Friday, February 23, 2007

Me, anti-(Malaysian) government?

I am anti-corruption, anti-racism, anti-war, anti-apartheid, anti-child abuse, anti-crime, anti-spying, anti-plagiarism.
I am not anti-government.
I am not pro-government, either. I am supportive of a good, efficient government. I am supportive of a government that is anti-corruption, anti-racism, anti-apartheid, anti-child abuse, anti-crime, anti-spying, and anti-plagiarism.

Thanks for getting that right, AFP [here]. Screenshots has an interesting perspective about it [here].


  1. Well said, bro. Couldn't have put it better myself. Most Malaysians, I believe, share the same view. Why is it that the very people who come begging for our votes as friends, once they get into a position of power, will turn on us like enemies?

  2. You are right,bro.We are not anti or pro any Government.We are anti issues that are wrong and pro issues that are right.It is not a question of might is right but what is right.We have the God sent ability to vocalise on issues which no paid MP would vocalise in the Parliament.So it is our duty to put it right and so put our country on the correct path to developed nation status.Please see my comments to Jeff's posting today, 23.2.2007.

  3. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Chill bro...let 'em talk. One does not have to be a yes-man to love the country.

    Name calling is nothing new. Brickbats too. U r not new to this kinda shit.

    Interestingly, the climate here now is somewhat more conducive than some in the neighbouring region.

    Be thankful n reflect on that.

  4. Well said, Rocky. Because I've been critical of the government's AIDS policies, an ambassador's wife once said to me "But you've very anti-government, aren't you?" Who, me? I'm not anti anything, just pro-Malaysia. I just want to keep Malaysians alive. And to do that, I need to be able to talk and give out accurate information. That goes for just about every issue I reckon.

  5. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Why can't leaders own up? If you made a mistake, admit it, correct it, and move on.

    We hear so many occasions where news agencies here in Malaysia have to black out a story upon the orders of the powers that be.

    If I were the government, run the reports with your comments on them. If it is a spin, so be it. But to deny reports from seeing the light of day makes it seem all so smelly doesn't it?

    Look at the toll hike protests? Mainstream media paid scant attention to it; to be sure, the cameras and reporters were there.

    If you are right, stand by it. Why shy away?

    The point is, this people's voice will only get louder. The more you opress, the louder it gets. You can bet your parliamentary seats on it!

    Rocky and Jeff, we will walk with you. You are no more anti-government than the next guy. We just want to be heard and to be answered.

    Give me transparency, and give me justice.

    Good luck Malaysia.

  6. I agree with you wholeheartedlly. When we criticise the government, doesn't mean that we are anti-government. Just that we are all for the justice, freedom and peace.
    Well said, Rocky.

  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Just because one criticises the government, doesn't mean that he is anti government. What we are looking for in a government is transparency, justice, peace and caring for the rakyat who voted for them.

  8. Anonymous7:14 pm

    yeah man. since when were u ANTI-Government? u Anarchist ke? sigh~~who said u are anti-govt? sigh. anyway, work beckoned on thursday as per normal. sigh. :D

  9. Anonymous7:29 pm

    ala bru, lu pun sama lah, lu pun kawan semua ministers, itu depa pi lepaih semua peserta treasure hunt npc. itu semua kawan2 hang yang clean la, elok lah tu

  10. I cannot understand how this anti government argument can find its way into a defamation suit involving some private entities.
    By the way is being anti-government a crime?
    If so, Tun Mahathir is also anti-government, so is Anwar, RPK, Kit and all the Opposition party members and all the bloggers.
    Would it mean a government leader who siphons away millions of ringgit belonging to the rakyat considered a government lover and patriot.

  11. Hei Rocky!

    Just got back from a fantastic "odyssey" (to quote my nephew's description of the journey to his girlfriend(s)).

    We started from KL and went through Perak, Kelantan, Terenggany, Pahang, Johore, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, back to Selangor then to La Bodega lounge all in six days!!Phew!!
    Great country if I may say so. Met a lot of people of all races, creed and colour along the way and they were, by all description, Malaysians! Although in Pulau Duyong in Terengganu I met old friends and they are all unhappy with the construction of monstruous buildings (compared to the village huts) built for the benefit of the Monsoon Cup and they are all unhappy with the news or rumours that they will soon be told to leave their ancestral home to make way for further development in this quiet village. One friend said even with the news, true or false, Terengganu will again go to Pas! How about that!I hope people who will read this posting will not interpret it as one anti-government! No of course not but merely a Malaysian (thats me) telling the government that is being elected and chosen by the people that the rakyat in Pulau Duyong is most unhappy! They are not happy with their Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, chosen by the rakyat via their representatives through a political process. They said:" There were hardly any people at all during the Monsoon Cup and yet building were built millions were spent and yet next to it orang kampung just live a simple live and now he is "giving" a green light for the whole population of Pulau Duyung to be relocated. This is what they say.
    "And mind you, we used to like him, and when he became PM we were happy, now no one here likes him we will vote for PAS whether or not we are relocated.
    "As our elected Prime Minister, and now does not seem to care about us "orang kampung nelayan" anymore!.
    I dont think I am posting anti-government here am I! As I am merely stating the facts and of what I heard. I can write more of what they say but I won't!

    Also along the way in Banding in Perak we saw massive and what appears to be an unbridled logging, the whole section of the forest there was denuded into something very ugly, now whether the logging is legal or illegal I have no idea but it is big and it looks like no one care about an area near Belum Valley being systematically being logged! Am I being anti-government by saying what I saw an hear? No I dont think so!
    Like Rocky I am anti-racist, anti-childabuse, anti-corruption, anti-abuse of power, anti-sleeping (when discussing serious matter), anti-plagiarism, anti-cheat, anti-stupid people who will listen to conmen and carpetbagger and par venu, anti politicians who are still not clear with the concept that it should be the rakyat that should be referred to as YAB or YB, not the other way around because whe choose them to look after our well being! I am also not pro a government in which its top most decision making process could very well be contaminated by foreign agents!I AM A MALAYSIAN!

  12. kakibodek,

    rocky has said he is not anti-government. so he cannot be anti-individual ministers. precisely why he "kenal" dan "kawan" semua ministers. He is not their enemies, neitheris also their friend, in the strict sense of the word. Being friendly, sometimes familiar,perhaps.... they are not his enemies, and neither is he theirs.

    And rocky bro, aren't you anti-liar?

  13. kakibodek,

    rocky has said he is not anti-government. so he cannot be anti-individual ministers. precisely why he "kenal" dan "kawan" semua ministers. He is not their enemies, neitheris also their friend, in the strict sense of the word. Being friendly, sometimes familiar,perhaps.... they are not his enemies, and neither is he theirs.

    And rocky bro, aren't you anti-liar?

  14. you know rocky, even here in London, we have to be careful. If we are heard to say anything that is remotely critical - we are already branded anti-government and we are being watched. And I know that. They hear hear-says and they brand us anti-govts. and all they do is they go and play golf and get their kakis to do dirty job and listen to gossips. then they put it in their file that certain people are anti govt. sad - indeed, very sad.

  15. Dear Bro RS Rocky,
    Well expressed and summed up what most bloggers are asking for.
    We are Malaysian first and doing it for the love of our country before it goes to the dog!!!

  16. I have said it before and I say it now. I will not die for THIS government. I WILL ONLY DIE FOR MY COUNTRY.

  17. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Confuseus also not anti government but just anti incompetent government !!!
    Cant they tell the difference between these two anti's !!!

    Sigh, if only everybody is as smart as Confuseus.... world will be a better place to live.

  18. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Dear Rocky , do continue to criticize the governmenet if they are not doing the right things.

    We all owe a duty to this beloved country ours to prevent her degrading into a pariah state of SEA.

  19. if some ppl support mat rempits and you complain they will brand you as anti-rempits... if they brand me as that go ahead cause i know i am in the right. msia critises USA and Bush does that makes Msia anti-US? if yes then why bother with FDI or even letting Siti walk the red carpet. she should be there with anti-US demo shirt!

  20. We read, we analyze, we debate, we arrive to a conclusion and we BLOG for others to read.

    And if that's being anti-government, I'm a monkey's uncle. Oops, I believe that position is taken.


  21. I'm Anti Sleepy Leaders.
    Rock on, Rocky!
    (which btw 'Rocky Balboa' will be on screen soon)

    "It's not about winning, but how many punches you could take and still move forward!" - Rocky Balboa

  22. Anonymous2:35 am

    Dear all, we must be loyal to the country but not necessarily to the government of the day.

  23. Anonymous2:35 am

    Dear all, we must be loyal to the country but not necessarily to the government of the day.

  24. Anonymous5:51 am

    Rocky, as I have said before and saying now, a lot of people may not agree with your views but you have never been anti-government. You are anti-racist, anti-bigotry, anti-bad governance, anti-hypocrisy. Brudder, thanks for inspiring Malaysians to stand up for justice - at a personal cost. You could have taken the easy road and maybe make millions. But instead you decided to fight for a just Malaysia. For this we respect you.

  25. Anonymous6:15 am

    Saya anti fitnah, anti bodohkan orang, anti cakap tak serupa bikin, anti bodek dan anti anything to do with Dr M.

  26. Anonymous9:37 am

    I think we should come up and say what is it exactly that we are anti
    to say that we are anti-Government would mean that we are anarchists which we are not, after all anarchists don't form clubs and certainly do nto become presidents of clubs (NPC) and how many anarchists do you know carry credit cards.

    I am anti corruption, nepotism, irresponsible administration of taxpayers money, distribution of power to those without mandate, lies,

  27. bravo Rocky....

    keep uo moving dude!

    YOU are not alone (like Michael Jackson songs)

  28. Anonymous11:11 am

    Having say all the above, i still don't understand what wrong with Anti-Government, after all, if our ancestors did not anti-government we are still British by now! Are they all wrong in chanting, 'Merdeka'?

  29. if they're labelling bloggers as anti-government, then they're missing the woods for the trees.

    people write when things are wrong.

    we should be worried that simple minds are running the country.

    they shoot the messengers because they are bothered by the messages.

    the most important thing they should be doing right now is to take a step back and ask themselves as individuals whether there mightn't be a mite of truth in what bloggers write that should be faced up to in the interest of Malaysia's future that is already far too married to the way governance is being shackled by backward thinking all this while.

    they should take a leaf from bloggers - always answer the matter, not the mind behind it.

    context, perspective and intention
    aren't these the keys to balanced, intelligent and important arguments?

    i have all the analyst reports in the world; so far, nothing meaty by any analyst on the so-called stock bubble a'brewin' so i ask why so strange when before they would fall over themselves to publish pdf's after pdf's.

    i fear the answer is they don't believe a word of the economic spin, they can't find any fundamentals, and they're in to cream the commissions.

    punters, before; watch the whole basket in order to not be caught by surprise; there's no balm for this sort of burn.

    know who i am.

  30. Roc ky!

    I see you are not publishing my posting! Think again, what I said is not anti government, by mentioning the PM he is indeed the PM of this country and people in Pulau Duyung are not happy that is a fact, they love him and now some of them are saying they loath him so why are you not displaying my posting, you better do it or I will sue you for being submissive to the name Dollah being mentioned!

  31. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Dear Brother Rocky

    I must say Malaysians as a whole have no time to be anti-government, but for sure majority of them anti-corrupt abusive and d**b bl**dy id**ts walloping tax-payers hard earned monies to satisfy their small di*ks, dreams, and as**oles - all at the expense of the people or rakyat.

    But one thing for sure as well, the rakyat should take the cut as well for electing a Monkey Government, instead of responsible human being to the parliment and cabinet.

    Living in MALAYSIA is already tough with inflation rising on daily basis... we got beta agonist pigs in the market, we cant consume; high toll rates; no free text books for our kids; mat rempits cant wait to kill themselves and causing massive traffic jams along the way; and worst still we need to budget some duit kopi when dealing those opis fellas... everybody knows lah!

    Come on... Malaysians life are getting shorter by seconds, and we for sure got no time to worry about other people shits - be on board new plane (from fantasy island or some yacht from somewhere!).

    What the f**k man... and stock market is the least reliable place to invest. Some say, there is no better place to die but in a cemetary... something to ponder!

  32. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    How conveniently you spin the whole issue. The issue is that you half truth posting and attitude towards NST and its management. Not for being anti-government. I read the court's paper not just your blog.

  33. Anonymous12:19 pm

    I was also thinking along the line of what "kingyakin" have commented when I first read this posting. Anti-government does not mean that a person does not love his/her country. I can infact be very critical to provide alternative view and be type cast by the many as an "Anti" person in any subject.

    My father once told me before I got my independent,"Son, the day that I don't love you is the day that I stop my critic on you", and I cherish that advise till today at my 40's.

    Infact, Critical Thinking is actually good for a Progressive Nation but then again it's just my general opinion ... :)

  34. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Reminds me of what I say to loved ones - It's not that I hate you, I hate what you do!


  35. Dear Gerubuk!

    Thanks! Something did happened, someone on the "curse" list did have a serious asthamatic attack and had to be sent to SJMC, he almost died but of course it was not reported in the NST! Not to worry, if we miss the target we can always try again!

  36. Dear Rocky,
    I am, for all you state and stand and would like to add one more to this almost perfect list... I AM ANTI-RELIGIOUS BIGOTS ( any and all religions in this beloved land of ours !!)

  37. Anonymous1:09 am

    Well said, Rocky.

    They really need to understand what is critic, and what is anti. Don't simply labelled people as anti-government, right?

  38. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Monsterball, pls dont call Pasquale or anyone else that... the only hypocritical full of shit son of a bitch here, is you.And the only thing uglier than your face is your behaviour, u sorry excuse for an excrement.

    Pasquale, pls dont respond to this jejune old man. He's not 1% of your intelligence and uneducated too

  39. Anonymous3:58 pm

    I don't think u are anti government , rocky. In fact , I think u are what u are going because u love the your country and want it to be better. You are a patriot, bro rocky.
    The lawsuit against u and jeff ooi will only make malaysian blogger blog anonymously and use nick name instead of revealing their true name and identity. It is very easy to start a blog and and anyone can go it these days. I like both u and jeff ooi blog as u both blog on issue that concerned the public and both of u put your name on your blog unlike many malaysian blogger who remain anonymous.
    Continue the fight , rocky.

    Charanjit Singh

  40. A Government (executie branch) should be concern to whats raised by the Bloggers.

    Being anti to it, means the Government is anti-Government.

  41. Good day,

    I think most Malaysians are confused about government and ruling party.

    Even if PAS and Keadilan win the next election. The government of Malaysia would still be there.

    The only thing is that the political masters change. And the government of Malaysia unlike other 1st nation give more service to their masters not the rakyat.

  42. You go get some, bro Rocky! We need people like you to expose the truth and to uncover the hidden.

    May Allah be with you and help you all the way. Aaameeennn...

  43. Anonymous7:46 am

    Yo Rocky Bro,

    You know what's weird about you?

    Asking me, Big Dog, to tell you what's weird about you. Now, that's weird!