predicament u r in, but believe me, my friend, you and jeff now know who your friends and supporters are.

    More than that, total strangers are pledging support to u guys. When people who have nothing in common come together for a cause, it must surely augur well for the cause itself.

    We feel, brother. We are there for you. And we now have a voice. Fight the good fight brothers!

  23. Anonymous2:37 pm


    U sure know how to stir up my emotions! I'm saving up this post to read in my hour of despair as I can relate to it.

  24. good luck to you bro , our doa are with you.Hope that 22nd will be our victory.

  25. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Semoga Allah Taala sentiasa melindungi. Doa mereka yang teraniaya InshaAllah akan dimakbulkan.

  26. Anonymous3:18 pm


    While we, your mere readers, may not be bloggers, you can still count on our support. Stay strong, bro, & stay focus. Justice will prevail.

  27. Anonymous4:25 pm

    yes, don't worry, rocky. i'm sure all of us, esp. socio-political bloggers like me, will stand behind you.

    best of luck for your tomorrow's hearing. i'm sure many bloggers will turn up in solidarity with you.

  28. Rocky,

    you know you are not alone.
    We will be with you tomorrow.

    And to Bloggers United -- Happy Birthday!

  29. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Dear RockyBru,

    No worries bro. Do fight til the last drop of ur blood. God Bless You - ellary-

  30. bro
    sabar,istiqamah, berjuang dan semoga kebebasan ditegak

  31. Anonymous8:30 pm

    brother, FEb 22 will always be remembered as similar to the May 4 movement in china when millions of chinese students rallied in Beijing Unviversity in 1919 against oppression, lies, treachery, hypocrisy, idiocy. Feb 22 will always be rememebered as the day Malayssians free themselves of the shackles of bigotry, hate, fear and self-serving racist politicians. Rocky, lead us.

  32. Anonymous12:22 am

    Lets see how many of these hypocrites actually turn up eh rocky?

  33. Anonymous2:11 am

    Hope things went well today, Rocky. Wishing you all the best ...

  34. Anonymous2:27 am

    Brother Rocky & Senior Jeff Ooi

    Good luck.... United, Bloggers could even get rid those Bast**ds from ruining the rakyats lives.

    Rest assured, the path of those who followed and supported the "Truth" against "Corrupt" will be safeguarded even with the Al-Mighty God and the people.

    Berlin Wall was broken down by people, the Sleep Donkeys is no way near Berlin Wall. Hence, time will tell that Man can be Donkey, and be a Leader!

    Something to ponder...

  35. Anon (12.22am),

    No idea myself.

    You coming? Or rather, be a hypocrite and don't.

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  37. Anonymous9:41 am

    "..Nuraina A. Samad was there when they served me the papers. She had witnessed THEM take away her dad [and kept him in jail for over 5 years without trial, here], so some defamation suit, unprecedented or otherwise, wasn't about to impress her...."

    who's THEM?

  38. Rocky and Jeff
    GOOD LUCK to both of you.

  39. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Happiest place on earth !!!


  40. hey rocky, sorry for not being there today though i said i will try to.

  41. Dearest Rocky,

    Sorry Rocky, I couldnt make it to Wisma Denmark today. My flight from Indonesia was delayed unnecessarily.

    Luqman and I are praying for you Rocky. God will grant you justice, I know He will.

  42. Anonymous7:56 am

    Nope you are not alone..! you have a supporter all the way from Canada..!