Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Turkish newspaper lied, Malaysian PM says

Abdullah denies buying RM30 million boat.
"The report is inaccurate. It is a lie. I don't know where it got such facts," he told reporters (in Venezuela) when asked to comment on a newspaper report that he went to Bodrum in Turkey recently to see the boat which he ordered four months ago. [read the report here]
The PM said Hurriyet, the Turkish newspaper which carried the report, will be asked to publish a correction.

I agree that the newspaper should be asked to carry a correction if there were serious errors in the report. It should be made to apologise even. But IF Hurriyet had lied about the yacht and Abdullah, a correction and an apology will not be sufficient. IF it had lied about the PM, the Malaysian government should demand that the Turkish government deals severely with the newspaper. This matter involves the integrity of the PM!
p.s. And let's have the official translation for the original report quoted by this blog here.


  1. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Of course, all are lies becos:
    1. it is a yacht not a boat
    2. it only costs RM 29,999,999.99
    3. my son and son in law bought it for me as a long overdue gift on my promotion.
    4. I have yet to see it because it is not ready.

    So, you see, do not trust the main stream media especially the foreign ones.

  2. Holy Codfish!

    Rocky, you've used two conflicting words in one sentence. Integrity and PM.

    Aren't you being nasty?

    OK. Let's get nasty.

    Anybody knows any Hurriyet journalist or a Turkish blogger who knows somebody in Hurriyet who can keep us updated with W.I.P photos of 'Cobra Sultan'?

    Get the pics and post it here every month.

    Whaddaya say, mate.

  3. Anonymous12:23 am


    now only if pm could demand a similar apology fron kali/brendan's nst for lying about the tokyo meeting between pm and tun dr m

    how dare the turks, lying through their fez

    just occured to me, and clark gable from pulau duyong could perhaps confirm this, but apparently the boatmakers in pulau duyong are world reknown, so, any malaysian needing a boat can get it done here... no need to go far

  4. Anonymous12:33 am

    Sdr Rocky

    Please taek note that my PM is Mr clean OK! His son-in-law is also very clean. His good friend, Kalimullah is the cleanest. Rocky, Kalimulah had to work veruy hard to start ECM Libra. Of course, not when ABB was not the PM. Kalimulah had to work so hard that he had to resign from NST to work to get ECM Libra OK!!!!

    How can the Turkish papers defame my Mr Clean PM. MY PM is the cleanest PM in the world. So is the son-in-law, who had to suffer by Tun's attack. ANd I know, Rocky you have not satrted the "Save Khairy Fund" to help the PM's son-in-law whose rice bowl has been broken by Tun. You have no heart for this young man, who is the de facto PM!!!

    Rocky, please advise Mr Clean and Mr In Control PM to take legal action against he Turkish pappers for defaming my dearest PM, who is so whiter than white!! You diedn't vomit, did you??

  5. Anonymous12:45 am

    Mr Rocky

    I have been folowing the Parliamentary news. It seemed to me that LIm Kit Siang, the Oppositon Leader, had never asked critical question about Badawi's adminstration. iNstead Lim Kit Siang was attacking Tun.

    Of course, Lim Kit Siang has been buttered by Kalimullah where NST gabve Kit Siang and son, of course, full page interviews. I didn't know that UMNop controlled newspapers became so liberal of late - especially during Mr I Do Not Know PM.

    Perhaps, you mightr wnat to ask Kit Siang why is he not asking Mr I Do Not KNow PM whether he own the RM30million yatch and when is he going to give the green light to charge the 18 big fish for corruption.

    Another point Mr Rocky, perhaps you migiht want to ask the "I Do Not Know PM" when is the Attorney General is going to drop the murder charge agaisnt Razak Baginda.

    I know Razak is innocent and I also do not beleive that Najib was involved as rummours has it!!

    Rocky please tell me when the charge against Razak Baginda will be dropped. I know Razak was not the person involved but ... you know lah who???????????????????????? Defintely not Najib OK. Najib is a very rigtheous politician, who I have a lot of respect!!

  6. Anonymous12:52 am


    Why PM is a very vry clean man like his son-in-law, Khairy!! Please don't gigle OK!!! I am serious. MY PM is a man of integrity and most of all, he is Mr Clean OK.

    Please don't run down my beloved PM. What is RM30 million.. It was just a small sum. The PM son-in-law can afford to lose RM200,000, when he was unemployed!! And our Tun attacked a poor young man and setroyed his rice bowl!! I will never "gorgive" Tun for doing a big favour for the nation!!!!

    Rocky please tell your good friedn, Kalimulah, to sue the Turkish newspapers for the most defamatory article for our MR Clean PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous1:20 am

    Rocky Bru,

    why are you all putting pressures on the Oppostiion Leader, who is a very righteous politician. He is "Mr I Don't Know" when it comes to antoher "Mr I do not know PM' problems. Why are you publishing all the uncomfortable news??? you make life veruy difficult for the Opposition Leader also!!

    I thought for the moment that Tun Mahathir is the Opposition Leader!! But Tun never got a small column interview let alone a full page like Lim Kit Siang and Son - not son-in-law Ok.

    Lim Kit Siagn is playing bals with ABB, ABB'sw SIL and, of course, Kalimullah. I am sorry for UMNO!!!

  8. Anonymous1:41 am

    I cannot accept that My PM is not Mr Clean. Please help my beloved PM who is Ok one!! He is very clean - so is Khairy - also very clean - Kalimulah most clean of all OK!!

    Rocky, please advise my cleanest PM to sue the Turkish paper to defame my country "supreme" leader, who is in full control,!!! But the nation felt that He was indisaray like Khairy was trying so hard to be accepted as PM!!!


  9. Anonymous1:46 am

    Sdr & Sdri

    Please doln'y vomit with what you have read about our beloved PM. He is a very GREAT GREATMAN" all the times. Best regard to you all!!

  10. Anonymous2:13 am

    first and foremost, bro, let me wish you a very happy 45th birthday.
    And now, on to a potentially implosive and embarrassing subject of our Prime Minister's "denial" of allegations that he had ordered a yacht in Turkey. I fear that AAB has, once again, put his foot in his mouth.
    Still, let us give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's assume that the Turkish paper, Hurriyet got it all wrong. (I'd really like to know which part of the report was "inaccurate".)
    I agree with you, bro, that our PM should not only demand an apology from Hurriyet but he should seek legal redress! The Hurriyet, by publishing lies about our PM, has cast aspersion on him. He has been humiliated. AAB should sue Hurriyet.
    And I would like to know what in hell was our embassy in Turkey doing? We now know that our embassy staff have not been following the newspaper reports. If they had been on their toes they should have been aware of such a report and should have alerted the PM's office. Or, have they?
    This is unacceptable.
    Meanwhile, if AAB is going to demand an apology from Hurriyet for publishing a lie, then, he should demand from Kalimullah Hassan, an apology for lying about AAB's meeting with TDM in Tokyo.
    And if AAB decides to sue Hurriyet for publishing a lie, then he should pressure the NST to carry out its threat to sue the BBC for the lie it wrote about Brendan P.

  11. Anonymous2:18 am

    if it is true that our PRIME MINISTER was in Turkey enjoying the sun and sea in a yacht and fishing with ANANDA KRISHNAN -- I'd like to know why a man holding Malaysia's highest government office was spending his holiday with a businessman (such as ananda?)
    Does he not know that he would be seen as compromising his position? That it is morally wrong? that it is unethical?

  12. Anonymous2:30 am

    i hear Kalimullah is so mad with you, bro, for writing on Abdullah Badawi's RM30m Cobra Sultan. He and his machais are out to fix you. Even if this was not true, I'd say that sure sounds like Kali. He is one ugly scum. Evil and sinister. He hates the NST. Couldn't forget his bitter experience when first joined the NST in the 80s. He said so to so many (now ex) NST editors when he came here in 2002/2003.
    And our PM trusts him with the job. What a great PM we have. Leaving the NST in the hands of someone who so contemptuous of Umno and the Malays.

    PS, bro : I'd be worried if a scum like Kalimullah likes me. He hates you. So you are damn OK.

  13. Anonymous2:31 am

    next election -- I know I will NOT vote for the BN.

    True Malaysian

  14. Anonymous6:22 am

    Can't access the original translation ot the blog. Did someone sabotage these 2 links?

  15. Anonymous7:26 am


    Why did it take the PM so long to deny?

    Why didn't his brilliant Media Man Kamal Khalid advised him?

    Azhar is only a Press Officer.

    Maybe they don't read papers other than NST and Utusan.

    They should start reading blogs like yours.

    Not surprising if yatch now transferred to Patrick Lim's or Ananda's name to save the PM.

    What has Kit Siang and Anwar got to say?

    Anwar was himself lavish when he was DPM.

    Kat Siang won't talk much. He wants Govt. to degenerate further.

  16. Anonymous8:15 am

    to anonymous who has noticed that Opposition Leader lim kit siang has been such a mouse in Parliament for not being critical of Abdullah's administration.
    Let me tell you the real reason -- Kalimulah, the Singapore's government's machai and operative and Kit Siang go a long long way back --- when kalimulah was a hard-up reporter with the Star. Ask any Star veteran journalist and they will concur with this.
    Kalimulah would be feeding Kit Siang with details of Umno meetings and Kit Siang would be giving him tips on opposition politics. They fed each other-lah.
    Hey -- DAP, PAP, DAP, PAP --- get it?
    Oh no no no, sir. No way, will you be seeing kit Siang anywhere near whacking Abdullah Badawi's excesses... KJ's excesses...even the NST's unashamedly unethical and unprofessional presentation of news.
    Kit Siang is in cahoots with Kalimullah in the deconstruction of the NST and TDM. I'd like to say, the country too, but no....that is not Kit Siang. Kit Siang is a Malaysian citizen who loves his country. He may be over his head being indebted to Kalimullah but he will not sell out the country.

  17. to anonymous

    for more info please logon to even if LKS were to criticize some1 like AAB, do you think the NST would have been so kind to publicize it ?

    even SIL has been calling LKS a dinosaur ... so what vendetta you have against LKS and the likes ?

  18. Anonymous8:31 am

    We are so sick with pak lah. My wife and I will vote for anybody else EXCEPT BN. Anybody, be it PAS or DAP. We don't care. We are so sick of pak lah.

  19. Anonymous8:47 am

    The Turkish paper, Hurriyet got it all wrong... the boat was bought by a Chinese biznessman, Abdullah Bah Dah Wee from Hong Kong and not by our p.m....

  20. Anonymous9:03 am

    AAB denied seeing the yacht or owning it?

  21. Anonymous10:02 am

    The PM says the paper lied.
    The PM says he does not where they got the information.
    The PM says the paper will be asked to make an errata.
    Rocky agrees the paper should apologise IF it was an untrue story.
    Commenters say the PM should sue the paper to correct his integrity.
    I say, IF the PM lied about the denial, the PM should resign.

    Simple isn't it? It's clearly a case of who was right. If the party that was right can be ascertained, then by logic/commonlaw the parry that was wrong must apologise.

    Any chance of the PM apologising IF he was wrong and the report was true?

    Na-a! Not unless this was Japan or Korea.


  22. Anonymous10:17 am

    Hi Guys,

    Stop accussing the PM when the news about his purchase of the 30Mil yacht is yet proven accurate. You should now know very well how the media carries twisted stories and lies (see how our main stream media 'pusing'?)

    I know the integrty of this PM is some kinda lacking but for god's sake, please hold on your gun and spare him from the possible lies of the foreign's news.

    Aside to those who were questioning about LKS' motive. I advice him/her to go to his blog and read carefully each and every topic he posted. His blog is there to tell the truth and to serve the public. It is not there to pacify your thirst for your senseless ranting about the questionable news.

  23. Anonymous10:20 am

    i think we should wait for the turkey new paper to publish apology.

    if they dont do so, then we (maybe through blogger community) should pressure the PM to sue the newspaper.

    then w'll see if Pak Lah keen enough to do so... or giving out other reason .

  24. Anonymous10:37 am

    Macam ini baru bagus!
    Jangan ludah ke langit, bro
    sepak kaki dan tongkat
    khadam yang menjunjung
    bagasi wang PANAS
    -tak akan Malaysia hilang
    PM Mr Clean!!!

  25. Looks like we have gremlins creeping around.

  26. Anonymous10:44 am

    brother, for OUR sake and the integrity of OUR BELOVED COUNTRY, let us hope that our Prime Minister is right.
    Let us support our Prime Minister if the Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet, was wrong.
    If Hurriyet was wrong, then, it stands accused of maligning our PM, of smearing the good name of our PM, of indirectly (directly?) showing him as a corrupt leader, prone to bribery. This has tainted the country's INTEGRITY.
    This is unacceptable (to quote one of your commentors).
    I beseech all of you to give your full support to our PM, IF he was wronged.
    Wrong or right, Accurate or not, brother -- THANK YOU FOR PUBLISHING THE REPORT because we would, otherwise, not have known about the Hurriyet report. We would not have known that a newspaper in a foreign land had published such lies about our beloved PM.
    KEEP ON BRU-ING bro.

  27. Anonymous10:52 am

    Kami ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada saudara Rocky kerana menyiarkan berita (yang diterjemahkan)dari akhbar Turki mengenai yacht kononnya di order oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia.
    Saya setuju dengan komen di blog ini bahawa pihak kedutaan Malaysia di Turki telah cuai kerana tidak peka dengan penyiaran berita2 di dalam media Turki.
    Pihak Kementerian Luar wajib demand an explanation daripada pihak kedutaan kita.

    terima kasih. selamat berjuang, saudara.

  28. Anonymous11:09 am


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  29. Anonymous11:21 am


    i think dollah kena lagi

    what if Hurriyet don't give a damn about dollah request per correction?

    does that mean the newspaper stick to their reporting as absolute true.?

    so what will the option of dollah then?

    hehe, he need to sue the nespaper then.

    i think dollah forget that Hurriyet is not NST and Hurriyet is not under his control.

  30. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Yo Bru,
    ni nak lari topik sikit bila baca posting "the Patriot." Happy Birthday to you, Bro Rocky. Harijadi u sama ngan "normally used birthday date" TDM 20 Dis ke?

    Whatever it is, Selamat Hari Jadi, semuga sihat walafiat sentiasa dan beroleh kesejahteraan sepanjang masa agar dapat terus memberi maklumat terkini mengenai hal ehwal negara kita yang tercinta ini.


  31. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Clark Gable Of Pulau Duyong signing in:


    The world reknown boat maker in Pulau Duyong goes by the name Abdullah .So this is nothing to do with lesser known boat maker of similar name.This humble and simple Hj Abdullah is related to me as his wife is my late father's cousin,just to start the story going.

    His boat making is legendary as he made his boat without any blueprints. Some of his boats had circumnavigate the world oceans unscathed, speak volume of his craftmanship.

    Some boat afficiandoes decided to stay for years in Pulau Duyong and getting involve in building the boat from scratch.Used to see blond hair kids running around under coconut trees and spoke in thicker Trg accent than me.

    Some got married to locals and one of them even wrote a book on similarity of Pak Lah boats to french design of yesteryears which used to navigate through atlantic ocean doing trades.In short Pak Lah is a living heritage of boatmaking craftmanship of the people of Pulau Duyong.

    The boat he made can cost millions of dollar and he is certainly no stranger to his customer idiosyncrcy in the furnishing their luxury boats to the hilt,GPRS,Radar and Satellite.
    I used to joke to him that he certainly look odd while fixing the onboard computer in his sarong.

    Malaysian public can take Payang Boat ride in PutraJaya lake ,which were made by him and feel intouch with great master boatmaker.

    The lesser known boatmaker Abdullah and Mat Deris (of pi mai pi mai fame ) in justifying hundreds of million ringgit spent to stage Monsoon Cup,did say that the idea is to promote Pulau Duyong seafaring history as well as boat makings.

    Some people must be made beholden to the words they uttered ,be it hadhari lifestyle or promises made.

    Since this Turkish town where the boat was made never stage any world reknown yacthing event (like our world known Monsoon Cup as claimed by interested parties) ,in his capacity as PM and main proponent of spending more than RM300 millions to make Pulau Duyong world famous,its not a big favour to ask whomsoever the owner of Raja Ular to build his boat in Pulau Duyong .

    How this Turkish boatmaker became world reknown without getting involve in staging World Yachting event escape me.

    By doing so ,ie.putting good words about Pulau Duyong boat maker,he would have benefited Pulau Duyong folks.At the very least USD8 million could have gone into local economy.

    Alas...the cakap is senang,people can cook up stories and promises to justify the spending RM300 millions .

    Many people ,me included,tend to get emotional when the very goverment who is suppose to protect the poor end up taking the poor for the ride and expect them to be thankful (berbakul bakul) for the oppurtunity to gawk at luxury yachts and parade of famous people.Not many people can pat on Michelle Yeoh too!! The next time I would insist Mat Deris to be introduced to Dato'MY ,on behalf all the Gatalman(as oppose to Gentlemen) of Terengganu so that he is at par with his Hadhari master.

    When millions of dollars spent on this ,its certainly sounded odd when shopping arcade run by KT municipality bocor and flooded causing loses to local small traders ,the excuse given that there was no fund after years of complain!!

    So the next time AAB or Mat Deris happen to know anybody wishing to build a boat ....remember Pak Hj Lah of Pulau Duyong,the one who didnt pat on Michelle Yeoh and of no Hadhari fame but the real Boat maker.The one boat maker who miss the boat.

  32. Anonymous12:45 pm


    Tak betul cerita tu. Sumpah. Aku saksi cerita tu tak betul. Mana ada PM kita nak beli yat. Yat yat ni semua tipu.

    Please don't spread lies like this. I will continue to monitor your blog for lies like this.

  33. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Bru Rocky,
    Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong

    Wishing you happy 45th birthday are almost 20 years my junior.
    This world is not a friendly place for people like you and me...if only we could just shut up.But shut up or breaking up is hard to do..
    Happy 45th birtday brother.

  34. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Please take action against the Turkish newspaper you claimed has lied. That is the right thing to do.

  35. Anonymous1:12 pm

    yep..holly mackerel! another stupid denial coming from PL or SIL..

    Between the Hurriyet and PL/SIL, it's a no brainer whom we shud believe. Why the heck shud the Turkish paper wants to lie with all those hard facts including the length, width, maker and even the type of wood of the is not like they are NST under Kali where all facts are spins to no ends. Didn't PL lied on national TV about Scomi, his son and the tenders it has won without open bidding or has he conveniently forgot?

    Which part of the FACTS given by the Hurriyet was "inaccurate" according to this PM.
    What a joker!

    What the heck is he doing galivanting in Turkey on some bloody boat and NOT WORKING for his salary coming from OUR TAX PAYER MONEY. Who the heck does he think he is?

    And what was that picture of the Monsoon Cup of him rubbing the shoulder of this Chinese woman - which looks like Michelle Yeoh?? Has he denied that as well? A picture tell it all. Can he denies that as well? Has he made NST/Utusan spinned that the camera lied? Anyone?

    Pak Lah, Khairy and his family are a disgrace and a HUGE LIABILITY to UMNO and BN. UMNO & BN must kick Pak Lah, Khairy and their whole bandwagon out once and for all.
    They are exactly like "beruk mendapat bunga". We can truly now understand the meaning of many unsavory version of our Malay idioms since PL and KJ came into power. Another one "seperti melepaskan anjing tersepit.." and "manusia dipegang pada janjinya".

    If the ruling power wants to save UMNO - BN, they need to kick these bufoons before the next PRU.

    Stop the rot now before it is too late. UMNO and BN will not get our votes if Pak Lah and Khairy are the candidates. These two buffoons have done TOO MUCH DAMAGE TO THE COUNTRY, OUR IMAGE & REPUTATIONS.

    To eskimo:
    YES, the boat maker of Pulau Duyong is world renowned for their exquisite work and most of the world richest and most serious boat enthusiasts ordered their boats with our Malay yachtmaker at Pulau Duyong. NOW, why do you expect Pak Lah to utilize our local craftmen (even if they are the best boatmaker in the world) when he can claimed he needed to do a minor nose operation in Australia when there was an uproar that he went to Australia for a vacation?

    hm.. or you think he had to order all the way across the world so that we won't hear about it? darn that Hurriyet for spilling the beans.

    Now can we also see some pics of his multimillion homes in well as those expensive cars they harbor in England?

  36. Anonymous1:51 pm

    why are you motherduckers going after kit siang. what the hell is wrong with you crude, offensive motherduckers. what has kit siang done to deserve the insults. it looks like you are trying to demonise kit siang. stop it, patience has its limits. kit siang is not allowed to wave a keris under the copyright law (Umno has the exclusive right), but don't forget he can wave a parang.

  37. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Okay, please dont forget to tell us when a formal request for the Turkish newspaper to oppologise is forwarded, bro!

  38. Anonymous2:53 pm



  39. Anonymous3:56 pm



  40. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Rocky - I saw the interview yesterday. Really, he was shocked when asked the question about his yatch. He was 'tergamam'... stupefied for a while .... but comparing him against Mahathir... his brains did not work well. He could have said that its his son in law. But all he could reply was that the report was inaccurate.
    Hmmmm....what a peanut brain.

  41. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Let's get real...if Hurriyet is ruled over by a Kali Mullah equivalent...Dollah can forget about getting any apologies...

    or lets do another Abdullah on this score...remeber Abdullah Ahmad aka Dollah Kok Lanas?

    He was removed by no less than PRIME MINISTER (not even NST's management) Abdullah for irritating the Saudis which resulted in the Arabs demanding for his removal from the Malaysian Government (correct me if I'm wrong here Bru!)

    Now this matter is serious...alleging our PM of spending a huge some of money for personal pleasure...will Syed Hamid's Wisma Putra do a Saudi and demand that the Turkish Government force the resignation of Hurriyet's chief editor?

    After all its in the name of protecting the integrity of the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia...

    Or he could do a Dr M on Andrew Turkish last...not that the effects would be profound...

  42. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Running away from topic too!


    From orang sungai yang duduk kat tebing sungai Kinabatangan, nasib baik ada internet connection! he he

  43. Anonymous5:55 pm

    To sue, to admit guilt, to resign, why should I?
    Whatever I do, I am Mr Clean.... I will just play dumb .... you all are nincoompoop, mere words cannot harm me !!!!
    Keep on dreaming and cursing.

  44. Anonymous6:36 pm

    this fella is the "KING" of malaysia bodoh... of course lah he will make such statement.

    if he admit, he put himself in the shittest position a bodoh fella could do when he know the rakyat (other malaysia bodoh) disagreed with him in running the gomen.

    typical lah... nothing new.

    from his face, probably every one on earth able to see and conclude that this fella is not smart, i.e. bodoh fella.

    i just give up!

  45. Anonymous9:26 pm

    I actually do believe AAB ought to be given some space.Let the man do his job.If SIL is really the invisible hand behind the ongoings in this country, then it is his blood that you guys should hanker after.Maybe by the time you guys are done, he can go work in Singapore and apply for a PR there and prove us all right at the same time.

  46. Anonymous10:53 pm

    setan pakai kopiahh, beb!!

  47. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Why are so defensive of Kit Siang? were you instructed by Kalimulah to protect Kit Siang becaseu Kit Siang has been diverting attention for Mr Clean PM. You must be a bal.- carrier for either Kit Siang or Kalimulah. Since when opposition MP and his son get full page interview with NST?? Only under the control of Kalimulah. Why is Kit Siang mum about the ECM Libra scandal and Khairy? Why was Kit Siang not forcing the issue on the 18 cases of corruption - it was announceed at the begining of Mr Clena became the PM? Well, Kasitah Adam was charged for corruption involving RM3 million.

    Malaysians were fed up with Mr Clean's administration whre Khairy is the de facto PM. Did Kit Siang force the issue in Parliament? He only critising Tun, who has already resinged.

    nstman, youbetter join the DAP and you will know for yourself that Kit Siang represents nepotism, cronyism, dictatorship, agasint freedom of expression/speech. He represents what he would to appear in public to condemn.

    Good luck to nstman. Please do not be so upset. Join the DAP and taste Kit Siang for your own sake and then you have the right to defend the kign of nepotism!!!!!

  48. Anonymous11:44 pm

    if caught red handed, the possible answer would be "apa salahnya kalau saya beli yacht", or " apa salahnya kalau orang hadiahkan saya yacht sebagai christmas present. tak salah, apa salah? u orang over sensitive saja. hee hee

  49. Anonymous12:06 am

    Looks like monsterball decides to spend more time in your blog bru. Maybe a colorful contrast to most of commenters here.

  50. Anonymous1:27 am

    Dear Rocky

    Have you ever heard of Kit Siang utter a single word about Kalimulah and the ECM libra scandal in Parliament? An obvious NO answer. Why?

    Have you heard Kit Siang utter anything adverse against the famous Son-In-Law? No

    Have your heard Kit Siang utter a single word about Kamaludin, PM's son? No No No No!

    Have you heard Kit Siang utter anything crtical about ABB? No!No!No!

    Instead Kit Siang for for Tun, who has retired and who was trying to speak for the nation.

    For heaven sake, you know that Kit Siang is a fraud. Cakap tak serupa bikin - all the way!!!

    So nstman, wake up and you better look after Kalimulah well so that you will be given the famous plagiarist's job.

    nstman you are just blind. The Penagn people knew Kit Siang so well that's why he had to say "bye-bye to Penang politics" and ran away to Ipoh.

  51. samurai,
    dolah kok lanas was sacked over his article on saudi; it was paklah administration's first shot at the heart of press freedom! but if it wasn't that article, they would have found or created another excuse to get rid of dkl. kalimullah's predecessor was not only put there by dr m, he made it very clear that he was not going to answer to anyone else. he even barked at khairy jamaluddin for trying to tell him what he ought to do, sent the boy back crying to pak lah, so the story went.

    Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong, Ini Negara Aku, The Patriot, and others, thank you for the well wishes.
    I actually felt older this time last year!

    Anonymous at 12:33 who has been campaigning for a SIL Fund, get yourself a pseudonym or a blogger's account and we'll talk!

    Shar101: I say Wisma Putra should call the Turkish envoy to explain the Hurriyet's article.

  52. wahai kawan2,

    sememangnya PakLah nampak terkejut semasa diajukan soalan ttg kapal layar tu... mungkin di tak sangka yang org lain yang mengetahuinya dulu dalam suratkhabar turki...
    Apapun semasa PakLah cuba menjawab semula, tak menyakinkan laa....
    reaksi dan lenggok tubuh PakLah semasa menjawab pun mungkin kwn2 dah dapat agak ada yang tak kena...
    Mari kita lihat sejauh mana tindakan PakLah ttg perkara ini kepada pihak TURKI....

    Takkan selamanya boleh bersembunyi dan takkan lama untuk sesuatu berita itu diketahui....

    media memang pertubuhan yang bertalam2 muka...,berkroni dan bersikap provokasi...Tidak bole percaya ataupun dipercayai...
    Oleh kerana itu ramai yang mengambil sikap memberi pendapat dan pandangan sendiri......
    Yang mana baik dan betul kita hayati dan yang mana buruk dan salah kita hindari....

  53. Anonymous2:42 am


    Kit Siang and son are frauds!! Have you or anybody heard Kit Siang condemned Mr Clean PM, Khairy forhte excesses and Kalimullah's ECM Libra scandal.

    Kit Siang is also a "Mr I do Not Know" Opposition Leader when it comes to our Sleeping Beauty, Khairy and Kalimulah.

    Pleae check the records. You will know that Lim Kit Siang was oblivous about the ECM Libra scandal, Khairy's excesses and the nonsense of Sleepy Beauty.

    When Tun spoke for the nations on Khairy's nonsense, Klaimulah's nonsense and the nonsense of the Sleepy Beuaty, Kit SIang immediately launched attacks against Tun. Kit Siang is is defintely a fraud!!!

    Kit Siagn and son, Guan Eng, should tell us when are they going to get another full page interview from Kalimullah?????????

    Kit Siang and son please stop playing games!! We know that you are hand in glove with Khairy, Klaimulah and the Sleeping Beauty.

    God bless the nation from this conspiracy. Kit Sinag is a wolf in sheep skin.

  54. Anonymous2:49 am

    Bintang Satu,

    Of course, we know that Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng are fraud. I also know that Kalimulah and Kit Siang go back many years when Klaimulah was a desperate "journalist".

    Bintagn Satu, have you heard Lim Kit Siang ever utter or whisper about the ECM libra????? Of course NOT.

    Bintang Satu, you just wait and you see another full page interview of Kit Siagn or Guan Eng in the NST. Poor UMNO. A Malay party own NST and NST had to kowqtow to DAP, what a big joke. Anywaythis is teh administration of "I am in COntrol PM".

  55. Anonymous12:19 am

    Kit Siang and son Sdn Bhd came out in this blog becaue the nstman was protecting them.

    So Kalimullah have rewarded both father and son Sdn Bhd several full page interview in the NST. But Kalimullah have not told us that he has given ECM Libra shares to them.

    Monsterball, perhaps you might wnat to tell us why was Kit Siang and son oblivious about the scandals of Khairy, Klaimullah and ECm Libra, Sleeping Beauty son owned 180 ships and etc.

    Sleeping Beauty did announced that his first priority was to wipe otu corruption. Kasitah Adam was charged for corruption involving RM3 million (not even petty cash for most minister if not all).

    It was also announced by the government that 18 more big sharks to be charged. Until today never mind about 18 big sharks - not even 18 ikan bilis were charged.

    Did Kit Siang bring this up in parliament - a subject that he loves most? Not that he is clean. Kit Siang knows how to project himself to appear to be clean.

    Did Kit Siang and son sdn bhd ever spoken about those open scandals involving Khairy and ECM Libra and Kalimullah??? An obvious NO! NO! NO! Kit Siang didn't know, did I hear?

    Of course Kit Siang din't know and he will never knew about it anyway. Soon Kit Siang and son will again get rewarded for being "good boys" with another full page itnerview in the nst, an UMNO controlled newspapers.

    so Monsterball, please enjoy reading the "frauds" interviews in the nst, an almost defunct newspapers. Have you seen a small column about Kit Siang life story in the Star? Of course NO - becaue Star is not yet under Kalimullah's control.

    Monsterball, why don't you ask Kit Siang an his son when are bothof them keeping mum over the scandals of ECM Libra scandals, the RM30 million yatch and 18 big sharks (still swimming freely within and outside Parliament???)

  56. Anonymous12:40 pm


    Why expect the DAP to expose? Simple, Kit Siang is an Opposition Leader receiving pay as MP and Opposition from public fund for many years. Therefore, Malaysians are entitled to demand from him, who is the Opposition Leader in Parliament, to speak for the nation on issues like the the 18 big sharks (which has been announced by the Government when the Sleeping Beauty came into power in 2003), excesses of SIL, ECM Libra scandals, the 180 ships owned by Kamaludin, PM's son, and the nonsense of the Sleeping Beauty. Do you still need proof? These issues have been in public domain all these while? If you require then then you are also one of those Sleeping Beauties!!

    Lim Kit Siang need not respond to me in this blog. Kit Siang have the platforms in Parliament, the highest institution in the country, his ceramahs and statements to talk about thsoe issues, which the members of public are fed up with.


    You knew too well that Lim Kit SIang nad son are playing balls to Klaimullah, SIL and hte Sleeping Beauty. Both of them sold their souls to Kalimullah in exchange for their great interviews in the NST, the almost defunct papers, and ..... (Please have your own guese what else?)

    Furhter, he always made himself out to be a public watch dog - launching campaign after campaign including Malaysian Is an Islamic state - Remember?? But Kit SIang dares not go to Kelantan to talk about his vison against Islamic state. WHY????

  57. Anonymous12:27 am


    Do you still need proof of the 18 sharks, some are still swimiing around in Parliament, scandals on SIL, ECM Libra, 180 ships owned by son of PM. How about the RM30 million yatch? Why there is no warning of filing a suit against the Turkish newspapers???? These disturbing issues have been sujects of public discussions for sometimes already.

    Pitiful Monsterball, he still needed proof. I feel sorry for him. Never mind let him fool himself!!!

    At least NST dared to threaten to file a suit against the BBC on the expose of Brendan, the plagiarist!!! Of course, NST dare not file any suit afterall because justification is the best defence in defamation suit.

    I do hope that Mosnterball is now convince that the Opposition Leader is "makan gaji buta" all these while and pretend to take up issues only to distract public attentions in order to help the unhelpables!!! Where it matters to the power that be the Opposition Leader gone into sleeping mode!!!!

    Therefore, I hope that
    Monsterball will not be led up the garden path by the Lim Kit Siang and Son Sdn Bhd!!!!!

  58. Anonymous4:28 pm


    Please do not worry Lim Kit Siang and Son Sdn Bhd will never bring up any scandal or issue concerning ECm Libra, Kalimullah, Khairy and the Sleeping Beauty.

    So please need not be worry about it. Just wait and it will not be too long that the NST will give Lim Kit Siang and Son sdn Bhd another full page interview as a reward for being oblivious to all the scandals concerning ECM Libra, Khairy, 180 ships of Kamaludin, RM30 million yatch and etc.

    Still require proof when people from all walks of life were and are talking about them??

    Even the Parlaimentary Public Account Committee chairman, YB Sharir, was concerned about the ECm Libra's scandal. But Lim Kit Siang was not aware of it. Then Kit Siang should not be receiving salary from public fund if he was taking up issues SELECTIVELY - only those small matters that did not concern Kalimullah, Khairy and the Sleeping Beauty.

  59. Anonymous4:43 pm


    Have you read any apology from the Turkish newspaper regarding the RM30 million worth of yatch, which purportedly ordered by our PM?? I have not rad about any apology. I am certain if there was such an apology it will be splashed in all front pages of our newspapers for weeks!!

    What about the PM filing a suit against the Turkish newspaper for defamation? I have not heard about it either. Have you?

    I am confused. I do not want to believe that my PM is corrupted because he is Mr Clean. But why is he not suing the Turkish newspaper for defaming him? Why are the Tingkat Empat boys not advising the PM to sue the Turkish newspapers???

    Under the circumstances, since the PM has stated that he was not aware about the yatch then as Malaysians we are compelled to beleive him lor!!!

  60. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Monsterball must be jumping for joy that the yatch company denies the Sleeping Beauty bought the yatch for RM30 million. Don't jump yet!!!

    If it was a false news then the Turkish newspaper should come out in the open todeny the truth of htier article and apologise to our Sleeping Beauty. So far I do nto hear of the Turkish newspaper apologising an dI have not heard our Sleeping Beuaty threaten to sue the Turkish newspapers. I am very confused with Mr Clean. He said that there was no truth in the Turkish newspaper report on the RM30 milion yatch and at the same time he dares not file a defamation suit against the TUrksih newspapers. WHAT A BIG JOKE???

    Accoeding to mosnterball, allthese must be hearsay and Lim Kit Siang is spared for keeping quiet about it. Of course, Lim Kit Siang will alwasy keep quiet about Sleeping Beauty, Kalimullah, Khairy and Kamaludin - they are all his brothers OK!!!!