Sunday, February 18, 2007

Robust economy and text book woes

Books and "Belon". It's easy to see why Ron is so riled.
On one hand, the Prime Minister brags about the robust economy - trade has reached a trillion ringgit, the KLCI is at its zenith, proposed investments last year were the highest ever, and the ringgit is strengthening against the dollar. His government, Pak Lah also said, will take advantage of this robust economy to pursue the nation's development agenda. [read here]
On the other hand, the Education Ministry hastily called off a plan for book loans for primary and secondary school students because it was too expensive. Its deputy minister Noh Omar said the ministry had to scrap the idea as it would cost the government an additional RM100 million a year.
What's RM100 million for a robust economy, man? The PM's little "belon", which is the Sarawak slang for an aeroplane, costs Khazanah Nasional (no, not the government) RM200 million.
It's belon first buku later, and that's why Ron's so riled. Get riled, here.


  1. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Bro--for interest sake -- where can I read the news about the Education Ministry scraping the text book loan plan ?
    You se, I stopped reading the all the media cos i m pharking sick of the spins. Can't be throwing up everyday each time i read the news ! Can't believe this is happening.

  2. to anonymous 2:26pm, just click your mouse to the last word in Bro rocky posting.[Get riled, here.]

    Bro rocky,hopefully they can also "sorong tarik" on the text book. Sekejap ada sekejap tak ada.


  3. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Two sen is too much,
    Two hundred million is not,
    Tattered biiks are good enough,
    A shared BBJ is certainly not,
    Your child adn mine can go hang,
    His are taken care of.

    Let us remember,

    Was it that wanted the job so much?
    Not I said he,
    He lied not when he said,
    I wanted not the responsibility,
    Of looking after you and me,
    Only the money to joli,
    And take care of his family.

  4. Anonymous3:51 pm

    What is this ?

    Claiming trillion RM trade and 100 billion RM trade surplus but can't afford to frok out 100 RM for text books, shame man.

  5. Anonymous4:39 pm


    Cheers mate. How could i missed that.

  6. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Guess it is all about piority.

    Perhaps Pak Lah thinks there are other more 'pressing' matters to 'invest' upon rather than giving out free textbooks (which is an open secret teachers prefer workbooks then text books but yet students are forced to own them).

    Perhaps it will be more benefial for city councils to add more 'canggih-fied' street lights instead of filling up pot holes.

    Or perhaps, its better for the rich and famous to be happy rather than the average joes and janes as they do 'little' or 'nothing' to chart Malaysia's 'progress'.'s all about pioritising the wrong things. Sigh!

  7. bro rocky aka Ronin Samurai Rocky.

    Ron surely isnt the only one so riled up.
    I am angry right now. I have been angry for sometime now.
    I should stop being angry. It is not helping anyone.
    Now why should the government spend money on education. An educated populace can bring down a government.
    Keep the people illiterate....

  8. Anonymous8:13 pm

    This is what they meant change lifestyle. They upgrade theirs at taxpayers expense while we have to tighten our belt. and to add insult, they won't even use our own money to help poor kids.

    This is Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang govt by Pak Lah. BTW it is also Islam Hadhari one.

    Mampus Malaysia under Pak Lah leadership!!!

  9. Anonymous10:22 pm

    This is just anither sitload that they want Malaysians to lap up.
    As if we would ratehr that the Prime Minister have a new business jet but not textbooks for our children in school.
    There is only one way to remind them that it is our money they are spending, at the ballot boxes.

    No textbook no BN, and lets force tehm to sell the executive jet even if it is at a loss, this is a matter of principle, heck the PM fly commercial for all I care, its not like the BBJ and two other jets are not good enough.

    Education standards are gettign worse by the day and this Government has the temerity to still play pucks with it

    I am personally on the verge of voting for the opposition, everything be damned just to make a point.
    I really do hoep that a new party can spring up in time for the next GE and give us a credibel alternative, failing which the opposition will get my vote

  10. Anonymous10:39 pm

    I get it. We are supposed to be angry at Hisham for cancelling the subsidy right? (read AKJ's blog on reduction fo allocation for Ed ministry)
    Sorry beb gua marah sama lu dengan menantu lu yang kebulur sangat nak jadi menteri
    Both of you can go to H*ll

  11. Dear Ronin Samurai Rocky,

    "Mampus Malaysia under AAB leadership !!"??
    that a strong worded assesment brother!!
    I suppose when we are dealing with 'An Emperor with a new Cloth'sort of mentality we got to increase the volume abit...the Emperor is deaf too.

    Tread carefully bro ,menentang arus we should in present climate but we are better of alive with living problem than dead without any problem.
    We need people like you around ,mr ISA is still roaming the street...the last I saw him it was not a handsome person at all!!!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Anonymous9:05 am

    Notice that right up to the orchestrated announcements on the socalled economic performance, they were asking people to tighten belts and saying the govt cannot afford to give subsidies. They have also reduced the rm500 allocations to unemployed graduates. On the other hand they can agree to junket trips, 'lease' executive jets, build crony projects, even open restaurants overseas on rakyats' fuel expense, and a myriad of other chicaneries. Suddenly the country has 'recovered'. Believe it?

  14. bro clark gable!
    hait. it is a rough statement. "mampos" is a crude word but we work with/for crude people. we are governed by a crude government that is aided by rude boys. but "mampos" is also a favourite word with the older generation of malays. p. ramlee's movies are full of it.

    btw, bro, the rocky who uses the word "mampos" isn't rocky's bru. rocky is a poster who has been leaving comments using that nick even before i started blogging, i think.

    and love your samurai script in pulau duyong. kickdefella makes movies, maybe both of you should combine forces.

    for those interested in a good script, go to

  15. Anonymous11:12 am


    I have been reading your blog and the comments for quite sometime and felt sorry for you and your frustration because I still have high hope for the government under Pak Lah then.
    But I am ashemd to admit that I have been wrong. I have four school going children and this new development about the textbook loan scheme really makes me frustrated.
    The govt is in the habit of giving false hope to the rakyat, especially to the needy.
    At the next election, I will vote for the opposition. They might even be more caring... Who knows.

  16. Anonymous11:12 am


    I have been reading your blog and the comments for quite sometime and felt sorry for you and your frustration because I still have high hope for the government under Pak Lah then.
    But I am ashemd to admit that I have been wrong. I have four school going children and this new development about the textbook loan scheme really makes me frustrated.
    The govt is in the habit of giving false hope to the rakyat, especially to the needy.
    At the next election, I will vote for the opposition. They might even be more caring... Who knows.

  17. Books, No Money.
    But Boats, Planes, Puteri Nasi Kandars, Monsoon Cups, Bridges, LRTs & Buses etc : For Free!!

    Education is the basic foundation for an empowered future generation of a so-called knowledge society - supposedly this government's claimed priority under the 9MP.

    Yet, its prevailing action / decision on books fundings is the exact opposite of its intentions. Future generations be damned! Future Malaysians - a fleeing (not fleeting) dream!! YES?

    We have to be angry ; we must be angry ; we must work this anger to action ; we must spread the words to the people at large ; print these information and spread it about. I am printing, and sharing with those I know who do not have access to the internet, or are computer illeterate like many I meet at the pubs.

    While some older folks would say, pegi mampus lah lu, there are others who would say, celaka betul lah dia ni semua, jahanam sekali, or as my pub buddies would say, kali lembu lah, Tuna Ma, Tuna Sing!!

  18. Anonymous2:46 pm

    *no feeling already*
    myKAD wayang, then this textbook retraction, what next? why not say we dont need to pay income tax this year? i know, going a bit off tangent there.
    btw, thanks for the link.
    and God willing, c u on Thurs. :D

  19. Anonymous11:11 pm

    I really thought that the Perth nasi kandar story was a joke until I saw these pictures

    Please visit this site

    Nasi kandar Restaurant takes precedent over a flooding state with hundreds of thousands displaced!!!



    That really hurts!!!
    Really hurts!!!!!

  20. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Pure Analysis...
    Freelance Political Analyst

    1. Rakyat Wanted
    Text Books For Free.
    Ans: No Way howsey. Nanti Rakyat pandai dan cerdik habis-lah anak beranak aku nak cari makan (temberang)macam-mana?

    2. Beli Boat & Kapal Terbang.
    Ans: Getaway vehicle, just incase some smart ass bust my bubble!

    3. Nasi Kandar Kangaroo.
    Ans: Should the abrogines of G`day accept me as their leader in Crocodile Dundee land, at least I can still savour my favorite Nasi Kandag with Papadum. ( When I ran away to their country that is ) .

    4. Monsoon Cup.
    Whats your problem mate? Ayah Pin got the big Kettle, I just got a small cup. Its my Hadhari way of life.

    Cheers mate. Days are numbered. Counting now.

    John Labu

  21. Anonymous1:48 am

    bro rocky bru and others,

    I've been using this nick long before bro rockybru started blogging.In a way he took my spotlight by using rocky identity in blogging. He he. But blogging is not my cup of tea.

    as for mampus, well look at where our country is heading. We can afford RM200mil plane but not RM100mil books for kids. And hell that is our money they are using, taxpayers. look at the other policies and all that racist comments during the UMNO assembly.

    We had 4 good if not great PMs. But Pak Lah, well I kick myself cos I voted for him. But never again. He is only keen in himself and his family.nasi kandar over the people of Johor!! What has he done that has been significantly well under his leadership? Look at his manifesto, what has he delivered? And know they are giving credit to him for the good economy and stock market. when stock market is down, he said that is not the indicator for the economy.

    So lets cut the crap.If they want to put me in ISA, put lah.But my loyalty is to the king and country. Not Pak Lah. He is not a prophet or king. We can critise him especially when he has been bad for this country. And all his stupid excuses and silence...sorry lah but Msia will go down and we can't let that cos this is a great country. So vote for opposition next time around.

    Hidup Malaysia!!! Pak Lah balik Perth!!!

  22. Rocky,
    That's what I've been telling bloggers and posters alike. The world is big enough for the two of us. If there's a third Rocky, who's to say no? This is, after all, blogosphere. A thousand Rockies will not make this place smaller.

    Cheers bro. Keep them coming.

  23. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Cheers to you bro and all other rockies. But one Pak Lah can make this country go down the drain. That is what worries me.

    God Bless Malaysia..she needs all the blessing she can get under this telus leadership...more like silent leadership with stupid answers.


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