Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rais Yatim burning bridges again?

Dayus. A man becomes "dayus" when he knows, for a fact, that his wife is sleeping with another man and does not or refuses to confront his wife or her lover. It is a very strong word to use on any man.
Rais Yatim says he will be become "dayus" if he closes an eye and allow Utusan Melayu to be taken over by another party. ".. This is a question of defending the Malay culture. I shan't remain quiet."
Now that's a man.
[read the Utusan Malaysia piece here. Mukhriz Mahathir, here, is also against the NeST-UM merger]


  1. Anonymous1:35 pm

    DAYUS for Politician connoct different definition

    D for 'Displaying'couldnt be bother attitude to rampant corruption surrounding his political party

    A for 'Apa boleh buat' character that became the norm ,to all the complaints about leadership ineptness in dealing with rakyat suffering.

    Y is for 'why' for only blaming me,for the decline in trust of malay to UMNO in looking after their welfare.

    U is for thats 'U' punya problem when presented with rakyat problem in handling higher inflation.

    S is for lack of better word ,with reference to my anatomy when listening to this gungho keris weilding warrior politician trying to show their relevent to everyone when actual issue of economic suffering is the issue that need their undivided attention.Maruah my F(again with reference to much lower anatomic entity)

    So Rais , how many bridges you got up your sleeve??

  2. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Rais is quite a thoughtful man. In my experience, I found him to be intelligent and he always made deliberate, measured statements. One of the few Umno politicians who has no qualms about speaking his mind, privately or publicly, even if his views are unpopular.

    This is why i believe he was put in a so-called 'light' ministry as KeKKWA. Still he takes his job seriously.

    What he says about this merger comes as no surprise. What he says is kinda tame...but the end is the same. He, like many people out there, is opposed to the merger and is not afraid to say it publicly.

    Which makes him and Rafidah the only members of the cabinet to do so, as far as I know.

    Way to go are no stranger to this "bakar jambatan" business...I salute your guts. Bangga orang Jelebu!

  3. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Rais Yatim's comment comes immediately after Nazri Aziz came out supporting the UM-NST merger. I think this is a slap on Nazri's face.
    The ball is at your feet, Nazri. So, are you 'Dayus'?

  4. Anonymous2:15 pm

    A man without wife, what does he know?

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm


    Rais for PM?

    Why not?

    Think about it.

  6. Anonymous4:02 pm

    A vote of no confidence against the PM. He blessed the merger and campaigned for it.

    I see Kali's handywork. Having failed in the NSTP, Kali loves a cover-up and a diversion.

    Rais is intelligent. He saw what's coming for the Utusan. It'll suffer the fate of the NST.

  7. Anonymous4:53 pm

    In a world of blind, the one eyed man is the King....

    In a world of Yes men, I suppose Rais can hold his head up...

    This is a healthy development. For a change the Umno Supreme Council has resisted this blatant attempt to "Singaporeanise" the media ala SPH...

    Ministers are coming out against the merger and so are Parliamentarians...

    Will Abdullah and his henchmen listen?

    I don't know but Najib's been given the task to sort this out and I have a feeling he will feel the brunt. Dollah won't take the blame for the merger if it happens...Najib will...

  8. Anonymous6:08 pm

    With due respect to Rais Yatim, why has the man not commented on the destruction of Bok Mansion at all? As Minister in charge, should he not by now have said something? In some countries, the Minister would have resigned in similar circumstances!

    Or is this support for maintaining the status quo of UM & NST kind of like a diversion from the more immediate issue of taking the blame for the destruction of a heritage building?

  9. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Rais spoke against the Malays vigerously when he was out of UMNO in DAP's gatherings 20 years ago.
    The way he explained the demolition of the Bok's mansion is trying to test the intelligence of the public?
    He is simply another politician with a bad reputation that cannot be trusted.....period!

  10. Rocky!

    Actually strong majority of the Umno Supreme Council members have voted against the merger of Utusan and NST, with the exception of one or two! However, Dollah Badawi is under the illusion that as the PM of the country he cannot be touch and he can veto any collective decision made by honourable members of the council on serious isues! It appears that Dollah Badawi always falls for the last person advising him against anything, namely Kalimullah Hassan and not even his son in law! I dont know about the rest of Malaysians, with the exception of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, Kali's drinking buddies, we have to do something really fast to stop the rot. Now that Rais Yatim has stood up, as real proud Umno member, to voice his concerns others must follow suit and we cannot be dragging our feet or all will be lost! BTW this message does not apply to Nazri Aziz!

  11. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Oooi ding ding, you're a real ding dong. A jerk.

  12. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Why is everybody suddenly praising Rais? Has acumen for selecting people under him is questionable. His previous KSU was a real terror and ran amuck treating the ministry like her own little fiefdom. His selection for the Finas KP is also laughable. FINAS is like a dead duck flip flopping and doing xxxx all for the film industry. He panders to the so-called Malay filmmakers as if they are the bastion of local film industry when the world has since a few years ago recognised Malaysia's independent film movement (made up of mainly non-Malay filmmakers)as one of the world's best. He allowed Bok House to be demolished and challenged all to prove to him that Bok is of historical importance. Hmmm just ask who owns some of the choicest real estate in Masjid India...the pre-war buildings. You might be surprised. Rais actually does know the value (monetary not history) of these buildings.


  13. Anonymous5:27 pm

    the Bok and the coliseum. why two different approach?

  14. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Rais Yatim has a track record that he can swing his thoughts to where hwe benefits most.20 years ago....he was trying to arouse the Chinese against UMNO in DAP gatherings. In short he was all against UMNO. Only one politician lady lawyer {forgot her full name....Marina??}stayed faithful to her words. She is much to be admired and now I beleive fed up with dirty politics.
    Rias has no principles in do not hero worship a balls carrying politician....similar to Lee Lam Thye

  15. Only handful of the ministers whom we can depend on to advise PM. Najib is not playing his role to advise PM because he is not PM's close confidente ! DS Rais Yatim should be saluted not only pertaining to this case alone, there were other instances where he came afore to save the day in the cabinet meeting. If JPM is unable to advise PM on protokol (as in the case of GIFA ) let it be undertaken by Rais's Ministry.

  16. Anonymous4:10 am

    it is all about keeping it real =]

  17. Anonymous9:36 am

    really don't understand you guys think highly of him...

    Why not you check out his "I have change my mode" before you say he is thoughtful, rais for pm, etc

    You can find his mode in

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