Monday, February 19, 2007

Malaysia Today Blogs

Malaysia Today, the on-line news portal that boasts an average 1.6 million hits a day, has introduced a new feature called From Around The Blogs.
The new feature came just days after MT included the Bloggers United: No Fear logo that has been used by an increasing number of Malaysian bloggers, at home and abroad, to rally behind two bloggers who are being sued for defamation by the NSTP and individuals linked to the Umno-owned newspaper group.
"MT has already provided links to other blogs for some time ago," Raja Petra Kamarudin, who runs MT and recently published his controversial Khairy Chronicles series in book form, told The Bru.
"Now we want to carry items from other blogs on MT to share with our readers what other blogs are saying and direct some traffic to them".
One of the lawsuits, NSTP & 4 Others against Ahirudin Attan, will be heard at Wisma Denmark on Thursday, 22 Feb 2007, at 2.30 pm.


  1. Anonymous9:34 pm

    I noticed that this morning. Raja Petra has started the move of the Bloggers moving towards a common direction. Its diiferent writers interpretations and angles on the same issue. That should add more colours to the world of alternative media, especially amongst new found escapism for many internet savvy Malaysians.

    Eventually, one hope that the move will bring positive atributes and progress, for Malaysians, at large.

    So Rocky, rock on, mee rebus, on!

    Best of luck for Thursday................

  2. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Yes Rocky, best of luck on thursday,

    RPK has done a wonderful thing giving the many poitns of view a wider airing, it will help us form ebtter opinions, this is an excellent move, I hope this will continue and become the new media of choice God knows we are tired of reading teh same cookie cutter pre-processed Press-release masquerading as news on our newspapers.

  3. All the best this Thursday, Rocky.

    And yes, I noticed it on Malaysia Today..

  4. Bro Rocky,

    You are not alone. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

    Sheih (Kickdeffella) posted in his blog the following:" I wish to put a motion for 3540 Jalan Sudin to buy us a birthday cake and let us blow the candle at Wisma Denmark on Thursday, the 22nd February 2007 at 2.30pm. All bloggers are invited. Please Walk With Us and celebrate this wonderful moment together."

    All the best bro rocky.

  5. Dear Rocky @ RS Rocky,
    Been following ur case closely and I think the whole world too,
    All the best to you Bro...

  6. Berani kerana Benar, Takut kerana Salah..

    Insya-Allah jumpa nanti kat wisma denmark 22 hb.

    Banyak2kan doa pada Allah mintak petunjuk dan pertolongan.

    Go Rockyyyy !!!

  7. Bro,
    Today when Bloggers United is 1 month old my 13 year old godchild has started her blog... check out

    Cheers !

  8. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Sorry bro, I can't make it as I'm still out of KL.

    Will call you.

    P/S: I didn't receive the "official" CNY logo, the originator must have left me out of the loop. :(

  9. PM: Pada mereka, apa saja yang mereka nampak tak elok pada mereka, mereka nak perbesar-besarkan. They just want to rubbish me.

  10. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Rocky, now let them feel the power of the blogs. Feel the real power of the people. Let them feel the real pulse of the people. From now on nobody can bullshit the people any more. Rocky, lead the revolution. Go, Rocky, Go.

  11. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Those who want to express themselves in the form of protest poems can go to

  12. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Good to have everybody on the move. Let get the people comment posted on every media. Put all your daily commentaries and effort to produce a good article for the sake of this beloved country.

    Hail Malaysia. Hail Bloggers-United.

  13. Anonymous8:15 pm

    The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief. ~William Shakespeare, Othello

    We're right behind you Rocky!
    Good luck and all the best this Thursday.

  14. Wow! More and more heavyweights coming on board the Bloggers United express.

    Well, folks. I think the sh*t is gonna hit the fan soon enough.

    Their sh*t, Our fan.

  15. Anonymous8:27 pm

    In God We Trust !

    My prayers for you tomorrow bro. Will try to be there.

  16. Happy Birthday Bloggers United.
    Good luck to you and all friends. Hope that many bloggers friends will come and support you. This post is for you and all the Bloggers United Fans and Supporters.

  17. Hi Rocky,
    A fews days ago you dropped by at my blog and urged me to " blog on".
    Those words prodded me to write a short piece as moral support for you.
    All the best.

  18. Anonymous3:57 am

    "I know there are people who are trying their best to ridicule me," Abdullah said in an interview with the New Straits Times newspaper. "They make a mountain out of a molehill. They just want to rubbish me." can you say like that,dol? Who want to make fun of you? Ada kerja lain lagi baguih.

    We all nak tumpang naik boat turki tu, nak rasa jugak naik kapalterbang baru pi Ostolia makan nasik kandag puteri.

    Siapa nak `Alam Flora` kat hang...semua nak `Indah Water` dia saja.

    Papedom-dol, kalau ekonomi baguih awat harga Minyak Naik? dan Awat Toll naik ? Awat budak sekolah tak dapat Buku Teks? Tolong jawab.

    Nala-karupan baguih punya angka nak bagi rakyat kelabu mata! Awat semua orang kat sini dok makan kuih baulu ka?

    Hai ..Papedom-papedom!

    Permatang 2 Ringgit.

  19. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Pak Ahirudin,

    I totally support the cause of Bloggers United and have began a project to pay bloggers to use the Bloggers United logo. I've since given out RM 100,000 to various bloggers, whether novice or professional.

  20. Anonymous3:55 pm

    My blog IROATM (Infernal Ramblings of a Thoughtless Mind) has staunchly supported your cause, Mr Ahirudin.

    I received lots of ang pau for Chinese New Year totalling RM 500 and I have joined a fellow blogger to pay 50 sen each to every blogger (regardless Malaysian or International) who uses the Bloggers United logo.

    This way, we can prove we have support from both Malaysian and International bloggers.

  21. Anonymous10:24 am

    salam kepada warga yang mahu celik,
    anda semua sibuk membincangkan kepincangan orang itu orang ini tanpa menyedari bahawa pergaduhan sesama sendiri walaupun menyedari faedahnya dapat pada siapa. jika melayu tak jaga survival melayu habis. u all fikir bangsa lain nak jaga survival kita? mengkritik, mengata memang sedap dan senang. gunalah apa medium bahasapun kerana anda semua terpelajar tetapi tidak terdidik sebenarnya.

    bangsa lain tak payah yang sukar, nak buat contoh naik kereta honda civic dan gah semacam. tak sedar kalau terperuk tempat asal nenek moyang mereka miskin. usahkan naik kereta, naik basikal buruk belum pasti. suatu peristiwa sebuah kereta honda civic bernombor wgl1407 menghon pemand melayu mungkin dengan alasan kereta kelisa yang dipandu melayu itu menunjukkan low class banding keretanyatam,tambahan lagi kereta kelisa itu menggunakan lane kedua yang perlukan dia lebih laju. dengan megahnya hinda civic pemandu india tak sedar diri menghon sekuat-kuatnya. jalan tidak sibuk dia boleh menggunakan lane ketiga untuk memotong. moralnya ialah manusia bangsa lain keling lebih-lebih lagi memang tdak sedar diri. datang kaya kat sinipun atas ehsan melayu. yalah kalau cakap macam tu kasar bunyinya. tapi kalau tidak kerana bangsa sekalipun tak boleh fikirke si keling kereta honda tu tadi adab dan budi bahasa. berlagak nak mampus. orang macam ni tak sesuai diberi ehsan. elok import indon ramai-ramai kat sini kurang-kurang kalau mereka kurang hajarpun sama bangsa. kau orang kutuklah lagi melayu, esok kalau bumi ni dah dapat kat keling ke china ke baru tau melayu kat mana. dalam pada kita pegang politik pun bangsa asing dan begitu berani. ini pula kasi kat dia.